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June 2015


18th June 2015

UFO flying higher than ever

By Martin Popoff

Hard to believe UK hard rockers UFO have been clanging hard for 45 years now, and regularly making new music — no “lights out” for Phil Mogg and Co. — providing an inspirational pathway to young bands who can’t see life past their 20s. The arrival of American guitarist Vinnie Moore gave the band a new lease on life five records ago, and skilled and creative touring bassist Rob De Luca has now entered the ranks for real, writing with the guys on their new record, “A Conspiracy Of Stars.” Here’s a quick chat with drummer Andy Parker (above, far right), who came back to the band just after Moore joined, but was also a founding member of UFO, helping blow up the British blues boom alongside the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

GOLDMINE: You recorded this new album with producer Chris Tsangarides. Did that help make the record a little heavier and a little less bluesy than the others of the Vinnie Moore era?

ANDY PARKER: It’s a little edgier, but I don’t know if it had much to do with Chris particularly. This band, pretty much, you get what’s around at the time. It’s not like we sit down and try to plan to a target — this is what the tweenies will like. The writing was down to Vinnie and Paul (Raymond) and Rob this time. Rob had at least a couple that made it to the final cut. And it just turned out a little heavier, as I say, edgier.

Hong Kong GM: So what did Chris bring to the album? 

AP: Friday, we set up, got sounds and then started recording Saturday. I was done by Thursday. It went really quite quickly with Chris. He has a different work ethic to Tommy (Newton). I mean, I’m not knocking Tommy, because he’s done some great stuff with us. But Chris is a little easier to work with, I have to say. He’s not quite so demanding. Chris tends to listen with his ears more than his eyes. A lot of producers get involved with the ProTools, where you actually see it as a timeline, and you see the bar divisions and everything. And they get kind of hung up on everything being perfectly in time. And that doesn’t always work for me. I mean, in the past, I’ve had certain differences of opinion with Tommy where he wants everything to fall exactly — mind you, he’s German (laughs) — on the beat, you know. We’d go, “No, Tommy, it’s called feel. It moves a bit there, you know?” Where Chris is kind of different. Even though Chris has that facility, he goes, “I listen with my ears and not with my eyes.” He’s not looking, expanding the screen right up and looking at every microsecond there, and seeing if the kick drum is ahead or behind the beat. If it sounds good, let’s just go for it. So I kind of like that; it was a little more relaxing for me. Plus, Rob and I played all the tracks together — he was in the room with me – which I haven’t done for a couple of albums. Chris has his own way of … he has this thing that I guess he learned from AC/DC. He calls it his analog snare gauge. And it’s an actual (laughs) … it’s a cigarette packet filled with, I think, brown sugar or something, and taped up so that it sits on the snare drum. So when you hit it, it kind of flips up and folds back and deadens the drum. I’d never seen it before. It’s like on a hinge of duct tape. And it’s something I guess he got from AC/DC. But yeah, he said, “I’ll put my analog gauge on it.” And I’m like, what’s that? “It’s a cigarette packet filled with sugar.” OK. So it was kind of cool. It worked. The only thing is, if you hit the snare too hard, it would flip right off. So we would have to stop and tape it back on.

GM: Recording in a campground in the English countryside is a far cry from cocktails in the now-extinct Air Montserrat in the sunny Caribbean. What was it like recording “No Place To Run” back in 1980, with Sir George Martin, no less?

AP: He was a great guy, really relaxed, really laid-back. I mean, UFO was a completely different kind of thing for him, the way we work. In fact, he said this: “Well, I’m kind of used to John and Paul coming in with their acoustic guitars and playing me the song.” Well, with us he didn’t get that, because there’s no lyrics written and there’s no melodies or anything, pretty much until the backing tracks are done. So that was different for him. But it was great; he just has great ideas about stuff, a different spin on it you wouldn’t normally get. Having come from Ron Nevison to him, you know, very different backgrounds. Nevo was all kind of rock, and George had done everything. But he was really easy to work with, really laid-back. And, of course, God, he’s the Beatles producer. You’re a little bit nervous. And Geoff Emerick was an absolute pleasure. Because even by the time we did that album, 1980, when we were recording with George, his hearing was suffering then, so Geoff was really his ears. But George was all about arrangements and ideas. And there’s some great stuff on that album. I don’t know about you, but I still think to this day, those albums with Paul Chapman on guitar don’t get the attention they should’ve got. But George was less invasive. Ron Nevison used to get into wanting to tune the drums himself, and put heads on that he liked, to the point where sometimes it became where I couldn’t really play it, not to the point that I liked. He made the kit very alien to me. He did get a good sound, but we used to bang heads a lot over that. He wouldn’t like what he was getting. So he would put this head on and say I’m going to tighten the kit right up. And it’s like, maybe that’s not how I play. That doesn’t feel right to me.

GM: Again, a far cry from Gary Lyons, who did “Mechanix” for you in 1982.

AP: Absolutely crazy. Gary was a lot of fun, but he was kind of a crazy guy. You know, always joking around and stuff. At one point we had to kind of fire him off of the project. That was because he never came down and actually listened to what we were doing. We were at The Manor, in Oxfordshire, and I remember him, at one point, he was up in his bedroom, and he went, “I’ve got the window open; leave the studio door open and I can hear from up here.” Yeah, OK, dude (laughs).

GM: Well, it was good of you to give Chris some work again 40 odd years after the first time.

AP: Yes (laughs). He’s been doing it for as long as we have, almost; he was actually the assistant engineer on “Phenomenon.” Yeah, he had like a big mop of curly hair. But he doesn’t have that anymore. I had a big mop of curly hair then, too (laughs). Yeah, I do remember that. Back then, assistant engineer was everything from making the tea, sweeping the floors and then they had to stick those huge reels of tape on the machine and then do some of the editing. It was funny; we were talking about how his razor blades always used to go missing back in those days. He says, “Yeah, especially when you guys were in there. You could never find a razor blade.” But those days have passed. GM

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15th June 2015



45 years of history counted greatest hits (and, of course, also some less good times) and with memories of some passages of the biggest names in hard rock by their ranks, the UFO hit a staggering 22 albums .... UFO never followed trends - in fact, were elem who created trends and once again it remains to be seen in A Conspiracy Of Stars showing a rejuvenated team, with a current sound, although based on its distinctive genetic code - the proves that for British veterans past and present blend in a homogeneous whole. So do not expect nothing more than classic hard rock bases, strongly based on guitar riffs and great melodic hooks. Although diversity is also present in the evocative groove Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun, the mood Blues Sugar Cane or soul Precious Cargo. This line up that recorded The Conspiracy Of Stars is unprecedented because it has for the first time with bassist Rob American Luca which entered in 2012 and they still came in time to contribute two themes. The hard core - Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond and Andy Parker - continue to distill fine hard rock meshes but Vinnie Moore - the brilliant guitarist - who make up the vast majority of issues and helps them to rise to other levels, fruit an exemplary guitar work that eventually reaches the pinnacle in Precious Cargo sole when in almost all the music and comes to dialogue with the vocals. Although somewhat restrained in the first two themes, The Conspiracy Of Stars begins to loosen up from the third and believe me, it is classic hard rock fans in general and the British in particular this album will not disappoint you.







12th June 2015


Album Title: 
A Conspiracy Of Stars
Release Date: 
Monday, February 23, 2015
Review Type: 

There aren’t that many bands around that can say that they exist since over 40 years, and still contain some of the original band members.  UFO  though is one of these bands, where original vocalist Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker are still present in their line-up. 

This is the 21st studio album in this bands career.  The time when they wrote hits like ‘Doctor Doctor’ lies long behind them, but still these veterans keep on bringing out quality albums. This album is no exception to that.  It does not contain hits, but all songs are of a decent quality.  Despite his age – Phil Mogg  is at this time 67 years old,  his age doesn’t really shine through in his vocal performance.

The old(er) UFO will of course buy this album, I doubt the younger generation will though, although exceptions are always possible.  This is not an album/band that thrives on commercial easily swallowed songs, nor on over complicated, technical songs, but brings decent quality slightly blues influenced hard rock, a genre that is mostly, if not totally ignored nowadays, which means that except of the old dinosaurs like me, who’ve grown up with bands like these, the youths of nowadays have almost no chance to acquaint themselves with this genre of music.

Keep on going lads, even if the hits are not there, the music stays good !





11th June 2015

UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars

Written by The Rock Man

Iconic British rockers UFO are one of those bands I should follow more than I do. While I do have several of their albums, there are gaps in my collection and I cannot explain why. Sometimes I am excited when they release a new album; sometimes I am not. In fact the last time I bought a UFO record was 2009’s The Visitor. So after not listening to anything that the band has produced in recent times why was I so excited about hearing the band’s new disc A Conspiracy Of Stars? Again I do not know, but I am so pleased I did.

A Conspiracy Of Stars is the band’s 21st studio album and you do not get to make that many albums unless you are doing something right over a very long period of time. For me, the key is this: know what brought you to the dance and stick with it. UFO do that successfully time and time again and that trend continues on A Conspiracy Of Stars. In a nutshell the album is 11 tracks, running at 51 minutes of uncomplicated, straight ahead, catchy, blues based hard rock and roll reflective of a day long passed.

The Killing Kind gets this album underway with its punchy guitar riff opening and thunderous drum fill accompaniment. The track quickly settles into a nice swinging rock and roll swagger and you know from this point on you are in for a real good time on this record. Run Boy Run does not disappoint either and continues a long line of UFO groove laden heavy rockers which the band has become famous for over their 40+ year career. Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun is a blues driven masterpiece with some seriously good story telling added for good measure, this approach continues to serve the band well in the next track, Sugar Cane. In fact the song writing on this entire album can only be described as top shelf quality. I found Devil’s In The Detail to be a real highlight at the half way point of the record with its chugging guitar riffage and loads of melody.

The Real Deal is just that: a cool sophisticated rocker which could have featured on any number of previous albums, say, over the past fifteen years. One And Only has got the lot; heavy melodic electric guitar, subtle bar room piano melodies, well executes vocal harmonies, a punchy rhythm section and a sprinkling of slide guitar. The band revisit the groove laden heavy rocker formula on Messiah Of Love and then round out things nicely on the mood shifting Rolling Rolling and the foot stomping King Of The Hill.

Since joining the band in mid-2003 guitarist Vinnie Moore has brought with him a real blues influenced approach combined with a style reminiscent of the 1980s and surely should be regarded among the top echelon of guitar players. His performance on A Conspiracy Of Stars is testimony to that. I tend to think that frontman Phil Mogg is often forgotten or even underrated by music fans and critics compared to his contemporises like Bruce Dickenson, Rob Halford, David Coverdale and Joe Elliott, but make no mistake Mogg is a superstar and does not live in anyone’s shadow. And then rounding out the group is drummer Andy Park and keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Paul Raymond, who over the journey have both spent time in and out of the band. But here is one undeniable fact, UFO is always a much better band when they are involved, again the proof is right there for all to hear on A Conspiracy Of Stars. In short, this is an impressive band performance.

In fact I am so impressed by every aspect of A Conspiracy Of Stars I think I will finally go and fill in some of those gaps in my collection.

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9th June 2015


Translated from French:

If there is one band who deserves well its name, it's UFO. Indeed, which other 45 years old band is able to blow some heavy rock with a just huge sound like them? Their latest album, A Conspiracy Of Stars is here to confirm this.

To produce this 21st studio album, UFO has chosen the legendary Chris TSANGARIDES (producer of JUDAS PRIEST, ANVIL, Gary MOORE, THIN LIZZY, HELLOWEEN, ANGRA and Yngwie MALMSTEEN, among others). This album's production is just perfect, with Paul RAYMOND's keyboards a lot more audible than the previous albums and with a very dynamic resounding relief.

On A Conspiracy Of Stars, Rob DE LUCA - who is the band's tour bassist since 2008 - is becoming an UFO official member and co-sign three tracks on this album. Even if we are light-years from band's classics, A Conspiracy Of Stars is pleasant to listen with range of tracks covering UFO's talent range. This album is dominated by a heavy-blues tainted hard-rock (even on the CD's artwork where blue is the dominant color), as well as Phil MOGG's singing as Vinnie MOORE's guitar playing. Vinnie MOORE's solos are always pure moments of virtuosity. It is difficult for me to give a track that stands out of the pack because of this album's homogeneity. In a manner of speaking, I'm listening to it from the beginning to the end with an equal pleasure.

Globally better written than previous albums, fantastically produced, A Conspiracy Of Stars is a sympathetic record for sympathetic moments. This album did well in charts in many countries. Retirement time isn't yet to come for UFO, for our greatest pleasure.

Tracklist :
01 - The Killing Kind
02 - Run Boy Run
03 - Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun
04 - Sugar Cane
05 - Devil In The Details
06 - Precious Cargo
07 - The Real Deal
08 - One And Only
09 - Messiah Of Love
10 - Rollin Rollin
11 - King Of The Hill (Bonus track)

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May 2015


14th May 2015


Combat Rock

Representative of the best crop of English heavy rock, UFO, founded in 1969 by Phil Mogg core, vocals, guitarist Mick Bolton, bassist Pete Way and drummer Andy Parker, has just released his 22nd album, "A Conspiracy of Stars ".

The work was recorded, produced and mixed by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore) and can be found as a Digipak (with a poster and bonus tracks), CD, double vinyl and download via Steamhammer.

During his long and successful career, despite having not reached the popularity of groups like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, the UFO was firm in putting quality discs market and, consequently, maintaining a horde of loyal fans.

Even suffering lineup changes and stylistic changes throughout his long career, the band has always served as a refuge for the quality of musicianship, and "The Conspiracy of Stars" keeps that reputation.

I confess that when I saw the CD in a Berlin store in April, I would hear a hard / heavy metal band with all the stereotypes of a veteran group that needs to launch their new work.

But when I heard the CD, even in Berlin, I realized that the UFO produced an album with great guitar riffs, heavy drums and a lot of grip. That said, the UFO shows who knew how to reinvent consistently. For example, I found excellent guitar solos.

If they are similar to the past or not material, that does not matter because they are inspired, have creativity and dexterity with the perfect amount. The new line-up of Phil Mogg and Andy Parker, has the virtuoso guitarist Vinnie Moore, bassist Rob De Luca and Paul Raymond on keyboards, acoustic guitar and backing vocals. There are eleven tracks very well structured.

With painstaking production, from the opening track "The Killing Kid", with its distinctive weight and a powerful drummer, without losing the harmonic musicality of the band, through rocker ballad "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" Folded riffs until visceral "Messiah of Love," shows that the UFO is in great shape.

The marriage between the low and the battery is perfect. And this is one of the strong points of "A Conspiracy Of Stars", showing that the group members are qualified and experienced enough to know exactly what they want the pace of view.

Phil Mogg, during his career, has considerable vocal brand and kept the seal on this album. He is the typical rock singer of the 1970s, and the amazing thing is that it sounds the same way as it did in previous albums.

In fact, this album fits into a select group of albums whose songs are fundamentally the same, but the difference is to make it an invigorating and exciting sound in every way.

To my surprise, the UFO still have a lot of bullet to shoot. Maybe this was why his last three albums have obtained good positions in the UK charts. Finally, "A Conspiracy of Stars" is a great album for anyone who likes hard rock and classic metal straight.

