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Club Mate
3612 Hanover Street
Baltimore, MD 21225
Tour Date: 9th April 2008

First USA gig last night at Club Mate in Baltimore with set list containing
'Long Gone', 'Aint No Baby', 'Pushed To The Limit' and my favourite, 'Heavenly Body'

Full Set List - Long Gone - Mother Mary - Hard Being Me - Pushed to The Limit - This Kids
Only You Can - Ain't No Baby - Heavenly Body - Baby Blue - Too Hot To Handle
Lights Out - Love to Love - Rock Bottom - Doctor Doctor - Shoot Shoot



My thanks to Ross for the following photos

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UFO at Club Mate
3612 Hanover Street
Baltimore, MD 21225
Tour Date: 9th April 2008




UFO performing Love to Love at Club Mate


and Baby Blue, also from Club Mate



The Chance

The Chance
6 Crannell Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Tour Date: 10th April 2008


Starland Ballroom
570 Jernee Mill Road
Sayreville, NJ 8872
Tour Date: 11th April 2008



UFO Lands in Jersey!








Thanks Ritchie for your comments


Just got back from the Starland Ballroom, what a kickass show, go see them it will be the best $20 you have spent!

Eddie Trunk taped his syndicated show to be there and bring the band onstage,
Vinnie Moore is a guitar god, magnificent! Took the Schenker stuff to a new level of virtuosity.

While the 2nd opening band was playing I went to the monitor mixing board and who is standing there but Mr Phil Mogg,
luckily I remembered to bring a Sharpie and the CD insert to Essential UFO which he signed,
I thanked him for coming back to the states. Made my night.

I waited until the opener had finished at 9:30 and while everyone went for their bathroom break I made my way
to direct center, one person behind the barrier. UFO played from 10 to 11:45. Not a bad bang for little bucks.



Thanks to TheHermit at 'COUNTERPARTS', the Rush Messageboard


A picture log from Gail at the Starland Ballroom




B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
237 West 42 Street
New York, NY 10036
Tour Date: 12th April 2008


photo copyright 2008 - Batttttty


Vinnie Moore and Rob De Luca - Photo copyright 2008 - Patrick Elliott
and thanks for the ticket scan below

The ticket above was Erich Wentzel's ticket, sent via Patrick - Thanks Guys


Thanks Richie



Eddie Trunk, reviews both the Starland Ballroom and BB Kings NY city gigs


A weekend with UFO! A review.

4/14/08: Had an amazing couple nights in NJ and NYC with one of my all time favorite bands UFO. This bands music is most special to me and in my opinion they are probably the most underated rock act of all time. Anyone who has listened to me for any period of time knows how special their music is to me. Incredible albums with Schenker, Chapman and now Vinnie Moore, unreal live band, and they are the artists behind what is probably my favorite song of all time "Love To Love".

