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November 2014


NOVEMBER 2014 - Rock Polish magazine Guitar Review
Page 67
Page 70

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© 2014 POLISH MAGAZINE - November 2014


October 2014

October 2014

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December 2013 - 'Metal Rules'

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Vinnie Moore interview

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September 2013 - '14 page UFO article'
Teraz Rock, Poland



December 2013

December 2013

LESSONS - Monster Techniques



November 2013

2nd November 2013

Noize In The Attic conducted an interview with Vinnie during UFO's USA/Canada tour last month

Special guest: Vinnie Moore

You can listen here - (Note: The interview begins around the 70-minute mark.) or listen at

10 minute interview covers subjects such as the writing process in UFO - Future plans - Alice Cooper Tour and Album -

Playing Classic UFO Songs - UFO fan - Pete Way - writing Bass lines - West Coast - East Coast and ends with

one of my favourite all time UFO songs, 'The Wild One' from 'You Are Here'.




11/1 Full Playlist

Iron Maiden – Sea Of Madness
AC/DC – Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
KISS – God Of Thunder
Grim Reaper – See You In Hell
Metallica – Trapped Under Ice
Motorhead – Queen Of The Damned
Eyes – Young And Innocent
Dokken – Dream Warriors
Electric Angels – Live In The City
Enuff Z’Nuff – Hot Little Summer Girl
LA Guns – Over The Edge
Lynch Mob – Dream Until Tomorrow
Triumph – Hold On
Deep Purple – Vincent Price
Black Sabbath – Lady Evil
UFO – Wild One
Primal Fear – Evil Spell
Judas Priest – Dissident Aggressor
Savatage – Ghost In The Ruins
Pretty Maids – I See Ghosts
MSG – Never Ending Nightmare
Queensryche – In This Light



October 2013

12th October 2013


September 2013

Limelight Magazine - September 2013 | Website



Guitar Player Magazine | Guitar Player facebook


September 2013 Issue - Page 154




July 2013



Brazilian Magazine - guitarload...


...have a 13 page Vinnie Moore feature with Vinnie and Daniel Pique on the front cover



June 2013







Despite having gone through different stages, sweet moments, bitter moments, the British band is still active and now is a great time both compositional and shows his latest Lp. study "Seven Deadly", which has been submitted weeks ago live in our country with a very good staging.
After the concert in Madrid and while the band was about to go to the next Spanish city to act, Vinnie Moore waited for a few minutes Force questions and these were their responses.

Interview published in issue No. 124 of FORCE Magazine

Vinnie, first of all, thank you for this interview to be brief because you are about to leave almost immediately and congratulations on the concert you have just to offer here in Madrid.
Vinnie: Unlike thanks to you for the interest to want to talk with us again, wait and for the support you show us repeatedly. I also take your midst to thank everyone who attended the show and it was very special, as long as you come to Spain.

On your last visit to Spain, as a solo artist, very little of what we would adelantaste "Seven Deadly", the latest album from UFO. Now and after over a year of being released how would you rate it and the impact it has had?
Vinnie: I remember (laughs), but at that time we were still in the process of writing and recording so I found it very difficult to give a coherent answer about the job. Today the album and takes just over twelve months on the road and we are really very happy with the results. People seem to like in a real way and us, we feel very comfortable with the new songs and I think they go well with UFO classic material as you have a chance to hear them live.

Many consider you on guitars UFO sounds more seasoned, more heavy than the traditional British hard rock sound that the band always exhibited. Do you agree with this definition?
Vinnie: It's something I have not quite clear, I mean that, for many, nowadays sounds bluesy UFO me in their ranks, while other people think about what you just say you. The truth is that it may be a combination of both sounds, just play my way and the rest of the group respects.

For the recording of two bassists utilizasteis Germans and the tour is Rob De Luca who accompanies you. Why this is the case?
Vinnie: Basically I think both Phil (Mogg) and Andy (Parker) and Paul (Raymond), they do not replace the formal head or officer Pete Way. It is something I understand and respect. That is why among all decided not to have a concrete or fixed bearish and call Rob to fulfill that role live, while the study is true that we used two bassists, Peter Pichl (Nektar) and Lars Lehmann, who also has touched us in one tour.