Although not compare to the great work of the band does not disappoint fans of the genre. No special effects or studio surprises, is a solid and convincing release.

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12th May 2015



UFO: The purest Hard Rock seventies with blues blends

Review - A Conspiracy of Stars - UFO

After over 45 years of career and big hits marked in the rock world, the British band UFO recently released his 22nd studio album.

Note: 8

A Conspiracy of Stars consists of 10 tracks of pure Hard Rock seventies with blues blends without running away from what had been done previously.

Starting the disc sound, we have the track "The Killing Kind", which has a great riff, with great emphasis on the melody of the guitar Vinnie Moore, which is evident by his four minutes.

Following, "Run Boy Run" is the track closest to the great hymns written by the group, highlight for Phil Mogg vocals that after 66 years of age still shows great vocal expressiveness.

The next track is "Ballad of the Left Hand Gun", which has a more blues vibe and that stands out for Southern atmosphere, leading to the nostalgia of the 1970s.

Every song that goes, good times are noticed, highlighting "Sugar Cane", "The Real Deal" and "Rolling Rolling".

The album was produced and mixed by Chris Tsangarides, producer known for working with Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest and Gary Moore.


The Killing Kind
Run Boy Run
Ballad of the Left Hand Gun
Sugar Cane
Devils in the Detail
Precious Cargo
The Real Deal
One and Only
Messiah of Love
Rolling Rolling



Phil Mogg - vocal
Paul Raymond - keyboards, guitar
Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Andy Parker - drums
Rob De Luca - down




APRIL 2015


30th April 2015

Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Review: UFO-A Conspiracy of Stars

Release Date: February 23, 2015
Label: Steamhammer

There is something to be said about longevity, the ability to last and endure despite all that life throws at you.  And enduring is just what UFO has been doing for decades, which is even more impressive as a band, because audiences are fickle and music fads and trends come and go, but the real artists remain. 

Formed just as the 1960s were ending, Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Mick Bolton, and Andy Parker made-up the original line-up. They put out two albums before Bolton left and was eventually replaced by Scorpion’s Michael Schenker, which began their successful 70s years.  Like many rock bands of that era, UFO has experienced many personnel changes with Phil Mogg (vocals), Vinnie Moore (lead guitar), Paul Raymond (keyboards, rhythm guitar), Rob De Luca (bass), and Andy Parker (drums) being the most recent incarnation.  A Conspiracy of Stars is UFO’s twentieth album and is it full of guitar-driven hard rock goodness.

“The Killing Kind” gets things going with a nice guitar riff and some pulsating drums.  It is a good song to start the album and is a nice indication of what is to come with some gorgeous sounding guitar action that can be found all over the album.  They turn it up on “Run Boy Run.”  The song has some real attitude, coming out heavy and hard.  It is one of the more memorable songs on the album.  The guitar is all over this one and tears it up near the end.  With great hooks and a cool western feel to it, “Ballad of the Left Hand Gun” is a very dynamic song that rocks hard and does a good job of heating things up.

Switching things up is “Sugar Cane.” The tempo comes down, the sound has a bluesy ring to it, but things stay as heavy as ever.  The guitar solo in the second part of the song is amazing and really sticks in the mind.  It definitely is the main factor for me in coming back to this song again and again, because it is such a great part.  “Devil’s in the Details” keeps things hard and heavy and sports a pretty sweet groove as well.  The power ballad, “Precious Cargo,” follows it up nicely.

As the album nears the end, “The Real Deal” and “One and Only” are two quality rock songs that keep things hot and jumping.  “Messiah of Love” brings back the heavy sound and it is gorgeous. Everything is on point here, the vocals, the guitars, and the drums are all tight and in perfect form. I would not be surprised if this becomes an album favorite for many fans.  “Rollin’ and Rollin’” is a strong closer that is pure hard rock brilliance.  The guitars that tear it up near the end are just the icing on the cake.   The limited edition bonus track, “King of the Hill,” is thrilling with its rip-roaring opening and cool riff that rolls right along through the song.

UFO’s A Conspiracy of Stars proves that you are never too old to rock out.  Through all the years and line-up changes, UFO still has the juice to put forth a very solid effort.  This is definitely the type of album that longtime fans of the band and hard rock fans can get behind.  There are plenty of meat and potatoes here with very little fluff.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Run Boy Run, Ballad of the Left Hand Gun, Messiah of Love

01.The Killing Kind
02.Run Boy Run
03.Ballad of the Left Hand Gun
04.Sugar Cane
05.Devil’s in the Details
06.Precious Cargo
07.The Real Deal
08.One and Only
09.Messiah of Love
10.Rollin’ and Rollin’
11.King of the Hill

Brian McKinnon - Write A Music Review Sr. Staff

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27th April 2015

4 out of 5 stars

UFO – A Conspiracy of Stars (Album Review)

Ranked No. 84 on VH1′s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock,” England’s UFO is a band that has made an undeniable mark on Rock history. Releasing their self-titled debut album in 1970, they mixed a fiery blend of Blues, Hard Rock, Proto-metal, Psychedelic Rock, and Progressive Rock. At the time, the band featured Phil Mogg (vocals), Mick Bolton (guitar), Pete Way (bass), and Andy Parker (drums).  For 1974’s Phenomenon, Bolton was replaced by teen prodigy Michael Schenker on guitar. At the age of seventeen, Schenker had played lead guitar for the Scorpions on their 1972 debut Lonesome Crow, and also played/wrote on their 1974 release Fly to the Rainbow before joining UFO full time. With the addition of Schenker, the band changed their style to a more straightforward Hard Rock sound. The band would release five studio albums and the seminal double live album, 1979’s Strangers In the Night, is regarded as one of the golden era of live albums right alongside Kiss Alive! (1975), Frampton Comes Alive! (1976), and Cheap Trick’s Cheap Trick at Budokan (1978).

After Schenker’s departure in 1979, the band continued to release quality albums with original member Mogg and Parker present for the duration. Now, forty-five years after their self-titled debut, UFO has delivered one of their strongest efforts in years with their twenty-first studio album,  A Conspiracy of Stars, released February 23, 2015. Now Rock legends, the lineup for A Conspiracy of Stars features Mogg, Parker, Paul Raymond (keys), Rob DeLuca (bass), and Vinnie Moore (guitar). DeLuca is filling in for founding bassist Pete Way, who is currently battling prostate cancer, while Raymond has been with the band on and off since 1976, and 2015 finds Moore in his twelfth consecutive year with UFO.

“The Killing Kind” opens UFO’s latest effort with plodding power chords from Moore that grabs the listener by the throat and pushes them along with Parker’s crushing beats on the drums. Moore lays down a piercing solo, featuring breakneck fret work that comes across with the perfect amount of reserve as the spaces between the notes are as impactful as the sound. “Run Boy Run” finds Moore screaming over the melody throughout the song as he strings together mini solos on top of the lead from start to finish. Mogg’s vocals are up front in the mix, and they provide the perfect balance to Moore’s frenetic guitar licks. “Ballad of the Left Hand Gun” has UFO branching out into unfamiliar territory as they deliver a track dripping with country inflections, including a swampy intro featuring a swinging acoustic guitar with electric slide accents. The record continues in this vein with Mogg providing powerful vocals along with some excellent harmonies, while the middle portion has UFO hopping back into their comfort zone as Parker drums furiously and Moore goes wild. The final third reprises the country flavor of the opening section as the down home acoustic guitar runs out the track.

“Sugar Cane” opens with prog-drenched keys before giving way to a slinky Blues riff. The song then evolves into a complex mix of medium paced Blues and pure Heavy Metal guitars and drums before retreating back into an extended Prog/Psych outro. Here UFO harkens back to their early pre-Schenker days and does so with ease as they turn the clock back forty-five years to the days of their heavy Psych jams.  Precious Cargo” is an escalating offering that opens with a funk-based, pounding bass line sprinkled with snappy leads on keys and guitar at a medium pace as Mogg’s vocals come off menacingly. The first break features Moore playing jazzy, reverb heavy solos. The song then takes off in rousing fashion before an extended solo from Moore over heavy organ from Raymond. Moore closes out the song with a delicate, meandering solo.

“The Real Deal” echoes the best of the Schenker era with a classic Hard Rock riff, simple, pounding drums, and lyrical bravado as Mogg confidently sings, “No more sleeping, ’cause this is the real deal, yes it is.”  Moore pounds out power chords and dancing solos throughout the track. It is Hard Rock personified. “Messiah of Love” continues with a bluesy melody and growling vocals. Moore’s tone will remind the listener of prime Leslie West and Paul Kossoff of Mountain and Free respectively. The song takes a left turn into an R&B break before exploding into a heavy slab of gritty Rock. Album closer “Rollin’ Rollin’” has a distorted, loopy bass line playing the lead with Moore strumming simple, powerful chords and Mogg growling to the beat. Showing their versatility, UFO then turns the song into a full on Grunge raver, channeling the best of the early ’90s Seattle scene with thrashing drums and frenzied guitars before drowning out in a low-key, bass heavy outro.

Any band that has been recording and touring steadily for forty-five years is going to undoubtedly endure lineup changes and embrace various styles, and UFO is no exception. Having run the gauntlet from electric Blues to experimental Prog-Rock to Proto-Metal to driving Hard Rock, their latest effort finds them comfortably churning out a tight, hard driving Rock-n-Roll album. Moore expertly lays down several styles on guitar, while Parker, Raymond, and DeLuca hold down the fort with precision, allowing Mogg to shine like the seasoned front man that he is in this well-crafted collection of rockers. While Schenker was back with the band for a reunion stint prior to leaving, it was an understatement in the eyes of fans that anyone who replaced him had big shoes to fill. With that said, Moore, a strong guitarist in his own right, delivers his best performance to date on A Conspiracy of Stars. For music lovers looking for an upbeat, punchy, professional slice of Rock-n-Roll, A Conspiracy of Stars delivers. CrypticRock gives this album 4 out of 5 stars.

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25th April 2015

UFO - A Conspiracy Of Stars

With all the nose-breaking, face-stomping, spine-snapping, dragon-slaying, brutal heavy metal-ing that goes on around here, it's important to occasionally take a break and rediscover what a good, ol' rock'n'roll record sounds like.

If the record in question is UFO's A Conspiracy Of Stars, then it sounds pretty darn good. Not just good for a 21st album, or good for a band in its fifth decade of existence - but just plain, uncomplicated good. The bluesy groove of "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" (replete with slide guitar) showcases a band very much on top of their game and deeply in tune with the music they play; it's a fantastic number that will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the best songs of 2015 (by me, anyway). It's largely same-old, same-old bluesy hard rock, but it's a lot fresher than AC/DC (ironically) and has more guts than Black Country Communion.

Vinnie Moore livens up these tracks like his name is Frankenstein. You don't often hear a guitarist so incredibly light on his fingers outside of the ancient, hazy halls of prog-dom, but the mad bastard Moore can galvanize a four-chord rocker into a wonderland. While he isn't completely guilt-free when it comes to mindless shredding, he uses his prodigious talents for the cause of justice and builds on the music, transforming songs like "Sugar Cane" into thoughtful odysseys.

A Conspiracy Of Stars is a bold, swaggering, youthful rock'n'roll album that balances its slick, modern, heavier edge with the comfort and ease of a veteran band letting its experience take over. While it might not stand up to UFO's classic material, and very little of it is mind-blowing, A Conspiracy Of Stars is nonetheless a solid and entertaining album.

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23rd April 2015


UFO - A Conspiracy Of Stars - Steamhammer

For those who wondered: UFO is still indeed. The British hard rock band in the seventies was known proto heavy metal songs like Doctor Doctor and Rock Bottom. The absolute highlight was undoubtedly the live album 'Strangers In The Night' from 1979 where guitarist - and brother of Scorpions guitarist Rudolf - Michael Schenker was heard. But now back to the year 2015, the band has "A Conspiracy Of Stars' its twenty album unleashed on the world.

Maybe at first you an update regarding the band, because it's been a dovecote there. The only fixed value during the five year anniversary of the band's frontman Phil Mogg, on guitar we find already a good ten years Vinnie Moore and Andy Parker (drums) and Paul Raymond (keyboards / guitar), there are still at. On the bass you hear Rob De Luca, who had previously heard only as tour bassist.

As for the music, there is little to report earthshaking. We get some dished somewhat stale, bluesy hard rock songs. Mogg sounds just about every song exactly the same and it seems at times been rather sluggish pace a bit to try additional pressures.

Songs that shoot out, it is a while searching. In that respect, Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun - mainly for lack of other - perhaps worth mentioning. Including the slide guitar does the song some more western than the rest. This title helps of course join there too. And it contains some nice riffing, especially during the guitar solo.

Sugar Cane begins again with some spacey sounds, what the listener does hope to have a song like that former UFO, when the name space rock seemed to have been invented for them. The band will expire again in the same organ-driven blues-rock.

Fortunately, you do always rely on such moments in a brilliant lead guitarist. From the enormous footsteps of Michael Schenker knows Moore at times still embellish the boring songs with some crackling gitaarsoleerwerk. Without him we sometime during Run Boy Run of Sugar Cane long lie live.

It looks like that UFOs are more than ever ready to be added to the list of bands that ever the world some great albums have made richer, but meanwhile still on its peak. And that's nothing to be ashamed of after a career of more than forty-five years. Many bands will never make that list anyway.

Nic De Schepper

©2015 All Rights Reserved




21st April 2015


Artist: UFO
Style: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Steamhammer / SPV
Date: February 23, 2015
Rating: 8/10

The Legend of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal British UFO continues to grow despite the passage of time and fashions. The band that militate geniuses like Phil Mogg, Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond, Rob de Luca and Andy Parker has recently edited the twenty first job three years after "Seven Deadly" which debuted on the charts in the UK since sixty three.

45 years making history with a style that is not lost on the more nostalgic. Hard Rock seventies high caliber, rugged, gunboat and affectionate. "A Conspiracy of Stars" is one of those jobs that when you hear it say, is more of the same, but it sounds a UFO, and when a job has all the ingredients that a band like UFO is able to implement his songs with such mastery, is when you enjoy it big.

No shortage of those who say that they should retire, still time, or those who renege on their current status, preferring their latest past. Personally, I have always admired these people, and I think if they are still able to roam with such quality scenarios, it is because they still have much to offer the music industry.

Training has not changed much since the last time. Only Rob De Luca, who already supported the live band on bass, is now fixed and decent potter each composition as with pieces like "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" which resounds with his instrument, providing dignified mastery weight as a musician. Amazing musical background of the four strings throughout the song, and the southern flair as marking the beginning. Spectacular is little !!

ufobandaAlabar a band that militated musicians like Michael Schenker is no easy task. Although Germany has long since split with the trajectory of UFO, always left a print style that then chewed categorically Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham. Both musicians were able to give more vitality to the proposal, signed in 2003 the arrival of big hits, which is why after the UFO over the years has become one of the most decorated rock formations market, being mentioned by other legendary groups as IRON MAIDEN, SAXON or Stryper.

