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11th May - Brazil - Sao Paulo - Carioca Club

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca


UFO - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Vinnie Moore and Phil Mogg


Andy Parker


Rob De Luca


Phil Mogg


Paul Raymond


Vinnie Moore


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Andy Parker - Rob De Luca - Paul Raymond


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VIDEOS from last nights show in Sao Paulo


UFO - Carioca Club - São Paulo - 11th May 2013

Text and photos: Gil Oliveira

In this Saturday, May 11, it was time for the legendary British band UFO performing on stage São Paulo, already known to the public rocker, Carioca Club.
With nearly 40 years on the road, you could see fans of all ages, which greatly surprised, and of course, the older fans, who by experience, not betrayed the anxiousness to find their idols of yesteryear in action!

Although many formations, the current, with the founding members Phil Mogg (vocals) and Andy Parker (drums), along with Paul Raymond (rhythm guitar / keyboards) that accompanies long, and even Rob de Luca (bass) and great American guitar hero Vinnie Moore, present in the band since 2004, disclose the most recent work, 2012, the great album "Seven Deadly".

Spent little of 19 h, the curtains opened and heard, "Lights Out," a song originally recorded in 1977, followed by the classic Mother Mary. The band was very entrosada, guitarist Vinnie Moore, giving the envy of guitarists present, soloing and improvising as anyone interacting with the public, very friendly, and even the high point of the presentation, gave his "solar twine you guys," a real show piece showing attitude and destresa.

We also highlight the latest music, than with a "footprint" sounded more modern heavier than on record, the band knew perfectly dosed and merge dynamics during the presentation, "Fright Night," "Wonderland," "Mojo Town" were direct and heavy, while "Burn Your House Down" sounded quiet and clean, with a stunning guitar tone. Already with a footprint more Hard rock, came "Venus" from "Walk on Water" 1995, and "Hell Driver" from the album "The Visitors", 2009.
But the classics the crowd was loud, screaming and hitting many palms, as in "Rock Bottom", with long guitar improvisations and many dynamic merging all instruments.

In the encore, the classic "Doctor" was performed, which led fans to sing unissonamente, and at times overcome Mogg's voice, which proved to be very comfortable and enjoying every moment, threw the microphone to the public, to these energies and they spent last vocal cords themselves hoarse; addition to emocionarem enough, after all, some waited for this show for years. Then ending with "Shoot Shoot", and more improvisation, Mogg gave the signal to the band to close the nearly two-hour presentation, which for most of those present, irrespective of age, felt as if they were a few minutes!

A real class rock n 'roll, showing that in style, there are no boundaries of age, and that youth actually is inside each one!





Paul Raymond gets interviewed on


Titio Marco Antonio interviews Paul Ramond on Kiss 102.1FM -
Will post the interview when I come across it



TRANSLATED to English:

The legendary group UFO appeared for the second time in Brazil. Icon of '70s hard rock, the band continues on the road, and the latest album of them is the acclaimed Seven Deadly (2012).

The new Brazilian tour the British started with a great show on Saturday (11) at Carioca Club in São Paulo.

The group started promptly at 19h playing one of the biggest hits of his career, Lights Out, the famous eponymous 1977 disc. The fans were delirious, of course. And, without leaving time to breathe, let UFO over a torpedo shortly thereafter: Mother Mary.

If the virtuoso Michael Schenker left the band, now also virtuoso Vinnie Moore meets well the role of soils show as fast as melodious. And the replacement works out live. Fans were thrilled with both the performance of Moore who were asking for the entire show their guitar picks. And friendly, the guitarist played the accessories for the guys.

Phil Mogg still strutting his cool British way of singing. Without exaggeration, gives to place it alongside great masters such as Ian Gillan. Even with the gist shy Moog chatted with the audience and even praised the 1965 Marshall amplifiers were available for their show.

UFO: racing hard rock live

Already the trio Paul Raymond (rhythm guitar, keyboards), Rob De Lucan (bass) and Andy Parker (drums) shows perfect rapport on stage.

Among the major hits of the night were Let it Roll, Only You Can Rock Me, Love to Love and Too Hot to Handle. In Rock Bottom - originally recorded with a fantastic solo Schenker - Vinnie Moore showed service once again, with skill and taste guitaristic.

Also worth a highlight on newer songs like Fight Night and Wonderland.

In bis, two of the biggest songs of the hard rock world: Doctor and Shoot Shoot.

That is, the UFO is still a great rock'n'roll show for any age or time.

If you missed the show, have a few more chances outside the state capital. The UFO still performs on Sunday (12) at the Teatro CIEE (Porto Alegre), Tuesday (14) at the Odyssey Theatre (Rio de Janeiro) and fifth (16) at the Bolshoi (Goiânia).



Phil Mogg takes a photo of the audience - Video


UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore returns to Brazil after three years

The band UFO is back to Brazil to make four presentations across the country. The musicians will perform in Rio in Goiania, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre.

The group comes to the country publicize his latest work, "Seven Deadly". The guitarist Vinnie Moore will also solo performances, the main one being in Sao Paulo, next May 23.

Moore is said surprised with the quality of Brazilian musicians and praised drummer Aquiles Priester (Hangar) who will perform in the state capital.

Currently formed, and Moore, Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (guitar, keyboards), and Andy Parker (drums), the UFO has over 40 years of career and should play classics like "Doctor, Doctor", range customarily presented before the Iron Maiden concerts worldwide.

WHEN sat. (11) at 19h
WHERE Carioca Club (r. Cardinal Arcoverde, 2899, Pine, tel.: 0/xx/11/3813-8598)
HOW R $ 90 to R $ 320

WHEN Sat. (23) at 21h
WHERE Manifesto Bar (r. 36 Iguatemi, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo)
AS $ 50 to R $ 120


Interview with Vinnie Moore:

Leaf - The UFO comes to Brazil to promote his latest work, "Seven Deadly", 2012. For you, what is the main difference between the new album and the others already recorded by the group?
Vinnie Moore - I believe that this work is the deepest of our career and songs like "Angel Station" and "Burn Your House Down" show this.