Honestly do you see the possibility that in the future more or less near return to UFO Pete Way?
Vinnie: If I have to be honest I would not see it feasible. And there are two specific reasons for what I say: the first is that it is not very healthy, so touring almost continuously as UFO surely this would make him very difficult to carry out and the second, even though I deem and want to have him in the group, continues to suffer major problems of alcohol at his behavior, especially on stage, is unpredictable. Therefore, in UFO know perfectly well that we give the best show possible every time we come, we are not playing games or endanger a respected reputation and career in recent years learned to win on hard work.

With so many good albums released in your career and classical themes as familiar to all fans? Complicated you assemble a setlist every time you go out on tour keeping in mind that you must incorporate new themes which makes removing others of the same?
Vinnie: That's true, every time the subject is further complicated us. There is so much to choose from that sometimes, even selecting all considered classics, there is always someone who is unhappy and say "Why do not you played this song or that one?". It's hard but try to please everyone and not leave anything out that we consider essential.

Before your entry into the group as a guitarist were recognized and respected, but we imagine that being young and when you find the rock, one of your favorite bands, perhaps personally, UFO was among them. How did you feel when he first got on the stage with them and touched, for example, "Doctor Doctor"?
Vinnie: It is quite true, as a teenager listening much to UFO as it always interested me sound more clear and direct English hard rock. So when I was called to join the group made ??me very hard to believe, still is today and why I've been in the group a few years. My first concert with the band was in Greece, remember that both Phil and I were broken because to get to Athens, had taken a flight from Germany, and a tremendous storm accompanied us throughout the flight, with enormous turbulence were constant throughout the trip. At one point, we thought that the plane would fall, I swear. However, upon arrival we settled down a bit and despite being a bit broken just go out on stage and the concert was very special. I will not forget that day.

When you play live, it is inevitable to compare yourself with Michael Schenker, not by the technique itself, but because everyone expects a certain sound, especially in the classic themes of the group. You think about it when you're on stage or simply you go by your style and sound?
Vinnie: Obviously I play my way and the way they feel the music, but it is also true that there are certain melodies, arrangements and solos that must be respected, because as comentaís, people expect that the songs sound like UFO and no change too. I try to improvise and get carried away, but in general, respect the issues as they were recorded, and the audience probably expected to hear.

Do you plan to look for your solo career?
Vinnie: Yes, in fact I'm working on a new album in my free time. They are already recorded almost all the rhythm guitars and battery has been commissioned my friend Richie Monaco. Now it's time to start recording properly the bass, which will record my friend Rob and JD DeServio of Black Label Society, plus guitars and other final arrangements. So I hope in two or three months to have it almost ready for editing but still is work that is under construction and I have no definite date yet for editing.

That we you commented on your last visit, you had the idea of recording an album sometime with singers of different styles, do you still have in mind to do it?
Vinnie: That will be the next step and my next solo album. I have already composed several songs with vocal lines and a few singers for it, mostly friends, who are interested in participating. It will be very interesting to make it happen.

Lately there are many groups that take a disk catalog and live fully interpret. If you had to choose a UFO work for this purpose would it be?
Vinnie: Without hesitation "Obsession" would be my choice. I think it's a special job, which became a classic soon after editing. At first listen as a young man, I had that feeling and I was right.

At some point in your career you were part of the group Vicious Rumors that are about to release a new album. Do you have contact with them?
Vinnie: Very often I am in contact with Geoff (Thorpe) and he's a great friend. We give each other advice and I did hear some new stuff from his band. I know he's very excited about the new work that I hope will Vicious Rumors acceptance it deserves.

Vinnie, finally, something you want to add for our readers.
Vinnie: Simply return to thank you for the support you give us always and at night just ended. A great concert, very emotional on stage that I can assure you, you lived in a special way. See you again soon.




May 2013

Vinnie Moore Interview from 11th May edition of the San Paulo Newspaper:

UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore returns to Brazil after three years

The band UFO is back to Brazil to make four presentations across the country. The musicians will perform in Rio in Goiania, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.

The group comes to the country publicize his latest work, "Seven Deadly". The guitarist Vinnie Moore will also solo performances, the main one being in Sao Paulo, next May 23.