"A conspiracy of Stars" is a work worthy of being in the top shelves of those big scene. The Hard Rock presented to us here is understood as liberation itself and a clear evolution of his most recent works. Just keep an eye on the cover and see the touch of modernity who wanted to give the album. In the first cuts "The Killing Kind" or "Run Boy Run", two pieces of sharp rock, the first what is more, the second I see more classicist, continue to promote the fineness of that rock and roll slow, swirling and dependent bass and keyboards, the solos are not far behind and next to the first theme, marked true classic dose of euphoria.

One of the cuts that I personally seem more versatile theme number four "Sugar Cane" from its inception reveals a musical odyssey striking the sea with that as atypical introduction. It is very seventies classic piece, flavored with ingredients from southern rock and a very attractive clay touch. The vocal contribution of Phil Mogg gives an unmistakable signature, his hoarse touch is impossible to forget, being shocking for those who still we live in the past without forgetting the present.

After the previous cut slowly touches cling to change something more energetic type "Devils In The Detail" supported by scratchy guitars and a killer chorus that open season from the first minute. The acoustics and air futuristic "Precious Cargo" serves as a souvenir to remember me as imaginary race other greats like URIAH HEEP. A different musical background with an atypical song that I encourage you to discover calmly. Zeyad your eyes and admire the impressive guitarists marked by Vinnie Moore let supported by the colorful path of Paul Raymond. Both musicians are responsible for that still continue to believe in UFO musical genius. The end of this song is from cracking, better listen to him because not wasted.

"The Real Deal" shines again with wonderful riffs, pretty rough. The end of the disc is chaired by three very attractive cuts, see "One And Only" and chiseled piano paving the way with incredible swaps bass / drums / guitar. "Messiah Of Love", a kind of blues-rock riffs with crooked curly and a wonderfully strong tones despite its simplicity. There are moments where one can find brief past progressive touches three minutes, but not only that, the overall content of the piece contains many changes and that makes all enjoy it a joy. Finally "Rolling Rolling" classic rock blooded, showing a striking musical side with a vocal background almost spoken. Great theme full of good hooks and guitars that float, or a chorus that straightens the song to reach ecstasy and say goodbye as tradition dictates, innovating and getting instrumental pieces that I put the willies.

UFO does not need any presentation, those you like the sound of the band, you know what ateneros. If you are fans like myself will enjoy it with my eyes closed for another gem to remember. Furthermore, after years of career you already know very well what to expect. A strong power of classic sounds mixed with an incredible ability to make music something exceptional. There are ways and ways to sell the rock, but UFO know do as normally as possible. Those who still have dreams with something old, you know where to start. Best rock anthem in this 2015 a UFO disc.


Phil Mogg - Voice
Paul Raymond - keyboards, guitar
Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Andy Parker - drums
Rob De Luca - low


01. The Killing Kind
02. Run Boy Run
03. Ballad of the Left Hand Gun
04. Sugar Cane
05. Devil's in the Detail
06. Precious Cargo
07. The Real Deal
08. One and only
09. Messiah of Love
10. Rollin 'Rollin'
11. King of the Hill - Bonus

Author: Matthew Bourdais




20th April 2015

Think UFO are just a bunch of oul lads on the vets circuit?

I did too, until I heard this album. And to say I’ve been surprised and enthused by its energy and playing is something of an understatement.

We all know the classics, but what’s surprising about this album is how fresh it sounds. The first and most lasting thing that strikes me about it is just how similar it is to the Winery Dogs excellent last album – and that is a good, good thing.

The main reason this is such a cool album is the interplay between founding vocalist Phil Mogg and guitarist Vinnie Moore. They just thrive off each other on this album.

Mogg is gutsy. He’s still got it in spades. His vocals (like everything come to think of it) are produced very dry on this album, as if it were recorded live in a room. It really lets you hear his voicing and attack.

Beside him, Vinnie Moore is just a tour de force. Yes, you may remember him as an 80’s shredder. No, he doesnt just do that any more – in fact his repertoire is incredibly varied. As a reference point though, think of Paul Gilbert’s awesome recent albums. Vinnie is doing very similar stuff.

Yet he also reminds brilliantly of Richie Kotzen’s work with the aforementioned Winery Dogs. These guitarists are so good they barely need distortion to carry them. So what we get here is Vinnie playing his heart out with the purest of guitar tones. It is all, all in his fingers, and it’s a delight to hear.

The best tracks here are certainly the pumping ‘Devils In The Detail’ or the rocking ‘Sugar Cane’, but to be honest the quality is held up over every single track.

It’s fun, nuanced, musically adept and ballsy. To hear Mogg belt out ‘The Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun’ you know this guy is into it.

If you’re a fan of great guitar by any measure at all, you at least need to hear this. And if you call yourself a rocker, I’d wager you couldnt help but enjoy this.

It’s an immensely satisfying spin.

3.9 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 19/04/15 - ©2015 All rights reserved


The Classic Metal Show
Interview with UFO's Andy Parker


Sugar Cane - 20 minute chats about ACOS, Writing process, Chris T., Album title idea and cover,
Lyrics, Band, Formats, Streaming downloads, SPV/Steamhammer, Touring - Rollin' Rollin'



19th April 2015

Vinnie Moore Interview





18th April 2015

From Strangers to Stars: The Continuing Saga of UFO

Interview with Vinnie Moore




16th April 2015


I've been putting this review and today I decided to write it, among other things, the album was released on February 23. The reason to postpone this review is that I feel a deep respect for UFO, and I love the voice of Phil Mogg, if serious singer would like to have his voice on the other hand Vinnie Moore seems an amazing guitar, I wanted to listen to the album many times and have clear ideas that wont below.

Here we go, this new work is its disc UFO study number 22, on 45-year career, that an extensive career that keeps on giving good results despite years said soon. It is also the first LP recorded with new bassist Rob De Luca, who joined the band in 2012, this has composed a couple of songs for "A Conspiracy Of Stars", plus another half with keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Paul Raymond, as usual since 2003 the American guitar Vinnie Moore is responsible for most of the compositions, the lyrics are a thing of eternal Phil Mogg, who continues to shine with his particular way of singing, the drummer is another veteran Andy Parker.

UFO is a band who have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years of career, the payroll of musicians who have passed through the band is very extensive, the only one remaining from the beginning is the singer Phil Mogg, gone through addictions , diseases and all sorts of vicissitudes, but have survived everything and always dignified manner.

The lyrics and music of "A Conspiracy Of Stars" were written and composed in the summer of 2014. The band reunited to test these new songs in Kent Barn Room studios in mid-August before moving a few miles further this the Ecology Rooms studio, where they recorded this new work with the engineer of British sound Greco-Cypriot: Chris Tsangarides, an expert who has worked with the likes of Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Less Than Jake, Gary Moore and many other. Were recorded from late August to mid-September. Coincidentally, it was Tsangarides working in the studio as an apprentice at 14 years old when UFO recorded their debut album "UFO 1" in England in 1970.

The result achieved by Tsangarides in the mixture is spectacular, everything sounds crystal clear and in place. 11 new songs that left more than satisfied their fans. The truth is that the righteous take risks, are moving in that comfort zone in which they carry tucked few years. It is clear that if something works why would change ?. That said, for nothing is a bad album, it may not reach the quality of "The Visitor," which for me is the best of the Moore stage, but manage to take good songs, not whether they will become classics, but for sure they will enjoy the quality and strength shown by these veterans in each release.

Open with "The Killing Kind" has a dirty riff Vinnie that somehow sets the tone for the entire disk, hard rock house brand, the second "Run Boy Run" has a heavy riff, with Phil at high level , like Vinnie that mark one great, one of the heaviest songs UFO in years, get into his blues wave "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun," a court where Phil's voice sounds soulful and yet powerful.

"Sugar Cane" is an average of over 6 minutes where the guitar is stunning with good voices and strong support for the rest of the band, smooth but punchy. Followed by "Devils In The Detail," another rocker house brand in "Precious Cargo" Phil sings this in a lower tone but with much feeling, almost can feel the vocal vibration is virtually flawless. "The Real Deal" opens with Andy battery, then the voice of Phil and the other instruments join, it's a song eighties feeling very, very good. "One And Only" serve you a very tasty serving American classic rock radio, with Mogg in seductive plan.

In "Messiah Of Love" powerful punch of Andy combine with Rob Bass forming a rock rhythm funk, heavy as a basis for the irresistible guitar Vinnie, this score has to be the bomb, the same happens with "Rolling Rolling "is one of my favorites of the album, this is the last if you buy the jewel version case, in digipak edition have included a hard rocker great song entitled" King Of The Hill ", a fierce flurry of UFO classics, scorching Cutting worth much.

Chances are that this album is probably not a hole in the Billboard Top 200 is made, but it is encouraging to know that there are large litter of rock making good music. One notable release that can not miss, if your previous "Seven Deadly", I found it a bit more of it, I advise you to try this "A Conspiracy Of Stars", because it is a remarkable album.

©2015 All rights reserved



The British hard rockers UFO need little introduction, played in their ranks but also once the former Scorpions guitarist and current solo artist Michael Schenker. However, these days are long passé what the London rockers never could stop. "A Conspiracy Of Stars" the troops now published their 21 album.

On their new album the gentlemen from London play once polynuclear Hard Rock with unmistakable blues list. Thanks to the voice of singer Phil Mogg, the band moved here often in the wake of the Irish colleagues THIN LIZZY and there is nothing absolutely wrong. Stylistically can be "A Conspiracy Of Stars" quite clearly divided into two halves, the boundaries between the two focus blur of course: On the one hand UFO offer here cool ass hard rock in the mid-tempo such as in songs like "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun," "The Real Deal" and "Messiah Of Love". On the other hand the British happen here like to slip towards pleasing Radio Rocks, which manifests itself in no less useful numbers such as "Sugar Cane", "Precious Cargo" or "Rolling Rolling". This then turns out naturally all somewhat dignified, but looks cheesy at any time. Thanks to the Mitwirkens of guitar guru Vinnie Moore, the material also lives on "A Conspiracy Of Stars" of very tasty lead guitar, some of which even seem quite technical, but pushy at any time. Of course, that's what UFO offer on their latest album, hardly the last word on the rock, especially since the band naturally moved here permanently within the usual paths. With a seniority of almost 50 [!] Years, but the troops of course, knows where it belongs stylistically and so is "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is not only a very solid, but on top of that an in every respect Album.

UFO have the songwriting and in the unmistakably left nothing to chance production, but each song worked out to perfection. Impetuosity is then surely nothing more, but damn effective. It should also be mentioned that the English, at no time are boring despite all the routine with which they go on their latest album art, although real surprises fail. Rounding "A Conspiracy Of Stars" from a crystal-clear high-gloss production, perhaps almost sounds a bit too smooth for this music better but not could have been.

Over the decades UFO matured as a band and, of course, have long been far removed from its origins - that you can hear her 21st album with every note. Because nothing is wrong, because "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is as varied as well thought out piece of younger rock history, the fans earthy Hard Rock is great fun.





16th April PM

UFO release new VIDEO teaser, chart entries and new tourdates!



To tie in with TONIGHTS start of the UFO UK TOUR

STEAMHAMMER/SPV have issued a Press Release this afternoon, which includes a NEW Video Teaser

If you can't view the video above, you can view at the following locations

Worldwide | Germany

Album Charts

The latest album "A Conspiracy Of Stars" entered the charts in several countries.

In Germany it was the highest chart entry ever and in Switzerland the band charted the first time in their history.

In England the album reached the highest album chart position since 1983
and a #18 position came as a nice surprise in the Czech Republic.




The UK TOUR has arrived...

...tune into the TOUR PAGE to follow the band





15th April 2015

A Conspiracy Of Stars enters the Japanese BURRN! magazine CHARTS at number 9 in May 2015 issue:



12th April 2015

Phil Mogg interview and Showtime Blue-ray DVD review




10th April 2015


©2015 Record Collector Magazine




Translated from Spanish

First review of the year. In the few weeks I've been home have been a handful of new features that have passed through my ears. The first, without thinking, was UFO. His previous " Seven Deadly "was an extraordinary surprise that led me to hold him in the top of the list of that 2012, so not idle I plugged me this" A Conspiracy of Stars ".

We know what can happen behind a superb album, especially today. The level is difficult to maintain and regularly which will follow a flatter album, with songs fill and much less successful. Well, it has not. I dare say that we are back with another album of the year and do not know what I like to say that.

From the first listen and the next day to reach more or less distant lands, listen to the impeccable voice of Phil Mogg leading a set of great songs, it was like coming home for Christmas, as if nothing had changed and follow everything in place . It strikes me as a guy like Mogg keeps his vocal cords in a perfect state, as if they had spent years and a few more things for him.

We are facing a hard-disk rock'n'roll classic, the lifetime, with lots of good melodies, hard, claw, ranging solos alone (pun intended) and where everything seems to follow its naturally course. As I say, the whole album is terrible but maybe something can differentiate what would be the B-side, bordering the latter also high. But is that the first six issues are of scandal and am almost unable to settle on any favorites. Well, maybe I touch something chord these two jewels titled "Sugar Cane" and "Precious Cargo" to highlight something. As you discover more you'll trapping and you're convinced that you have to love this rock and roll over a lot and still have desire to make good music to bill an impeccable record in the 2015, which is not sells crap (excuse).

In short: excellent and indispensable launch by UFO, a band that seems long forgotten among many rockers but continues to war, now and forever, forever and ever. Amen.






9th April 2015

CD REVIEW: UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars

Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Whilst it’ll never feel completely right listening to UFO without Pete Way plunking away on the bass, the UK veterans’ third album without him is less a conspiracy of stars than an alignment of them.

As Phil Mogg sings in One And Only, “it ain’t over til it’s over… and it ain’t over yet,” and after forty five years recording and touring they’ve still got it.

In fact, Moggy’s voice has matured like a carefully barrelled fortified wine (rather than a crumbly cheese, which is the way it could have gone had the band’s legendary excesses not been brought in check) he’s in astonishing form by anyone’s standards, let alone for a sixty six year old.

Vinnie Moore has been UFO’s resident axeman since 2003 now, and he plays his butt off, delivering deliciously bluesy riffs and fiery soloing.

Precious Cargo’s tasteful playing might be bluesier than we remember classic Schenker-era UFO, but Moore has the same mastery of his tools, regardless of stylistic differences.

You have to understand that 2015 UFO isn’t the same animal as the young ‘70s band featuring Mad Mickey at the height of his powers. The likes of Run Boy Run and Sugar Cane and The Real Deal are more mature and restrained – less shoot-your-load-fast-and-run flash, more technique and stamina.

Whilst we won’t go so far to say that it’s BETTER, it IS indisputably up there standing tall.





8th April 2015

A Conspiracy of Stars
(Steamhammer/SPV Records)

UFO is back with their twenty-second album titled ‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’ (out now on Steelhammer/SPV Records). You read that correctly-twenty-second album! Hell, most bands don’t make it past their twenty-second month with each other.

Okay, you may argue Michael Schenker and Pete Way are no longer in the band. However, three original members remain: frontman Phil Mogg , Paul Raymond on keyboards & guitars and drummer Andy Parker. Guitar wizard, Vinnie Moore has been a permanent member since 2003 and bassist Rob De Luca joined them in 2008.

‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’ is the first album with this current line-up. Each member contributed to the final product. Mogg penned the majority of the lyrics, while Moore composed most of the material. However, two tracks were written by De Luca, one tune by Raymond and even a collaboration between Raymond and De Luca. It was produced and mixed at Ecology Room Studios by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore). Coincidentally, Tsangarides was a 14-year-old trainee at the studio where UFO recorded their debut album in 1970.

The eleven song release is solid from beginning to end. It will appeal to longtime supporters and pull in new ones along the way. “A Conspiracy Of Stars’ combines classic rock sensibility and current rock attitude.

“The Killing Kind” kicks off with driving guitars and eases into a foot tapping melody. “Tell a story about love and what lovers find. A story of possession, the killing kind.” portrays the feeling. “Run Boy Run” should have been the lead track because it’s more representative of ‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’. It pulls you in from the first guitar solo and keeps a tight grip until the final riff. A story straight from the bayou, “Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun”, follows with intent and attitude.

Another standout, “Sugar Cane”, begins with a space-age vibe from Raymond and leads into a song with impeccable guitar riffs courtesy of Moore. “Devils In The Detail” keeps the motor running with snark and driving melody. “Precious Cargo” is smack in the middle of ‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’ and showcases the fellowship among the quintet.

“The Real Deal” and “One And Only” are anchored by the tight rhythm from De Luca and Parker along with heartfelt lyrics. “Messiah Of Love” is the epitome of swagger. Everything about this song is cool, from Moore’s playing to the killer bass licks to Mogg’s aggressive mood.

The next cut, “Rolling Rolling” provides the perspective of the touring musician. “King Of The Hill” is a bonus track that provides a similar vibe of “Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun”. Hopefully, this hidden gem will be included in the album you purchase because you will be purchasing this album.

UFO is known for being one of the greats live. The band can add any of these songs to their set-list with assurance. In fact, they will stand the test time along with the likes of “Lights Out” and “Doctor Doctor”.

©2015 Sherry Thomas




6th April 2015

Translated from Czech:

So UFO with two small breaks already Nacala season of its existence. This is more than respectable, especially when you realize that they are not like some of their contemporaries and even in this age of high-issued plate with two to distance. Although since them (probably forever) left a founding member, bassist Pete Way, which was stable component and the one in the UFO along with vocalist Phil Mogg always ran away, but the name still has some weight.

A band of forces not particularly unabated. Of course, I will never be so inspiring bunch as in the seventies, when their hits "Doctor Doctor", "Shoot Shoot" or "Lights Out" literally gushing energy in all directions and former guitarist Michael Schenker amazed the world with his ekvilibristickou game. But musicians today is twenty-five a long time ago Schenker has other worries than to his ego svojskými views conflicted with Phil Mogg. The UFO's but today another guitar shooter Vinnie Moore, who was prior to the band acclaimed solo artist and in the period of "Hey Stoopid" member of the band Alice Cooper.

It is the Moore's guitar that news of "A Conspiracy Of Stars" stands out the most. As the saying goes, this is the big beat guitar. But when the big beat, and not the one ointments obscure local gang with a lump in your pocket at the pub, but the summers bred highest quality. It now may surprise you just played are well plate, which will be predictable, but still will listen well. And exactly the kind of "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is. It's a fair old hard rock, which over the years had little exhausted, but still good enough to make it make sense to perpetuate it on the plates.

As I already mentioned, base course, as it is similar bands, stand Vinnie Moore on guitar and vocal expression Phil Mogg. It is indeed a little breathy and heights from him man can no longer wait, but there is still a certain intonation and lacks neither urgency in his voice. The album is missing a bigger hit, as was "Doctor Doctor", but agile pieces in the form of the title "The Killing Kind", "Devis In The Detail" or "Rolling Rolling" have the potential to become a successful concert bankers. It also relies band, which is a bit of a shift from the past, to blues, which takes its inspiration equally in old bluesmen, as with Led Zeppelin. Accordingly, there was even such a song like "Precious Cargo", which reveals these influences almost to the bone.

No, none more "Phenomenon" or other "Lights Out". Established just another plate UFO, which, although hardly equates classics, but qualitatively standing over their unruly term "Misdemeanor" or "Is not Misbehavin'" from the second half of the eighties. The album is recorded convincingly, with a detachment of the old bards, who no longer want anything to complicate and only submit what they do best. 7/10

©2015 All rights reserved




5th April 2015





3rd April 2015

Spanish Magazine LA HEAVY - May 2015 issue


Vinnie in the USA March Issue of GuitarPlayer Magazine



MARCH 2015


30th March 2015

New VM interview

Guitarist Vinnie Moore discusses the new UFO album Conspiracy of Stars



May 2015 Issue of UK's Classic Rock Magazine has a Cover CD titled 'One Nation Under A Groove' with

UFO's 'Devil's In The Detail' as track 2. Other bands include Europe, TOTO, Black Star Riders, The Answer and Nightwish

see full track listing

Also in the Free Mini Magazine that has included some exclusive articles only found in the Digital Edition is the

'Heavy Load: Phil Mogg' article which many of you may have already seen.

UK tour dates advert also appears in this issue




28th March 2015

Vinnie appears in the feature "Whats on my iPod" in the May issue of GUITAR WORLD




26th March 2015

USA Magazine ISSUE 78 - May 2015 issue

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24th March 2015


Translated froim Italian

Artist: UFO
Title: A Conspiracy Of Stars
Genre: Hard Rock
Release year: 2015
Label: SPV / Steamhammer

I can not just do nothing, I love viscerally this incarnation of the band led dall'inossidabile Phil Mogg since 1969. I find that the replacement of the Legend Schenker has given new blood to the career of the five piece British literature relegating to the continuous scazzi personality, sudden changes in lineup and artistic stature too often alternating current since the early eighties.
Since 2004, the year of publication of the comeback You Are Here the monicker UFO has regularly churned out albums qualitatively relevant (The Visitor and Seven Deadly all) NEVER below the alert level while maintaining their trademark-based hard rock to blues massive tints not disdaining small incursions in the territories until a few years ago unexplored. The mellow voice Mr.Mogg is still solid, understandably less potent than a few decades ago but still able to enchant thanks to an unmistakable stamp that combines a scenic charisma unchanged.
A Conspiracy Of Stars is a piece further respectable worthily supported by a songwriting (increasingly the prerogative of the measured Vinnie Moore) clean, smudge, inspired and vital but most lucidly shored new pearls and a pervasive sense of ritual not immutable for this charmless.

The ten tracks unfold between a mosaic of sharp guitars and bluesy, rhythmic square but not intrusive, meticulous and melodic solos, chorus hit the spot (in greater quantities than the latest releases), calibrated inserts keyboard and a balanced mix of creativity, taste and groove.
The Killing Hand debuted with a great riff, a disarming simplicity, a polished Guitarsolo and the unsettling feeling of successful piece that will accompany us for the rest of the trip.
Run Boy Run and Sugar Cane are the gems of this album: the first one that leaves room for the blues drumming Andy Parker (how I love him!) And the timeless class of a singer still able to enchant even after all these years; the second, wonderful nell'incedere, in excerpts of keyboard-Paul Raymond and crystallized alone overflowing no tricks and all substance.
The intersection of ZZ Top and Humble Pie's Precious Cargo, after fifty years of honorable service further demonstrates how one can still enjoy the pleasure of listening to the simple and honest Rock and Roll with the attributes without looking back with regret to a masterpiece as Strangers In The Night.
Devils In Details, Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun, Messiah Of Love take nothing away and add nothing compared to what has been heard so far, slightly below the average will certainly not be remembered for posterity but cemented the salvific effect of the full length reiterating that, if proof were needed, this aspect is the added value of A Conspiracy Of Stars, the ability to grow with the audience, to become a "faithful friend" in the playlist daily.


A timeless work straddling roots seventies, references to the blues and a lot of class in parallel with the achievements of these times by Teutonic Scorpions ... and may God keep them safe and sound.


All rights reserved


8/10 Score

Translated from German

Legends live longer? If you listen to the new UFO, then you could discover truth in this ancient lyre well. Heavy retro authentic and accordingly in such a rock dino sounds "A Conspiracy Of Stars". This is the year 2015, no derailleur or total Mitreiser, dry dust produced classic rockers like "The Killing Kind", the crunchy "Run Boy Run" or "Devils In The Detail" but set clear exclamation and raised in rank and file with the best UFO songs of all time. Above all, the cool and charismatic vocal performance of the now almost 70-year-old Phil Mogg not be overestimated. This has soul and depth. However, this also sounds Schmackes and officially by an older gentleman who is still fully in the juice. The really cool grooving country rockers "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" with its official chorus, "The Real Deal" or the soulful and officially casual "Precious Cargo" are just two more beads of a totally successful and over-scoring with a relaxed southern flair album, which will jump the UFO fan base probably in a circle or, depending on your physical condition, either let her go walking frame around it.

UFO contact "A Conspiracy Of Stars" over significant Proof of Life and but also make more than 40 years after "Phenomenom" or Purple's "Burn" is still officially thing here. UFO operate the base, feed their roots and bless her sometimes quite aged fanbase and all those younger semester, the disenchanted what her dowdy timeless hard rock with style and class, with ten officially strong songs. "A Conspiracy Of Stars" has eggs, has depth and is either under the skin, such as in the bones.

The now 22 UFO disc in the meanwhile 46th year of this great band and offers a traditional hard rock at its best. Honest, down to earth to deal with two very big balls and the other can dominions at the age of two remaining UFO - after all, not always claim pioneers Phil Mogg and Andy Parker from him.
And finally makes it fun again, if you can hear in "middle" age bands whose founding took place before one's own birth.

©2015 all rights reserved





23rd March 2015

All seems right in the UFO-verse, be it in-house or external of the many alumni who continue to make music. Michael Schenker's riding a high with his TEMPLE OF ROCK, while Pete Way has been successfully battling prostate cancer and planning a road jaunt with his postponed solo album, "Walking on the Edge", reportedly to follow. Continuing to hold it down for Way on bass in UFO is Rob De Luca as the band closes in on five decades of activity. Phil Mogg, Andy Parker and Paul Raymond soldier on with Vinnie Moore, now in his twelfth year with the band, plus De Luca, on their rock solid twenty-first album, "A Conspiracy of Stars".

The groovy riffs opening "The Killing Kind" are an instant grab and the song catches stride with Andy Parker's bruising rhythm. Phil Mogg's sage vocals are turned up louder, which does the song service, but it also smothers it a bit. Still, to be doing what Mogg's been doing forever, and with conviction, is as inspiring as Vinnie Moore's exuberant guitar solo and Paul Raymond's peppy organs on "The Killing Kind". As the chomping riffs of "Run Boy Run" begin, Moore leads the way with Paul Raymond and Rob De Luca's fisting melody and Andy Parker's snapping groove. Again, Mogg delivers a dominant performance, albeit he's slightly behind the rhythm here and on other songs, as if by design.

On "Ballad of the Left Hand Gun", Vinnie Moore's twanging slides and Rob De Luca's grumbling bass sets up a meaty march in salute of American westerns. As the band keeps the groove tempered to Phil Mogg's lollygagging swills, they meet him at a better median point and the song hums. The spacey keys opening the blues rocker "Sugar Cane" are reminiscent of the old days as the song takes an unhurried trudge to match Phil Mogg's slow drawls. Ditto for the mid-tempo throb of "The Real Deal", which Mogg glues onto charmingly and turns it into a hip-swinging banger of a tune. Mogg saves his most soulful swagger, however, for the blues shakes of "Rolling Rolling".

Part of why Mogg gets away with his lazy intonations on this album is due to his veteran status, but it's largely due to the introspection of his lyrics, which deserve clear, swaying enunciation. As ever, Mogg's a keen observer, and sometimes he plays the unrelenting romantic (i.e. "Precious Cargo", "Messiah of Love" and "The Killing Kind"). The way he utters "come here, my skanky toadie" on "Devil's in the Detail" is smarmy as all-hell. Yet Mogg's affection for a mostly blue collar audience that has been UFO's primary support base gives both his voice and his words a staunch resolve you can't help but feel empathy for.

"A Conspiracy of Stars" kicks a lot of ass on its musical merits alone. Like "The Killing Kind" and "Run Boy Run", "Devil's in the Detail", "King of the Hill" and "The Real Deal" ride some hard-hitting grooves. "Precious Cargo" is both heavy and bluesy and Vinnie Moore's jamming solo spreads are terrific. The Seventies-tapped "One and Only" might've been a sleeper hit back when FOREIGNER first struck gold.

Vinnie Moore is stellar on this album and his energetic performance no doubt gives the rest of the band its thrust. "A Conspiracy of Stars" almost defies logic it should sound this good. Diehards are going to be screaming their guts out for UFO staples such as "Doctor Doctor", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Rock Bottom" and "Lights Out" at future live gigs, but there's no reason they shouldn't be equally excited if UFO plays the blaring "King of the Hill" (listed as a bonus track) from this album.

"A Conspiracy of Stars" never falters and it's telling of UFO's doggedness in modern times that needs this kind of reminder of what damned fine hard rock sounds like.


Author: Ray Van Horn, Jr. - all rights reserved


Translated from Spanish

UFO have been proposed at maturity (old age, smallpox) break my heart. Phil Mogg (vocals) and his followers (read Vinnie Moore, lead guitar; Paul Raymond on keyboards and rhythm guitar; Rob De Luca, bass; and Andy Parker, drums) being published at this stage, in my opinion, almost the best of its production. The previous album, Seven Deadly (read review) clinched at the top of our list of the best of 2012, not to mention The Visitor (2009) and The Monkey Puzzle (2006), which are pieces of disks that one recommended only your best friends. Seven luxury great album that has had a more than acceptable continuity with the A Conspiracy of Stars, which sounds beautiful, classic rock sounding quality sounding UFO on all sides, but the best UFO not go thinking . Twenty-first studio album which will be officially released next 23th of this crazy febrerillo and has been recorded in the studios Bernie Torme's Barn Room.

The album is full of: copies recognizable tunes on the particular style of UFO, guitar solos-stopping, either interleaved keyboards that fill the room seventies disco ... I put the disk medium and high volume shooting and first notes of "The Killing King" make me move my feet at various tempos, and Mogg's voice is like a letter unexpected arrival of a friend that I have not communicate exactly three years. Brilliant guitar solo by Moore and heavy sounds.

"Run Boy Run" is heavy, dark riffs, alternating with moments full of provocative and sought sensuality, and cracking riffs by Moore. Highlights along the entire disk, so do not hesitate to enjoy. It was the advance single from the new work.

And nothing presaged the ballad then onrushing with southern beats and bluesmen if you want and acoustic guitar through without the piece loses a bit of continuity with what heard so far, being crimped natural way tile that does not clash with the rest. It's "Ballad of the Left Hand Gun", which does not lack the required tap. "Sugar Cane" starts sweet and metallic sounds of sugary goodness to make way for the guitar, at a rate of new heavy riffs and smeared alternated for a tasty classicism without fanfare, smooth and direct (the heart). In the Bonamassa. I love him. Kinfolk has with the previous "Devils in the Detail" harmonious in its cadences and virtuous how knows tuning Moore's toned guitar strings to bring these continuing pecks along the theme as small nibble while the rhythm guitar Raymond imposes its presence. Temazo to enjoy. What it is no wonder while another short tap escalándome from ankle winds ruffling their path of my manly beautiful legs?

