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UFO - The Visitor - SPV / Audioglobe - 2009

UFO The Visitor


Great return for historians Ufo rocker that with this new "The Visitor," gave us a new cd of great roc, k class and played with great charisma. Phil Mogg is always a singer and just race the first few notes of "Saving Me "to understand, as we launched into a blues rock of the past, marked by a fire six strings of the" guitar hero "Vinnie Moore. Still time slow blues, for the enchanting" On The Waterfront, "full of pathos and pachyderm enough to wiggle the hips in a truly spectacular blues.

After a less rock, we might say, it begins to get serious with "Hell Drivers," a massive rock song 70s, a perfect example of what it means to play with taste and refinement, even after more than thirty years of career. Great proof of good Andy Parker, who always shows a perfect drummer for the genre, precise and never intrusive, ready to leave the field to fly to Vinnie Moore as in "Stop Breaking Down" or "Ready Rock", the latter with inside part to the limits of southern rock, which would be driven mad by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Timeless songs, catching, and that even if they do not leave their mark in music history, it does not matter, the fact that here is a great class, there is plenty that is called "Can not Buy A Thrill" and "Forsaken "(a slow mood really beautiful). Closes' Stranger In Town ", a great rock anthem borrowing from the past of the band and with memories of Deep Purple and Whitesnake.
Lovers Rock with a capital R are advised Ufo .. the son returned and are not "Martians" are great musicians with a single word in my heart: let's rock! "

MOMENT OF ECSTASI: in my heart "Hell Drivers" and "Stranger In Town" two really amazing songs.


copyright 2009 - Allaradio



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