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UFO - The Visitor
Published: June 3, 2009 14:51
Last edited: June 3, 2009 15:07
On the front of the new album, The Visitor of hard rock legends UFO discover an old engraving, which is a scene from a set depicts. It is a print that immediately familiar, even if your hair has never previously have had to face.

The same can be said about the music on the disc that is hidden behind it: oerdegelijke rock directly familiar sounds.
Forty years, the band of singer Phil Mogg and friends all along and now with The Visitor, the British their twentieth studio album. With many years behind the pictures and choose the holy fire still burning in the gentlemen?

What at least for the first bluesy slide guitar tones of the opening number is already obvious on the surface and is that writing catchy songs have not been forgotten. Like the nine other pieces on this disc you as listener from the beginning to the lurv seized, while the subsequent Riedel and choruses immediately appeal.
This album also succeeded on the latter plane may be called, is also the merit of the characteristic song of Mogg, but most of the corrosive and virtuoso guitar work of Vinnie Moore.
The true fanatic Schenker will undoubtedly regret that this has been for some years the American service member to solo UFO, but it must be said that his energetic contributions to life the songs really know them.
What course did not claim that this latest addition to the impressive discography UFO level with a legendary title as Strangers In The Night. This album suffers a little under a somewhat rigid, low swinging rhythm section. But they have increased spending in the hard rock genre suffers.
"Traditional rock music that could hardly sound more classic" short, as the band itself describes their music. A striking phrase which perfectly the strength and weakness of the new album indicates, this is a timeless-sounding disc full of conviction played hard.

UFO plays on June 7 in De Pul in Uden.
© / Wouter de Waal


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