The UFO has over 40 years of road and many "hits". For you, how important band in the history of rock and metal?
I think we were influential to many musicians. Artists such as Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, declare themselves fans of the band - even they put the track "Doctor Doctor" as opening act. Bands like Metallica, bassist Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe, including I've always been influenced by the musicality of the UFO. Probably this is a major legacy of the band, ie, have influenced many musicians and people in all these years.

Before you, the UFO had already influential guitarists as Michael Schenker, Paul Chapman and many other great musicians. How do you see its predecessors?
Always been a fan of albums like "No Heavy Petting" [1976], "Lights Out" [1977], "Obsession" [1978] and "Strangers in the Night" [1979], so the phase of Michael Schenker in UFO I always influenced more. Like even playing the songs of this album, which are very good.

And how is your relationship with guitarist Michael Schenker?
We toured together in the U.S. for many years, I think about 30 shows, but little talked us due to heavy workload. Nowadays we have a friendly relationship, besides the fact much like the way touches.

The UFO was born the same time as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, but did not become commercially equal to great bands mentioned. Why?
It's hard to control it in the music world. I love Black Sabbath, especially the album "Heaven and Hell", and also like the Dio as a singer and songwriter, but because they got bigger I do not know exactly. One factor was that when the band was growing, guitarist Michael Schenker left the band and it hurt when promoting the group. Furthermore, when MTV started, we did not do any video clip and then to succeed in the United States was necessary to have videos on MTV, so I think we were not as big as these bands.

You did solo tours in various places in the world with local bands and musicians. How do you select these musicians?
I usually get information from local producers, I pass these videos and music artists. I am fortunate to have played with so many talented musicians in all parts of the world.

In Brazil, in addition to shows with UFO you will do a small solo tour with Brazilian musicians. How is playing with musicians from Brazil?
All musicians who have played with me a high and I was really surprised with the quality we've seen in previous tours.

What is the main difference between musicians from Latin America, Europe and the United States?
There are more great musicians in the United States, now everyone wants to play rap or pop. I'm kidding, of course there are excellent musicians in the U.S., but I think the difference between these places mainly be in the way of playing and the passion for the instrument every continent.

Do you believe that in the years 1980 and 1990 instrumental music was more expressive than today?
I believe in the late 1980s and early 1990s, instrumental music was really great. Musicians like Jeff Beck were popular in the United States. Where did instrumental music focused on heavy metal, but I realized that musicians began to create more and more in this style and the fans were somewhat lost over time.

Review - UFO (Carioca Club, São Paulo, 11th May 2013

One of the most anticipated weekends of rock fans of old, without a doubt. A large number of people waiting outside, circling the block from Carioca Club in Pinheiros, to see the presentation of the British UFO, and left no doubt amazed by the large capacity.



The show started exactly at 19 o'clock, as had already been promised by the producer before the show. The audience thought, apparently, that there would be delays in the show, and many people were seen coming slowly even during the first songs. A show that seemed to have been packed at the beginning, revealed an audience that grew timidly, filling in the end Carioca Club.

The band came out playing the song "Lights Out" from the album of the same name. Already the first song we could see a band extremely well tuned, with rather technical and capacity. Brought down the house on the first song, taking the audience into a frenzy.

The show continued with "Fight Night", also played extremely well, making the audience sing along throughout the song. The excitement of the audience moved to the band, and Phil Mogg seemed extremely happy to play for that audience.

"Thanks," Mogg said, smiling at the audience, in a Portuguese quite tangled. He apologized that he would speak in english and said it took all day to get to learn to speak the word. With great excitement played the hits "Wonderland" and "Cherry", well received by the public. "Cherry", especially with all his pace especially thrilled audiences giving a quick break in the music of the show.

Phil Mogg then said he was "speechless" by the public response, no doubt amazed by the animation of the Brazilians. His surprise seemed not only him, but also of all the band members, who carefully looked at the audience.


We can not say that Mogg was not right. A big surprise of this show was to see the large number of young people who were present at Carioca Club, especially as it is a little known band in Brazil, despite its quality. The youngsters competed with older audiences and made the show very plural. In addition, highly disciplined, and knew the time to animate and the time to enjoy the music, we can say that an audience very different was what was present that night.

The highlights in the middle of the show were the songs "Let It Roll" and "Only You Can Rock Me". Performed with skill and technique, delighted the audience, who could not contain himself at any time of the music. Hands up and public attention clung to Mogg and company an impressive way.

And the singer showed despite advanced age, because it is still one of the great rock frontmans today. Finely tuned and with a distinctive voice, and great stage presence. Mogg dominated the microphone stand like few others. Great juggler, threw it into the air and to the sides, as if it was something simple. Dominated the public, who can absolutely see that lordy extreme sympathy a true colleague on stage.

Another extremely great was the guitarist Vinnie Moore. In a presentation with great technique and virtuosity, Moore has not lost any ground, showed footprint, and will no doubt because it is one of the great guitarists of today.

The show continued with "Love To Love", with a fantastic introduction by the keyboards and guitars that rocked the audience. The song also featured Moore on guitar, giving a small hint of sound in quieter moments the music.


"Attention please ... can I have your attention for a minute, "Mogg said to the audience that it took to touch the singer. Even pulled the ear of a fan in the front lines, and was keen to present the Marshalls who were on the left of the stage, classical 65: "well they look, you probably will never see some like these again." Moore also took the opportunity to caress them, after threatening to kick in amplifiers.

The audience still hear "Venus" very carefully and quietly, feeling the music. With a thrilling solo, she contrasted with the calm in its entirety, causing a fantastic effect. The following songs on the contrary, caused the opposite effect. "Too Hot To Handle" sparked the audience, who sang the chorus so excited even after the final solo music. Mogg could not do anything but say "Thank you" to the public.

The last song of the show was "Rock Bottom". Before her, Mogg decided to talk a bit about how to be a rock star 'look like this is heavy, "he said, tapping the microphone stand on the stage floor. Moore then presented, which initiated the fantastic introduction of "Rock Bottom". Already, in the end, a great virtuoso guitar solo, which charmed the audience once again.

