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April 2004



UK's April Issue of CLASSIC ROCK - Issue 65

Phenomenal! indeed - UFO fans are in for a real treat in this months Classic Rock magazine. Already on the shelves in UK stores, a two page album review from Geoff Barton and five pages put aside by Dave Ling for a Phil Mogg interview - FANTASTIC

Lets start with the interview...

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...Dave Ling pulls no punches and quizzes Phil over the 'Manchester debacle', talks about events leading up to the show, reaction and effect it had on the band and fans. The control of the band name 'UFO', re-grouping with a new line-up and past UFO members up for consideration. The final choosing of the replacements for Drums and Guitars, the relationship between the new members and feel of the band. Touch on the two previous albums, 'Covenant' and 'Sharks'. The current European tour and the overall feeling regarding Michael Schenker.

In all this is a frank and highly entertaining interview from Dave Ling - Phil is open with his thoughts, plans for the band are positive and warm. In fact Phil Mogg seems very very comfortable with UFO both personally and professionally. I am not going to report on the detail as to encourage you fans to go out and BUY this issue of Classic Rock. You will not be disappointed.

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Now onto the review



I have been reading this magazine since the first issue and I must say it isn't often that a band is awarded five stars!!!


I will just quote a few comments from Geoff as I really want you go out and buy a copy of the magazine. If you have trouble getting hold of a copy, e-mail me and I'll put you in the right direction.

"This is a very 21st-century UFO. Although the essence of the band's sound remains - imperious anthems driven by Mogg's stentorian voice, but also tempered by liberal doses of melody..."

"...Moore is a revelation on 'You Are Here', cranking out an array of raw, beefy, quintessentially British rock riffs that belie his fretwiddling upbringing..."

"Jason provides a backdrop of rumbling menace..."

"Mogg is in top lyrical form throughout..."


It really is a fantastic review from the best Rock Magazine in the world - Oh what joy.







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