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30th December 1976 - Bravo


Double-spread from German Bravo - title says ' UFO 1977 is going to be our Year ! '

Thanks Gregory for the following translation as well as the scans.


Backstage exhausted Michael Schenker his stage outfit all in sweat tells us:

"I cannot any more"

But almost 2000 Fans at Munich’s Cirkus Krone-Bau clap their hands and shout for more. After some 5 minutes break UFO manager Dick Jordan Michael pushes the Band back on stage. Michael and his friends deliver their best during "Come On Everybody” an old Eddie-Cochran-Song……….
The Fans get what they want at the UFO Rockshow – Michael plays guitar with his teeth gets down on his knees, strikes the amplifier with his guitar. Fans stretch hands towards him trying to pull him off stage.
The blond Hannover boy says:

"This is almost like in America but we play in front of 60 000 people there" – he smiles.

The crowd is so wild tonight that UFO are back on stage with the second encore "Boogie” their most successful song so far from 1971.

They have played together since 1969 – singer Phil Mogg, drummer Andy Parker and bass player Pete Way.

"We were 17-teen then" tells Phil Mogg "the success has come too fast" Above all we had no clear musical direction then. Which has been found in between – with Michael Schenkers help. He has played since the summer of 1973 in the Band as Mick Boltons successor

"Michael has brought us lots of luck. In America he is recognized as one of the best guitarist of Heavy-Rock”- tells Phil. Michael himself does not hear so much praise at all gladly

"I still learn english language – there are still some problems during interviews Many reporters consider me sometimes therefore conceited. Often only the correct words are missing to me. I feel myself much more comfortable on stage -there I can go-let myself correct and out-rave”.

The Stage and the Studio – these are Michaels fields of work. He determines the sound there. Apart from that he composes most of the songs for his friends

"I think that Phil should give all the interviews. He is a girls-type as a singer and also he is a boss of this Band”.

UFO are with the new keyboardplayer Paul Raymond for the first time in Germany. He is 26. Four years long-until 1975 – he played with Savoy Brown.

"There is our new album coming out this month, one can feel clearly Pauls presence there. He has the blues background. Thus our music becomes more Rock-orientated." explains Phil Mogg and adds optimistically:

"1977 is going to be our most successful year – I am sure. ”






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