The band left the stage and returned quickly to the stage. Mogg asked for a photo of the audience who raised their hands and shouted at him in response. So Raymond and Moore began the introduction of successful "Doctor Doctor", considered the most successful of the UFO. Extremely well executed, the audience cheered so much that sang the song even more than Phil Mogg.


The band would finish the show with "Shoot Shoot" at one end with a flourish for a show more than fantastic. The setlist, in general, seemed to please the public and this really brought the big hits of the band, and obviously disclose the main songs from the last album, "Seven Deadly".


The organization has even been very well done and nothing occurred to impair the quality of the show. Entry to the show was quiet, very quiet, and the sound was great throughout the presentation. Nothing to stop the UFO to make a great show resulted in a show concise, interesting and a major airline of the year by Brazil between rock concerts internationally.

Phil Mogg - Vocals
Andy Parker - Drums
Paul Raymond - Keyboard, Guitar
Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Rod De Luca - Bass

1. Lights Out
2. Mother Mary
3. Fight Night
4. Wonderland
5. Cherry
6. Let It Roll
7. Burn Your House Down
8. Only You Can Rock Me
9. Love to Love
10. Hell Driver
11. Venus
12. Too Hot to Handle
13. Rock Bottom
14. Doctor
15. Shoot Shoot

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Ah, the good old rock'n'roll ... It was with this feeling, pleasant and longed for, I left the show Dinosaurs English band UFO, last Saturday, May 11, onstage at Carioca Club, headed by founder Phil Mogg gentleman.

Hard to imagine a band with 40 years on the road to keep the same energy and vibe, even after so many members who passed through all these years. However, Mogg alongside another founding member, drummer Andy Parker, and as old as keyboardist / rhythm guitarist Paul Raymond, showed amazing performance in this concert tour of the new work "Seven Deadly".

Ok, every fan wants to hear the classics and we knew we would hear a lot of this new album, but behold, the curtain opens and BOOM! "Lights Out", the eponymous 1977 - the best for me - and my eyes watered ...

Incidentally, the classics came bangers as "Mother Mary", "Cherry", "Let It Roll", "Too Hot to Handle", "Only You Can Rock Me", the fantastic "Love to Love," with its acoustic side and heavy at the same time, and a few pearls that ever, ever talk ...

Yes, yes, guitarists duty: the American Vinnie Moore is the perfect band footprint, technique and taste in soils with long wah-wah on improvisation as in "Rock Bottom", as we heard at the time of the UFO Michael Schenker .

Tell the way since 2004 in the band, it seems that Vinnie Moore, among other guitarists who passed through, it's definitely "the guy" to receive the baton of the German king. Contributing the compositions with striking riffs and solos fantastic, and virtuoso also has an interaction with the public very cool (throwing blades, taking the guitar to fans "touch"), showing stage presence and attitude. The same interaction was followed by bassist Rob De Luca with his iconographic Firebird.

The compositions of the album worked very well live, heavier than the classics - the band is adjusting the sound a bit more modern, but not without signing UFO. "Fright Night," "Wonderland," "Mojo Town" were direct and heavy, while "Burn Your House Down" sounded more light and pop - and that guitar tone!

"Venus" from "Walk on Water" (1995) came at a footprint and Hard Rock, like "Hell Driver" from the album "The Visitors", 2009.

Ah, the cherry on the cake: the aforementioned "Rock Bottom", with long guitar improvisations full of dynamics on bases stuffed Raymond De Luca and Parker. The encore: "Doctor, Doctor and contagious" Shoot, Shoot "for any fan find fault. It's all rock'n'roll, baby!




Returning to Brazil, this time bringing the Seven Deadly album tour, the legendary band UFO appeared at Carioca Club in São Paulo on Saturday, May 11, to an audience that did not quite fill up the site, appeared in good numbers and was treated to a show exciting.

With over 40 years of activity, the group led by friendly singer Phil Mogg began his concert promptly at 19h of the house with the curtains opening and playing Lights Out.

Despite various configurations over the years that have a large list of musicians who passed through the band, the current lineup was very close-knit and is composed by Andy Parker on drums, Paul Raymond, who during the show alternated between guitars base and keyboard, Rob de Luca on bass, Vinnie Moore on lead guitar, and Mogg, only member to be in all the studio albums on vocals.

Of course many of you want to hear the classics and the band were seen responding with great excitement, singing or clapping. Such an attitude impressed Mogg that besides thank sang the whole show with a smile on his face, showing joy to be there with that crowd excited. Another highlight was the guitarist Vinnie Moore, charismatic, distributed reeds, knelt by the fans and showed great technique impressing gifts.

The new songs from the album Seven Deadly worked very well live and were well received, sounding just heavier than the classic songs of the band. But the excitement was greater in old songs such as Too Hot To Handle Rock Bottom or that ended the first part of the show with the right long solos.

Returning for the encore, the UFO showed its greatest classic Doctor was sung all over the house, in a few moments in this song, surpassed voice Mogg, covering the singer. And after her, Shoot Shoot, the group ended the nearly two-hour presentation that showed a cohesive band, like playing with and independent of age, able to excite a younger audience as an older audience with flair and enthusiasm.


I've been covering the show UFO exclusively for Metal On Metal and much more personal details Press the Rock.

The British band UFO appeared this past weekend at Carioca Club in São Paulo. The opening was amazing, almost punctual (desconsidero the 8 minutes late), the audience interaction with the band since the beginning has been elusive.

At first the show seemed to promise great public, but in the end we realize the difference, Carioca Club was packed with screaming fans with classics. Besides the quantity of the public phenotype was unexpected, there were many young people at the end talked to many who were true fans of the band, and although they were born well after the beginning of the band were in tune with all the music and some even with 'UFO 1' at hand to be signed if the band that the guys for autographs.

The repertoire was marked by songs from various eras as UFO 'Lights Out', 'Cherry' and 'Only You Can Rock Me'. I could spend about an hour and a half singing and taking photos of bands in the cabin, where I met Mazeoli Fabiano and Diego Visachi (maloik program), it is interesting to see who is behind the camera. There also found the beloved Vitão Bonesso, radio BackStage.

