NAMM 1987


Ronnie James Dio - Vinnie Moore - Vinny Appice

Inset Photo - NAMM '87 (Vinnie Moore - Ronnie James Dio - Vinny Appice)

Main Photo - 2009 (Ronnie James Dio - Vinnie Moore - Vinny Appice)

As posted on Vinnies facebook page:

Triple Metal Horns. This photo was taken a couple years back at a show in Camden, N.J. We were trying to recreate a picture of Ronnie, Vinny and I that was taken in Jnuary 1987 when Vinny and I played together at the NAMM show. Vinny Appice was a Tama endorser and they are the same company as Ibanez, so he played mind's eye tunes with me in their booth 3 times a day. Ronnie came into see one show and that's when the photo (inset) was taken.
I went to Camden to see Andre Bargmann (UFO drum tech) a few years back when he was working for Heaven and Hell. That's how the three of us got together once again for the
main pic.





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