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UFO The Visitor

Rating: 8.0/10 | TRANSLATED from French:

UFO, 40 years of existence, and the right foot here welcome to give us their twentieth (20!) Album. Right foot right eye, except Pete Way, the bassist inénarrable which was unable to attend registration for health reasons. We obviously wish him the more speedy recovery. We miss you Pete! It is also the third production with Vinnie Moore on guitar, and its involvement in the writing that is more consistent. Vinnie has actually written some twenty compositions, he wrote to Phil Mogg, who has been sorting, obviously on a blues rock, then they have refined and recorded. The bass parts were finally conducted by Peter Pichl, a German who served in the group of Heavy Metal runing Wild, played on the last Herman Frank (of acceptance), and recently joined a group of progressive writing Favorites , Nektar. Well, we will not try to compare with Pete Way, objectivity is impossible. Simply put, the guy provides the union with at least some talent even though production is not favorable to it.

Blues ... I saw some over there behind that policy, they will have to do it yet. Most titles in the first half of the CD has the flavor: "Saving Me," "On The Waterfront" or "Rock Steady" and his slide guitar. "Living Proof" goes even further with a groove at the edge of funk. You are already gone, you're wrong! Take time to absorb these influences (which we already found a little on the previous album) because they are imbued with the mark of the UFO, warm voice, full of feeling melodies and guitar solos on a classy rhythmic flawless. The solo from "Saving Me" is typically what is expected of the group ... And "Ready Rock" Phil Mogg plays with his voice with insolent ease while Vinnie gives heart to joy. Gratifying.

And attention is probably the album that distills the most catchy melodies long. The refrain of "Stop Breaking Down" seems straight out of "Misdemeanor" underrated album of the flying object and the rest of the song is to match, bewitching. "Can not Buy a Thrill" is equally memorable, despite a small mistake in taste for the effects of keyboards "robotic." UFO at its best, has the ability to provide a melody that continues throughout the title and not only on the chorus. This is the case again on these two pieces, a real treat.

After 'Forsaken' ballad very successful, but closer to the "Missing You" John Waite as "Processions of Violence," Paul Raymond we released his piano bar and Hammond organ to illustrate one of the best tracks on the album " Thieves and Villains. " Can not push the replay button, or keep the head immobile, impossible! The Hammond organ sounds remain for "Stranger in Town", but the tone has hardened. Again unstoppable melody, and two-thirds of the title, a guitar solo takes us back almost in the Schenker. Vinnie Moore This is a tremendous talent, it's a chameleon guitarist who can cover all records.

So what about this album? It is probably not what most fans of the first hour waiting, there are two slightly weaker tracks ( "On The Waterfront", "Living Proof") and it is one that we fed the best of the best melodies and guitar plans since the arrival of Vinnie Moore. UFO would, for forty years, not repeat itself, but to explore new horizons gently without distorting. To miss this cake for sectarian reasons would be a shame. A good entendeur!


copyright 2009 -Chronicle written by MétalNature




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