Friday night I recorded my NYC/Q104 show in order to attend the UFO show in my home state of NJ at Starland Ballroom. Hung out a bit with the guys pre show and had a chance to talk to all of them. Beyond actually seeing and hearing the bands music, I love having the chance to just sit and have a beer with them and hear the INCREDIBLE stories they have from 40 years of making music! Not even possible to touch on some of this here, but I will over the coming radio shows where I can. Yes Pete Way is missed (still can not get a US visa!), but fill in bassist Rob DeLuca is a great guy and does a great job playing the parts. He doesn't try and be Pete, he just does the job, which is what you want. There is a brand new UFO collection just released titled The Best Of 1974-1984 and I gave the band copies (they had not even seen it). The guys took the stage and blasted through an amazing set that leaned heavy on the Schenker years but FINALLY included a song from the Chapman era, and not one you would expect! After I introed the band on stage they opened with "Long Gone" from Wild, Willing & Innocent". I was blown away! Not the song I would have ever expected from the Chapman period, but happy to get it just the same. Also not the song at all you would expect them to open with. Sadly the only song from this period, but as I talked about with the band post show, how do you please everyone? You can't. 40 years of music, and people will get upset if all the Schenker classics aren't there, so what to do? This set the band at least did touch on some of their other history by including Long Gone, playing "Pushed To The Limit" from Walk On Water, and maybe the shocker of all; "I Ain't No Baby" from Obsession! So cool I got chills. They featured two songs from the newest CD The Monkey Puzzle (Hard Being Me, Heavenly Body) and one from the previous CD You Are Here, the future UFO classic "Baby Blue". Please do NOT underestimate the bands last two studio CDs with Vinnie, they really are great future classic hard rock albums from this band. The rest of the set was many of the usual suspects and hits like Too Hot To Handle, Lights Out, Love To Love, Only You Can Rock Me, Mother Mary, This Kids, Rock Bottom, etc. Vinnie played off the charts and nails the Michael solos while still putting a bit of his own style in them. As much as it sucks that Pete is not here, it is great to have original drummer Andy Parker back. Andy is a founding member of the group and played on almost every CD and really plays everything just the way it should be (since he created the originals!). Andy seems thrilled to be back in, told me he lives in Texas now, and is in UFO again because Schenker is not. I heard this also last tour from the great Paul Raymond, who said something similar. Apprently these guys were so drained from years of drama that they were leary to jump back in, but now with Vinnie getting the job done and re-establishing them as a world class band with no drama, we now have the classic lineup with Vin doing a stellar job. I'm not here to pile on Michael, what he did in UFO was brilliant beyond belief and nobody will argue that. But everyone from every band he ever has played with has acknowledged his issues (most recently on my show Klaus from Scorpions). He has cancelled shows at BB Kings in NYC three times last two years alone with his own band! I am so happy that UFO is now an active, touring, recording band that shows up, plays on time, and all seem to be happy and stress free. Phil Mogg is a total freak of nature also. He has been doing this 40 years and is in top shape physically and vocally. Easily one of my favorite singers and frontmen ever, Phil was in a really joking mood at both shows I saw. Talking with the crowd, telling jokes and stories, and just being as cool as anyone can imagine on and off stage. In NJ he even went out in the crowd and watched the opener for a bit. Told me he likes to do that to get the vibe of the room and see what UFO have to follow. Simply put, one of my all time heroes! Both NJ and the BBs/NYC gig on Saturday were the same set except for in NYC they opened with Mother Mary and played Long Gone second (better) and in NJ they did not end with Shoot Shoot, but did add it in NYC. If I had to pick I would say the NYC gig was a bit better as they jelled a bit more (these were the 3rd and 4th shows of the tour). The BBs gig was also pretty much packed and I believe sold out if not close to. I could go on and on about how amazing this was for me. I do have plenty of photos that will be posted soon of UFO and all sorts of new shots from all kinds of stuff once the site update launches.

Perhaps the most crazy moment of the weekend (and there are plenty of pictures of it you will no doubt see!) was after the BBs show ended. I was sitting backstage outside the bands dressing room a few minutes after they came off talking with different people. Phil Mogg walked out of the dressing room dressed in a T Shirt and a black leather jock strap and stumbled toward me and sat on my lap. Nobody expected it at all and about 10 people started snapping away! It was all a big laugh and Phil was just being Phil and having a laugh. I explained that I always loved his band, but never needed to see that! Again, photos coming no doubt. Thanks to all who showed up. If you haven't, do yourself a favor and discover this bands music and go see them on tour. Next stop for me is this Saturday in Chicago at House Of Blues. The band told me I can intro them there also, which means I can actually say; "Hello Chicago, will you please welcome from England, UFO!". For those that don't know, that is how the classic live CD (and the greatest live album ever to me) Strangers In The Night starts. Can not wait, hope to see you there. Also, don't forget UFO is also on Rocklahoma this year on Sunday!.



UFO - Hard Being Me - BB Kings


Gail's Photo-log of BB Kings, New York


UFO at B.B. King's 4/12/08
Ah yes..the second show in what will hopefully be a string of great shows this year....UFO rolled into NYC for the first time in quite a while..I saw them last in 1995 down at Malibu Beach Club for the "Walk On Water" tour.

A few bumps and shuffles later...

The crowd was pumped; the tables were taken off the floor and by 8:30 the floor area was packed as were all the tables surrounding the floor....I was about 3 feet from the lip of the stage. The DJ from 104.3 introduced the band by saying "I've always wanted to do this...Hello New York....would you please welcome from from England...." and the crowd joined right in...

It was a show of certainty and surprise....You knew they would open with "Mother Mary" but they followed that with "Long Gone". Phil Mogg fumbled a few lyrics here and there but he was chatty and jovial, quite a change from his somewhat distant demeanor in 1995. And as for Paul Raymond...does he or doesn't he? I have more gray hair than he does and I am young enough to be his son. Since Pete Way is still persona au gratin with US Immigration, Rob DeLuca played bass. And on the drums....Mister Andy Parker! Vinnie Moore was just dynamite and he provided a comic foil for Phil Mogg.

