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'The Monkey Puzzle' album review


4 years since its predecessor in this study although the interval edited direct audio and DVD "Showtime" and do so with the departure of Jason Bonham who joined Foreigner and whose position is again occupied by the classic Andy Parker (ex Scarlett ) who returns to the bosom of the group accompanying Phil Mogg vocals (ex-Mogg Way / Sign Of 4 / Damage Control), Pete Way bass (formerly of The Boyfriends, Mogg, Way, Waysted, The Plot / solo), Vinnie Moore guitar ( solo) and Paul Raymond guitar / keyboards (formerly of The Savages, The Circles, Chickenshack, Savoy Brown / solo).

As we say in the odd occasion with other formations, which have that label of "classic" is difficult and I think it right that a group of these features makes the decision to change his style. They were great in their classic hard rock style and despite the band to repeat certain patterns remains in a state of composition that I think is high. Some people may think that the departure of Schenker few years ago would lower its proposal but has not been well. Vinny Moore although his letter with the band did not have that style when playing the guitar now in "The Monkey Puzzle" if it has been able to show even more varied.

The topics of direct classic Hard Rock may be missing or not should not and you will find "Hard Being Me," "Black And Blue" with a few riffs of Angus Young-style guitar, "Down By The Rider", "Rolling Man" or " Kingston Town "is something more melodic. One of the most solid with very good instrumentation is "Heavenly Body" but the voice that has drawn fails to convince. There are others with that touch seventies, even bluesy as "Some Other Guy" or "World Cruise". And a couple of ballads, "Who's Fooling Who" and the best "Drink Too Much", very good.

Another Lp. and there are many more. Like his followers and those of classic Hard Rock life.

Mariano Crespo 80/100 - FORCE Magazine -- - 649.55.17.08 --

1. Hard being me
2. Heavenly Body
3. Some other guy
4. Who's fooling who
5. Black and blue
6. Drink too much
7. World cruise
8. Down by the river
9. Good bye you
10. Rolling Man
11. Kingston town

Added on: Monday, December 04, 2006
Written by: Mariano Crespo

copyright 2009



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