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November 2006


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UFO: Monkey Puzzle

This is a cracking return to form from UFO, now featuring Vinnie Moore on guitar. This is a damn good album with nothing one could term fluff. The band comes across as a unit rather than individual personalities showing off as has happened in the past on UFO releases. This album just puts a smile on my face every listen. "Some other Guy" is pure Stones, at their best, goodness replete with some great mouth organ. And there is the great power ballad "Drink too Much" which should be a huge freaking hit. Just trust me on this one. Don’t let this cracking hard rock album pass you by.

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Classic UFO Sound

The Monkey Puzzle is UFO's best studio album since 1995's Walk On Water. It is also the first release since Walk On Water with original drummer Andy Parker. If you're a UFO die hard like me or if you're new to UFO this CD is for you.
Submitted by Tony in Wilkes - Barre, PA on the CD UNIVERSE website.


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