We crossed a small jump the disc Ecuador and "Precious Cargo" imposes its melodious become lovingly, with passionate vocals and guitar Mogg Moore cradling, with bases that take us to 80. In truth, there is nothing groundbreaking in this UFO disc. Neither wanted nor expected: just more of the same, when "the same" we like too, though some call it boredom or habit, but as well as tasty thing, you accept our brains. Ends slow and let us asleep.

In "The Real Deal" Mogg continues to impose the hard medium, addictive tone, its almost seventy years, it comes in handy, typical theme that fits the canon of these UFO; Rainbow hues sometimes, indeed. "One And Only" theme resembles American rock radio. "Messiah of Love" and "Rolling Rolling" closes the album in its basic version 10 subjects leaving a terrific taste.

No one can call into question the quality that still exhibit these UFO quasi seventies (and forgive you insist on it when others of his generation certainly think and just going to give them bread crumbs to pigeons from the nearest park), with a classic rock soaring flights without fanfare or innovations a rock label, in which its components give everything, especially the odd lesson to try as current retro fashion, be imitators of these teachers. UFO diving in familiar waters in this album and do it with solvency. He's probably in our top ten at the end of the year, because you have a bad habit to accommodate music with class, character, and this UFO comes trajeada to the neck.

NOTE: 8'5

©2015 All rights reserved




17th March 2015

Translated from FRENCH

21th studio album for this combo Hard Rock English, a native of London, and was born in 1969.
What more of this legendary group that is not already known. In figure is 45-year career, including the indestructible singer Phill Mogg, supplemented with a turnover of about thirty musicians, including the famous guitar virtuoso, I named Michael Schenker (ex-Scorpions ). After a first period (1969/1973) dedicated to Boogie / Blues, and Rock the Space, UFO advantage of the departure of their guitarist Michael Bolton, to change the style by hiring Michael Schenker (ex-Scorpions). It is, then, in 1974, that spell, Chrysalis, the Phenomenon album, produced by Leo Lyons (Ten Years After), which, thanks to the melodic style of its very air guitar virtuoso, propels UFO at the forefront of Hard Rock English and quickly became the new fashionable Group on International level. The single Doctor, Doctor falls into the English charts, is exported in Europe and across the Atlantic to become one of the biggest hits of the history of Hard Rock. The album Force It, published in 1975, allows UFO to consolidate its status as the best group of English Hard of the moment, and concerts are becoming more numerous. 1976 output No Heavy Petting, and Lights Out in 1977 with the compelling Too Hot To Handle.
Critics are excellent, and the group fills stadiums. 1978 out of Obsession, and recording of the tour for the release of live: Strangers In The Night, which became a must, upon its release. Alas, for the fans, Michael Schenker left the band, and it was Paul Chapman replacing him.

The following albums from 1980 to 1982, found a positive trade echo especially in the US, the album Mechanix even reaching a top 8 in England, the highest place ever achieved by the combo.
The group dissolved in 1983, will reform in 1985, to separate in 1989. Reformation in 1992, with Michael Schenker reboost sales, but, alas, on tour, tensions erupt, and UFO separates again. 2000, the group returns, again with Michael Schenker, first, to the Covenant album, and then for Sharks, released in 2002. Schenker is leaving permanently, and is being replaced by Vinnie Moore, the current guitarist. 2003, drummer Andy Parker left the band, in turn, is being replaced by Jason Bonham, and returned in 2006. In 2009, it was the turn of bassist Pete Way left the band for health reasons.

Since then, he was replaced by Rob De Luca. 2014, back to the studio to record what Conspiracy Of Stars, produced by Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, Judas Priest), released on the German label Steamhammer in February 2015.
From the outset, with the rapid The Killing Kind, one recognizes the group's trademark with its riff rappeux, Hard typed English, tone characteristic of Phil Mogg who comes to speak his melodic feeling in his husky, powerful voice. True to same, Vinnie Moore exudes an air chorus, and very melodic. Same approach Run Boy Run where Vinnie Moore offers us a chorus shredder or, as on Devils In The Detail, with its effective chorus. In a little slower, we feast on Sugar Cane, with its climate for Whitesnake or, again, on The Real Deal, with its good chorus. In a Zeppelinien style, diners can savor on Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun, with its bluesy feeling, but also on Messiah Of Love, with its syncopated riff. In more progressive, it will be appreciated Precious Cargo with its foray Jazzy or, Rolling Rolling with its excellent unifying refrain. Finally, in addition removed, we are entitled to One And Only, with its beautiful well convoluted chorus, and that is honed. In version Deluxe, lucky will get a great bonus track titled King Of The Hill, coated so Deep Purple, with a chorus Vinnie Moore, immitant Ritchie Blackmore. In short, you'll understand that this is a new well produced album with vocals particularly worked, neat compositions, well-developed, sometimes, for some, not so obvious at first listen, but which, in retrospect, s' like better, and, listen more agreeably.

Three years after Seven Deadly, UFO returns perked and ready to go on tour to defend this album that should delight fans. Then you also indulge in this Conspiracy Stars, always brilliant. Good work!

©2015, all rights reserved


Three years after the most recent operation record, Seven Deadly, return UFOs, the eternal hard rock band that has given, at the time of its greatest splendor, magnificence as iconic works of Phenomenon, Lights Out, No Heavy Petting and live Strangers In The Night. An ensemble, UFOs, that still, after decades from the start, continues to lavish listeners works of great quality, as The Visitor and precisely Seven Deadly.
The line-up of the new "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is, with the addition in a permanent bassist Rob De Luca, one of the Seven Deadly cited, and, therefore, not only is missing, of course, the capricious Michael Schenker away from UFO now for a lifetime, but also, once again, bassist Pete Way. Once again, therefore, the imprimatur of greater importance is that of guitarist Vinnie Moore, another "holy image" of hard rock, especially tinged blues. Together with the stamp of Phil Mogg, however, affix his personal trademark, unmistakable, the songs, while not showing more than the extension of a time. Returning just Moore, one must also point out that he was responsible for the most intense responsibility of composition A Conspiracy Of Stars, and his imprint feature spreads along all the eleven songs.

It is understood from the start with The Killing Kind, whose powerful guitar riffs makes it clear immediately that the axeman is overflowing here, and it is here also the star of a long solo that fades in the final but we understand that could last long. Even Run Boy Run, a hard rock full of groove, is on the guitars who lord between licks and solos.
The CD sees prevail songs forged in the proudest rock hard, like Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun (a rolling hard boogie) or The Real Deal, tetragon hard rock shaken by bursts of ax and King Of The Hill (a bonus track) , hard'n'roll convincing and high school.
UFOs 2015 express themselves better yet where heavy is contaminated with the noble soul of the blues, as in the wonderful Messiah Of Love hard rock, once again enhanced by a six-string solos that grinds on solos, as well as in Precious Cargo, in which an 'opening refined keyboards between jazz and blues is leading the way to a continuation solar and lively.
Intriguing is also Rolling Rolling, heavy rock swimming proudly in the middle of the liquid slimy organ.
Elsewhere there is a mood more melodic, reminiscent of the glory days of the combo, also still far from the splendor of that time. See, in this regard, a One And Only, electric but more catchy, clear and airy feel of the rest of the full-length, a Sugar Cane, with an opening words of the ivory keys that opens a cadenced midtempo where guitars and singing are characterized for the high impact melodic, and still Devils In The Detail, uptempo snappy and unmistakably weblog UFO, in which, for the umpteenth time, Vinnie Moore engages in a long, clear guitar solo.

Customers who liked the last UFO, in short, can move with confidence to this A Conspiracy Of Stars. Will find no particular surprises or new, but a feeling and an amazing force, put at the service of an honest hard rock classic, with the limit, perhaps, of a songwriting just less focused than in previous albums.





16th March 2015


8/10 REVIEW - UK

As you ready yourself for the thinking man’s white knuckle ride, and as the album’s opening riff hurtles over the horizon toward you, like a precision targeted drone strike, you realise that every rock/metal band in the western world has borrowed a slice of UFO over the years, such is their influence.

You know the back story. Larger than life, Schenker and Way were the tortured artist and the hedonistic bass man. We still associate them with UFO, but of course they are long gone. Schenker has built his own success, Way not so much. The highly talented guitarist, Vinnie Moore is the man now. And has been for 12 years. After dallying with Alice Cooper and a veritable volume of solo albums, he found his spiritual home with UFO in 2003, the year after Schenker’s last fleeting visit. Once known as a neo-classical shredder, he’s not another Schenker and I’m sure doesn’t want to be… cliché perhaps, but Moore is clearly his own man.

The songs, as usual, are something of a force of nature, bruising encounters with life, full of sharp metaphors and guilty parties. From ‘The Killing Kind’s visceral riff and hard found catharsis to ‘Rolling Rolling’s propulsive keyboard and broken promises, the album treats love and relationships like contraband, to be smuggled past the powers that be.

Mogg’s voice still has it. It cajoles, it wheedles, it demands. It has that worn down edge that suggests he’s circled the block many times and danced with the devil more than once. It has that strident authority that carries songs like ‘Run Boy Run’ and ‘Messiah Of Love’ which, in other hands would have come across cliched and hopelessly dated.

Musically, this album is heavy because it’s dense with detail. Mostly provided by Moore. The pursuit of technical excellence can sometimes freeze the music’s soul en route, but Moore’s virtuosity transcends those failings, turning ‘Devil’s In The Detail’ and ‘Precious Cargo’ into twin tours de force. You would think that these abrasive tracks would be difficult to assimilate, but we soak them right up, culminating in the album’s standout track, ‘Sugar Cane’, where Moore’s axe is alive with the sweet and sultry British blues tones of a Jeff Beck or a Gary Moore, and Mogg mugs to a non-existent camera with all his theatrical nous. They make it look easy.

8/10 - All rights reserved


8/10 REVIEW - France


Is there a link between a conspiracy, stars and a UFO? Phil Mogg only knows! As always its no use lookig towards the album cover to find out.

Casually, it's been 12 years now that Vinnie Moore holds the handle in UFO. His blues rock guitar has now played more with the English Michael Schenker (then Paul Chapman not talking about that!). His solos are always bluesy and mark the spirit of the English group for over 10 years.

who makes fun listening to A Conspiracy of Stars, it is clear that Phil Mogg, the top of its 67 years, has lost none of his phrasing so special, his beautiful voice. Puns and typical phrases (rhymes on "Run Boy Run") the singer will not surprise you and you will reinforce the fact qu'UFO knows release an album regularly and know how to hold the road. Phil has the unique way of singing ave his phrasing so special, mincing words or to make a stop on certain syllables that only he knows how ("Messiah Of Love").

Then it is to hear that Paul Raymond master keyboards are much more emphasized than on previous albums that instead relegated to the role of second guitarist.

What we like about UFO is that despite their careers over several decades (45) are far from being ridiculous, know embark good rock 'Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun "tour as much as when were 20 years old, standing on stage (except when Phil drank a little too much pint during soundcheck) galvanize the crowds like at Hellfest in 2011 and refrains find that you feel to know and sing in the shower for ages.

"Sugar Cane" sets the tone: synth, bluesy mind. Like Magnum has the impression that the UFO writing process is incredibly easy, natural, written on a end table in a smoky pub inspired by a pretty girl passing in the street or an image that comes to pass on one of the TVs suspended above the heads of guests, or the smell of old wood weathered by thousands of elbows that came up one day a beer.

The blatant resurrection of Paul keyboards gives a lighter color to securities ("One And Only") to a more interesting dialogue with the American guitar especially as it rarely had much dropped. Attested "Devils In The Detail," as the delirium of an old bluesman and find elsewhere solos drenched feeling we could listen for hours.

"Precious Cargo" has the feel of an old Whitesnake when the pair Bernie Marsden / Micky Moody officiated there again, showing the quality of the compositions where the synth comes endure long solos that seem to emerge from a long improvisation.

C’est marrant car « The Real Deal » possède la vieille couleur des années 70 me faisant instantanément penser à un vieux Axe époque Living on the Edge où claviers et guitares viennent creuser un sillon gorgé de poussière.

Sur « Rolling Rolling » même si Phil Mogg essaye légèrement de changer sa manière de chanter avec des solos lumineux, les claviers nous ramènent vers un UFO des plus classiques.

Avec A Conspiracy of Stars, UFO nous sort un album plus cohérent, dans l’esprit des années 70 mais comme un grand cru saura de déguster lentement.

Lionel / Born 666 2015


It’s hard to find a band that have rocked for as long as UFO. While most listeners are familiar with the band’s early work, which was instrumental in helping transition hard rock to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, UFO have released multiple albums in each decade since their 1970 self-titled debut.  Their newest album, A Conspiracy of Stars, is the first in three years, as well as the first to feature longtime touring bassist Rob De Luca. Full disclosure: Until this newest album I hadn’t listened to anything since the dawn of UFO’s Vinnie Moore era. A lot has changed.

My first impression was: “Man, this is a lot of treble”, but my second and third impressions were “these guys can still rock” and “Phil Mogg’s voice sounds awesomely like rusted steel and worn leather”.  The fact is that this album treads on heavy like a slow moving steamroller. It’s a solid hard rocker from front to end; predictable, but with attitude. There’s a nice balance between catchiness and grit, which is something UFO have always been known for, and something they still excel at today.

Lyrically, A Conspiracy of Stars is what you would expect. Mogg and UFO are best when they balance road wisdom with heavy metal cynicism and heartache. Songs like “Ballad of the Left Hand Gun” and “Devil’s in the Details” are all the more memorable for it. Others, like “Messiah of Love”, feel far less authentic.

My other only other complaint about the album is that I did find things lacking in the production department. For one, Rob De Luca’s bass work is not very audible. I found myself having to toy around with my EQ settings before I could really make A Conspiracy of Stars sound complete.

There’s little to be said, other than that A Conspiracy of Stars is a good album for anyone that likes straightforward hard rock and classic metal. Just as UFO’s pre-metal output has a timeless metal sound, so does their music even after NWOBHM is over.  A Conspiracy of Stars may not rival the band’s best work, it can’t possibly be disappointing to fans of the genre. No special effects or surprise here; just good solid rock.

Joe’s grade: B - ©2015


BURRN! - Two page spread in next months issue, featuring an exclusive interview with Vinnie Moore




14th March 2015


REVIEW Translated from German

The timing might be a little awkward, because exactly at the beginning of the tour in Germany on February 20, also appears the new UFO album "A Conspiracy Of Stars". A little earlier would not have been bad, especially the boys are known to love to give live shows some of their new songs live and not to rely only on the old classics, from which they have so abundant in the repertoire. This is a good thing, because Phil Mogg and his men are once again here, as we are accustomed to them, best food for rock discerning ears! The opener "The Killing Kind" goes out all the stops and operated the listener with driving, UFO typical, melodic hard rock at its finest, in which Vinnie Moore immediately shines end up with an excellent guitar solo. "Run Boy Run" fully convinced by the Upper horny heavy riff before the guys show with "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" that they may also present a heavily grooving country blues ballad authentic. Atmospheric keyboards are ringing in the slow six-minute blues "Sugar Cane", which impresses with its diverse and varied instrumental parts. Go to the Live-penned the catchy "Devil's In The Detail" could develop in which Phil Mogg proves once again that he is still one of the most powerful and best singers in rock area. "Precious Cargo" is a psychedelic tinged love blues ballad in which all the protagonists congenial harmony and carried by operating in the background keyboardist Paul Raymond. Saustark! UFO veteran Andy Parker opened the rhythmic Rocker "The Real Deal" with solid drumming. For the remaining four pieces especially the hit song "Messiah Of Love" stands out with his hot reef, Phil's magnificent vocals, the polyphonic chorus and Vinnie superb solos out. "A Conspiracy Of Stars" from beginning to end a thoroughly brilliant disc which I can recommend to any fan of most rock music warmly!
Martin Pietzsch
- ©2015



Translated from German

I can not believe UFO always remained over the years on the ball and without any major breaks published new studio albums, but for the first time found until now one of them the way to CROSSFIRE. On their tour at the beginning of the year 2015 take turns playing different songs from their new album "A Conspiracy Of Stars", for example "Run Boy Run" and the hard soulful "The Real Deal".