The energy was great, Phil Mogg, Vinnie Moore, Rob De Luca (mainly this, read on at the end), Andy Parker and Paul Raymond gave the best of themselves to the Brazilian fans, and say more: We surprised!! The audience sang 'Doctor, Doctor' stronger than the other songs, leaving gaping Phil Mogg.

The feeling of going to a concert of a band with great sound quality live (excellent by the way) is indescribable.


When the place was almost empty, about 25 people were at the door of the dressing room (dressing room'' as'' appears in the video), some were lucky enough to get in, because the security left, others stayed with me in what I have called 'concentration', calling the name of our idols. To our surprise only one left, and this was illustrious Rob De Luca, who was very friendly, greeted all the fans and not only said 'Hi' as interacted with questions like, 'What did you think of the show?' " okay? '. All who were there were thrilled with his attitude, we were able to talk and take pictures and let it go smoothly. The disappointment was when we left the club hoping to talk to the rest of the band, but they entered the van protected by security guards and even looked at us, just Rob De Luca who gave bye and even blew a kiss to me and for a fan who was on my side!













12th May - Brazil - Porto Alegre  - Teatro CIEE

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca


ZERO HOUR have published a UFO feature, along exerpts of an interview with Phil Mogg. Here is the feature translated:

One of the great hard rock bands, UFO plays on Sunday in Porto Alegre

Band formed in 1969 in England comes to the Capital

Group of the most important and respected hard rock, the UFO appears first in Porto Alegre, next Sunday at 20h at the CIEE theater.

Formed in England in 1969, UFO released their first album in 1970 and emerged as one of the exponents of hard rock from 1974 with the album Phenomenon and its classic lineup: Phil Mogg (vocals), Andy Parker (drums), Pete Way (bass) and German Michael Schenker (guitar), who left the Scorpions to join the British.

Mogg and Parker will be in the Capital, accompanied by keyboardist and guitarist Paul Raymond, who joined the band in 1976, and idolized by American guitar hero Vinnie Moore with them since 2004 - Away from the stage due to a kidney problem, is to substitute Way Since 2008, guest bassist Rob De Luca.

Much of the repertoire of the concert will be dedicated to classic seventies albums recorded in Phenomenon, Force It (1975), No Heavy Petting (1976), Lights Out (1977) and Obsession (1978), among them Doctor (who has won the cover Iron Maiden), Too Hot to Handle and Only You Can Rock Me, and tracks work with Moore - the latest album is Seven Deadly (2012). Zero Hour spoke with Phil Mogg. Check out excerpts from the interview:

Zero Hour - Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, members of Metallica and many other musicians cite the UFO as an influence. How do you evaluate their contribution to the hard rock?

Phil Mogg - As with anything else, there will always be someone who has done it before you. What you do is pick up the pieces that you love, put in a blender, mix and ... ready, you may or may not have something that sounds new, fresh and original.

ZH - No Heavy Petting The disc had the Argentine keyboardist Danny Peyronel. You thought at the time to have fans in Latin America?

Phil Mogg - I had no idea. In those days, life began and ended at the Marquee Club in London, and Brazil seemed a distant and exotic. And if I think about it, continues today far and exotic.

ZH - The UFO recorded one of the most important live albums in the history of hard rock, Strangers in the Night (1979). What memories do you have of that tour?

Phil Mogg - Strangers was an all time high and really decisive for us. It was the combination of all records and touring we had done. We had the right band, the producer, the place and the right time. The Chicago crowd was hot.

ZH - This is the second time the UFO in Brazil, first in Porto Alegre. At a recent show in Glasgow, you played 10 classic songs of the 1970s and the five most recent. Does the same set list?

Phil Mogg - So you saw the future, because that is exactly.

ZH - Seven Deadly is the fourth album recorded with Vinnie Moore, who seems to have fitted perfectly in the spirit of the band. Why was he chosen?

Phil Mogg - He's a lovely guy. Vinnie has the right touch, the right temperament and arrived at the right time for us. We are all very happy.

ZH - Fans say the late 1970s, the era Michael Schenker (who left the band in 1978), it would be time for the UFO become a band with greater international success, which did not materialize. Any regrets?

Phil Mogg - The band found its way when Michael joined us and we were hired by Chrysalis. So follow our natural trajectory. So, no regrets.

ZH - Pete Way will return to UFO?

Phil Mogg - The chance always exists, but we have to see what happens. Our best thoughts are with Pete and his full recovery.







Some amazing photos from Porto Allegre

Thanks to Aline for allowing us to share these - ©photo copyright 2013 Aline Jechow, all rights reserved






UFO ignites the stage at the Theatre CIEE in Porto Alegre / RS

Another special Sunday in the capital of the Pampas, another night of Rock, and Rock of great people. Starting with the public, mostly in a range between 35 and 45 years, but they were anxious as teenagers, to see a band that had never played here, and maybe even believed that they would see the "home room." I refer as well to the CIEE theater, who with his acoustic well balanced, has a climate totally intimate the "Class Rock" that was presented. "Class" is the word that defines the UFO show tonight, where teachers with lots of experience and knowledge, showed how to do Rock of great people!

The UFO, contemporary bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, is a Classic Rock band with a seasoned trial, and perhaps why it has not been highlighted as much as the others mentioned, despite having contact with musicians of the suit Billie Sheehan (Mr. Big), Michael Schenker (ex-Scorpions, MSG) and Jason Bohan (Ex-Black Country Communion) in their line-up, and the extreme quality of the compositions.
Currently formed by two of the founders of the group, vocalist Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker, besides classical keyboardist / guitarist Paul Raymond from 76 integrates the band are followed for a long time by "kid" Vinnie Moore on lead guitar, and the excellent bassist Rob De Luca, which gives the exact weight to the kitchen and makes the group sound great.

Were 20 h 15 min and started the show UFO, a totally tolerable delay, which was forgotten as soon as the first chords of Lights Out were heard. The sound was perfect, and once again the weather theater made it all make sense, since the odd sympathy for Phil, who played with the audience and the band all the time, before announcing the next topic, the proximity of fans with the musicians, which (many) times not participate effectively contained and the show, suggesting songs and even changing the order of some songs from the set list, as in Mojo Town, where Phil was on the edge of the stage to hear the request of a fan who was executed on the spot, leaving the crowd even more complicit. Still on the same wavelength, the audience clapped and cheered wildly with the performance faultless virtuoso Vinnie Moore throughout the concert, at every bend, on every sweep well placed, all with exquisite taste who does not mess around when it comes to playing with emotion and feeling rockers.

