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UFO The Visitor

UFO formed in 1969 and took their name from a London club where they were spotted. Noel Moore subsequently signed them to Beacon Records and the rest his history, or is it?

To most UFO fans it’s the Schenker years that were the glory years with classics as Doctor Doctor and Rock Bottom Yet turbulence within the ranks of UFO saw numerous band line ups and reunions. Is the twentieth studio album worthy of the UFO logo?

The Band
Phil Mogg – Vocals
Vinnie Moore – Guitars
Andy Parker – Drums
Paul Raymond – Keyboards & Guitar

Session Artists
Peter Pichl – Bass
Martina Frank – Backing Vocals
Melanie Newton – Backing Vocals
Olaf Senkbeil – Backing Vocals

Blues all the way from the masters of rock steady beats see Mogg earthy vocals to the end. Vinnie’s guitar work is beyond reality changing and chopping between clean tones of angelic caresses and dirty growls expressing anger. You defiantly know which devil wears a crown on Save Me.

Up beat classic rock On The Water Front sees Paul throwing guitar and keyboard riffs Vinnies way. Both guitars sit nicely between Parks work of swing style drums.

You would sell your soul for this plush sound from Hell Driver. This is a hair metal moment by UFO and any true rockers Tequila slammer of a song. A fantastic aromatic beat that hits rock straight to the heart.

Is it the chain of blues-rock with its temptation of fame and fortune or simply a bunch of boys havin’ some fun. Rock Ready sees Mogg at the rains of this wagon telling his story with a backdrop beat of heavy breathing animals kicking at his heals.

Track Listing
Saving me
On The Water Front
Hell Driver
Stop Breaking Down
Rock ready
Living Proof
Can’t Buy A Thrill
Villains & Thieves
Stranger In Town

Trivia: Vinnie record his guitar parts in the USA separately to the bands recordings in Germany.

I fell in love with The Visitor by the forth track. If its classic rock with a steady beat full of expressions that you like, you will love this album. The Visitor is a cocktail of sounds shaken and not stirred by UFO. I don’t like to grade albums but this gets a 10/10 from me.

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