Live the new songs had a vibe of Thin Lizzy, similar to the "Are You Ready". This shows very riffbetonte UFO also underscores the opener "The Killing Kind". Ufo get away with it again more in the vicinity of their last great album "Walk On Water" from 1995, which represented the former reunion with Michael Schenker and bribed with brilliant riffs.

Fittingly, but also know a Vinnie Moore as the guitar should sound today UFO. But the fine English gentleman, supported by the known Spread Eagle and Sebastian Bach Rob De Luca at the position of the bass hopefully not long defaulting bedrock Pete Way, can do even more.

The ballad "Sugar Cane" is one of the unkitschigen their kind, and can, despite its slow beats the limbs mitwippen. "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" shines with a slide guitar as can be seen everywhere, which immensely striking Feeling Phil Mogg gives the songs. The records version comes as a blue double vinyl in Gatefoldcover plus the CD and the bonus track "King Of The Hill". What a great album!

Score: 8 out of 10
Author: Joxe Schaefer

©2015 All rights reserved





13th March 2015

TOUR NEWS: Thst's it until Next Month when the band will be coming to the UK FOR a seventeen date tour


It’s no secret that I am a huge UFO fan.

Not the unidentified flying object of the alien nature, but the English rock band that has been pounding out teeth-rattling rock arrangements since 1969.

The band’s 1979 crushing performance captured on “Strangers in the Night” is still considered by many rock critics (myself included) as one of the finest live rock albums of all time.

I attended my very first UFO concert during high school.

After delivering a barrage of classic tracks like “Lights Out,” “Doctor Doctor,” “Rock Bottom” and “Too Hot to Handle,” I would eventually end up owning the band’s entire discography as well as attempt to catch a show whenever the band would rumble into town.

“A Conspiracy of Stars” is yet another solid performance from smoldering start to fervent finish.

Frontman Phil Mogg leads the way as he follows the same tested and true blues and rock formula that has made UFO legendary.

The scrappy Mogg has always struck me as the type of guy who would have your back in a bar brawl or back alley confrontation.

The 66-year-old singer can still deliver the goods with a gritty, commanding voice that provides plenty of muscle to the simmering lyrics and potent musical assault provided by guitarist Vinnie Moore, keyboardist Paul Raymond, bassist Rob De Luca and drummer Andy Parker.

After 46 years, the band’s offerings still sound fresh, vibrant and relevant.

“The Killing Kind” opens the album in blistering fashion with Moore’s opening guitar riffs ushering in Parker’s thundering drumming and Mogg’s menacing vocals.

Moore’s guitar prowess is front and center on the hard-driving “Run Boy Run” and “Ballad of the Left Hand Gun.”

Mogg’s soulful, gutsy vocals assertively fuel the ominous “Devil’s in the Details” and boisterous “Messiah of Love.” Acclaimed producer Chris Tsangarides accentuates the veteran band’s confident swagger on robust rockers like “The Real Deal” and “One and Only,” while also showcasing a softer side on the melodic “Precious Cargo.”

“A Conspiracy of Stars” contains enough of a spark to keep UFO flying high for another few years.

Clint Rhodes is the Herald-Standard music reviewer. He can be reached at crhodes@heraldstandard.com. ©2015




12th March 2015


UFO: A Conspiracy Of Stars (SPV)

Okay; where the hell do you start with a band as legendary as UFO? Formed in 1969, loved by metal icons like Steve Harris and the rest of Iron Maiden and a million others as well as being responsible for anthems such as Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom, Only You Can Rock Me and Too Hot To Handle, there is little to say by way of introduction. A Conspiracy Of Stars is as fresh an album as those early massively influential slabs of 1970s rock, such as Phenomenon and Force It. Their last album, Seven Deadly was a seriously underrated chunk of old school bluesy rock and the latest release continues in that vein. Opener Killing Kind is easy, laid back and yet exactly right. Phil Mogg’s vocals are as good as they ever were; soulful and relaxed yet powerful and distinctive. Run Boy Run stomps along, with Vinnie Moore, surely one of the most brilliant guitarists in rock peeling off solos for fun. Meanwhile in the engine room, Andy Parker effortlessly hammers out the beat. Moore’s performance on the whole of this album is blistering, and anyone wanting Metal Mickey back needs to back off on this performance. Moore holds his own on the old school classics in the live arena and on this release once more demonstrates that he is the man. Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun has a groove laden blues feel, and like all of the track on this excellent release just appears so damn easy. Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun is a real gem of track, allowing all members of the band to demonstrate why they are such absolute legends. Laced throughout the tracks are the reserved keyboards of stalwart Paul Raymond, a man who has anchored UFO with his rhythm guitar work for many years. 

I have to confess, that like Saxon and Thin Lizzy, the classic rock of UFO is incredibly dear to me. UFO were only the third band I saw live, in 1982 on the Mechanix tour. It was a love affair that I've never tired of maintaining and to hear an album that is still relevant in an era of aggressive metalcore and generic rubbish fills me with joy. Tracks such as Sugar Cane, Precious Cargo and Rolling Rolling showcase the lighter side of the band, whilst retaining a steely underbelly. Meanwhile Devils In The Detail, One And Only and album closer King Of The Hill are just perfect rock tunes, unmistakeably oozing with the UFO sound. Eleven tracks of superb classic British rock. The recent announcement that they will headline the Steelhouse Festival guarantees that I and at least one other member of the MoM crew, (the illustrious Ed no less) will be in a field on the top of the Gwent mountains on the last weekend of July raising a beer to the old school classics and some of the gems from this and other recent albums. Brilliant in the live arena, I cannot recommend them to you enough and if you call yourself a metal head then you should ensure they receive your support. The godfathers of UK hard rock, alongside Sabbath, Purple and Priest.

Live and on record: UFO simply rock. 10/10

©2015 All rights reserved


German Radio Station have added ACOS to their Library

For those who cant read German:

On the right side of each song there's a blue button with "Angezeigte Version wählen". Click that.
Then they'll offer you 2 stations, on the left the main station, on the right the Top 100.
When there is a lot of red text is below, you can't request it because the band has been played in
the last 120 minutes (That's the restriction they have).
When there is a green button saying "kostenlos wünschen" click that and the request will will be
queued and later played.

The link to the tutorial



On the Rock Show this week is the Featured Album of the Week: UFO - A Conspiracy Of Stars



11th March 2015

To some of us out here UFO will always hold a special place in our hearts. As the great people’s rock band of the late 70’s and early 80’s they were peerless, but internal machinations and  the abuse of various substances progressively painted them into a corner that only their music could save them from. If you look at their body of work from ’73 to ’78 its hard to imagine a better purveyor of gritty Hard Rock, and despite various line-up changes and infighting through the early 80’s they still managed to emerge ahead of the pack. UFO was also the first Rock band I ever saw live and believe me on that stage they had few peers when they could hold it together.

Since 2004’s ‘You Are Here’ the band has been consistent and relatively stable and whilst they have never managed to capture their previous heights they have still maintained that unmistakable sound.  ‘A Conspiracy of Stars’ is their fifth album since 2004 and it sees the band in fine fettle.

Opening with ‘The Killing Kind’ the UFO 2015 vintage is a definite good year, and in the band’s 46th year that is a feat in itself.  What you get from the off is real rock and roll – a persistent riff and Mogg’s distinctive vocals and phrasing, with a distinctively laid back hook that gives you the feeling that something special is in store.
‘Run Boy Run’ adds more than a little grunt to the mix and as a change of pace ‘Ballad of the Left Hand Gun’ shows that  UFO still has that capacity to throw the old curve-ball with a nice bluesy swagger and smoky bar-room aesthetic, as Mogg’s lyrics swirl above you in that very smoke. Mixed by the more than capable Chris Tsangarides we’re also in very safe hands sonically as he manages to make ‘A Conspiracy of Stars’ both thoroughly recognisable and yet surprisingly palatable to younger listeners not privy to the UFO legacy.

‘Sugar Cane’ swaggers in on the back of keys and an airy bluesy guitar and delivers a nice low key slice of modern-day UFO awash with sweet melody; as a contrast ‘Devil’s In the Detail’ is all about the melody and despite the similar mid-tempo dynamics it’s all about the drive.

‘Precious Cargo’ stands out in so many ways from Mogg’s wonderful sublime yet down-to-earth lyric to the almost early-Whitesnake bluesy pace and ethereal guitar: 22 studio albums in UFO still stand proud. ‘The Real Deal’ that follows adds a pure classic rock riff to the mix that wraps nicely around the vocal; ‘One and Only’ adds a little more vigour before falling back into distinctive UFO territory – a mix of melody and subdued charm.
The three tracks that close the album are equally as formidable: ‘Messiah of Love’ slides in on a hypnotic riff and a growl that again references the blues and builds into a solid rocker; whilst ‘Rollin’ Rollin’ weighs in as a five-minute-plus minor classic. Wrapping it all up ‘King of the Hill’ just cements a great album with a  succinct appendix distilled from the very essence of the album. It may be brief but it’s as memorable as anything here and a great way to close proceedings.

Aside from Mogg’s wonderful lyrical touches this really sounds like Vinnie Moore’s album – throughout he’s given full reign to go for broke and to be honest he wins the day; UFO may well have had more incendiary guitarists in the past but here he shows that he can be himself and nod to the bands history simultaneously. This is one that will surprise many new listeners and keep the faithful happy until those tour dates kick in and you see UFO in their pomp.

Highly recommended, and not just for the faithful.

©2015 by Mark Rockpit


Translated from French:

22nd album already for UFO dinosaur rockers, but first since long album presents a stable line-up. For indeed Rob De Luca, who accompanies the group on the road for more than three years, is being inducted as an official bass player. It will even sign a few strong songs about the band's repertoire. Another new exit Tommy Newton. And it is in England with Chris Tsangarides (Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Malmsteen, Priest) that our quintet boxed "A Conspiracy Of Stars".

If he brings his warm to the group, allowing the passage of finding keyboards Paul Raymond, probably he pushed training to play again with the heart than with the head. 'The Killing Kind' launches the UFO on the rails of unfeigned pleasure. Phil Mogg seems in great shape and the final solo Vinnie Moore recalls that UFO has always been home to great guitarists. 'King Of The Hill' to the heady rhythm, 'Rolling Rolling' or 'Sugar Cane' in the style Solid Blues Rock, who has not sworn the last Bonamassa, sweat authenticity and joy of playing. Such as Deep Purple or Europe today, UFO appears to release the pressure and go out of competition, seeking above all to have fun, to do what he does best without worrying about the opinions of columnists. And this is by raising the foot pedal (that bluesy side spring so on some songs) that the group enchants us.

But beware, "A Conspiracy Of Stars" does not become cushy, however, and in this atmosphere more sedate, blows splinters are only more explosives. Thus the hit in the original sense of the term 'Devils In Detail' (a title that only old timers can hold with such class), 'Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun' Southern Rock and feeling that still sees once Mogg keep the bar as well as Gillan at the same age or 'The Real Deal' (mid-tempo like a square apéri'cube) will give all the necessary balance and relief to the album. In the same vein, the classic 'Messiah Of Love' and its sunny guitar melody to Ugly Kid Joe will also please the fans of the hardest UFO (even if the rhythm smells Funk Rock) while 'Precious Cargo', another small pleasure herself the group, will pour into a Folk Rock joyful, peaceful and rich Raymond keyboards atmospheres. Let us not forget here the work of Moore offers some riffs and solos Dante nor that of Parker who sets the pace with a sacred fishing.

An album all he has to be more mature in the end, which, if it does not contain the hit of the century, knows no dead time, however, and to which is 4 stars out of 5



CD Review: UFO – A Conspiracy of Stars
All Access Rating: B+

Phil Mogg's toughness is legendary. He's never been accused of being soft as a lyricist either, as the pugnacious piece of work "Ballad of the Left Hand Gun," from the new UFO album A Conspiracy of Stars, so perfectly illustrates.

As Mogg sings about stepping over the prone body of a champ "past his prime," he still sounds as if he's ready to take on all comers and knock them flat on their sorry asses with sturdy, gritty tales about hardship, survival and the dark side of romantic attachment and emotion.

His lyrics are as sharp and pointed as ever, his economy of language and astute, if somewhat cynical, observations of human relations still jarringly poetic, as he talks of love and possession in the violent, well-structured opener "The Killing Kind," a song covered in melodic ivy hiding a rhythmic brick wall. The weatherbeaten "Devils in the Details" is similarly constructed, with A Conspiracy of Stars – out soon via Steamhammer/SPV and produced by Chris Tsangarides, once a 14-year-old studio trainee on the band's 1970 debut UFO 1– coming off as a series of bare-knuckled, bluesy hard-rock combination punches, the meanest being "Run Boy Run" and "Messiah Of Love," with their nasty grooves plowed into hard ground.

Nothing else on the occasionally generic A Conspiracy of Stars has the confident swagger and rough swing of "Ballad of the Left Hand Gun," although "Sugar Cane" comes awfully close, as UFO flexes its muscle with Paul Raymond's simmering, smoggy keyboards and Vinnie Moore's tastefully executed guitar leads menacing the rugged work of drummer Andy Parker and bassist Rob DeLuca. The hooks of A Conspiracy of Stars grab for a sure foothold, and more often than not, their grip is strong, as with "The Real Deal," which sounds a bit like the Rolling Stones of more recent vintage. Often, the record, so full of good, solid rock songs that consistently hit that sweet spot, has all the rush of a cocaine binge, and although it was recorded in Britain, it feels American, rough and ornery but also full of heart and the wisdom that comes with age.

©2015 – Peter Lindblad


4.5/5 RATING

Translated from French

A Conspiracy Of Stars
Steamhammer / SPV
4.5 / 4

UFO-coverLa legend is back with a 21st saucer without bassist "historic", Pete Way, but with singer Phil Mogg, the original drummer, Andy Parker and keyboardist / guitarist Paul Raymond, in charge. The purists will surely rejoice the content in this album. The band always plays good old hard'n'roll dear to him. "Run Boy Run", "Devil In Details" and "Rolling Rolling" are all titles to fit-in tempos and catchy choruses while the quieter passages "Precious Cargo" or "The Real Deal" offer the possibility to performers to leave their seventies feeling flourish. The general atmosphere of this album is very bluesy, in the image of "Sugar Cane" certified true anthology blues with an old organ. A Conspiracy Of Stars is a puck out of time, out of standards but is packed with quality. Truck of the first generation metal, UFO offers a sober and subtle musical notes illuminated by Vinnie Moore, Delaware virtuoso. Brilliant and timeless!

