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H/M - iTALIAN magazine - April 1989

Extremly rare interview for this period of UFO's history - Although in Italian, Phil mentions that he is writing
New material with Pete Way and are looking at various guitarists to enter the studio and record a new album.

Recent guitarists (although Phil makes no mention of names in the following interview) were Myke Gray, Rik Sanford and Tony Glidewell

The previous recorded interview - July 1988 - METAL FORCES magazine ran an interview with UFO and its clear that Rik Sanford
continues to write and lay down the guitar parts for a planned forthcoming album:

It seems that by April 1989 (when this interview was conducted) it was just Phil and Pete as the UFO line-up

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Phil Mogg two page interview



Rough Translation from Italian to English

P.m. .. Well, no ... No, actually came out in Appendix to this mini album containing material that we recorded during the "Misdemeanor Tour" ... the fact that at first we were never able to pubbhcarlo because during the rest period that we were granted various band members have been lost in many other parts of the globe and in different projects. Then finally someone suggested this idea and now the project to reality.
And how has sl I'lmmedlato future?
P.m. At this point I'm working on a new LP with Pete Way and write new material. C'a the strong possibility of entering the studio in a couple of months to make a new album and if we can find time iI will do well here in the U.S. a few dates.

-CI are statl parecchl rumorl as rlguarda II chltarrlsta ...
P. M.. We used several people to help us in the studio but we have in mind a couple of people who could prove ideal for the band. We have not yet decided on the merits, but a problem esempre troyare the right person ... So cl-dl seems that caplre In effettl and there was a sore serrazlone ufflclale dl UFO ...
P. M. No, we just decided to take a break, which probably lasted a little 'pill for a year, maybe one anna and a half ... I wanted to do something different from what I had always done and COSL-state ... I did very well because it gradually I'energia to renewed and since I started to write material with Pete Way is in the machine restarts. How will future-II materiaIe?
P.m.. Once again will be different from what we used to do in the past but still bring the brand UFO. It's hard to say what you will do in the past because they always end alia Ie things became very different from what we had in mind. However we will follow the path started with this EP, which is a raw and aggressive sound pill and no keyboards with me than before. There were a lot of fun to throw this material gill because in a sense it was a change than the other two discs made from that line-up.
Atomic Tommy And what happened?
P.m. Actually I think it should be here shortly for the party ... Indeed I do remember that I have to call it.
Er II went as you did in that famous tour paesl East?
P.m. Mmmm ... Not too well because I'audience pill was interested to hear classics such as' Johnny B. Goode "0" Roll Over Beethoven "by Dr. Feelgood (another of the bands that toured the world) that normal, 'the personal material of the bands. It still was an interesting experience because different. In the past, the press- the band has always crltlcato The contlnul cambl diline-up, but in the end I think that's what you have sla permesao dl still be vlvl ... What do pensl?
P.m. .. I do not think that lineup changes are intended to be so traumatic, 0 at least until you manage to keep I'identita the band's past UFO full of arrivals and departures of musicians but based on iI always been possible to recognize brand characte
circumstances in advance of the band. Esempre all happened spontaneously but in a 0 in the other pieces of the puzzle have always fallen in the right place. Currently we do not create too many problems and we only write new material with a blues vein and very direct with guitars, then who knows, maybe we will end up with an orchestra ... No it's a joke





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