Moore is said surprised with the quality of Brazilian musicians and praised drummer Aquiles Priester (Hangar) who will perform in the state capital.

Currently formed, and Moore, Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (guitar, keyboards), and Andy Parker (drums), the UFO has over 40 years of career and should play classics like "Doctor, Doctor", range customarily presented before the Iron Maiden concerts worldwide.

WHEN sat. (11) at 19h
WHERE Carioca Club (r. Cardinal Arcoverde, 2899, Pine, tel.: 0/xx/11/3813-8598)
HOW R $ 90 to R $ 320

WHEN Sat. (23) at 21h
WHERE Manifesto Bar (r. 36 Iguatemi, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo)
AS $ 50 to R $ 120


Interview with Vinnie Moore:

Leaf - The UFO comes to Brazil to promote his latest work, "Seven Deadly", 2012. For you, what is the main difference between the new album and the others already recorded by the group?
Vinnie Moore - I believe that this work is the deepest of our career and songs like "Angel Station" and "Burn Your House Down" show this.

The UFO has over 40 years of road and many "hits". For you, how important band in the history of rock and metal?
I think we were influential to many musicians. Artists such as Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, declare themselves fans of the band - even they put the track "Doctor Doctor" as opening act. Bands like Metallica, bassist Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe, including I've always been influenced by the musicality of the UFO. Probably this is a major legacy of the band, ie, have influenced many musicians and people in all these years.

Before you, the UFO had already influential guitarists as Michael Schenker, Paul Chapman and many other great musicians. How do you see its predecessors?
Always been a fan of albums like "No Heavy Petting" [1976], "Lights Out" [1977], "Obsession" [1978] and "Strangers in the Night" [1979], so the phase of Michael Schenker in UFO I always influenced more. Like even playing the songs of this album, which are very good.

And how is your relationship with guitarist Michael Schenker?
We toured together in the U.S. for many years, I think about 30 shows, but little talked us due to heavy workload. Nowadays we have a friendly relationship, besides the fact much like the way touches.

The UFO was born the same time as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, but did not become commercially equal to great bands mentioned. Why?
It's hard to control it in the music world. I love Black Sabbath, especially the album "Heaven and Hell", and also like the Dio as a singer and songwriter, but because they got bigger I do not know exactly. One factor was that when the band was growing, guitarist Michael Schenker left the band and it hurt when promoting the group. Furthermore, when MTV started, we did not do any video clip and then to succeed in the United States was necessary to have videos on MTV, so I think we were not as big as these bands.

You did solo tours in various places in the world with local bands and musicians. How do you select these musicians?
I usually get information from local producers, I pass these videos and music artists. I am fortunate to have played with so many talented musicians in all parts of the world.

In Brazil, in addition to shows with UFO you will do a small solo tour with Brazilian musicians. How is playing with musicians from Brazil?
All musicians who have played with me a high and I was really surprised with the quality we've seen in previous tours.

What is the main difference between musicians from Latin America, Europe and the United States?
There are more great musicians in the United States, now everyone wants to play rap or pop. I'm kidding, of course there are excellent musicians in the U.S., but I think the difference between these places mainly be in the way of playing and the passion for the instrument every continent.

Do you believe that in the years 1980 and 1990 instrumental music was more expressive than today?
I believe in the late 1980s and early 1990s, instrumental music was really great. Musicians like Jeff Beck were popular in the United States. Where did instrumental music focused on heavy metal, but I realized that musicians began to create more and more in this style and the fans were somewhat lost over time.

April 2013


Vinnie Moore Video Interview in Bordeaux, France + Live performaces of Wonderland & Shoot Shoot



March 2013


Vinnie Moore Interview

Interview by Juliana Rosano - ENGLISH Translation

Vinnie Moore belongs to the same school of the great guitarists of the 80's and was one of the pioneers of the style shredding. He became known to the general public due to a Pepsi commercial, which led him to release his first album, Mind's Eye in 1986 and work with Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid disk. Vinnie was also one of the first guitarists to devote himself to teaching this instrument, with its video-classes of 1987 and 1989, classics of the genre. Currently, Vinnie is divided between his solo career and his work with the English band UFO. After the UFO show in Madrid last March 8th, we had the opportunity to chat briefly, but humorous, in exclusive for Hard and Heavy.