You got the usual suspects but you also got two songs from "The Monkey Puzzle" and they dusted off "Ain't No Baby" from "Obsession"....now that was a curve ball! An epic workout on "Rock Bottom" followed by the closing one-two punch of "Doctor Doctor" and "Shoot Shoot" and they left the crowd satisfied....

Phil sounded pretty strong throughout the set and Paul Raymond threw in some greasy slide guitar on "Hard Being Me" while doing his usual switching between keyboards and guitar. Andy was having a blast driving the band from the back and the interplay between the players showed a lot of fun and enthusiasm.

The coolest thing was just sharing stories with people in the crowd before the show began..it is great to meet up with like minded folks..a great time. The meet and Greet afterwards was by pass only but I didn't care....I got every penny's worth!

CaptMidnite1962 (Bill Redford)


Well, not quite 30 years to the day, but close enough to have some meaning. It was 1978 the first time I got to see UFO live. Probably had to be the “Lights Out” tour since it was the ‘classic’ lineup – Mogg, Way, Parker, Schenker, Raymond. So, was going to see them in 2008 simply an act of nostalgia? I’ve often railed at old rock stars preening around on stage as hair-plugged and dyed shadows of their former selves. Was this just like all those people who flock to doo-wop shows to catch a glimpse of their former heroes?

I figured they would be good. They made their reputation as a live band. Their last few albums were really good. Vinnie Moore is a class guitar player, though I confess I like him best when he leaves his shred past behind. I wasn’t really expecting them to be great, though. But great they were. With Schenker gone it’s Phil’s’ band. Also with Schenker gone, you can depend on them actually showing up and playing (though I hear they had to cancel at least one date, not sure if it’s due to illness or low ticket sales). So, it’s Phil’s gig, and he makes it a good one.

Is he just another old rock star strutting as if he were still in his 20’s? Hell NO! He even made a few cracks about being shown on the big video screens on either side of the stage, complaining that he’s not a young Johnny Depp, and that he knows he’s bald. This is less like Mick Jagger doing the chicken walk, and more like seeing an old bluesman out doing what he does. No one ever really thought it was weird for Muddy Waters to perform into his 60’s. No one thinks twice about B.B. King hitting the road into his 80’s! These aren’t rock stars. These are rockers. This is what they do. I would bet that none of them really have enough money to not do it anymore. But to me that just adds to the urgency to really deliver. It’s more about delivering the music than it is about delivering a show. Old rock stars preen and count the box office. Old rockers rock and head to the bar!

Phil sounded great. I think his delivery has matured and he’s turned into a great singer. He also isn’t just going through the motions. He puts everything he’s got into every note. Even when he screws up the words (it’s always funny to hear the crowd sing the right lyrics and him sing the wrong lyrics), there’s an honesty that’s there. It’s not some over-rehearsed spectacle, it’s a bunch of musicians playing music as hard as they can.

Andy Parker back on drums was a joy. My brother in UFO (and in many other things, too) Vinny said that he thought he sounded better than he did 30 years ago, and I have to agree. His groove is more relaxed, more on. His brings a different thing to the band than Jason Bonham did while he was playing with them. It just sounds more like UFO with him again. The grooves are the right grooves, the tempos are just a little more right, the fills all catch the vocal and instrumental parts a little better. It’s just more right.

Paul Raymond deserves more love than he gets. Just like it took me a long time to realize that John Paul Jones was a huge reason Zeppelin sounded as good as they did (especially live), the same goes for Paul. His rhythm guitar sound is full without ever becoming over-saturated. The keyboard parts are spot on. (He could do with a new hairstyle). And how many songs did he really write?

We missed Pete Way. Mostly because it’s always an adventure to see what might happen when he’s around, but Rob De Luca did a fine job of holding down the bottom. (Probably plays better than Pete, though he’s not Pete, know what I mean?).

Vinnie Moore – here’s a guy with a tough gig. Yet, he manages to fill it better than anyone could imagine. He treats the original parts and solos with just enough reverence. He plays the really iconic parts, suggests the important parts, and gives you his own stuff whenever he can. I respect the way he handles this. My buddy Vinny was even won over by the end of the night.

Speaking of which – I kind of forgot what Vinny’s like at a concert. He’s sort of like a NY Times food critic at a restaurant. Critically taking everything in, showing little or no reaction. After about the first 4 or 5 songs I’m wondering to myself – “Does he hate it? He’s not clapping. Is he disappointed?”. Then they played “Only You Can Rock Me”. When Andy Parker played THAT fill, Vinny turned and gave me a look. OK, things are looking up. Then, when Vinnie Moore played the studio solo note-perfect (better than I ever heard Schenker play it live) he turned and gave me an actual smile. He’d been converted!

