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UFO The Visitor

The visitor
Steam Hammer / Border

One of the 70's most legendary hard rock band releases new! I can start by saying that I personally hold their classic albums phenomenon of 1974, with "milestone-shots" as the songs Rock bottom and Doctor doctor, as one of the best plates of the year. And it would not say little. 1974 is one of my musical favorites, when it was released so many fantastic records! Just to name a few: Sweet (Fanny Addams), Kiss (Kiss and hotter than hell), Nazareth (Loud n proud), New York Dolls (Too much too soon), Status Quo (Quo), Rolling Stones (It's only rock n roll), Budgie (In for the kill), Alex Harvey Band (The impossible dream), BTO (Not Fragile), Sparks (Kimono my house and Propaganda) and so on ... How sound when UFO anno 2009? 35 years later and without thunder guitarist Michael Schenker and dynamite bassist Pete Way? Original singer Phil Mogg is in all cases remain.
A little scattered - is the answer. In songs such as initiation Saving me, who has nice slide guitar by the new, but certainly not unknown, guitarist Vinnie Moore, let the old Nazareth. Would someone turn on the On the waterfront and ask me to guess, I had certainly thought that it was Chris Robinsons soul rock Black Crowe. Hell Driver could easily be Van Halen and Stop breaking down, I hear echoes of the band Magnum. So the swings and Rock Rock ready, where Moore re-produce slide tube and the whole band takes on White Snake-costumes! And so it goes on.
UFO-plate is, after all, full of groovy and good hard rock of the old school-age. And if you like what some call the fragmented and other sources varied, so this can be a pretty good buy.
But the Visitor is not a future classic. Since this cord children lack the character and identity which is found on early albums such as the phenomenon, then it is not quite the same. I am tempted in this case to say that it was better before.

Carl Thunman

copyright 2009




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