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Plenty for you UFO fans out there in the July 2004 issue of UK's Classic Rock Magazine

A really interesting section listing the Top 100 Greatest Frontmen as polled by the

Classick Rock writer's.

Our main man Phil Mogg came in at number 22,


beating the likes of:

Klaus Meine (87), Robert Palmer (85), Ian Hunter (79), Steve Marriot (77), Ian Astbury (69),

Ian Andersoin (54), Geddy Lee (53), Kurt Cobain (41), Francis Rossi (37), Joe Elloit (35),

Roger Waters (34), Brian Johnson (32), James Hetfield (31), Ian Gillan (30), Sammy Hager (28),

Ted Nugent (27), David Coverdale (26), Janis Joplin (25), Steve Perry (24),

Paul Stanley (23), PHIL MOGG (22), Rob Halford (21), Ronnie James Dio (20).

Finally Phil is getting his rightful place in the History or Rock and, although polls

are subjective (we would place Phil at Number 1) it is great to see that this

was a poll from professional Rock Journalists.


Also in the July Issue is something named:


After all the hard and dedticated work, our dear friend BATTTTTTY has

had the wonderful Strangers In The Night website recognition:




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