HARD AND HEAVY: Thank you, Vinnie, a pleasure talking to you and to the readers of Hard and Heavy Brazil.

VINNIE MOORE: Brazil? São Paulo?

HH: Yes! São Paulo, extamente!

VINNIE MOORE: Oh, thank you, I know more things in Portuguese, but I will not say here. (Risas)

HH: The tour started a little while ago, Feb. 21, what has been the reception from the public?

VINNIE MOORE: So far, all the shows have been in England, except for tonight here in Madrid and in France yesterday. And it has been very good, we always do very well in England, and these shows were awesome for us in Europe and so far has also been good.

HH: What are your expectations for the rest of the tour?

VINNIE MOORE: Which is better and that we continue to have fun and see lots of fans, all fans possible.

HH: You came to Brazil for the first time only five years ago to give some clinics. What memories do you have from a trip to Brazil?

VINNIE MOORE: I remember the "steakhouse", is that what they say? The Brazilian barbecue, beautiful girls and the fans, of course, very enthusiastic fans.

HH: Is there a Brazilian musician you like, guitarist or not?

VINNIE MOORE: You know, when I was there, I had been giving clinics and other guitarists opening for me and there are so many great guitarists in Brazil, unbelievable. There was this guy who opened one of my clinics, I am sorry, but I do not remember his name, but it was impressive. But overall there are excellent guitarists in Brazil.

HH: Are you in the UFO 10 years ago. Have you ever thought you'd stay so long in the group?

VINNIE MOORE: You know, I never thought about it when I joined the group. I think if you had asked me this before, maybe I would last 10 years, I probably would have said that you might not. But, we are continuously making new albums and touring and more touring and other records and more and it's been great. I really like all the guys in the band and the music we're doing and of course, play live.

HH: How do you balance your work with your UFO and solo career?

VINNIE MOORE: Uhh, no time for both. I just choose the right moment. When I'm making a break with UFO, I work on my own music. I have some new songs I'm recording, all batteries are already finished, I'm just working on guitars and hope to launch it in a few months.

HH: That was exactly what I was going to ask you now.... READ FULL INTERVIEW






ROCK N ROLL - issue 7 - 2012 Q and A with Vinnie Moore - READ ARTICLE



August 2012

Issue 121

August 2012 - Vinnie Moore Interview - source



August 2012


CLASSIC ROCK - Let there be Rock! advert in Aug 2012 Classic Rock Magazine




August 2012


August 2012 Issue


- READ the Interview


June 2012


June 2012 Issue


GuitarPlayer features with his Five Favorite Solo's from other artists



April 2012


Young Guitar - Interview

February 2012


Vinnie Moore

Vinnie appears on the front cover of Gitar Dergisi



16th December 2011

Spanish Interview on Guitar Experience Radio Show

Interview: Vinnie Moore

Translated from Spanish:

Today we bring you the transcript of the interview with Vinnie Moore case you want to savor slowly. If you become a full fast track in the program Monday podcast you can hear it in full. Let's say that each version has its advantages. Due to problems in the recording of it (as explained in the podcast), the version issued in the program allowed us to give our opinion on each response. But the transcribed version allows you to add photos and videos to illustrate what we're talking about, and in short, do it in a more interactive way.

The interview was conducted in the clubhouse of the Ritmo y Compas room. Camerino that had all the necessary seedy glamor-rocker: walls without any decoration, sofas and rattan chairs with upholstery (see attached photos), a table stocked all kinds of snacks, full of soft drinks and beer fridge and a nonexistent sound insulation, which allowed better hearing Wires Hard as did their soundcheck that we had interviewed a meter away.

Just introduce what we told our program going and that the theme "Shadows of yesterday" is the start line for fifteen years. It surprised both the fact of the longevity of the program and the fact of using one of his songs as the theme, which began humming its melody. Vinnie was friendly and attentive at all times and are confident that if not for his tour manager, we would have been longer than twenty minutes agreed (although in the end we were five).

With all of you, Vinnie Moore, a legend of the metal guitar.

ALBERT SANZ (hereinafter "AS"): We are not blessed with a historic metalera usually guitar. Can we talk about your last job or guitar technique, but as we have little time, but do not mind a little nostalgic interview. Tell us about your relationship with Mike Varney, how you found out, how is it, why this passion for instrumental shred? Etc.

