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UFO The Visitor

August 2009 - 'The Visitor' album review

UFO - The Visitor (Album)

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» The Visitor - UFO
by DigitalDessert

And what a visit it was! A blast from the past that was a fucking awesome surprise. Why? Well, come listen to my tale and all will unfurl.

Oh my, it has been a long road since the clear vinyl collecting days of Doctor Doctor and Cherry Red...yes, yes, we're talking 7" singles and the 70s and UFO were one of my first live experiences.

I’ve been a UFO fan for that long, but there was a period after Schenker departed that lost the sense of what UFO delivered. The Visitor continues with the heavily blues influenced rock that has developed in the last few releases, and is a journey well past the melodic metal of their initial 70s releases. The strength of Vinnie Moore’s guitars definitely give Phil Moggs' rich voice the substance it has always needed and has missed in many past post-Schenker releases.

Saving Me is a swampy southern blues slide guitar-led classic that guiles you into wondering where the punch is coming from. Well, it cracks you out of left field once it hits the end of the first verse. Ah! Yes. Mogg’s voice has matured so well and the guitars layered in from Moore have created a UFO classic.

Helldriver in comparison is pure UFO rock. It’s exactly what I would expect to hear, yet this track and UFO sound refreshed, invigorated and complete. Moore’s guitar underpinned by returning Andy Parker’s solid skin work is clean with a great rock riff and a solid, precise solo. The albums' ballad comes in the guise of Forsaken and it’s as soulful and emotional as I’ve ever heard Mogg whose voice just continues gets better and better.

Villains & Thieves and Stranger in Town rock the record to a close. Both tracks have classic riffs as foundations and there are some exceptional keyboards layered in.

Unlike some of the recent rock releases from 70s and 80s, bandsthat are this far into their journey, The Visitor manages to bring invigorated classic songs from UFO.

UFO’s twentieth studio album The Visitor is a classic solid rock and roll release which, unlike several of their past releases, just doesn’t have one track on it that’s average.

copyright 2009


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