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UFO The Visitor CD Review

UFO - The Visitor
Genre: Hardrock

Label: Steamhammer / SPV


The appearance of a new UFO album conjures up naturally a big grin in the faces of all the friends of good, traditional, hand-made rock. The view on the band photo, however, transforms the facial expressions of joy first time in doubting Stirnkräuseln.
"Hm, but since no one?" Right, Bass - Pete Way Urviech illness could not take part in the recordings. Since getting the anticipation, but a significant damper! Without the bad boy of rock 'n' roll band but lacks the kind that certain something.
Yet I can announce the glad tidings that "The Visitor" is no milestone, but has become really strong.

On closer examination of recent UFO - years, this is not such a big surprise.
Since "young bung" Vinnie Moore at the 6 strings of the English institution plucks, again blowing a fresh wind through the flying saucer. Also the fact that Jason Bonham to the reputation of the U.S. dollar and has now Foreigner swinging the sticks, is in retrospect not as a shortcoming. The return of founding member Andy Parker does the tape audibly good climate. So good that you sometimes - hopefully for a short time - on Pete Way can do. Who ultimately is the bass, is in the promo - text does not mention, but what you hear, stood Peter Pichl (including Running Wild, Herman Frank) on long, which we undoubtedly have a good job can certify.

When you first run the new disc you get the first impression that the men to Phil Mogg had a slight style correction. Obviously, we get mainly the bone dry, typical UFO Hardrock offered by the vital force to this day makes. But it goes to the heart of the matter is quite good, if you type "The Visitor" a "discreet American Impact" attest.
The British gentleman obviously have their love for Southern rock was discovered.
A Rammers like "Villains & Thieves", including Honky Tonk piano, would also allow veterans by Molly Hatchet good face, and the rousing "Rock Ready" produces not only because of his thoughts on Slide Guitar dusty rodeos. The great ballad "Forsaken", the tolerant fan even a few Country out sounds heard, while "On the Waterfront" with bold blues hit side and cool Hammond - organ also best Saloon - is Mucke.
However, these elements never so present that it would annoy. On the contrary, they represent an absolute enrichment in the sound image of the legend Even the most exotic of the album, the funky "Living Proof," UFO never leave their traditional territory.

For the purists, there are certainly enough fodder ears, like the typical 70's British homage "Stranger in Town" or "Stop Breaking Down", a prime example of how, despite catchy AOR - melody can also recite unkitschig.
A highlight of equal and of the same style is "Can not Buy A Thrill", and a driving (including lyrics) poignant midtempo - Anthem. Klasse!

Sometime in Early Linux UFO have ever been without a slice of Pete Way, which mightily in the pants went ( "Misdemeanor"). Anno 2009, the thing completely different. Despite - or perhaps because of - the somewhat atypical orientation sounds "The Visitor" much more mature and - of course! - More varied than the two predecessors.
The wonderfully crude production is doing its Rest.
Especially today, where many clone - with its retro bands - albums abgefeiert as the savior of the music, is an authentic band like UFO almost vital.

1. Saving Me
2. On the Waterfront
3. Hell Driver
4. Stop Breaking Down
5. Rock Ready
6. Living Proof
7. Can `t buy a thrill
8. Forsaken
9. Thieves & Villains
10. Stranger in town
11. Dancing with St. Peter (Limited Edition Bonus)

Line Up:
Phil Mogg - Vocals
Vinnie Moore - Guitars
Paul Raymond - Keyboards, Guitars
Andy Parker - Drums

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