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This page is all Vinnie's related, pre-Dean Guitars:

Music Man "Silhouette" Special
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul
Ibanez Vinnie Moore Signature VM1SH
Ibanez Roadstar DX Series

SOLD in 2015



2004 Interview: Then and Now.

Tell us about your collection of guitar gear, and which pieces were used on the tracks for Defying Gravity.
My main guitar is a purple Music Man Silhouette Special, which I’ve been using for about six years. I use it 90 to 95 percent of the time, and I have one or two backups that are exactly the same.

Another guitar I use a lot is a Music Man Axis. I have a Music Man Albert Lee model I used on one of the tunes on the new record called “Emotion Overload.”

I also have a 1960 Reissue Les Paul that was used for some of the tracking. I have three Strats, late-’80s models, an early-’90s Tele and an old Danelectro that I used a little bit on the new record and on the Maze record. I don’t know what year it was made, but it’s pretty old. A friend found it at a garage sale and paid $5 for it, then gave it to me. It’s one of the ones like Page used to play. It’s got a unique sound and I used it for some rhythm parts on different tracks.

For acoustic work, I have a 24-fret Washburn Stephens extended cutaway, which has a special cutaway that allows you to get all the way up on the neck. It was made by Stephen Davies and Washburn came out with it in the ’80s. It has a pickup in it, but I always mic it when I record because I think it sounds better.

Amp-wise, I used a Marshall JCM 800 50-watt head for a lot of the tracks. It’s one of the two-channel models with reverb (model 2205). That’s an amp that sounds great when you record, but if you crank it up, it sounds too bright and trebly. I also have a Boogie Dual Rectifier and a Carvin Legacy that I used on some of the tracks.

The amps all have their own unique tonal characteristics, so they were selected on a part-by-part basis, depending on what was right for the part. As far as effects, I’m using a Roland 1680 Digital Studio Work Station and that has built-in effects. So when I’m recording, I pretty much use the delays and reverb and everything I need right from the Roland itself.

I have some outboard gear, and one thing that’s really important is a Daking 52270 mic pre-amp. It’s a new design modeled after the old Trident and Neve models, so it’s got a real vintage sound. I run everything through that before I go to my digital recorder. I also have an ART Pro VLA tube compressor, which for acoustic guitars is pretty much a necessity.

I still have some stompboxes, like a Dunlop Crybaby wah, a Boss OC-2 octave pedal, a Boss DD-3 digital delay, a T.C. Electronic chorus and flanger.

Another thing I used on the record was a Digitech 2101 preamp/processor. When I was doing my demos, I’d use it to put down fake keyboard patch sounds. But I ended up keeping a lot of those tracks on the record that you might think are keyboards, like on the song “Out And Beyond.” There are no keyboards on that song at all – it’s all guitar. There’s also a lot of guitar/fake keyboards on “If I Could.”




HSS Fender Strat was used for the Out of Nowhere release,
thereafter the EBMM association before settling down with Dean today.

Seymour Duncan posting in 2006

About this thread. This is my first time here.

Regarding the pickups - I used a double whammy in bridge and al dimeola neck for time odyssey and meltdown. For Mind's Eye it was a dimeola neck also and I am about 95% sure that it was a dbl whammy in the bridge. I am not 100% certain that the whammy was available at that time but i am pretty sure it was. Time O. and Meltdown were better sounding records in my opinion but that is because we had more time for those. Minds Eye was recorded and mixed in 11 days. I had 4 days to do all rhythms, melodies, harmonies and solos. It was insane. I could never do that again. I have always thought that the guitar on my demos for that record were way better. Not too bad for a first record though I guess. Learned a lot from that one. Mainly - that I need more than 4 freakin days to make a record. Hahahahaha!

Ironically, the heartfields were never used on any of my records. I didn't start using them until after meltdown was recorded. I used them on that tour though. By the time I recorded Out of Nowhere, I was playing a fender strat. Heartfields weren't being made anymore. For the Maze, Defying Gravity, Live, and UFO records, it was a music man guitar with dp 181's in the middle and neck, and a custom bridge called the sonnicaster.

