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UFO The Visitor


Albums: UFO-"The Visitor"
As always, a delight and an honor to re-hear a CD from one of the best Hard Rock bands in history to be re-learned for the umpteenth time after the last and final horrified Schenker's genius with the arrival of one of his students advantaged, Vinnie Moore, ever since, enjoying a calm and a lack of pressure for not having anything to show that there is no risk positively in their disks with him "You are here" in 2004 and "The Monkey Puzzle" 2006. For this new work, unfortunately, we could not enjoy under Pete Way interned by their addictions. In general, this "The Visitor" is a delicacy that was recorded in each place of residence and perhaps this is but you do, sometimes sounds a little cold but not anything to detract from the outcome. If you think picking off the most interesting of the same right?.

Bluesera intro riff and "Shenkeriano" to "Saving Me" opens the item, but good to get started is the next best "On the Waterfront" has a groove setentero spectacular that Temazo! All go, Vinnie makes a spectacular job, and Paul Raymond Hammond filled with that, "Hell Driver" follows the same wavelength, has been a spectacular start, "Stop breaking down" is more "soft rock", great melody and the voices of the great Phil Mogg and still rising over the bar for the rest, "Ready Rock" is trying to maintain this "slide" and the phenomenal cojounudo work drunk Mogg. After the disc ecuador, we come to "Living Proof" is more than their predecessors flojete maybe for being so good. The principle of "Can not buy a Thriull" sounds like the Who!, Then returns to the path of the said "Stop breaking down", ie melody and good guitar work, close to the AOR. "Forsaken" is half-time that may lower the intensity but it is a wonder to hear. More "heavylon" is "Villains & Thieves" by the riff but then the piano bar and the entrance to Andy Parker, turning it into a super Vacilón Rock'n Roll. To close, "Stranger Town" more sugar and leaves a nice taste to one of the best albums of the year so far, the undersigned, I look back to see them but I hope that with Pete Way and has no Phil Mogg den birra please!.

The best of the year without doubt.

Edurocks - copyright 2009






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