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June 2009

UFO The Visitor

UFO - The Visitor

Year of release: 2009
Label: SPV / Steam Hammer Records


The British rockers UFO run of this year, forty years despite changes in the occupation of the band. During those forty years there is a constant flow of good and less good albums have been. The Visitor is the latest creation by Phil moggg on vocals, Andy Parker on drums and Paul Raymond, and Vinnie Moore on guitar. Originally member bassist Pete Way has to operate because of private reasons.

The twentieth studio album, The Visitor has ten new songs on the regular edition, and the digipack has eleven. The disc listening as a colorful variety of seventies hard rock oriented with considerable bluesrock influences. Although Mr al forty years in the box seat, they have not forgotten the music. The ten songs are all nice, nice way to listen and perfect for a summer afternoon. Although often bekruipt me feel something while listening to miss what this album does rise to greater heights. The bluesrock sounds a bit too much like a cold studio and it has good moments tam.

Beyond this, The Visitor also has a number of memorable songs such as opener Saving Me, and will drive fans of yesteryear certainly lovers. UFO after forty years still not ready, that you hear on this latest album and see you, because at the time of writing they still attract the world with their still-growing oeuvre.

Track list:
1. Saving Me
2. On the Waterfront
3. Hell Driver
4. Stop Beaking Down
5. Rock Ready
6. Living Proof
7. Can not Buy a Thrill
8. Forsaken
9. Villains & Thieves
10. Stranger in Town

Score: 75 / 100

Reviewer: Walter

copyright 2009




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