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26th June - Germany - Rheine  - Hypothalamus
27th June - Germany - Hamburg - Harley Days    
28th June - Bulgaria - Kavarna - Kavarna Rock (Kaliakra Stadium)
4th July - Norway - Skånevik - Skanevik Blues Festival
18th July - Germany - Jüterbog - Motorcycle Jamboree
21st July - Germany - Bremen - Meisenfrei
23rd July - England - Workington - The Carnegie Theatre
24th July - England - Holmfirth - The Picturedrome
25th July - Wales - Ebbw Vale - Steelhouse Festival

26th June 2015



26th June - Hypothalamus - Rheine - Germany

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca


Venue Poster





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UFO - Vinnie Moore - Andy Parker - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca - Paul Raymond



SET LIST + Doctor Doctor and Shoot Shoot as encores





27th June 2015



27th June - Harley Days - Hamburg - Germany

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker






UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Andy Parker - Rob De Luca - Paul Raymond


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Andy Parker - Rob De Luca - Paul Raymond


UFO - TOP ACT 2015


HARLEY DAYS FESTIVAL review and photos



...New Metal Media has driven all the way to the Harley Days Festival, because there one of the most famous hard rock bands ever will be on stage - UFO. Doctor Doctor Please .... it was under this slogan on a slightly rainy evening at the Harley Days on the aforementioned wholesale market.

To match the engine rattling sounds of Harleys played the Old rockers UFO at large. The siege in front of the stage was the occasion correspond large combines were old and young rocker side by side to the heroes of the 70s and 80s to live. At this point I would like to take the old rockers back because what bring UFO on stage, so lets some young band tremble with awe. Already with the second song of the evening, the British have the audience firmly in hand, the song is the way from their new album.

Hit after hit flies the enthusiastic crowd around the ears and almost would have the impression that the men of UFO had not aged a single day, because they not only play with energy and joy, but also drown out even the passing Harleys. All in all it can be stated as a conclusion, UFO have far from exhausted their energy and so this concert makes in Hamburg simply want more.

Here is also the most beautiful concert evening to end and it drives me after the concert to the Merchendise booth where I treat myself with the purchase of their latest album. 2015 all rights reserved





Series of Photo's emerge from Harley Days -
PHOTO 01 | PHOTO 02 | PHOTO 03 | PHOTO 04 | PHOTO 05 | PHOTO 06 |
PHOTO 07 | PHOTO 08 | PHOTO 09 | PHOTO 10 | PHOTO 11



28th June 2015


28th June - Kavarna Rock (Kaliakra Stadium) - Bulgaria

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker





l-r: Vinnie Moore - Paul Raymond - Andy Parker - Town Mayor - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca
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Translated from Bulgarian to English:

Tonight the band played on the big stage

English heavy metal band UFO arrived in Kavarna for their participation in tonight's concert on the big stage of Kavarna Rock. Before going to the stadium "Kaliakra" examined the Walk of rock in Central Park and made pictures with Kmetala the monument of legendary Dio.

Also vocalist of the band Phil Mogg and guitarist Paul Raymond scored a priceless car with autographs.Within minutes, the band will come on the big stage to delight his fans and prepare the audience for the climax tonight with Twisted Sister.


Phil signing the 'special car'

Paul signing the special car




Phil Mogg on stage


Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg


Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca


Paul Raymond


Rob De Luca


Rob De Luca


Vinnie Moore


Phil Mogg


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May Issue of Pro Rock Magazine from Bulgaria - Issue 122


Issue 122 Index page


UFO feature in a double page spread


You can purchase the 68 page downloadable PDF magazine HERE



Translated from Bulgarian

UFO is one of those classic bands with a huge contribution to the development of solid music cited as inspiration by a large number of groups (METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN are just two of the most famous names), but did not become particularly popular in the country, outside several their greatest hit. Moreover, sometimes they are linked as one of the most undervalued groups worldwide. The reasons can be discussed long, but here that "Kavarna Rock 2015" appeared an ideal opportunity for Bulgarian fans to get acquainted with a bit of creativity of the band.

At 18:45 hrs. It finally happened and Phil Mogg gave his loyal band of British American spices to discover their set with "We Belong to the Night". The static behavior of the band (which was not particularly surprising given the advanced age of most of the musicians) was in stark contrast to the music, sliding on the thin line between hard rock and classic heavy metal and combined with great guitar maestro eruptions from Vinnie Moore.

The history of UFO, which is marked by the presence of great sheststrunnitsi, including the brightest name, of course, is that of Michael Schenker, and since 2003 Vinnie worthy continues this line. Long instrumental razsvirvaniya were adorned with jewelry solos and piano-guitar duels between Mr. Moore and Paul Raymond, of which shone where Steve Harris was inspired to some of the tunes in MAIDEN.