So.......there's a lot of useless information for ya. Hahahahaha.

Great to see more and more people into playing their guitars again. For a while there I was thinking about switching over to scratching on the turntable. Those cats get more chicks. Harharhar!

Thanks again everybody. If ya ever have any questions, you can always reach me at my forum.
I just finished recording a new UFO record that is coming out in September and am also finishing up a new solo record that will be out as soon as I can finish. (Gratuitous plug. ha)

Vinnie Moore



Vinnie didn't record with this guitar, having just completed 'MELTDOWN', Vinnie did however
use it on the MELTDOWN video and also took the TALON out with him on tour.
By the time the following album (Out of Nowhere) was ready
to record Heartfield had ceased to exist, so Vinnie used his HSS Fender Strat for that album.

Heartfield was a short-lived American guitar manufacturing company, active from 1989 to 1993.

The company was a joint operation between the American and the Japanese branches of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Guitars were manufactured in Japan. Heartfield produced four models of guitars, each with various sub-model categories. The core models consisted of the RR, Elan, EX, and Talon.[1] The RR series was one of the first to offer retro styling while the Talon was a more mass-produced line targeting metal and hard rock guitarists. Some of the models had active electronics, including built-in effects.[2]

The Talon line of Heartfield guitars is a 'superstrat' design invoking a double-locking Floyd Rose Tremolo, a combination of single and humbucker pickups, jumbo frets, thin radius neck, and was aimed primarily at the heavy metal and hard rock genre. Despite a reputable build quality for having been made in the same factory as the Ibanez JEM guitar line, the Talon series incurred high sale prices that discouraged overall sales. At the time, sale prices for the high-end Talon V guitar were listed at $1169.99 USD.[3] The lack of sales was compounded by the failing value of the Yen in the early 1990s compared to the US Dollar. Add to this the overall decline in popularity of 'superstrat' guitars through the early 1990s (attributed to emerging non-metal genres such as grunge and alternative) and Heartfield was forced to end operations in 1993.

Channel description from Wikipedia


You can tell the TALON V model as it has a Reverse Headstock

(Second from left in above photo)



No. 4
- Spring 1991

1991 Floyd Rose Quiz Advert
Note that Vinnie plays the
TALON with Dot Inlays



The above feature appears in the Fender Frontine No. 4 magazine and this
along with the 'Fender Heartfield Demo' in Australia can be viewed HERE




Click on the above images to view


HEARTFIELD 1991 PRICE LIST | 1991 Interim Price list | 1992 Models


For an amazing source of all Heartfield guitars...


A while ago I discovered Vinnie Moore on Facebook. I messaged him:

Hi Vinnie. I am the webmaster of Heartfield Central (a Heartfield guitar fan site) and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your days as a Heartfield endorser? It'd be much appreciated.

To which he replied:

sure man. send em over. thanks

And I:

Thanks for indulging me. Here are the questions.

1) How did you get to be a Heartfield endorsee?
2) Do you still have your Heartfields? Which were they (type, colour, mods, serial numbers)? Any chance of pictures back and front?
3) Were you involved in the design?

And he:

1) i had been talking to fender about becoming an endorser because i have always loved strats. in the process, they told me about this new line they were coming out with that was more high tech. sort of a super strat. it included stock features like a floyd rose bridge and high frets which i would have had to add to a strat. i tried them and and liked them and ended up becoming one of their very first endorsers.

2) I still have my blue Talon with blue pickups that was my number 1. i used it in the meltdown video and on the meltdown and alice cooper tours. I also had a red one that was tuned to drop D and that was used to play the song meltdown on the same tour. I no longer have that one. i gave it to a young kid who was learning to play but had a crappy guitar some years back.
I have never liked shark tooth fret inlays so the blue and red guitars were made custom for me with dot inlays. i also have a butterscotch RR that i'll probably sell off as it's been sitting around for years. The last time i used it was on one of the UFO records. I had 2 stock Talons with the shark inlays that were just there in case i needed backups. I sold one which was grey a long time ago, and the other one was white and that has been missing for years. i dont know if it was stolen or somehow lost. but it somehow disappeared.

