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Here is the first full review of 'The Visitor'


UFO The Visitor


I have been critical of UFO when they released their first Schenkerless album You Are Here. The issue wasn’t that Schenker was not in the mix, it was simply not a great album. Things just weren’t jelling at that point, the addition of Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham were without a great moves. On The Monkey Puzzle thing were much improved and the album came together; the music was better, the band sounded tighter and Phil Mogg continued to amaze.

This brings us to the latest album The Visitor the third release of this incarnation of UFO. It should be noted that Bonham left to pursue gigs with Foreigner and the short lived Zeppelin reunion. Enter longtime UFO drummer Andy Parker to fill the void. It should be noted that Pete Way didn’t play a note on this album; he has taken a sabbatical from UFO to address his health. The Visitor is the album that challenges the rejuvenated Deep Purple as the best band to rise from the ashes after the loss of a key member of the band. Phil Mogg sounds phenomenal, there are guys like Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger and Roger Daltry who get all of the accolades…I’ll tell you this; they can’t hold a candle to Phil Mogg who can still sing like he did back in the day. There is a certain level of elegance, class and sophistication that UFO has that truly makes them classic rock.

Vinnie Moore steals the show with unforgettable riffs and solos as heard on standouts; “Saving Me,” “Hell Driver,” “Living Proof” and “Rock Ready.” I was reluctant about this incarnation of UFO when I heard the debut, but after seeing them live on their previous tour and hearing The Monkey Puzzle and now The Visitor, there is no doubt that UFO have gotten their second, third or is it their fourth wind? The only thing that could be better is if Pete Way were there, let’s wish him good health so he can join Phil and Co. soon.


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