The band gave a lesson in how to play real music with the beautiful Love to Love, and contagious Too Hot Too Handle and striking Rock Botton, before leaving the stage to thunderous applause.
The public still unsatisfied, wanted what they had booked for the BIS, another of his greatest classics, the unforgettable Doctor, which made the last spectators who remained seated until then to raise the seats and sing your chorus exciting and was then Shoot Shoot, that ended the matter "Experimental Rock and Roll Music," as Phil Mogg styled UFO's sound in the opening of the show.

Surely anyone who witnessed this event, in that these veterans came Rock show why they are still remembered and revered by his fans, will not forget what was taught at that stage. That the success of this tour will bring them back soon!

Text by: Leo James (Draco) Photo by: Aline Jechow




UFO in Porto Alegre in Theatre CIE

Posted on: 19/05/2013 - TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH

12/05 - Theatre of CIEE

Review: Luiz Fernando Vieira
Photos: Sophia Old

UFO: A lesson in Heavy Metal in Porto Alegre
With a long and dedicated career for over 40 years making music, the band stepped on British soil UFO gaucho first. How could it be different, devastated.

The show took place on Sunday evening, May 12th, at the CIEE theater, in Porto Alegre, was the second of a total of four national tour.

Formed in 1969 the band is considered one of the pioneers of Heavy Metal / Hard Rock, being frequently quoted in various biographies, which makes clear all his influence over much of what we, lovers of good music, consume.

With several changes LineUp occurred over the years, the band currently has three members of the original lineup, they are: Phil Mogg (vocals), Andy Parker (drums) and Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar). Vinnie Moore (guitar) and Rob De Luca (bass) complete the field.
With a delay of 17 minutes, the show started exactly at 20:17. In it the band blended absolute classics as "Lights Out", "Love to Love", "Rock Bottom", among others, with more recent songs like "Burn Your House Down," "Wonderland," "Hell Driver", etc. .

During the show, one of the main aspects to my attention was the energy of the band, especially Phil Mog. The singer at the height of his 65 years (that's right, you did not read wrong!) Exudes charisma in constant dialogue with the public and ability worthy of the envy of many of his younger colleagues. The domain that this gentleman has something about her voice is simply stunning.

We must also highlight the role of Vinnie Moore. The guitar virtuoso joined UFO in 2003 and its task was not the easiest. Moore became part of a band that had reference to another genius of the 6 strings ... a "just" Michael Schenker. Not much, no?!

Although the styles of both are quite different, Vinnie Moore managed to put in a little UFO its DNA. This can be seen in the new LPs and especially in the materials of the past. Its versatility makes it suitable for producing another dynamic to the old classics without uncharacterized them.

Speaking of classics, among them following the news and the show remained at a high level until the great double for "Too Hot To Handle" and "Rock Bottom". Then the band withdrew from the stage during five minutes back in sequence to close it with a flourish. It was time for the encore.

Although we were in a theater, then audiences have ignored the protocol chairs, crowding standing in front of the stage, singing and vibrating to the sound of "Doctor Doctor" and "Shoot Shoot".

Analyzing as a whole, the show was excellent, nothing less than that. Maybe if there was a caveat to be made, it would be the size of the set (16 songs). Considering the universe of material that the band has, somewhere around 20 albums, that number becomes somewhat modest. However, obviously you can not blame them for having a collection so vast and qualified. Furthermore, the duration of the show was on average, bordering two hours with its end at exactly 22:12.

Set List:
• Lights Out
• Mother Mary
• Fight Night
• Wonderland
• Cherry
• Let It Roll
• Burn Your House Down
• Only You Can Rock Me
• Love to Love
• Hell Driver
• Mojo Town
• Venus
• Too Hot to Handle
• Rock Bottom

• Doctor
• Shoot Shoot




LIVE REVIEW: Teatro CIEE - Porto Alegre

TRANSLATED from Portuguese to ENGLISH:

Why we buy a DVD of a show? Good, first, for the collectors is a "figurine less" in the album. For those who appreciate a good sound, is a way to see how it works in the act his favorite band, and for those who do not have the money to spend, just one fixture to be taken home.

That said, why someone will attend a rock concert. Obviously, that is a fan of the band / artist or know the importance of it. But the same show twice, why? Spend a certain amount of money to see almost two hours of a presentation in which you already know what will happen in most of it, instead of just buying a DVD and watching it in warm and comfortable sofa for your home?

Yeah, but have certain shows that there is a DVD that will explain. Just being there, hearing the rush to be vented through speakers, the vibration of an audience that has not witnessed cataclysmic sound like what you've heard, and of course the feeling of going back in time and travel by land unimaginable, among others details, which took me back to see the UFO in action.

I'm a big fan of the band, and when he learned of his first trip to Brazil (in 2010) did not measure efforts to assist Phil Mogg (vocals), Andy Parker (drums), Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitars, vocals) and Vinnie Moore ( guitars) in an unforgettable show in São Paulo, on May 26 of that year .

I left there with a dumbfounded overwhelming performance, and still more a fan of the band. Besides the group playing some major successes with surgical precision, charisma and friendliness of Vinnie Moore won me over, and since then, I began to seek his beautiful solo, and of course, learn more about the guy who just replaced Michael Schenker, and did so with such property which today can be said that no one misses the German quarrelsome and scowling.

The stage CIEE display lights for UFO

And so I went, mail and baggage, across the Rio Grande do Sul in more than ten hours of travel to check closely all the energy of the group, who first came to Porto Alegre through the action of the great White Productions. The show took place at the beautiful Teatro CIEE, a venue small but very cozy, which makes the bands that play there much closer to their fans, making the show somewhat different.