3) I had nothing to do with the design other than the fact that i had them modify my main 2 axes. the mods were the dot markers i mentioned, as well as changing the pickups to DiMarzio's. i cant even remember which ones but i think they were super distortions in the bridge and an al dimeola bridge model. but then again i may have still been using double whammy's at the time. maybe steve blucher at dimarzio has some notes. not sure.


Cool, eh?


Another addition in reposnse to the posting:

Nice work Cronos

It's worth noting that Vinnie's main Talon with H/H pickup config was never available on any Heartfield models.

And from memory, I recall him holding white Talon with a top mounted Strat style input jack. If that's the missing one, it's quite distinctive.


you can READ and look up other related Heartfield guitars HERE

...visit the HEARTFIELD CENTRAL website



LINK - VM heartfield discussion


AS ADVERTISED ON e-bay (Jan/Feb 2016):

This guitar is a RARE RARE RARE One of a kind signed Fender/Heartfield Talon V Vinnie Moore custom Contest/Giveaway from 1992 in Mystic White.

There was only 1 of these made and was given to a local Fender dealer who has now been in business for 50 years as of 2015 and the largest around the area. The owner's son of the store received this one and the head guitar instructor also received a STOCK one at that time as part of a Fender/Heartfield Promo. Guess it didn't hurt to have a little pull with being one of the top Fender dealers in the state too.

As seen in the Heartfiled contest ad in the auction...this is a Vinnie Moore Custom signature model that never materialized for production and found out that Fender/Heartfield were known to do a lot of contest and promo's via Fender Frontline and the other guitar magazines and gave away quite a few instruments but nothing like this.

Since this is a VM Custom Heartfield Talon....You will not find any Talon with 22 frets/sharkfin with only 2 humbuckers and only one control knob with input jack on the front of the body not on the side.Someone asked me to reluctantly take off the pickguard to see the routing hence you can see that it's factory custom routed for 2 humbuckers only with numbers written inside the routing.

It's in superb condition and actually sat in the music store for over 20 years.....
yes......20+ years!

The owner has a picture of Vinnie signing the guitars that's floating around in the building somewhere but could not find it. If he ever finds it....I will mail it out to You.

When I purchased the guitar,I so much wanted Vinnie to get some pics and see what info. he had about these pics of the guitar were then sent to Vinnie via Rich awesome guy who runs the Heartfield forum along with a couple of other top guitar sites and Vinnie replied that the sig on the guitar is definately his and that he may have even posssibly owned it at one time but can't exactly remember and that there were in fact a bunch of Fender/Heartfield giveaway/contest at that time but I'm pretty sure Vinman is playing the actual guitar for a few seconds in the MELTDOWN video. On Y.T...punch in the video and go to the second one which is much clearer (about the 10th video down) at the times of 1:36 with Vinnie and Greg Smith and then at 2:17 with Vinnie by himself getting down. If You blink....You will almost miss it so I've Taken some screen shots of the guitar in the Meltdown video.






December 16th 2014:

Fender/Talon / Vinnie Moore Prototype

Hey Guys, Happy Holidays and Proud to be a new member. This is a rather long post so bear with me.

My names Jerry and I'm here in Pa. and have some really cool rare Heartfield Talon pics from a guitar that I own.

I first laid eyes on this guitar in the early 90's at a Fender shop that I rarely ventured but actually had money down on it at that time. Signed by Vinnie Moore yet had some different things going on with it that the other stock guitars did not have at that time in the catalogues.

The owner of the store,who was an older gentleman, said that it was a Vinnie Moore model that was won in a contest or something like that. There was supposed to be only one winner but ended up being 4 or 5 and this guitar was one of them.

I called Heartfield about the guitar and gave them the serial numbers and asked if it was in fact a Vinnie Moore model getting ready to be released. I was told at this time that Heartfield was on their way out and seemed as though they didn't want to give me any info. and was told to just enjoy it.

In my mid 20's and wet behind the ears, I took my money back from the shop owner because I didn't want some guitar that the company that made it was going out of business (how goofy was I?)