The band is certainly back in town, giving it as good as ever. Here’s to many more!

Review Copyright 2008, Crooked Music




The Tangier
532 W. Market Street
Akron, OH 44303
Tour Date: 13th April 2008

Here is a review posted on the VM Forum, thanks to Joe for letting me post a copy here:

Just saw them last night at Tangier's in AKron, Ohio. My wife and I had awesome seats where we could watch VInman's hands as he blazed through those stunning solos!! The show was just amazing....Phil was really funny He was really witty, kept drinking from a Heineken bottle after making the comment "I'm parched!!" in that infectious British accent following the first song. We wondered if he really was drinking Heineken, or if he jsut had lemon water for those vocal chords, as the band performed pretty much continuosly for two hours

The drummer is amazing, as are all of the members of the band. The guy who plays guitar and keyboard definitely rips on the keys! Vinman was even more amazing than I expected him to be. He was in absolutely top form!! Almost every song had blistering solos or really long improv sections where he got to show off his awesome axemanship.

One of the coolest things was watching Phil during VInnie's long solos. He'd get this look like "Wow!! This dude is amazing!!", and when the solo got really long he'd get this look like he wondered when he'd get to sing again. Sometimes, he's go behind Vinnie and get this look like "Wow, dude, look at him go!! He's just our young virtuoso!!", and at one point he reached around Vinnie from behind like he'd try to play the guitar. This was obviously planned, as Vinman didn't so much as miss a beat, just kept rocking out.

Another really cool thing was the encore at the end. We thought they were done, but everyone cheered for more. Myself and a dude behind me had been cheering to hear Doctor Doctor. They came back out, and the keyboard guy launched into that cool solo. Vinman was awesome on this tune just like on everything else. Vinman Rules!!!!

By the way, Phil changed t-shirts a couple of times throughout the show. For most of the night, he had a shirt on from Starland Ballroom. YOu guys must have been a really cool audience!!

Joe S. from Orwell, Ohio

You see other reviews posted on the VM Forum - STARLAND BALLROOM



UFO - Ain't No Baby at The Tangier, Ohio


UFO - Too Hot To Handle at The Tangier, Ohio



UFO - Pushed to the Limit at The Tangier, Ohio



UFO - Love To Love at The Tangier, Ohio


UFO - Only You Can Rock Me at The Tangier, Ohio



Rex Theater
1602 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PN 15203
Tour Date: 15th April 2008


REX - Tour Poster

REVIEW - Thanks to Dean from s-i-t-n

I really don't know where to start. How about at the beginning, which was waiting in line for an hour with a bunch of other geezers. A surprising number of them were hoping to hear a big selection of Chapman era tunes. I clued them in that there would only be one. There was a guy at the front of the line wearing a Mindcrime T-shirt, identical to the one I gave my daughter for a nightshirt when she was little. She said he looked like Dimebag Darrell except alive. It turned out he was a guitarist from the opening band, Grave Situation, Grave Indifference, Grave something-or-other. I told my daughter that when the door opens she was to turn left and grab a seat while I turn right and grab a Bat.

I have to tell you all that our Fearless Leader is as nice as pie. As if we all didn't know that already. When the doors first opened she had no shirts to sell because the sales the previous couple nights were much better than expected. She had managed to find a local T-shirt making guy earlier in the day and he was running late with his delivery. When they finally arrived they were still warm. Sales seemed to be pretty brisk but if I could offer a suggestion it would be to bring tons more merchandise to the shows. People will buy almost any conceivable item that has the name of a band on it. I spent a lot of my evening hanging around with Battttty because it's not often that I can get that close to greatness.

As far as the show, I think they opened with Mother Mary, although I could be totally wrong. I was having too much fun to try to write down the set list. Long Gone was second, a rousing rendition indeed, followed by Hard Being Me. I think Ain't No Baby was next. I had never seen that one performed live, and wow! does it jump out at you. They did a bunch of Strangers stuff like Too Hot to Handle, Lights Out, and Love to Love all in a row in the middle of the set. The band was very tight, very loud, and obviously having fun. Rob the bass player did a superb job, Phil's voice was in excellent shape, and it was great to see and hear Mr. Parker again. The highlight for me, however, was Vinnie. As someone mentioned in a previous post, it seems like he has turned down the widdling a bit. I've also gotten used to hearing him play the Schenker material. Once I was able to block out the Schenker notes that are in my head and just listen to what Vinnie is playing I was able to realize how brilliant this guy is. He just doesn't play the exact same notes that Schenker played in 1978. I'll bet dollars to donuts that if Schenker had been there last night he wouldn't have been playing the exact same notes that he played in 1978 either. The greats play by feel and not always exactly the same from night to night. That's what makes them the greats. In any case, all of the notes that Vinnie played were pleasing to my ear. He has earned our gratitude, not our criticism.