In a humorous style and traditions of boxing Phil Mogg present colleagues after "Venus", but between some of the other pieces addressed the audience with English accent so that places his words difficult to understand. Despite hits like "Lights Out" and "Rock Bottom" in a peak of the concert became the composite diamond "Love to Love". And when all expected that after an hour playing group will lay their brand and "Doctor Doctor", UFO vanished and never showed. Obviously you will have to bear with Bulgarian fans to possibly next visit to the British to hear classical song performed by its original vocalist. Setlist:

01. We Belong to the Night
02. Run Boy Run
03. Lights Out
04. Venus
05. Only You Can Rock Me
06. Burn Your House Down
07. Cherry
08. Love to Love
09. Messiah Of Love
10. Rock Bottom

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4th July 2015



4th July - Skanevik Blues Festival - Skånevik - Norway

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker






18th July 2015



18th July - Motorcycle Jamboree - Jüterbog - Germany

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker







21st July 2015



21st July - Meisenfrei - Bremen - Germany

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker




23rd July 2015


23rd July - The Carnegie Theatre - Workington - England

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker



UFO UPDATE : Standing tickets to see UFO, Zero and Heartbreak Remedy tomorrow evening have now SOLD OUT, We have a very limited number of seated tickets remaining so booking soon is highly recommended. Visit







Support Band - ZERO



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We Belong To The Night

Run Boy Run

Lights Out

Fight Night


Only You Can Rock Me

Burn Your House Down

Killing Kind

Love To Love


Messiah Of Love

Rock bottom

Doctor Doctor

Shoot Shoot





24th July 2015


24th July - The Picturedrome - Holmfirth - England

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker


UFO at The Picturedrome - Run Boy Run


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These photo's bedfore the gig and during - thanks to Glen Whitehouse and Don Allan.

Speaking of Don - some more great shots:









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25th July 2015


25th July - Steelhouse Festival - Ebbw Vale - Wales

Line-up: Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Phil Mogg / Rob De Luca / Andy Parker








NCR photography | NCR website









However, there is no under estimating headliners UFO (10/10), majestic and graceful as the veterans they are.  Vinnie Moore writhes his way up and down the ramp as well as his fretboard, while the dapper Phil Mogg pours his heart and soul into a set filled with classics and peppered with new tracks from their brilliant ‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’ album, filling the field with huge singalongs and charging the night air with tingling electricity, leaving all present content with the knowledge that they have seen masters of their craft at work. FULL FESTIVAL REPORT


UFO - Steelhouse Festival Review

Saturday headline act UFO also take a step back to the early eighties opening tonight with the classic `We Belong To The Night. Now whatever your personal opinion may be regarding this band, there`s no doubting the legendary status within rock music that they should be afforded. ‘Lights Out’, ‘Only You Can Rock Me’ are true classic stompers, and who would believe we are here taking in a live performance from one of the all time greatest rock bands right here on a mountain so so close to home, it’s actually all quite beautiful. Oh yeah what a band, Phil Mogg, god bless him, still has “it” in abundance and ‘Love To Love’ as always features Paul Raymond on keyboards (and guitar) who is still exuding that cool persona, Andy Parker meanwhile pounds away behind the kit and of course Vinnie Moore another in the lineage of classic axemen that have graced this wondrous group is displaying some rifftastic moments of six string brilliance. Let`s also not forget bassist Rob De Luca either who rounds off this super tight musical outfit. Add in a stunning headline sound oh and that unmistakable logo up there on the backdrop, and a set closing with ‘Rock Bottom’, ‘Doctor Doctor’ and ‘Shoot Shoot’ - its boom, boom, boom! Timeless musical classics one and all.

What more can you say? That’s me over and out from day one of Steelhouse 2015. Now what surprises will tomorrow bring?

©2015 Rob Watkins, all rights reserved

Photography by Russell Prothero




And so to Saturday’s headliners, another veteran band with an unimpeachable back catalogue, UFO. As anyone who saw them on their recent UK tour, including the excellent show at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton, will know that they’re still in pretty good fettle, playing a healthy mix of old and new material, and they were well on form at Steelhouse. Anyone who uses ‘Faith Healer’ by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band intro music is going to have me onside from the off, but when they strolled onstage and hit the mark straight away with a terrific version of ‘We Belong To The Night’ , it seemed clear we were in for a pretty good show. It was almost exactly the same set as they’d toured the UK with in April, mixing songs from ‘Seven Deadly’ and ‘Conspiracy Of Stars’, their two most recent studio albums, with a good selection of crowd pleasers. ‘Lights Out’ came early in the set, although Phil Mogg sadly didn’t change the lyric to something like ‘Lights out in Ebbw Vale’ and halfway through

‘Only You Can Rock Me’ brought the house down and had the crowd in full voice. After that it was a downhill sprint to a triumphant ‘Rock Bottom’ with the customary extended guitar solo from Vinnie Moore and ‘Doctor, Doctor’, which, despite the treacherous conditions under foot, had the crowd bouncing up and down, then the only encore of the day, ‘Shoot Shoot’. You really can’t go wrong with their catalogue, but they always seem to make it sound fresh and vital. FULL DAYS FESTIVAL REVIEW - ©2015 Paul Quinton














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