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The photo book features rock artists who played in Japan in 1971 -
UFO feature on 4 pages and show the band line-up of Phil Mogg, Andy Parker, Pete Way and Mick Bolton, all shot in black and white

140 pages - Publisher: Shinko Music Publishing Co., Ltd

Book measures: 26 x 21 cm.

The photo book features rock artists who played in Japan in 1971, consisting of pictures of the rock artists played in Japan in 1971.

It was published as a special issue of MUSIC LIFE magazine in December, 1971.

It is written in Japanese text, but there are many pictures of big artists who played in Japan during 1971.

Artists included in this magazine are as follows:

Blood, Sweat & Tears: 9 pages
Chicago: 12 pages
John mayall: 8 pages
Grand Funk Railroad: 11 pages
Mashmakhan: 2 pages
1910 Fruitgum Company: 2 pages
Pink Floyd: 10 pages
Buffy Sainte-Marie: 2 pages
Led Zeppelin: 26 pages
UFO: 4 pages
Shocking Blue: 2 pages
Free: 8 pages
Chambers Brothers: 2 pages
Ike & Tina Turner: 4 pages
Elton John: 11 pages
B.B.King: 6 pages

Led Zeppelin pinup (pull out) (*the reverse side is Chicago, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Grand Funk Railroad)


Rock Festival Cover


Contents Page



Page 96 - UFO was doing overwhelming performance with dynamic actions as if they were being self-absorbed at night in Hibiya.



Page 97 - Four young men confidently played on stage as they declare that cosmic sound is what they play.

The Unidentified Flying Object flying from the U.K. with a smash hit of ‘C’mon Everybody’ made an appearance in Japan.  They let us hear the heavy sound with energetic appeal by the youth of average age of 19 as can be heard in C’mon Everybody.  Their massing sound based on boogie blues remind us of the now-defunct British band, Free.  However, they confidently proclaim that their sound is cosmic sound, and during their stay in Japan, they continued the heated performance, gained new fans and then flew away.



Page 98 - Phil, the singer sings profound sounds and other members’ excitement hypes up Phil all the more.


UFO members happily answering questions from the interviewer.
From the left,

Mick Bolton (20) G - Pete Way (19) B.
Andy Parker (18) Dr - Phil Mogg (19) Vo.


Page 99 - An exciting moment when Phil bent backward and sing around in response to the Pete twanging a intense beat.

Sep.18 Arrive at Sapporo Airport
Sep 21 Press conference and show at Mugen
Sep 23 Show at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
Sep 25 Show at Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall

Setlist (same for Tokyo, Osaka and Mugen shows)
1. Prince Kajuku
2. Silver Bird
3. C'Mon Everybody
4. Boogie for George
5. Follow You Home
6. Who Do You Love
7. Lovin Cup


Many thanks to Ritchie B. Araki for the translation into English


Looks as if the same photo session was used for the Japanese Stateside single as shown below:

Prince Kajuku / Coming of Prince Kajuku

Japanese 7", picture insert Stateside SR-2924 - 1971

This is the first UFO release to feature a liv e picture of the band


UFO Landed in Japan
JAPANESE promo - Stateside SP-80374


This is the back cover from the 1st edition of UFO Landed Japan 1971 Foldout Cover Album,
recorded live 25th Sep 1971 at the Mugen Free Sound Festival (ROCK FESTIVAL: JAPAN PHOTO BOOK 1971),
sold at the Mugen Festival one year later (1972) . The 2. Edition have a plain white cover with no pictures at the backside.
The 3rd Edition isnt a foldout album.
Thanks to Harry Becker


UFO Landed Japan 1971 Foldout Cover Album






Other non-UFO related pictures fro the Rock Festival Book



































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