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UFO The Visitor

UFO: The visitor
CD-Review, 02.06.2009


The fresh the rock dinosaurs UFO with Vinnie Moore of entry since the 2004 album "You are here" audibly good, goes into the next round. And what's happening on the last album, "The monkey puzzle 'suggested, here is even more proportions - UFO are heavy on the blues-Trip. Certainly lives here now stronger from Vinnie Moore, on "The visitor" consistently does an impressive job. Almost ego-free, he adds continue seamlessly into the songs that will favorably far back - and then with a songdienlichen, Guitar-Hero-free solo game with enthusiasm. Bass Freak Pete Way (WAYSTED) had probably his debauchery lifestyle into account and could not participate in the recordings. He jumped as illness representation NECTARS-bassist Peter Pichl, which as the bedrock Andy Parker Paul Raymond and his part to the success of "The visitor" contributes. When Lord Mogg, there is also no failures, even when he is singing now, and down slightly due to higher age escapades waived. For a totally convincing performance, it is perhaps therefore continue, his charismatic voice that not. So does the blue rocking opener, the swinging "On the Waterfront" and especially the joyful rocking "hell driver" a lot of fun. Well, everything? Not quite, because in the calm tones is not much room for goose bumps, instead of cuddling alarm is rather wait gepflegtes announced. Also, the real UFO-Rocker by quite bluesy line significantly declined. In "Rock ready" for example, will be much more likely to WHITESNAKE think than UFO. In addition, we have the feeling that "The visitor" all the lights too much on Mogg and Moore, are the gentlemen in the background, and finally also rock legends, almost only find the side instead. Bassist Way had a little more secure because the fingers on it. Let's hope that he recovers and again in the future direction of UFO-Hard Rock urges. Regardless of which is "The visitor" but became a successful album and leaves the not-so-powerful predecessor, "The monkey puzzle" forgiving. And the funky "living proof" and the very American Poser rocker "Stranger in town" forget you also like the little quirks of "The visitor".

The limited edition Digi-Pak comes with the song "Dancing with St.Peter ', in the sense of really great cover, it will also be a vinyl-disc type. Fans can always at UFO safe access.

Playtime: 42:25 min

Phil Mogg: Vocals
Paul Raymond: Guitars, keyboards
Vinnie Moore: Guitars
Andy Parker: Drums

Label: Steamhammer / SPV


1. Saving Me
2. On the waterfront
3. Hell Driver
4. Stop breaking down
5. Rock ready
6. Living proof
7. Can not buy a thrill
8. Forsaken
9. Thieves & Villains
10. Stranger in town

copyright 2009 - VAMPSTER




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