Some other things that pop into my mind are Paul playing the slide on Hard Being Me and a near miss with a rare oddity. When they came out for their final encore they broke into the first verse of All or Nothing. This lasted for maybe 30-45 seconds then they abruptly stopped. I'm not sure what that was about but I think it may have been a gag they were playing on Rob. Like "Hey, lets go out there and play a song he couldn't possibly know." Personally, I wish they would have kept going with the song even if some of them had to wing it. That's about it from here but I would like to mention once again how lucky we are to have this great band functioning at this high level after so many years. It's something we wouldn't have dared to dream back in the day. These guys have not slipped even a little bit in any area.

Dean Amrhein

Dani's PHOTOS from The REX Theater



Wildhorse Saloon
120 2nd Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37201
Tour Date: 16th April 2008

Thanks to Craig Greer


Thanks to Wade for these photos at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville



1721 West Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Tour Date: 17th April 2008

Last night UFO were fantastic in Milwaukee. Just to let you know they opened the show with Mother Mary and then did Long Gone. I was surprised that I quite a few in the crowd went nuts. As the boys come out for the encore, they had a impromptu meeting and Phil said “We were just discussing what to play next and decided to mix things up a bit” They then ripped into Let It Roll followed buy Doctor Doctor and then Shoot Shoot.

Glenn Avery





Medina Entertainment Center
500 Highway 55
Medina, MN 55340
Tour Date: 18th April 2008

with Guest Band Arena




Concert Ticket


SteVe Byland has this excellent set of webpages dedicated to the Medina Concert

Thanks SteVe

MEETING THE BAND - Andy, SteVe and Vinnie


Autographs, Shirts and Posters - SteVe Byland


Andy Parker

Andy Parker



House Of Blues
329 N. Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60610
Tour Date: 19th April 2008



1403 Mississippi Ave
Sauget, IL 62201
Tour Date: 21st April 2008

Support: Still Free



The Diamond Ballroom
8001 S Eastern Avenue
Oklahoma City 73149
Tour Date: 22nd April 2008


Support: The Rev Jones Band & Trifecta



House Of Blues
White Swan Building, 2200 N. Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75202
Tour Date: 23rd April 2008



Siesta Fest

HemisFair Park
San Antonio, TX
Tour Date: 24th April 2008

Thanks to Nikita Productions for the Siesta Fest Poster above


Siesta Fest will take place April 24-25, 2008 @ Hemisfair Park Downtown San Antonio.

Gates will open 5pm to 12am both days.

Headlining Thursday is UFO w/special guest Jokester. Headlining Friday is Great White w/special guest TBA


Fiesta once again the landing site for UFO

It's shades of La Semana Alegre — the long-gone but still lamented (in some quarters, at least) Fiesta rock concert series. In fact, there'll be a flashback to Fiesta 1994's La Semana show when UFO takes the stage at HemisFair Park on Thursday for night one of the two-night Siesta Fest. Jokester is set to open.

Siesta Fest is an unofficial Fiesta event that's working toward gaining official status. Gates open at 5 p.m. Admission is free, but $25 VIP tickets, which entitle the bearer to seating in the first 30 rows and access to VIP beer booths and restrooms, are available via www.kzep.com. Siesta Fest continues April 25 with Great White and Mothers Anthem.

This edition of UFO is founding members Phil Mogg (vocals) and Andy Parker (drums), keyboard player Paul Raymond (with the band since 1976), guitarist Vinnie Moore (a member of UFO since the early '00s) and, on bass, subbing for co-founder Pete Way, Rob DeLuca of the Sebastian Bach Band and Spread Eagle. According to www.ufo-music.info, Way was denied a working visa to gain entry into the U.S.

"Pete's got some skeletons in his closet that the American government doesn't like," said drummer Parker from a Pittsburgh tour stop. "He's not been able to come to the States the past few times. We miss Pete, and Pete and I have played so much together that we can kind of read each other's minds. But Rob's done a great job. He fits right in."
The band came together in London in the late '60s as Hocus Pocus before changing to UFO.