VINNIE MOORE (hereinafter "VM"): I have not seen for a long time. I saw a couple of months ago in California, Santa Rosa UFO. He came to the show and was glad to see him, it seemed he was right. I did my first album "Mind's eye" with his label Shrapnel Records in the 80's but the first album where we really played with Vicious Rumors was what allowed me to make a few more with Mike.

AS: Thanks to the artists who were on the seal, as Cacophony, Tafolla, Kotzen, MacAlpine and you, you helped define the neoclassical metal and power metal future triumphs in Europe currently. But it gives the feeling that each of you trying to make the most complex record and possible more technical and fast solos. Was there a rivalry between you? Do you annoyed when Mike Varney discovered some new talent?

VM: No, actually sometimes played together. Tony MacAlpine played on my first record. Were also separated from each other but there was no rivalry between us. No, did not bother us at all. It was all good for someone to appear interesting.


AS: Do you think today I could appear as a stamp Shrapnel Records which devotes a large part of its catalog as the instrumental shred?

VM: I really do not know, is a difficult question and not up to me. It is possible but things are different now, music, Internet, etc ... it's hard to say what would happen now.

Ivan Macias (hereinafter "IM"): Possible but difficult.

VM: Possible ... hopefully! Certainly difficult.

AS: What was the relationship at that time with Tony MacAlpine?

VM: Good. We are still in touch. We did a concert in New Zealand a year ago with Tony playing keyboards and guitar. It's a great guitarist and a great guy, still keep in touch.


IM: He played keyboards on "Mind's Eye" and "The maze", but why did no guitar solo?

VM: I do not know, he was busy playing guitar on his own albums and I just needed a keyboard player.

AS: Did you think that one of your first jobs you out for a Pepsi?

V M: No, never! It was something I never imagined would happen, perhaps to Coca-Cola but never for Pepsi.

IM: Do you drink Coca-Cola?

VM: I have not drink soft drinks, soda only, but used to drink Diet Coke (authors note: "Diet Coke" is the name given in the USA to Coca-Cola Light).


(What you will find on YouTube: the extended version for the Mexican market Whereupon the guitar solo is even longer All incunable..)


AS: In some biographies says there became very satisfied with your first album Vicious Rumors, called "Soldiers of the night". Is that true?

VM: Well, somehow you was a great experience to play with them, they were nice guys and it was great but ... you know? go to the studio and having to record in two days was all hard disk. Also musically sounds were made ??increasingly heavys, more trash, and they wanted to do something different, so we took two different directions. I wanted to explore different areas, do something more varied.

AS: We consider, as experts in guitarreo we think we are or try to be, that you, Tony MacAlpine, Yngwie Malmsteen and Chris Impelliteri definísteis neoclassical metal bases. Would you be okay? And which one you think is better?

VM: Wow! (Nda: was remarkable surprise face that put as said above onomatopoeia) do not know, Ritchie Blackmore in that category was the first guitarist that inspired me to go in this direction and Al Di Meola also. little. I do not know. It's a question that I can not answer, only enjoy what I do. Maybe you should ask Yngwie, lol.

AS: And ending with this review of the past, what attracted you to the neoclassical metal? Was it because you like classical music?

VM: At first it was because I was interested guitarists who were also inspired by classical music as Ritchie Blackmore and Al Di Meola, and made ??me go in that direction. I remember interviewing Ritchie Blackmore mentioning Bach, Beethoven and that's when I started researching classical music.

IM: Did you get lessons in classical music?

VM: No, never. I studied with a teacher or more rock-oriented jazz.

IM: Did you study piano?

VM: No, just guitar.

AS: Do you have nostalgia for that time?

VM: The late 80s was a great time and I am proud to have been part of it. It was a very cool time. It was a great time for instrumental guitar rock and I'm glad I participated in that music scene.

IM: Do you think the guitar will have that important in the world of music?

VM: I do not know, lol.

IM: But you like?

VM: What would I like? Sure! Of course!

IM: It's true that hard rock is not at its best. I wish more bands and guitarists arise.

VM: I wish, I hope so too.