Fast forward to a week ago. I walk into this same store 20+ years later and a guy walks up to me and asked if I needed help. We started talking about gear and such and I asked about the older guy who used to work there and here it was his Dad who owned the store and he had passed away years ago.

I said, 'There used to be a Fender Heartfield Talon that was here about 20 years ago that was white with Vinnie Moores sig on it. He looks at me and says....wait a minute. I thought he had to get a call or something. All of a sudden he brings the Friggin' Heartfield down from the floor and I started laughing with joy and disbelief. I was beside myself. I instantly plugged it in and it sounded great yet could use a little setup. No fret ware, no chips....just some pickguard scratches with the sig. still visable.

I had to have it at any price. He threw me an offer and I ran to the car to ask my wife if I could grab it...she said enjoy your Christmas present. I purchased it.

I sent Vinnie Some pics of it the other day and hoping to hear something. This thing sat on a guitar floor for 20 some years. The son told me the same thing as the father about the contest and it being a prototype.

I also called Fender the other day and they did not have any interest in helping. The locking nut is chrome as the rest of the hardware is black and that's how it was back then also.


I did see Vinnie Moore a couple of times in the 90's and I'm a massive fan... Once with Shotgun Messiah in Pittsburgh (Vinnie headlined) and once with another band but can not remember who the band was. He always played his blue Talon through the entire shows and he also had a red talon I believe.
I've seen a few pics of Vinnie playing a Mystic white Talon live or in photo shoots but every pic was a stock 24fret with single in the middle and 2 tone controls.

SITE ADMIN: Dec 31st 2014

I contacted Vinnie. His response:

"cool. i really dont know the origin of the guitar. could have been part of a giveaway. that sort of sounds familiar but it was so long ago that i am not sure.
it is definitely my signature.
the ones they made for me had dot inlays on the fretboard. i never liked those shark tooth ones or whatever they call them. but they did give me 2 of the stock model which did have the shark tooth inlays. my red and blue guitars were the only ones i used and they had dots. i had a white and a grey and i dont remember what happened with the white one. i could have sold it and totally forgot or somehow it went missing. i wish i could remember but i cant....which is odd for me. i definitely remember where the grey one went. i also dont remember if my grey and the white were H/H or H/S/H. so that guitar is either a contest guitar like the store owner stated, or possibly my actual guitar. this isnt too farfetched since i live very close to pennsylvania. i do seem to recall that fender did some giveaways, so if that is what the store owner said, it is probably true. if he was told it was mine i am sure thats what he would have said. but who knows for sure? no way of knowing i guess"

And, as this is my last message of 2014: A great 2015 to all of you!

SITE ADMIN: Jan 3rd 2015

I am doing a site update at the moment,and will also add the axe to the galleries. I was thinking about which gallery and I'm going to put it in with the Talon III. The reason? It's a Talon III body (it needs to fit a Floyd Rose Pro tremolo and it needs to have the neck pickup in a position for a 22-fret neck). Talon IV and V bodies have the neck pickup more towards the bridge, and they need a 24-fret neck. So my conclusion is that it's a Talon III minus the middle pickup, minus the tone control, with different fretboard inlays.

If you ever take it apart, plz check for proof that it might be an after-market modification, though if I have to put money on it I'd say everything is factory.

Originl poster: FEB 25th 2015

Thanks Guys, You are finally noticing.

Boy Julian, if You could find that promo pic,That would be awesome.

Anyways, I sent Rich a p.m and pretty sure I see Vinnie playing this guitar that I own.

Go to Y.T and look up the MELTDOWN video. There are 2 of them but you want to go to the second one that is much clearer.

I've been on a search for the last 2 months to find Vinman possibly with this guitar and it's been there right in front of me yet very briefly.

I told Rich that I've probably watched this video a 1000 times in my life while watching Headbangers Ball (MTV) and recording all of the shows on vhs (still have them all too) and learning all the Shrapnel players stuff.

At the times of 1:36 and 2:17 You will see that the guitar that Vinnie's playing looks exactly like the one I have.

During the video there is another white Talon that's spinning and being molted with the sparks and such but it's just a stock Talon.

All of the pics that I've found of Vinnie playing a white Talon are all stock Talons with 24 frets and 2-control knobs which this is why this is a bonus.

