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'Showtime' review


UFO: Showtime / / SPV (Mastertrax)

Since 1969 the group boot, change of musicians, the occasional stop what is certain is that the classic bands that are still active and always maintaining a style, Classic and Hard Rock is that musicians who carry the shopping band nowadays hardly believe they are influenced by different musical styles within the rock that may arise or have arisen throughout his career. "You Are Here" has led them to different countries presenting their songs and interspersed with his usual classic and is what this double LP. sample both audio and video.

This recording belongs to 13 May this year in the German Pumpwerk Wilhelmshaven on stage and Phil Mogg (ex Mogg / Way, Sign Of 4), bassist Pete Way (ex Bad Business, Force, Ozzy-Mogg Way / Waysted , The Plot) and Paul Raymond keyboards (ex Chicken Shack, Hyperion, Michael Schenker, solo, The Ruffians), Vinnie Moore on guitar (solo-that replace earlier released "You Are Here" with Michael Schenker) and drummer Jason Bonham (ex Paul Rodger, Slash, Ritchie Sambora, Jeff Beck), drummer who joined Foreigner and has been replaced by the classic UFO Andy Parker returning to the band.

From "You Are Here" including "When Daylight Goes To Town," "The Wild One," "Baby Blue" and "Mr. Freeze" to include as it would not be any other way is that its classical concerts and large As feed on them, "Mother Mary", "Love To Love," "Too Hot Too Handle," "Lights Out", "Rock Bottom" (rather long), "Doctor Doctor" or "Shoot Shoot" to that add touches of his final films as "Fighting Man" (Sharks). Are UFO 2005. Hard Rock Classic.

Mariano Crespo


Disc 1: 1.Mother Mary 2.When daylight goes to town 3.Let it roll 4.Looser 5.This wild 6.The kids 7.Fighting one man can rock me 8.Only you 9.Baby blue 10.Mr. Freeze

Disc 2: 1.Love to love 2.Too hot too handle 4.Rock bottom out 3.Lights doctor 6.Shoot shoot 5.Doctor

Added date: Sunday, December 18th, 2005
Written by: Mariano Crespo

copyright 2009



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