No opening band and with a slight delay, the UFO took the stage with the aforementioned quartet and bassist Rob de Luca, great musician who replaced no less than Pete Way, forming the band there in the late '60s, when he is called Hocus Pocus. Luca strives to fill the stage, and plays very well, only that it is undeniable how the follies of Way on stage are absent. Face, we realized that the night would be different, because the weather in the airspace gaucho was conducive to close encounters of the third kind, and while not causing harm to the present, would damage their temporary overnight of May 12, 2013 .

The group entered while the speakers still rolled one rock sixties, already Mogg giving thanks and good night. Announcing that they would play "Some experimental rock 'n' roll music," Moore detonated the riff of " Lights Out ", and so began the most intense two hours that the CIEE theater has seen.

The magic hand of Vinnie Moore (Phil Mogg right)

Mogg and co. toured the career of the UFO from the entrance of Michael Schenker (the seminal Phenomenon, 1974) to the latest Seven Deadly (released last year) and, unlike the 2010 tour, focused exclusively on the classics that have just registered in Strangers in the Night (1979, considered by many as the best live album in history), here there was room for several surprises, and redemption of obscurities almost unknown lands-tupiniquins. Of course, the group's first two albums (and UFO Flying, 1970 and 1971 respectively) lost their spaces in group presentations since the mid-70s as well as 80s albums are bandied whether for some fan to appear on set list of the group, even more so than in the period between 1974 and 1979, the UFO produced enough material for at least three two-hour set lists, one different from the other, and all exceptional.

In Porto Alegre, the quintet first tried to win the game just for the audience formed a large number of men between 30 and 50 years, who knew the UFO much more influenced by the likes of Scorpions and the Michael Schenker Group itself than by merit Brazilians, since few of the British albums were released in the country (including one, The Heavy Pettin ', 1976, came out with another album of songs it Force, 1975 - even only in Brazil). Following "Lights Out", the UFO had "Mother Mary", dedicated to all mothers in the world.

Mogg then went on to show his hand "television presenter", and often began to tell stories and entertain the audience. Very discontraído praised the acoustics of the theater CIEE and also the production of the show (which by the way did an excellent job both in lights as the sound, which was flawless the whole time), and presented two songs Seven Deadly, "Fight Night "and" Wonderland. " Both gained more live weight, and embedded itself in the repertoire of the great UFO.

Rob de Luca

After the two songs Seven Deadly, my side fan came over me. Until then, I was behaving as a spectator, but to see the closeness that Moore was not resisted, and called him in the corner of the stage, handing him a custom palette site, and asking in return the reed of him. Guitarist kindly assisted me, accepting the exchange, but did not stop there. To my surprise, he gave a thumbs-up to the reed and went playing with it (!). A huge cheer filled the pores of this present writer. I can not express the satisfaction of seeing an idol with a touching gift given by the fan, and there were no seconds were nothing more than six songs in all, with the advice of the Rock palhetinha the hands of one of the greatest guitarists in the world.

The sequence began with songs named " Cherry "classic album Obsession (1978)," Let It Roll "(from Force It), in which a girl Mogge asked to serve as his translator, but it ended up denying themselves, followed with two more Seven Deadly ("Mojo Town" and "Burn Your House Down"), "Only You Can Rock Me" (another of Obsession) and ended with the immortal "Love to Love" (Force It) in which palhetinha flew from the hands of Moore for a fan, as evidenced by this video , filmed next to where I was.

During these songs, did not hold for the thrill, and Moore was extremely attentive whom he placed in front of the stage. Just as it was in 2010, he often came in fans, showing off for the cameras and "lending" Guitar Fan touch. I esbaldei squeezing the lever of the guitar, as well as other guitarist played in the legs, the neck of the instrument, or just imitate the playing style of Moore, who poured up over our heads as asking the blessing to fans. Rare a guitar genius. Wanted to see a Malmsteen or Satriani Will one (three guitarists of the same size) to do something like that. Indecipherable. See, feel and hear it all again was priceless, and these minutes, the entire distance and fatigue had been overcome.

Luca, Moore and Mogg

During the songs, Mogg did not stop with their play, and especially, to praise the audience and production. Delighted with what he was witnessing (most of the songs was applauded with a vibration that did shake the theater), several times Mogg walked to the front of the stage to thank the fans, and talk individually with some, besides dedicating certain songs for fans who were in the front row.

With ten minutes of our "Love to Love" (a ballad heavier than a band has recorded), the Teatro came down, especially with the ground full of virtuosity and melody out of the hands of Moore, and the public at hand, there was room to get in the UFO The Visitor (2009), was the best album of Moore, playing "Hell Driver" and surprised everyone with the "Venus", an epic track Walk on Water, the album that marked the - first - return Michael Schenker group since 1994.

In front of the stage, the vibrations caused by bumbos Parker made ​​the heart beat faster, as the scales of Raymond and Luca helped Moore to start honking your guitar, making us wonder,
"How is this guy managed to do it ? ".

Moore and Mogg

An emotional Mogg again (and several were then), and thanked the audience too, and said plainly, "I never did this, but tonight I make sure to do this ..." and dropped the handheld microphone, calling a roadie for the stage and down the same toward the audience. I was one of those who helped Mogg down the stage, and he was very gratified, hugged fans, and earnestly asked the roadie who took a picture of it with the audience.

Sure I've seen many artists come down from the stage to embrace the fans, but expect this Mogg, a vocalist so cold and reclusive, was shocking. He returned to the stage, and if he could see the emotion. Again helped him take the stage, he thanked me, and also thanked the UFO LPs that I had taken in trying an autograph, that this time no longer mattered. With a smile on the face, let "Tonight, it's too hot ..." and was the cue to come the classic " Too Hot to Handle ", which the audience screamed very loud, and sang every word along with the vocalist who sometimes just let the fans singing. In the song, Moore showed up with grace by putting the guitar back and do a masterful solo, that few ever can with the guitar in the normal position. Luca took advantage of the moment and also played a few seconds with low behind his back, and of course, at the end of the song, when Moore sang the theme from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the guitarist was extremely applauded!