I then found the page on our forum for the Talon III's and Vinnie says:

Fender gave me two STOCK Talons (IV or V) One Montego Black and a Mystic White.

A chrome or Frost Red Talon lll and a Midnight Blue Talon lll.

The last 2 (frost red Talon and the Blue Talon) were modified to have no tone control and no middle Pickup.

Vinnie didn't like Sharkfin inlays.

Well Whoa, Wait a minute! I have a White Modified Talon. Vinnie says they only modded his Midnight Blue and his Frost Red one while he says his Montego Black and his Mystic White were Bone stock.

So I have a Modified White Talon. Who Modified it? Heartfield of course and with Rich saying that it's Vinnie's signature verified by was getting presented to someone!!!

Once again,Pretty positive that everything Jives up together and this was and is a definite Prototype that was in the works exactly like the store says it went down and from what Heartfiled told them when it was presented and also saying that there are a few more out there that were given away with the presentation/contest.

The owner of the music store (50 years biggest Fender dealer in the area) said for sure that there is a color photo of Vinnie signing these guitars and was given with this guitar but how do You keep cracking the whip on the store to find the pic and also trying not to make them feel like they should have never sold the guitar in the first place if you know what I mean.

I think it may evoke a natural saddened state of "Maybe I should not have sold this guitar" and I do not want them to feel like that because they were very very nice people and I have never heard anything negative about them.

I just want them to find the pic. They also have the guitar logged in to their books as to when Heartfield gave it to them and want them to copy that off for me also, would that be asking too much or am I treading into a**hole territory?

Another thing that I do not understand is why the Talon has taken such a nose dive and does not get its recognition it deserves.

Man, if this was a Vinnie Moore Ibanez, people would go nuts but the Talon goes un-noticed. I hate to say it again but I'm an Ibanez Lover yet admit that the Talons are Head and Shoulders above them.

I also found a page somewhere over the weekend and forgot to add it to my favorites but someone wrote that when Heartfield was dissolved from Fender that it was not a pretty picture at all and there was a lot of animosity between the two divisions and huge money lost in the process.

Darn Shame about Heartfield and how it went down!

Thanks Guys!







The Ibanez VM1, also known as the Ibanez Star-4, is a signature guitar model of American guitarist Vinnie Moore. It is the only Vinnie Moore series model Ibanez made. It only appears in the 1989 catalog but production presumably started as early as 1987.

The VM1 is based on the 1986 Roadstar model, a shape Ibanez abandoned for regular production models after 1987. It has an ebony fingerboard and DiMarzio pickups. Unique feature is the Edge II tremolo, a non-locking version of the original Edge. It was the first signature model featuring the All Access Neck Joint.

The VM1 was available in two finishes: white with a black pickguard and a more flashy "Splash" finish with a white pickguard.



Vinnie Moore is one of the most famous guitar players and also one of the hardest working guitarists today. His unique style and magnificent proficiency have granted Vinnie a ticket into the Ibanez signature artist family. His signature guitar looks very much like his signature strat, it`s flat, solid and double-cut. Body is made of mahogany in it`s entirety and it is paired with a maple neck. White and Splash color schemes are assigned to this model. They are both finished in high gloss. Bridge on this model is a non-locking variant of the Edge tremolo system. Pickups are DiMarzio passive humbuckers in both the bridge and neck positions. Maple neck is made of a single piece of wood and it`s topped with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.








1989 DiMarzio catalogue

Cover contains the leading guitarists of the decade

Top: Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan, Joe Satriani

Middle: Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore

Bottom: Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, Steve Via

16 pages of specs and artist information. Other guitarist photo's featured:

Blues Saracento, Eddie Martinez, Ritchie Kotzen, Jeff Young, Alex Schonick


DiMarzio Brochure Credits - Thanks to:

