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The Metal Hammer Xmas Party

December 1987

I am interested in UFO's colourful history, in particular the bands line-up's over the years.
One section in this website is the UFO Family Tree and I decided to look into the bands 1987/88 era. This is a part of history
that hasn't been well documented. Time to put this right. I knew that a young guitarist, Myke Gray was playing for the band. I had no
line-up information or photo's, so some detective work ensued.

This led me to to photographer, Tony Mottram, who's enthusiasm for his work and music,
inspire me, along with other muscians and fans alike.

Tony Mottram

Tony Mottram

Tony had covered the Hammer Xmas Party and his photos appeared in the January 1988 issue:


01. We Belong To The Night
02. Between A Rock And A Hard Place
03. Too Hot To Handle
04. Blinded By A Lie
05. Heaven's Gate
06. Lonely Heart
07. At War With The World
08. Chains Chains
09. Only You Can Rock Me
10. Lights Out
11. Rock Bottom
12. Doctor Doctor

In the following article it says 'Myke Gray stole the show'

and Tony Mottram's photos document the evening really well


Myke Gray



All photos above, copyright Tony Mottram, All rights reserved


Here is a small report on the evening, from the same magazine:



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Tristan Greatrex

Illustration and Graphic Design © Tristan Greatrex