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UFO The Visitor

The Visitor
2009, SPV / Audioglobe
Hard Rock
Published on: 10/06/2009


Forty years and not hear. This is the prestigious goal cut this year by the UFO, band leaders of the British hard rock scene formed in the far 1969 (with provisional monicker Hocus Pocus, which will be amended in the final after a few months) from the meeting between the singer and composer Phil Mogg, bassist Pete Way, guitarist Mick Bolton and drummer Andy Parker. After a career dotted with numerous masterpieces and made of continuous change of line up (the last of which the entry of American virtuoso guitarist Vinnie Moore in 2004 and returned to the plant stable in the group of drummer Andy Parker), dropout, and sudden dissolution reunion (the first in 1995, the next in 2000), finally sees the light of the new album English training (the twentieth of their history), titled The Visitor, published in June 2009 by the German SPV Records.

Always related to a broad stylistic details of the previous The Monkey Puzzle, The Visitor is the second track moves from hard rock seventies clear flavor, with hints clearly blues oriented, and sporadic references to sound distinctly southern rock. Orphans in this time of bassist Pete Way (suffering from a disease of the liver, could not take part in recording sessions for the disc and probably will be replaced even during the summer concerts in major European festivals), the British quartet is led once time since frontman and main composer Phil Mogg, author of a test microphone slightly undertone, but still more than enough. Shields especially on the work of virtuoso American guitarist Vinnie Moore (Vicious Rumors, Alice Cooper), now amalgamated into the band perfectly and true protagonist of the disc, capable of conferring with his biting six-string value added to the compositions. At his side we find the historian Paula Raymond in the second guitar (which as usual is also party to the keyboard), while the battery sits the excellent Andy Parker, author of a test varies, compact and attractive. Ten are the pieces that make up this The Visitor for a total duration of no more than forty-two minutes. Songs of great impact and full of energy as proposed in this record, absolutely immediate and designed to make live better in optics. Songs definitely engaging and sliding, all high quality, with no decline or filler of any kind: a fully convincing is the album in its entirety, and not too methodical, but not necessarily trivial or obvious. Among the best pieces of the lot stands out for sure the opener Saving Me, song from the blues influences clear that, after an introduction given to the acoustic guitar Vinnie Moore, results in a hard rock coriaceous, engaging and very catchy. Along the same line is as follows On the Waterfront, but with the arrival of Hell Driver you move on rather more coordinated and aggressive rock. Really interesting also Forsaken, sweet slow atmospheric melodies from particularly successful, and the most direct and comprehensive Can not Buy a Thrill, with a great Vinnie Moore once again on the shields.

Ultimately this is The Visitor may not prove to be a masterpiece, but still a very interesting album, well played. A hard crisp and enjoyable, catchy and appreciable since the first listen but never obvious or trivial. It must be some really outstanding to be able to give birth to an album like this, with no filler and no loss in sensational form, after the beauty of forty years of honorable career. In short, an excellent return for the British band for a disk that may not be able to match the great classics that have made the history of the group, but who will guarantee you a good number of audience pleasing.

Lorenzo "KaiHansen85" Bacega

01. Saving Me
02. On the Waterfront
03. Hell Rider
04. Stop Breaking Down
05. Rock Ready
06. Living Proof
07. Can not Buy a Thrill
08. Forsaken
09. Thieves and Villains
10th Stranger in Town

Line Up
Phil Mogg - Lead Vocals
Paula Raymond - Guitars & Keyboards
Vinnie Moore - Guitars
Andy Parker - Drums



copyright 2009 - TMI




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