To complete the first part of the show, the audience screamed for "Rock Bottom" and Moore did not leave for less, letting the riff that we particularly consider the best guitar solo of all time. With fifteen minutes long, again the CIEE theater came down, bowing before the genius and virtuosity Moore. He repeated note for note the original soil Schenker, and did much more. Abused the guitar as if it were a fragile prey, doing much mischief that guitarist gotten the player does not even come close to doing. Parker, Luca, and Raymond, were just doing the base, dumbfounded as everyone present with what Moore was doing, eyes closed, now lying on the heads of the fans, now in front of everyone, at center stage.

He smiled listening to our vocalizations accompanying the melody on his guitar themes consecrated ground, shaking his head as a positive sign, and that payment made ​​us sing louder, and he responded with more smiles and more soil. The minutes passed unnoticed, and when the soil over, it was like a orgasmic ecstasy: all were lost, his head spinning after that wonderful experience, not knowing what was going to happen, including the guitar, which perhaps made ​​his solo more inspired throughout his career.

A few seconds passed to Moore returned to you and pulls up again the initial riff of "Rock Bottom", while Mogg started shaking his shirt and saying "Vinnie Moore, from Delaware," and the cheers were so high that covered the guitar volume as well as whistles and cries of people who would never imagine seeing and hearing something. "Rock Bottom" just as well as the first part of the show, and everyone started to chant "U - F - O", calling for the return of the band.

Moore was the first to appear, and distributing vanes enough to thanking everyone who now stood, occupying the "gargle" stage. The other musicians appeared, and after Mogg thank you once again, came the classic " Doctor Doctor ". Describe this song is impossible, even for that, despite not being the favorite of many, it is like a "Stairway to Heaven," a "Rock and Roll All Night" or "Smoke on the Water". It is impossible not to sing, scream, kick and jump at the sound of that firecracker, which was presented to some through the Iron Maiden, a band that never denied their influences on UFO (and might not even exist in 1973 Steve Harris had not seen a group show). I was the one who pulled the chorus main riff of the song, and was awarded many smiles Moore because of my attitude.

The show ended with "Shoot Shoot", and everyone left bestificados, abducted by space beings who appeared to mortals on the night of May 12.

There was still time for a brief photo session and autographs with Moore and Luca, who kindly appeared in the hall to talk to dozens of fans who eagerly awaited with LPs, CDs and magazines alluding to the band. Again, Moore proved that besides being a great guitarist, is a man of great integrity and humility. Answered one by one with a smile and a gracious gratitude.


Luca and blade of the Rock Consulting (below);
Moore and bubble fan (above)

To me, recognized me as "the man pick" thanked the vane, said that it was great, and I promptly handed another reed, which he kissed and tucked into the pocket of his jacket (also delivered a vane to Luca, who insisted to pose with her).

The tour in Brazil is ending tomorrow with a presentation in Goiania, a city in which the group also performed in 2010. Yesterday, the group played in Rio de Janeiro, and then land brasilis, back to Europe. If you are in Goiania, go without fear. The abduction is peaceful, though certainly you will carry forever the marks two insane hours of the highest level of hard rock world.

Set List

1. Lights Out
2. Mother Mary
3. Fright Night
4. Wonderland
5. Cherry
6. Mojo
7. Burn the House
8. Only You Can Rock Me
9. Love to Love
10. Hell Driver
11. Venus
12. Too Hot to Handle
13. Rock Bottom
14. Doctor
15. Shoot Shoot









14th May - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Teatro Odisseia

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca










REVIEW: 14th May - Brazil - Teatro Odisseia, Rio de Janeiro

Early evening in a Tuesday which seemed calm in Rio de Janeiro, but kept a great attraction for the public carioca - unheard of until then, the UFO was scheduled for presentation to the Odyssey Theatre, modest venue located in Lapa, the traditional bohemian neighborhood of Rio, but accustomed to receiving samba - the few rockers usually play the Flying Circus. The Odyssey Theatre, in recent months, has been changing and giving an alternative to the rocker Rio. An alternative that seems quite valid, since the rock audience in Rio de Janeiro seems increasingly smaller - at least those who are really interested in going to shows.

The Odyssey Theatre stage is very small, I wondered if it really fit the whole band there. Around 20:45, the British (plus the American Vinnie Moore) was positioned beside each other, very close, without much room for movement, showing me that yes, would fit - and would make a showzaço! No clutch or delay, left for "Lights Out", song from the album of the same name which was very well received, a nice start to the show. "Mother Mary" and even the 'new' "Fight Night" (one of the best of the band's latest album, "Seven Deadly") and "Wonderland" very pleased.

The band already felt at ease and Phil Mogg already talked to the audience, playing on the fact that a child watching the show at the top and two women who talked nonstop. He also played with the size of the stage, saying he could not dance like Beyonce, much less like Michael Jackson ...

Jokes aside, Phil offered us a perfect performance, vocal first that have been a hallmark of the band. Paul Raymond alternated between keyboards and guitar, keeping the foundation for the virtuoso Vinnie Moore, very smiling and always making faces, esmerilhasse your instrument so wonderful. Vinnie fit the band perfectly, few people remember or complains that he is replacing Michael Schenker (there are almost ten years in the UFO). Bassist Rob De Luca became more cramped, doing backing vocals and his part, stood out more in "Cherry" with its introduction. Back then, the veteran Andy Parker let go his hand on his drum kit with the usual competence. Good to see a band that keeps the footprint even after forty years of career.

The best part of the show is its end, with a strong following classics: "Too Hot To Handle", "Rock Bottom", extended to more than 10 minutes, and the encore when the band leaves the stage or (Mogg sports a bit with that too) with "Doctor Doctor" and closing with "Shoot Shoot". A show that deserved a first stage and a grander house, for sure. The problem is that the rock audience in Rio de Janeiro only shrinks, so we have to thank for this great show to have passed through here. Good thing the little house filled - shows in small venues so often even better!

Set list of the presentation:
"Lights Out" ("Lights Out")
"Mother Mary" ("Force It")
"Fight Night" ("Seven Deadly")
"Wonderland" ("Seven Deadly")
"Cherry" ("Obsession")
"Let It Roll" ("Force It")
"Burn Your House Down" ("Seven Deadly")
"Only You Can Rock Me" ("Obsession")
"Love To Love" ("Lights Out")
"Hell Driver" ("The Visitor")
"Venus" ("Walk On Water")
"Too Hot To Handle" ("Lights Out")
"Rock Bottom" ("Phenomenom")
"Doctor Doctor" ("Phenomenom")
"Shoot Shoot" ("Force It")

A hug and rock and roll to the next show!