[Ph. Saintes]





10th March 2015

Groundbreaking News

UFO`s new album, 'A Conspiracy Of Stars' is the highest new entry in the

CZ official charts, entering at # 18! Congratulations!!!







A Conspiracy Of Stars making it the Album of the Week

As reported on the REVOLVER website:

In last week’s album of the week poll, you, the fans, voted UFO to the top spot,
for their album ‘A Conspiracy of Stars.’ Check out the top five vote-getters below:

1. UFO – A Conspiracy of Stars
2. Sons of Texas – Baptized in the Rio Grande
3. Various Artists – Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute
4. Scorpions – Return to Forever
5. Leviathan – Scar Sighted

Stay tuned for this week’s poll, which will be live tomorrow on RevolverMag.com.
Until then, you can check out UFO’s “Run Boy Run” from ‘A Conspiracy of Stars’




Translated from Spanish

"45 years of music career and still billing records at a high level"
45 years in the limelight. There is nothing. The British UFO again deliver new album, the 22nd of his career. A nearly one every two years. And keep up three of the original members Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond and Andy Parker. Obviously, that is not Michael Schenker, although recent statements made Popular 1, would not mind returning to work in the future with the group. In place and already 12 years is Vinnie Moore, a guy who was going to corremástiles, but at anchor in UFO has found a stability that has made him mature as a guitarist and, frankly, does a commendable job in the group.
Do not expect to find on this album a new "Lights Out" or "Force it", that has passed into history. Most of the groups have a creative climax lasting at most 3 or 4 and the rest descends discs in quality. With UFO is no different. But, what we are still doing solid disks as rocks, one of the characteristics of this group forever. Already pay more than a new group for composing the songs as they do these British.
This is not a job to fill a discogafía badly and have an excuse for a new tour, no. What you see on the disc is a compositional work as only these veterans groups can do. All topics have their special touch, from the initial "The Killing Kind" with a fairly simple beginning and developing more elaborate in terms of melody until the final "King Of The Hill" with a spectacular guitar-work of Moore. You will not find singles hit as you can check some groups like hotcakes, but hearing "Run Boy Run", "Sugar Cane" or gorgeous (and perhaps the best song on the album) "Devils In The Detail", you realize that these types were born to make music until the day they die.
Production has also helped that the result is so satisfying, with a sound according to the characteristics of the group, and a professional from those of postin at the controls, none other than Mr. Chris Tsangarides, regular contributor to Judas Priest, Y & T, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy and even our Red Baron. The years take their toll, but Phil Mogg continues to maintain that feeling with his voice as distinctive and, although over the years (I guess, live, be more obvious) disk perfectly fulfills noticed. That said, a group of 45-year career with such a great mistake at this point it seems incredible album.


UFO - A Conspiracy Of Stars

Posted by Kalle

Translated from German:

There appears to be present, a certain rhythm in recent years because it took again a new album on the market by UFO. This one had but to be honest not expected. But the band seems to experience something like a second spring and is popular with the fans, as they were a few years ago. Strong Fanzuwachs also from the young field of rock fans can be observed that the men should be happy to Phil Mogg. The band has been around since 1969 and has had so many members as only a few bands. Nevertheless, they have remained true to herself and her music over the years.

Then comes down on the new album a change or the odd surprise? Well, I do not want to say that they have again written a hit as "Doctor, Doctor" and I did not expect. The album ow actually more on the skills of Vinnie Moore on guitar. It is exactly this is very dominant in the 10 pieces. Pronounced solo parts were installed. The band has come over the years, something more to their senses and rely on what they can. Write rock songs where you can move without expending itself. Cosy head bobbing, good pluck the strings or just enjoy - when you hear the album, you'll make something of it in any case. Well done Hard Rock from London who is bored at any time, but the leaves a forgotten time. It is the perfect music for relaxing summer evenings when the sun sets a little cookout with friends runs. The boys have never forgotten how to make music, they have it in the blood. And that's what they make you spühren to "A Conspiracy Of Stars". Phil is strongly of the voice, Andy on drums has no large excursions in terms of speed. He can take it rather cozy. Paul on second guitar and the keyboard is excellent to hear and Rob de Luca on bass, can claim also quite here and there a few seconds for themselves.

The album is mixed well to brisk mid-tempo numbers and quiet, I'd almost say swing numbers, pieces. UFO are legends of hard rock and they have influenced so many bands with their music. With the album make old and new fans nothing wrong. You can look forward to pure UFO. But best the band is still, if they live rock the stage. Enjoy as long as it is still permitted us !!! I hope for many more years.

Translated from Italian:

UFO - "A Conspiracy of Stars"

by drawing on feb.21, 2015, under ALBUM, U

copufo2 (Steamhammer / SPV) Better to be honest: the undersigned UFO has heard plenty of productions initials and those of the first half of the 80s, things like "Mechanix" and "No Place to Run", in addition to the recent, 2012, " Seven Deadly "(HERE).

The importance of Paul Raymond, Phil Mogg and the other is unknown. The band was born in the ashes of Swinging London, exploded with "UFO 1", "Flying" and so on. The British authors of "Doctor Doctor" have evolved as a spectacular comet, went through the bright skies of rock, the space rock prog and then the NWOBHM, becoming a reference for many.

We are in 2015, and after forty-years UFO still fly in the sky of music, clearly visible, not mysterious but elegant. "A Conspiracy of Stars" is an album which must be accountable to the readers, the most seasoned to those who want to learn new names (though old) and the writer takes her hours to go over and maybe discover sounds and songs from that time are missing. With "Ballad of the Left Hand Gun" rock blues darting, load and energetic bursts as in the early 70s, almost wonder if this song was buried in a drawer or in a tape and that it was time to dust off this force of nature, however simple and modal both in its construction. UFOs have landed and they show with classical aerodynamics but sparkling, curated by the production of Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore).

Parker, Raymond and Mogg are joined by Vinnie Moore, lead guitar in 2003, and from the bottom of Robert De Luca, in the band by a few years. The new material seems to have been written entirely by Vinnie Moore and in fact here is that the guitar oriented of the pieces is all too obvious (please listen to a song like "Devil's in the Detail" for confirmation). Songs that have charge and excellent solos, as well as bridge and moments built and structured. It Moore is the focus, but has around a set that decorate the most of its six strings. "Sugar Kane" opens with the magic of synth Paul Raymnd, the rest is driven by Moore's blazing guitar and voice of Phil Mogg for one of the best songs on the album, as is "Precious Cargo" denoting a compositional fully fit. Album of good quality, played with care and quality, as always when talking about UFOs.

(Alberto Vitale) Rating: 7.5 / 10


9th March 2015

UFO still charting here in the UK, in their second week

#13 - Official Rock & Metal Albums Chart Top 40


#28 - Official Independenent Album Chart Top 50




I always love Andy's interviews as he gives us all a great insight into the 'workings' of the band, here is the latest and enjoyable:

Translated from Italian


Hardly a hard swinging as "A Conspiracy Of Stars" will be remembered as a significant chapter in substantial discography of UFOs. At the same time, it is necessary to recognize the collective English iron will continue to go their own way with passion and tenacity, later than forty-five years spent traveling the world through thick and thin. Our questions answered by a friendly and talkative Andy Parker, historic drummer of the British band, determined in wanting to prove to us all that Our still have many things to say ...

"I disagree, although I understand your point of view. If you were hoping to find in it a significant evolution of our sound you're off the road, man (laughs, ed). The new chapter is simply the natural continuation of our last three albums and it sounds very heavy and compact. I came back to join the group in 2005, after a break and I recorded with the boys 'The Monkey Puzzle', 'The Visitor' and 'Seven Deadly', the works of which I am very proud. I hope that fans of the genre will appreciate our proposal. "

"In a completely natural, Gennaro. We were all together in the rehearsal room to discuss how we wanted to set the new job. Each of us has proposed many suggestions and ideas, then developed and perfected. We went into the studio with thirteen songs, we recorded them, but finally we decided to discard them. And 'the process of natural selection, I mean? ".

"Once you decide the title of the album, we had developed a number of possibilities in terms of graphics. E 'was Phil Mogg to have lighting decisive (laughs, ed) and I think it is right that each of you be their own idea about the meaning that we wanted to hide behind the concept. Somehow we were inspired by the historical covers of Hipgnosis (famous photo studio that has created, among others, to the iconic images of Pink Floyd, ed), that hide different and multiple readings. "

"In the last three discs each of us has seen its shares on its own. It started from a riff or an idea of ??Vinnie Moore and subsequently each performed their task, everything ended there. This time we were all together in the studio, we have actively shared our ideas and this factor has given us a great deal of energy. For a moment it seemed to return to the old days and it was a great feeling. "

"We relied on a professional established himself as Chris Tsangarides, who has done a great job with Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and many others. Actually our paths had already crossed in 1974 in Morgan Studios in London, during the recording of 'Phenomenon'. Chris at the time it was getting the bones as a sound engineer, while we were a fixture. Despite the latest works have been recorded in Germany, this time we decided to go back home in England. It has created a relaxed and positive, it was a pleasure working with him. "

"Overall I am very excited with the end result that we got. If I have to choose a song, definitely opt for 'Sugar Cane' and 'King Of The Hill'. "

"The SPV has decided to publish the disc in two versions: the 'regular' which contains ten songs, while the digipack foresees eleven o'clock. The choice fell on 'King Of The Hill', because we wanted to reward the most loyal audience, giving a further sign of quality and not just filler. "

"As a drummer I recorded twenty albums and I can guarantee that it is not always easy to not repeat itself (laughs, ed). The same can be true for a painter or an artist in general: what really matters in every opportunity to engage and give the best of themselves. The musicians laziest can leverage tricks offered by the technology, but I guarantee you it's not my case. Perhaps my secret is the fact that I still enjoy as a time to play the drums, I think that passion is crucial. "

"Technology plays a vital role in our business and it is certainly positive that anyone can make a record without necessarily turn to an expensive recording studio. The Internet has become an essential tool for sharing your music, unfortunately the downside is that everyone feels entitled to steal entire discographies without paying a cent. When I was a kid I could not wait to go at a record store to discover new bands and buy their records, but now it is enough to have a connection to download entire discographies virtual. These actions not only damage the world of music, but also that of the cinema and it is really a shame. "

"It 'was a very interesting and creative, we decided to expand our orizzionti inserting a keyboard player in the squad. Thanks to the input of Danny, the new compositions have become a more diverse and are still satisfied with the result of the final 'No Heavy Petting'. The album contains some great songs to be reassessed as 'Can You Roll Her' and 'Highway Lady'. Danny is a guy extremely gifted and talented, but we had to separate early, because we had a completely different musical path to take. "

You like to tell a funny anecdote ON MICHAEL SCHENKER?
"Yes, of course (laughs, ed). In 1974, Michael joined the UFO and for a time we shared an apartment. At the time he was a boy to say the least exuberant and could not stay quiet at night only when he decided to go to sleep off somewhere else. "

"Yes, at the beginning of our career. You can find them included in 'Flying', for example. At the time we were in love with the sound 'space rock' and at the same time turning a lot of drugs, so it was not difficult to experience strange things in the studio (laughs, ed). Do not worry, you'll never find prayers or allusions to the devil, nor strange animal noises (laughter, ed). "

"The list of musicians that I love is long, but if I have to choose who was, who is and who will be my favorite drummer until the end of my days is definitely John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Has always stood by his colleagues, thanks to its approach to the groove, unique and devastating. "

"Honestly, I'm still happy when a guy comes to ask for an autograph, because I am convinced that UFOs have an extremely loyal fan base and true to our word. Chat with people who listen and appreciate our music, gives us the energy needed to give the best of ourselves."

©2015 - All Rights Reserved


REVIEW Translated from Greek

It's incredibly awesome experience writing discs reviews. On the one hand you have the debut of a brand new and enthusiastic band and on the other ... the beasts! And what beasts ... It is the twenty-second (!!!) studio album by the British, is the first to be recorded in their home country for twenty years and is a very emotional moment for the huge producer who goes by the name of Chris Tsangarides. O last worked as a trainee in the studio the legendary band was writing his first album. It was 1970 and the "UFO 1". O Chris was only 14 years old then ... And now ... the fifty-nine of ... the man who produced and mixed the album. And then you tell me to write a review ... Where I go, the pro-poor ...

ROCK album, from edge to edge. There is no other word to describe the universe. Varvias issues on guitar, virtuoso playing, vocals throughout psaroma and passion of the Mogg, imperial keys, Raymond and all KAPSOURIKA five continents and nine seas of the amazing Vinnie Moore! Now I hear the "Sugar Cane" ... What kommatara is, eh my dude! What play, what ideas, what beauty ... And then I say "grandfathers" and rarapia nougat ... The Mogg has a style that would liked a thousand by Gillan, shape sounds theovaro and the chorus is quite sticky. Wandering the "Precious Cargo", sends us without many-many in the late 70s and somewhere here I make the headphones and try to think of the times I had seen Live ...

Back again to the album. All songs sound effortlessly and very pleasant. But all! Upon the 'Hayes, eh my child. Take the "One And Only" for example. Nuggets Country and a baroque anthemaki, which gives space to Mogg sprecharei as Afentikos Europe. The UFO show clearly that is present in the great celebration of the new era. No need sfoungokolarious not need glypsimaties and other ekdouleftes. It's great music is very great composers, cleanse themselves.

And only the "Messiah Of Love" have the track, well will I put. Tsampoukalidiko, MERAKLIDIKO and bum. We do not want a lot-lot, and I wrote above. The stars of katavrikan with this one tells the conspiracy? We can see ...

©2015 - All rights reserved




8th March 2015

4/5 Review - Translated from Swedish:

Hard Rock BY Sonny Johansson

UFOs: A Conspiracy Of Stars
UFO is a British band formed in 1969 by Phil Mogg (vocals), Mick Bolton (guitar), Pete Way (bass) and Andy Parker (drums). Their heyday began in 1974 when Michael Schenker (19 years young) joined the band they then received a heavier / rockier sound and songs like "Doctor Doctor", "Lights Out" and "Shoot, Shoot 'saw its light. U.F.O has released somewhere around 20 albums. Of the present line is Phil Mogg the only one who has been there from the start, drummer Andy Parker came back to the band in 2005. Parts of the rag editors saw them at the Sweden Rock 2002, but then with Michael Schenker on guitar and Jason Bonham on drums.
The new album A Conspiracy Of Stars is surprisingly strong, Vinnie Moore joined to the UFO 2003, having previously played with, among others Alice Cooper and he gets ample time to shine in the songs, here he plays the pants off most.
The first song "The Killing Kind" opens with heavy riffs and then it breaks off, Phil Mogg has its strong tonsäkra singing voice intact and puts every note right and this starts promising, "Sugar Cane" and "One and Only" are songs that easy would have seats on their plates from the seventies. "Run Boy Run", "Ballad of the Left Hand gun", is also strong UFO songs. "Messiah of Love" opens with heavy funk riffs and continues with dependable hard rock on a steady blue foundation. The plate ends with "King of the Hill" is also a song in the up-tempo on a steady blue foundation. I look forward to the next plate.
What a joy, what a surprise disc gets € € € €

©2015 All Rights Reserved



Forty-five-year career and not hear here that give the impression of "old men" of the rock as UFOs, still able to churn out albums of good standard.

