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NAMM '08




Vinnie Moore at the ENGL booth

Vinnie Moore and Steph worship the Engl poster of Chris Broderick (Megadeth)

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Vinnie Moore at Namm '08

MORE photos on Vinnie Official Website

Vinnie Moore

Dean Zelinsky, Leslie West, Chris Caffery, Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, Michael Batio and Josh Maloney


Andy Timmons (ex: Danger Danger) and Vinnie Moore - WEB


Dean TV Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore at NAMM '08 - 19th January

Vinnie Moore

"I'm Getting Lots of Vibrations Here"


"Fire in your Eye"


"Here's How Jimi Did It "


"One of My Favourite People Here "


"Full Body Examination"


"Leslie West Story"


Dean TV Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore at NAMM '08 - 18th January

18th January - LIVE from NAMM
First Glimse of the 'Dean 'VINMAN2000' Vinnie Moore Signature Guitar' from NAMM '08


18th January - LIVE from NAMM
"Love Pump 2000" Lacey Connor Interviews Leslie and Vinnie LIVE from NAMM '08


18th January - LIVE from NAMM
"I'm Going Where Your Going" Lacey Connor Interviews Leslie and Vinnie LIVE from NAMM '08


18th January - NAMM '08 has Arrived

BROADCAST SCHEDULE! Be sure to tune in today Friday Jan. 18th at 10:00AM Pacific
(That's 1:00PM Eastern / 12:00PM Central)

*USA time - 6pm UK time (GMT)


Dean 'VINMAN2000' Vinnie Moore Signature Guitar announced



14th January - Dean Guitars post their Official 'LIVE from NAMM 08 promo'




Dean Guitars

10th January 2008 - NEW Advert - NAMM '08 from the Dean Website



7th January 2008 - NEWS from Vinnies Website

Vinnie will be at the 2008 NAMM show in California
for the official launch of his new signature model DEAN VM-2000 guitar

DEAN GUITARS will also be announcing a signature Vinnie Moore bridge pickup
which will be available as part of the signature guitar and also sold separately.

Meet Vinnie at the DEAN GUITARS booth from 1pm - 2pm on Friday 18th January
and on Saturday 19th January
and also at the
ENGL booth at 3pm on Friday 18th January where he will be signing autographs.


For people who aren't able to attend, the event will be broadcast live online.


NAMM 08 Vinnie Moore

5th Janury 2008 - Support Vinnie at the Dean Forum

14th January - Dean Guitars post their Official 'LIVE from NAMM 08 promo'

December 2007


Dean Guitars will stream live at NAMM 2008

Due to last years huge success, Dean Guitars is again giving guitar players worldwide a members-only look at NAMM with its second season of “Live From NAMM,” Dean’s live webcast of the 2008 NAMM show.
Dean fans will go to to view an array of rocks stars spending their day at the Dean booth. Cameras go live at noon CST, Friday, January 18th and airs throughout the weekend.
“There’s hardly an artist in the building that doesn’t stop by the Dean booth and gets on camera,” said Dean Guitars CEO, Elliott Rubinson.
This year’s event features scheduled appearances by: Dave Mustaine and Glen Drover of Megadeth, Leslie West, Vinnie Moore, Michael Batio, Rusty Cooley, Tom Maxwell of Hellyeah, Beefcake the Mighty of Gwar, Matt Heafy and Corey B. of Trivium, and John Conelly of Sevendust. A full list of artists and times will be available online at
Hosting and following this year’s booth action will be Lacey Conner, villainess co-star of VH-1’s hit TV show “Rock of Love” featuring Poison’s Bret Michaels.
“Dealers are invited and encouraged to get on air with us and add to the event. We’re gonna blow things up even more this year,” said Rubinson
Dean Guitars is located at booth #5466 in Hall B. For more information visit



dean guitars

Dean Guitars Officially announced that Vinnies New Signature Guitar will be unveiled at NAMM '08 - see below


About the NAMM Show

The NAMM Show is the largest music products trade show in United States. Held every January in Anaheim, California, USA the show brings together all facets of the music products industry to reveal new musical instruments/products and ideas to help music products retailers and manufacturers become more successful. More than 80,000 NAMM Members and guests attended the January 2007 show. The NAMM Show is not open to the general public.

The acronym NAMM originally stood for the National Association of Music Merchants, but has evolved from a national entity representing the interests of music products retailers to an international association including both commercial, retail members and affiliates. Therefore, the long form of the name is no longer used, and it is simply known as NAMM, the International Music Products Association.

The 2008 show takes place January 17 through January 20 in Anaheim.


Namm 10




Namm 09

NAMM '09



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