DANNY AARON (Dangerous Toys) PAF® & custom-made
BENJAMIN BRIDGES (Stevie Wonder) Super Distortion® & FS-1™
LANCE BULEN Double Whammy™ (F) & Super Distortion® (F)
JAMES BYRD HS-3™ & custom-made JEFF CARLISI (.38 Special) Dual Sound® DAVID CHASTAIN PAF Pro™ & Al Di Meola Neck Model™
HARRY CODY (Shotgun Messiah) PAF Pro™ (F)
SCOTT DALHOVER (Dangerous Toys) MegaDrive™ & PAF Pro™
AL DI MEOLA Al Di Meola Neck Modelr,M Al Di Meola Bridge Model™ & Super Distortion®
MARC FERRARI (Ferrari) MegaDrive™ & Al Di Meola Neck Model™
LITA FORD PAF® & Super 2™ FRANK GAMBALE Super Distortion􀀂 Dual Sound® (F) & PAF Pro™
PAUL GILBERT (Mr. Big) PAF Pro™ (F) & FS-1™ custom
DANNY GILL (Hurricane Alice) PAF Pro™ & Steve Morse Bridge Model™ (F) CHRIS HAYES (Huey Lewis) Al Di Meola Neck Model™ & Rick Derringer Bridge Model™
GREG HOWE (Howe II) Super 3™ STEVE HUNTER PAF Pro™ & HS-2™ ERIC JOHNSON HS-2™ & custom­made prototypes
DOCTOR KNOW (Bad Brains) Double Whammy;M HS-2™ & PAF Pro™
RICHIE KOTZEN Double Whammy™ & PAF Pro™ (F)
BOB KULICK Dual Sound® (F) & HS-2™ BRUCE KULICK (KISS) Super Distor­tion®
JEFF LABAR (Cinderella) X2N® & PAF® SHAWN LANE PAF® & PAF Pro™ TONY MACALPINE MegaDrive™ & Al Di Meola Neck Model™
YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN (Rising Force) HS-3™
EDDIE MARTINEZ (T he Distance) HS-2􀀓M FRED® (F) & PAF®
BRIAN MAY (Queen) Brian May Models™ & Brian May Neck Model™
MARK McGEE (Vicious Rumors) FRED™ (F) & PAF Pro™(F)
LARRY MITCHELL X2N® & PAF Pro™ VINNIE MOORE Double Whammy™ (F) & Super Distortion® (F)
Al Di Meola Neck Model™
STEVE MORSE Steve Morse Neck Model™ & Steve Morse Bridge Model™ DAVE MURRAY (Iron Maiden) Super Distortion® & custom-made prototypes LOU REED FRED™ (F)
ROWAN ROBERTSON (Dia) Mega­Drive™(F) & X2N® (F)
TOM SCHOLZ (Boston) Super Distortion® BILLY SHEEHAN (Mr. Big) Model oner􀀆 DiMarzio Model P® & custom-made proto­types
EARL SLICK (Dirty White Boys) PAF Pro";M HS-2™ & HS-3™
ADRIAN SMITH (Iron Maiden) Super Distortion® & PAF®
STEVE VAi (Whitesnake) PAF Pro™ (F) & Blaze II™
LYLE WORKMAN (Todd Rundgren) PAF Pro™ (F)
JEFF YOUNG (Broken Silence) Mega­Drive™ (F) & PAF Pro™ (F)

Special thanks to THE ROXY, THE RAIN­BOW BAR & GRILL, THE CAT CLUB, THE NEW RITZ & CAMOUR II for allow­ing us to use photos of their venues in this catalog.











1989 Ibanez


Vinnie Moore
vinnie moore ibanez







Ibanez SML Super Metal Pedal

The Ibanez SML Super Metal Pedal made in Japan. This is the same model of pedal that Vinnie Moore used to record his classic Mind's Eye album in 1986. These pedals are becoming very rare now 30 years later - a vintage piece of 80s shred guitar gear.

Runs on battery or 9v DC adaptor.










Vinnie Moore

1988 - Ibanez Guitars Advert







1988 Ibanez Catalogue




1988 - Vinnie with his Fender Telecaster




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Ibanez Clinic Tour '87- Full page advert

special thanks to Mike Coughlin for posting this.


Visit the Vinnie Guitar page, IBANEZ section






1986 Ibanez Catalogue





LATEST Dean Vinman VM-2000 signature guitars




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