AS: For the great job you did in the "Hey stoopid" by Alice Cooper, what do you think of the tour in his band must have been an amazing experience, with all that theatrical production that always leads Cooper?.

VM: It was fun, really enjoyed it. It was a great show and it was a great experience for me to join his band. It was very exciting. There were people in the audience with snakes!

AS: Let's talk about UFO. How did you end up in a band that is part of the history of rock and heavy?

VM: They were looking for a guitarist and a mutual friend recommended me, I sent him a CD with my music Phil Mogg, vocalist. It was.


AS: Do not feel pressure to have to replace a legendary guitarist Michael Schenker as is? Furthermore, to make matters worse, Blackmore and Schenker were precursors in the neoclassical heavy metal 70. How did you face having to play his solos live?

VM: No, I did not replace anyone feeling because I came into the band and immediately started working on a new album writing songs, and then recording and tour where I had to learn the old songs of the classic band material . It was fun to become part of UFO.

AS: Do you think your career is going to long UFO?

VM: We have 8 or 9 years together, with a new album that's coming out shortly. It's hard to say how long it will last, the boys will get older, so who knows.

IM: It depends on many things ...

VM: Yes

IM: Can you confirm if one or two more albums?

VM: I do not know. I really do not know.

AS: And if so, do you think people will not accept as his guitarist or think will happen as Steve Morse, who despite carrying more than fifteen years in Deep Purple many still consider Ritchie Blackmore as its authentic guitarist?

VM: It depends on the fans, I think.

IM: Have you ever talked to your fans about it?

VM: I honestly believe most of them accepted me with open arms and that's a nice feeling.

AS: When you came to Barcelona with UFO, the next week also starred Michael Schenker. Part of the set-list for both shows was the same. Not rally, but we liked most UFO lyrics that you not interpreted by Schenker and his band.

VM: Thank you!

IM: Why do you think the electric guitar is not the popularity it had in the 80s?

VM: I do not know, things are always changing and people are interested in different things.

IM: You may want products industry with a handsome young singer surrounded by girls.

VM: Could be.

IM: What do you think the guitar festival G3 Steve Vai and Joe Satriani?

VM: It's great. I was once at a jam with them 5 or 10 years ago, playing a few songs at the end. It was fun, they are great players and it was a great guitar festival.

IM: How about participating in a G3 someday?

VM: Yeah, someday would be nice.

IM: For me it would be a dream to see a G3 with Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and you.

VM: Call Joe and tell!

IM: I told you on Facebook but did not answer me.

VM: Oh thank you!

AS: Our generation over thirty years having started playing at most concerning Malmsteen, Vai and of course the whole family Shrapnel. We did not think it could get higher than that level. Today, the "Generation youtube" video hangs with less than 20 years old and have a technical mastery in many cases superior to you. The referent Tiago Della Vega could be that 2,008 broke the Guiness record speed playing "Flight of the bumble-bee" at 320 bpm's and now just surpassed 750 bpm's touching . Do you think these young people are cyborgs or has been some kind of genetic evolutionary leap? Are you not envy those who sentasteis the foundation for a new way of playing and now I have passed?

VM: I do not know. Might be robots, people who have robotic arms that allow them to play faster.

IM: perhaps too mechanical ...

VM: It depends on the guitar, but for me the important thing is the music and passion. Playing fast is also playing well but slow.

IM: We are a radio show in Barcelona and you have a song called "Never been to Barcelona." When you come, do you will change the name of the theme? And what should you titularas well?

VM: Now I've been there. Yes, "I've been to Barcelona". The idea for the title came from the song "Never been to Spain", was a piece of classic acoustic sound (nda: after a search by the Bible have found that belongs to country singer Waylon Jennings).


IM: If the disc reissues have to tell the company to put the correct name.

VM: Yes, I will change it.

AS & IM: Thank you for your attention Vinnie has been a pleasure.

VM: Thank you.


INTERVIEW TEXT: Ivan Macias & Albert Sanz
PHOTOS: Ivan Macias & Albert Sanz


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November 2011




Young Guitar - September 2011
Seven page Analysis




28th September 2011

Seven minute Vinnie Moore Audio Interview from the Key Club, Hollywood



May 2011



1st April 2011


This months Gitarre&Bass magazine...


...has a feature on Vinnie Moore -

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