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POP - July 1976 - double-spread from POP magazine



Ritchie Blackmore refused to go onstage after them. They stole the show from the J.Geils Band. Dave Mason an opening act heard nothing but UFO-UFO chants while onstage. To cut story short – the first American – Tour for an english/german Band UFO was an absolute triumph.
The youmg german UFO-guitarist writes about it all exclusive for POP.



We landed at the Los Angeles International Airport and were met by an enormous heat there. Almost 40 degrees in the shade! There was 10 degrees on departure in London 12 hours before. Nobody gets over this change of climate without prejudice. Luckily we had the first 3 days off-to acclimatize. We stayed on Sunset Boulevard at Hyatt House Hotel of ill repute. Most musicians stay there and there are lots of Groupies hanging out. We have heard many stories about the Hotel before and they all proved to be true. Sometimes it was worse than in the Chinese brothel.
In any case we accustomed well.
The first show took place at the Record-Plant-Studio.Yes,at the recording studio in front of the public. The whole show was aired live on the radio in Los Angeles.We played 2 sold out shows in Los Angeles afterwards as headliners so the radio-advert really paid off.
The next stadion was San Francisco. Two nights we played at Bill Grahams „Winterland”. These were the best organised concerts we have ever had.6000 Fans cigarette lighters in the air – for us this was the greatest success of the whole tour.
Canada was next.
There were problems on the border as they did not want to let us in.We had to wait for 2 hours. In Vancouver we opened for Rick Wakeman.Wakeman-public reacted very poorly to our Rock. A pity. Our Manager Magoo got completely drunk. As a result of that somebody nicked the 2800 Dollar from his jacket backstage.
Back in the USA for 9 concerts supporting Jethro Tull.Its tough to play for Tull-Fans,but it was better than expected.Particulary Oklahoma, Kansas and Ohio – Americas „Province” was very good for us.
We played one of  the last Faces concerts at Detroits Cobo-Hall to 15000 people.2 shows for a very enthusiastic public. They call Detroit – The Rock City  - in the USA.We were all too happy after the gig and we showed it to our manager Magoo: a few bars drying ice into his hotel room bath tub,water on it and the whole Suite disappeared in impenetrable fog. We did not know at all that Magoo could swear so variedly.
The concerts with J.Geils Band in Chicago,Washington and Boston followed. The shows were great for us with encores each night - only J.Geils Band was not amused.
And in Chicago – Ritchie Blackmore – the Star of the night with his Rainbow- refused to play right after us.
Miami was even better – white Strand,Palms, Suntanned girls rubbed sunoil on our backs.
Two shows with Dave Mason followed.It was crazy: the crowd went wild for us.Dave Mason was greeted with UFO-UFO chants. The next night he opened for us.Experience makes intelligent.
And it continued to go crosswise over the continent.Atlanta,Sarrasota,Pittsburgh Philadelphia, New York. That hears itself very beautiful but its also a considerable strain.
We all took a deep breath after the last concert in New York.
Our Record Company threw a Farewell Party with large amounts of meals and alcohol.
Three things tune us gladly:
Our first US-TOUR is completed. And daily flights and american food belong at last to the past. Because that was the worst of the whole Tour for me.










Thanks Gregory for the scans


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