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UFO The Visitor

UFO - The Visitor (2009)

Author: Angel Genchev, Friday, May 22, 2009.


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Genre: Rock, hard rock, heavy rock;
Year: 2009;
Artist: UFO;
Origin: Great Britain;

UFO - The Visitor
2009, SPV Records

- Phil Mogg - vocals
- Vinnie Moore - guitars
- Paul Raymond - keyboards, guitar
- Peter Pilch - bass
- Andy Parker - drums

1. Saving Me; 2. On The Waterfront; 3. Hell Driver; 4. Stop Breaking Down; 5. Rock Ready; 6. Living Proof; 7. Can't Buy A Thrill; 8. Forsaken; 9. Villains & Thieves; 10. Stranger In Town; 11. Dancing With St. Peter (2009 Edition) (bonus)



British hard / heavy dinosaurs of UFO were never a group that will sit down specifically to listen to, but not mean they do not like them for some reason. Besides, the band of Albiona too long has left its mark on the development of the genre as a whole, and although we share twenty-five thirty summers of that celebrated their series of albums around the forehead of the charts, continues to create - in this very active - and to this day and enjoys their overwhelming amount of fans. Which may deserve only the most sincere respect.

In the interest of truth, "The Visitor" can not not pan of particular importance to Islanders, given that under the Honorary number 20 in their discography, and - furthermore - 2009 means that veterans are earned by us more us at least four decades on stage. As I think we can safely close your eyes for those four years, during which the band did not officially exist.

However, to some extent even hesitate what to say about the album - actually, one of the reasons hich do not like to write about so deserves groups is that their long nothing particularly new to be added. Except for some unparalleled chance to decide total experiment with them. UFO are not reached these new ideas and their work has passed into the style we know too well. "The Visitor" is really very diverse in different cuts jaunty sedemdesetarski compilation of hard rock here and there slightly vtezhnen, else - light jazz, mixing with the acoustics, some country and maybe I can even complete blues, especially in "Forsaken", Mog if Phil was in razpyavashtite is vocals. A slightly heavy as it is only "Stop Breaking Down" and "Can't Buy a Thrill", although the same success, then it may be called and individual pieces of Parpal.

As it is superfluous to mention that one hardly - if ever - to find the wrong note, given the decades of history UFO. Therefore, perhaps still the most important fact - their last album is a real pleasure to the ear. Especially for fans of the old school. With a lot of interesting places melodies master - no music is too complex - and, mostly, able to create a good mood since his first rhythms. And what more should a man.

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