This is so far the earliest advert I have, placed in UK Music Paper, New Musical Express on June 8th 1974.

New Musical Express - Phenomenon and mini tour advert - June 8th 1974

Chrysalis Records advert for the newly released album, 'Phenomenon' wirth a rare photo with
Paul Chapman appearing alongside Michael Schenker. Also shows the mini-tour dates.

Interesting to see a mini-tour of the UK, one of which is Wellington College in Crowthorne (just up the road from me)
Trivia: co-incidently I played a Berkshire Squash Team match against Wellington (Bracknell won 20 points to 1) - 3rd July 2008
Formula 1 racing car driver, James Hunt (World Champion in 1976) went to this all-boys public school, Wellington College.

Also on the back of this advert - I have placed a scan of interesting musical happenings of that same week - Cockney Rebel and Be-Bop Delux, John Lennon signing in at hotels under the name 'Dr. Winston', Rory Gallagher, Paul McCartney and Wings.

Also (Wurth Open Air Fest) Connection - Nazereth playing US dates with Blue Oyster Cult back in 74

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