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July 2009 - 'The Visitor' album review


UFO: "The Visitor" (2009)

It is not an essential piece, but it's so gratifying to hear these days, a rock n'roll album so well grounded, so strong and unequivocal as The Visitor, it seems that in the end. UFO have caught the right path since his reunion with Schenker back in'98 (what a great concert on that tour: Zeleste room and Natural opening thing. Any music should start with Natural Thing y. .. "Said she came from Memphissss !), since good records like Walk on water, best yet as The monkey puzzle or as You are truly amazing here, and the latter two with Vinnie Moore, a virtuoso who has come to stop being in the bareto Phil Mogg and his rock and blues always nearby. The visitor in all good news, despite the absence of the sacred and charismatic bassist Pete Way, there are blues, there are tasteful (UFO because they have never lost that point elegant and fine them apart from any other rock band in the way tracidional), there's even a nice packaging of the CD edition and there are a couple of beautiful ballads, like the final Dancing with St. Peter, or a chronic alcoholic type mature abandoned by his wife, titled Forsaken, and the side rocker, a topic which is like a mirage Journey to'78!: Hell Driver is the theme of the album, is pure UFO no desentonaría in Strangers in the night, the riff is pure Schenker, reminds me of the feeling of Only you can rock me, one of my favorite rock band, and Phil sings it in an accurate and perfect, as it does throughout the disc. They are expected in December, as always since I know them, be there.

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