It should be highlighted the graft official line-up of American bassist Rob De Luca, who definitely takes the place of a member of the historic (and founder) as Pete Way, also giving a contribution from the compositional point of view in a couple of songs: for the rest, the training that plays on "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is now consolidated with Phil Mogg, always shooting with her crystalline voice, Paul Raymond (rhythm guitar and keyboards) and Andy Parker (drums), as well as the great Vinnie Moore, now in force in UFOs from a dozen years and increasingly important role also in the songwriting, being the author of almost all the music. In fact, just Moore confirms nowadays a real added value for this band, as always showing off a performance that brings out all his class and his mastery of the guitar. "A Conspiracy Of Stars" is thus a very pleasant album, where the band has a hard rock energetic and refined, with a certain flavor settantiano (perhaps, even a little 'purpleiano), played beautifully and never boring. Each track is really able to enthrall and excite, so "A Conspiracy Of Stars" adds another element to the already but absolutely valid copious discography of the British band, not to pass unnoticed.




7th March 2015

Audio Alert: UFO – Run Boy Run

I recently read a biography of UFO and found that they’ve been around since 1969. 1969! So it’s only right that we talk about these guys and the new stuff they have coming out this year.

UFO is an English heavy metal and hard rock band which has evolved severally over the years with many personnel changes along the way but Phil Mogg (vocals) and Andy Parker (drums), the band’s founders, still remain its core. They other present UFO members are Paul Raymond and Vinnie Moore.

The 21st UFO album comes with an interesting title; ‘A Conspiracy of Stars’. And from the collection of gems it contains I’ve chosen  ‘Run Boy Run’ to share with you. I really love Vinnie Moore’s guitar attack and the hard and heavy production that UFO have adopted on this number is works brilliantly. I’m positive even non-UFO fans will go gaga over this sound.

Check out the new and upgraded UFO!

Heavy Metal, Music | March 7, 2015 | by


Illinois Entertainer - March 2015 Magazine




6th March 2015


Number 25 in the HMV London Charts

This from UFO Scott:

"It was Westfield, Shepherds Bush, London. HMV store. They actual rack was sold out and the wall chart rack pictured
was just holding 3 copies. The staff guy asked why I took a pic, I told him.
He said that the Cd was popular and they were ordering in more"

Cheers Scott (Mitchell) for the photo and info




©2015 | FB



Planet - Album Review


UFO – ‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’ (SPV)

Genre: Hard Rock
The legendary UFO have been rocking for more than 45 years, and show no signs of slowing down with their latest album A Conspiracy Of Stars.

Original vocalist Phil Mogg still sounds great, and guitarist Vinnie Moore, who has been with UFO since 2003, is one of the best in the business. The songs on the album are melodic and catchy with excellent musicianship and plenty of shredding from Moore. There’s  ample diversity as well, with uptempo arena rockers and midtempo bluesy tracks.

Rating: 4
(Chad Bowar)



Translated from SPANISH

Score: 4/5
Often when we pray apology for the longevity of bands like Judas Priest, Scorpions, Saxon, Motorhead and Iron Maiden (to name a few), we tended to leave us in the lurch these British giants since its inception have sospesado a temple and more remarkable honor their role of secondary in a world dominated by other names better luck or perhaps better casuistry. Anyway, I am among those who still held records like this, with a flash of good vibes and good waves spotless throughout the entire trip. There are already 45 years of UFO and yet having suffered substantial changes in their line-up, still offer music which elixir of permanent smile should be.

And so we return to enjoy another round disc UFO -the number 22-, with that unmistakable and mature voice of Phil Mogg, celebrities keys no less famous as Paul Raymond (also in ATERAS guitarfish), the most virtuous converted to Vinnie Moore or tables at the base of Andy Parker and Rob De Luca. The sixth member could well be Chris Tsangarides; a celebrity in the mix and production. Magmatic and yours are well known works of Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore.

The sound emanating 'A Conspiracy Of Stars' differs not what the fans and admirers of combo hope. Rock with no attitude, no demasdiadas tirades or aspectros baroque and with that vacilón point awarded largely Mogg's voice .. The Riffs, house brand and especially the majestic backdrop curvilínio always have the productions of Britons are dish obviously good eating on the set of 11 dishes we have on the table.

I prefer especially with the two initial way of pure Rock N'Roll gutsy "The Killing Kind" and "Run Boy Run". The harmony that exudes "Devils In The Detail" will only remember the best and stale version of UFO.

Not left anything behind for the Country Rock "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" with a superb southern bluesy flavor or "Sugar Cane" with a performance by Vinnie Moore book.

And then there are others who break the generic musical line round. An example is the delicate "Precious Cargo" with a special symphonic gustillo or "Messiah Of Love" with bestial reminiscent Glen Hughes.

It is a good island to which peer among so many musical mediocrity. UFO never fail. Why should they Save the Date?





5th March 2015


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Available: 23rd February

Official Website: http://www.ufo-music.info/

By now I’m sure most people are familiar with the legacy of UFO with songs like ‘Doctor Doctor’ and the likes. Well here they are with a new album that I’m very privileged to be writing about. The interesting thing with classic rock/metal bands is that when a band has been going for 20+ years, some people will say that the band has peaked and will never again release anything as legendary as the successful albums. Sometimes I agree with that but then other times I don’t. After listening to UFO’s latest release twice I can safely say… they’ve still got it 

The songs I enjoyed and recommend the most are: ‘Run Boy Run’, ‘Balled Of The Left Hand Gun’, ‘Devils In The Details’ and ‘Precious Cargo’

The things I liked about the album is almost everything it has to offer. It’s classic rock sound with the addition of being a bit more ‘modernized’ and even adding some classic blues as well. The lyrics: well written, the vocals: smooth and strong, the guitar/keyboard sounds: clean, the riffs/solo’s: very catchy and doesn’t go on for to long. Combining all these things together and you’ve got a great album with no gimmicks, from a classic rock band that can still deliver quality to this day.

The things I didn’t like about the album were the third portions. By which point I felt like it’s all well and good but I heard this half an hour ago. I personally don’t think that many young rock fans are going to give this much attention because it’s not the edgy, cinematic and operatic metal that’s popular right now. This is mainly going to be enjoyed by the older fans and even then they will have to get use to the years of change, when compared to the 70’s/80’s albums.

As I said there are still 20+ year famous rock/metal bands out there that can still release quality albums even after their ‘peak’ in success. UFO have still managed to make a fresh album without having to experiment to much, because years of experience means that they still know how to make great songs even now. By the way my father is a huge fan who will be seeing 2 of their show’s this year (and taking me to one), I wonder what his reaction will be when he reads this.

Rating: 4.5/5

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UFO – A Conspiracy of stars (CD)

Ah…. A new UFO- album! UFO, my absolute favourite band in their heydays from 1974 to 1980, making albums that left trademarks in my memory and in my soul and providing the best album ever: their live-opus 'Strangers in the night'. 'A conspiracy of stars ' is the eagerly awaited follow up to 'Seven Deadly '.

The album was produced by Chris Tsangarides, who was involved in UFO's first album with Michael Schenker, Phenomenon in 1974, as an assistant engineer. The production is fatter, better and more open than the former UFO albums of recent years.

The new UFO album gives away what their music al all about these days. Bluesy edged hard rock with many nods to their very, very rich back catalogue. Vinnie Moore is Michael Schenker's 'remplacant' in UFO for about ten years, but the former Shrapnel-shredder is in a great mood and responsible for the beautiful axework on this album.

Phil Mogg, founder member of the band and in it for passion and love since 1969 (!), shines on this album. He can't reach the high notes, but his bluesy tone, his evocative lyrics, his timing and phrasing are still great to listen to.

Paul Raymond is still the mastermind on keys and guitars and the rhythm section, good old Andy Parker on drums and Rob De Luca on bass guitars, provide that crunchy, thick layered, bluesy relaxation grounds where the other members can flow.

The album has a rocking relaxed feel with good songs. There are no lows on this album and that makes it very hard to pick a favourite. There are a lot of nods to the heydays of the seventies of the former century
(Precious cargo, Run boy run, Sugar cane, King of the hill, Devils in the Detail), but also the eighties'period of the band (with Paul Chapman on guitars) comes in mind.

Great album by these veterans!

85/100 Manfred Werger - ©2015


UFO – Showtime (re-release Blu-Ray DVD)

This is also a re-release (like above reviewed Motorhead's Stage Fright) from the DVD that was originally released in 2005. I reviewed that DVD in April 2008. So now its re-released as a Blu-Ray DVD with a lot of extra footage!! As extra's they added, beside the 16 songs from the original DVD, 6 studio songs, a making of, several interviews, a few doku's and so on.... This is real great stuff for the die hard UFO fan and a welcome surprise for my private collection! Check this out if you love UFO as much as I do!

--/-- Martio van Dooren - ©2015



4th March 2015 - EVENING POSTING


For the first time in UFO's history, the band have entered the Swiss Album Charts at





USA Magazine

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"Run Boy Run"

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ITALIAN MAGAZINE - CLASSIX! - Issue 43 - Album Review


Double page spread - Phil Mogg Interview

SPANISH MAGAZINE - LA HEAVY - Issue 371 - Phil Mogg Interview



3rd March 2015



CD Jewel case with 20 page booklet, unique CD label and inside rear jewel case panel art

Digipak with 20 page booklet (different to the CD version), six panel art and bonus track and double-sided fold-out poster

Gatefold Double 2LP with 4 page lyric sleeves, blue vinyl, different LP label artwork and paper sleeve CD with bonus track.

"A Conspiracy Of Stars" entered the Official German media control charts at #28

- 27 places higher than "Seven Deadly" in 2012 (SD Charted #55)

Recorded highest amazon German chart positions:

Amazon German Best Seller Charts:
Number 3 in Hard Rock Album


Amazon German Best Seller Charts:
Number 4 in Hard Rock Download



Andy Parker Interview with Bravewords, Canada




2nd March 2015

THE UK OFFICIAL MUSIC CHARTS have been announced with
UFO's latest album. 'A Conspiracy Of Stars' charting at its highest entry in over 30 years:

#50 in the Official UK Albums Chart Top 100

- 13 places better than "Seven Deadly" in 2012 (SD Charted #63)

- highest chart entry since 1983



#8 in the Official UK Independent UK Albums Chart Top 40

- 1 place higher than "Seven Deadly" in 2012



#6 in the Official UK Rock & Metal UK Albums Chart Top 40



#30 in the Official UK Physical Album Chart



#27 - Last weeks Official Mid-week Chart Update (25th Feb 2015)



Recorded highest amazon UK chart positions:

Amazon UK Best Seller Charts:
Number 1 in HM



Amazon UK Best Seller Charts:
Number 1 in Hard Rock Download








1st March 2015


Powerplay Magazine - March 2015 - ISSUE 173 - Showtime blu-ray review - Album Advert

A Conspiracy Of Stars was given 9/10 in PowerPlay issue 172 (February 2015) - see 13th February entry below



Fireworks Magazine - Album Review - Showtime blu-ray review - Album Advert




UK's Record Collector

Issue 483 - March 2015

Conspiracy theorists’ 22nd sighting

It’s funny to think that Vinnie Moore’s run as lead guitarist of UFO has now lasted significantly longer than Michael Schenker’s epoch-making, tempestuous stint with the band – and produced almost as many studio albums. This, the band’s 22nd(!) long-player, typifies the Moore-era UFO sound: laidback and atmospheric where the Schenker-era material was abrasive, with Moore’s ultra-melodic solos more than a match for Schenker’s turbulent technique. 

A Conspiracy Of Stars follows in the footsteps of 2012’s Seven Deadly: pleasantly gritty, somehow mellow hard rock, perfectly accompanied by Phil Mogg’s strong vocals and distinctive wordplay. For non-devotees, though, the pleasantly subdued atmosphere may be a turn-off. By track six (Precious Cargo, boasting a great jazzy solo by Moore) there hasn’t been a bad song, but a change of pace is needed, and it never really comes. Even Messiah of Love, a strutting piece of hard rock with a Led Zep-style riff, blends in with its surroundings – a good thing in that it makes the album a complete, coherent whole, though it’s still only the sum of its parts. For dedicated fans, though, this is another fine, accomplished UFO record. 

3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

Steamhammer/SPV |

Reviewed by William Pinfold



UFO A Conspiracy of Stars Review

By Andy | Published

OK – after half a week with the new Uriah Heep Live at Koko in the DVD player, the new UFO arrived so I’ve spend the second half of this week with A Conspiracy of Stars on almost constant repeat in the car CD player. So great that two legendary rock bands release superb high quality stuff in the same week and still “doing it” after almost a century of combined years between them. ACOS certainly hits the spot. I’d say it’s the best UFO offering since Walk on Water. Oh yes. It’s that good.

Now I’ve read some reviews on Amazon which are “Vinnie bashing” because he’s not Michael Schenker and this isn’t Lights Out or Obsession. Stop living in the past peeps. Schenker came and went for the last time years ago. Time moves on and so has UFO. Don’t hark back to the past – consider what we have here on its merits and treasure that Uncle Phil and his cohorts are still very much a class act.

Overall: A delightful, muscular album with plenty of melodic/deft touches all over it. Vinnie shreds up a storm showing he is world class. The riffs and big chords are really driving and chunky to big it up. His solo work is deft, fast, fluid and shows a fine melodic touch with a bluesy overtone. The man’s speed and technique is remarkable – and not fast for the sake of fast to say “how many notes can I play in three seconds”. A rock guitar masterclass. Listen to The Killing Kind, Sugar Kane and Devil’s in the Detail to see, I mean hear, why.

Other highlights include Ballad of the Left Hand Gun and the closer Rollin’ Rollin’ which is a bit of an epic and an instant UFO classic. Indeed, no weak spots for me anywhere.

Phil’s lyrics are as only he can write and his pipes are in full working order. As I hope his random comedy routine is on the upcoming UK tour…..

Andy Parker and Paul Raymond do what they’ve been doing for years. Proper drumming and in Paul’s case that huge rhythm guitar and deft keyboard fills. Not forgetting Rob De Luca on the bass. Now here as a full recording member and also a writing credit or two including the monster opening track The Killing Kind. Welcome to the band Rob. You seem right at home and bring something new to the party.

Thus, in my opinion A Conspiracy of Stars is first class. Proper heavy/melodic/blues rock and unmistakably UFO. Fourty-odd years in and not missing a step. And still evolving even. Not resting on past glories which would be all too easy for them. Instead they produce top stuff like this album and remain very relevant despite the (ahem) “advancing years” of the more long-standing members if I can put it like that.

They don’t make bands like this any more so be thankful for the likes of UFO (and Uriah Heep) and enjoy them. ACOS is a fine release. Approach it with an open mind (by that I mean don’t think we’re back in 1978 playing air-guitar to Rock Bottom) and it shall reward your aural senses.

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