"We met in a pub in about 1968, Phil, Pete and Mick Bolton, the original guitar player. They were looking for a drummer. I joined the band and I've been in and out ever since," Parker said, laughing. "Next year will be the 40th anniversary."

Originally a quartet, the band released its debut album, "UFO 1," in 1971. The band's art rock/space rock sound caught on first in Japan, Germany and France. When guitarist Michael Schenker joined the fold about 1974, UFO's harder guitar sound earned audiences in the U.S. The band hit with prototypical arena rock.

"It's serious music, but the band isn't serious," Parker said. "We like to have fun. We're playing smaller venues these days, of course, but the great thing about that is the connection with the audience. We wouldn't turn down the arena shows, but it's great to interact with the audience."

UFO has had its ups and downs, particularly in the guitar chair, but it ruled part of the hard rock roost from the mid- to late '70s.

There have been hiatuses and reunions, subs and new players, but UFO keeps landing on its rocking feet. In the early '00s, when Moore, known for his flash, fire, technical prowess and music educator chops, joined the fold, guitar freaks swooned and returned to the UFO camp.

When original drummer Parker rejoined after Jason Bonham left for Foreigner, UFO again rocked with a purpose. That lineup released "Monkey Puzzle," the latest disc of new material, in September 2006.

"My feeling, and the band's feeling, is that we have to consider what the people who are out front paying the bills want to hear," Parker said. "The band has a huge back catalog, but we only have an hour and a half, maybe two hours, to play. We look at comments from the fans on Web sites and take them into consideration. In '05, the criticism was the band was still playing the 'Strangers in the Night' set. So this time the set is pretty well spread out."

Parker has been out of, and back in, UFO several times. He turned in a long stint in California where he worked as a general contractor while he co-owned a recording studio. He then went back to England and toiled in the family manufacturing business. Parker has been based in Granbury for a little more than two years. His wife's family is from the Dallas area.

"I love it in Granbury," Parker said. "It has a small-town feel, but it's booming because of gas exploration in the area."

This week the EMI/Chrysalis label released "The Best of UFO (1974-1983)," a 19-track CD that revisits the likes of "Rock Bottom," "Let It Roll," "I'm a Loser," "Love to Love," "Too Hot to Handle" and "Only You Can Rock Me." UFO music is reaching another generation.

"In Europe, our fans are getting up there like we are," Parker said, laughing again. "When we toured in Europe I noticed youngsters with their parents. On this tour I've been doing a lot of signing, old vinyl records mainly, because I haven't toured in the States since 1982, except for the odd gig in San Antonio in '94"

"In Poughkeepsie, a guy who wanted me to sign some albums said he was born in '82 and that his dad turned him on to our music. I'm getting the idea that the late '70s/early '80s metal rock is getting an underground following among a new generation. It works for me."

So Siesta Fest '08 just might sound like La Semana Alegre '94

Jim Beal Jr.
Express-News Staff Writer -

Siesta Fest
• Featuring: UFO and Jokester, April 24; Great White and Mothers Anthem, April 25
• Where: HemisFair Park, South Alamo Street, downtown
• When: 5 p.m.-midnight both days
• Admission: Free. $25 VIP tickets at www.kzep.com

Web Posted: 04/17/2008 02:44 PM CDT



Boulder Station Casino
4111 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Tour Date: 26th April 2008



Majestic Ventura Theater
26 S Chestnut Street, San Buenaventura
Ventura, CA 93001
Tour Date: 27th April 2008



The Clubhouse
1320 E. Broadway Road
Tempe, AZ 85282
Tour Date: 28th April 2008



Brick By Brick
1130 Buenos Avenue
San Diego, CA 92110
Tour Date: 30th April 2008

Order Details or CLICK here to order




Coach House
33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano
Santa Ana, CA 92675
Tour Date: 1st May 2008

Support bands: Reid Holmes / Kenny Hale


Key Club
9039 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Tour Date: 2nd May 2008

Support bands: Throttle and Reincamated



The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tour Date: 3rd May 2008


The Independent
628 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Tour Date: 4th May 2008

Support band: Ruffians



El Corazon
109 Eastlake Avenue
Seattle, WA 98109
Tour Date: 7th May 2008




Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukie Avenue
Portland, OR 97202
Tour Date: 8th May 2008



The Grail
4720 West Seltice Way
Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814
Tour Date: 9th May 2008



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