REVIEW AND PHOTOS - Teatro Odisseia, Rio de Janeiro


UFO - Teatro Odisseia, Rio de Janeiro


Too bad the metal and rock in general you will find very narrow-minded fan, clueless, or with little gray about to hear much grown man to tell me that would not go to this show because UFO UFO UFO him only if Michael Schenker Only ... you could say one thing to people like that ... And who would Afffff ... Michael Schenker? Pros new fans, and I can assure the house was full of them, is a guy up there in the controversial, but who created trocentas wonderful songs and riffs trocentos pretty damn heavy, a time that Iron Maiden was still collecting money to buy equipment.

I remember well that when I met the first UFO LP (LP = Vinyl pros .. new fans of the digital age), bought the defunct Gabriela Copacabana, because I thought some guys shirtless with long hair   could only do metal, good thing, risked and bought .. I had never heard of before and how UFO at the time the store only had one of those vitrolinhas child for you to know before buying the disc, I thought .. I will not even risk touch anything there that thing is not going to scratch, and Phenomenon took my home, to hear my powerful Polyvox TD 3000.


Never let them have a LP, some any HI-FI you found, others were rare, as the live double Strangers in the Night recorded in the USA, released in 1979. It's complicated you have to read a little note or two about Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the few magazines and publications of the time, Sound Three, Pop Rock and magazines appeared when German and English on metal, the tapas were disputed, and when some could, could know that this band had released lp new, or that guy from that band had left and gone to competitor .. and so my teens   between slaps and punches, was being carried in the most difficult to meet such bandwidth, English, German, or whatever.


We had no internet, websites or downloads ... It was one of those mined in Bausack also extinct, I bought the double live Reading Festival 1982, because it had a lot of well-known band, Whitesnake, Marillion, UFO and pear there ... Michael Schenker? How so? The great guitarist UFO was gone? And who was the guitarist then this show .. UFO? Can you imagine how we suffered for information at the time ... And that goes in and out of guitarists and dozens of albums and cds then the virtuous till you drop, Vinnie Moore enters the band, God willing, to stay, and throws one good cd after another.


  Who knows Deep Purple went through the same kind of bother ... as well, Joe Satriani is playing in place of Blackmore? Actually Joe plays so much that he did not hold to be the wave of Blackmore when he had to be a la Satriani and solar when he was granted this right. The wacky detonated in soils pretty damn great, but the band's sound descaracterizava .. result: did not last long and neither studio recorded cd, if I remember correctly. Already Steve Morse, another mega virtuous entered, accepted the message of firular not much, just changed the tone of the guitar, cleaner, and so did their frills, but the new songs, the ones he helped create that intro .. of Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming is beautiful to kill, did what your skill will allow.


And this cake recipe that Vinnie Moore embarked .. the guy not only respects the Michael Schenker, as faithfully reproduces, say, to the extent possible, the riffs and solos created by the boy Flying Vs And take beçurdas scales, arpeggios and everything else that a great guitarist as he knows how, new songs or extended versions, so to speak Rock Bottom for example .. I had one that did not babasse and stay jaw dropped seeing how easy this guy touched the sacred Schenker songs. Who lost, only regret ...

The band played here in Rio de Janeiro for the first time, a pity that they had not been before in 2010, when they played in Brazil for the first time. Was also cool to see grandpas and grandmas (Paul Raymond, keyboards and guitar support can-disguise, but're much more to Old Aunt than for Grandpa) Andy Parker on drums, Phil Mogg on vocals, and bassist Rob De Luca, besides of course, the Alien Vinnie Moore (Fikadika - Buy yourself the albums Minds Eye Time Odyssey and the guy). And thanks to the efforts of one person, Claudio Fonzi Store Renaissance, this show happened here in Rio He invested in quality stereo (Marshall and had so much extra equipment, the musicians barely fit on the stage, but the sound was perfect, note 10 to Pascarilo that nobody knew how to let the velvety sound .. do not remember hearing a single feedback .. And with a setlist full of classics, like this,

Lights Out

Mother Mary

Fight Night



Let It Roll

Burn Your House Down

Only You Can Rock Me

Love to Love

Hell Driver


Too Hot to Handle

Rock Bottom



Shoot Shoot














16th May - Brazil - Goiania - Bolshoi

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca


facebook page


Review - UFO (Bolshoi, Goiania, 16th May 2013)

A little less than three years the UFO was first presented in Brazil and Goiânia, here thanks to my friend Rodrigo Carrilho, who has brought his Bolshoi Pub - the only venue in Brazil where we see the best of the hard and one heavy tasting Guinness "on tap" - in the heart of Brazil


Despite these and other great shows I have had the opportunity to attend the Bolshoi, the best they had seen, until yesterday, had been ... the actual UFO . Rodrigo warned me in the afternoon and by phone shortly before the beginning of the presentation, the band was very happy and peaceful - last show of the tour in Brazil and last presentation before the upcoming June tour through Europe, participating in some of the largest Old World festivals like Download and Sweden Rock.

Turns out that the band managed to outdo themselves in relation to 2010. Phil Mogg, despite 65 years recently completed, sang TOO! Vinnie Moore needs no comment, Andy Parker down the arm with the same arrangement of three years ago, and commanded Paul Raymond keyboards and rhythm guitar with the usual experience, while Rob de Luca faced the challenge of replacing Pete Way.

Not noted the setlist, but it was lower than the same 15 songs of SP and Rio, with one caveat failure in guitar sound Vinnie Moore during the execution of one of my favorite - Too Hot To Handle. Wonderland was, for me, a highlight, and dragged more heavily than the studio version, I commented on a review of previous shows.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I await the return of the UFO touring to come. The fact - rare for a band as long-lived, with so much history and repertoire of classic stuffed - they hit more than one quarter of the songs coming from albums "was" Vinnie Moore, including three of the most recent evidence is undisputed that the UFO still has a lot of stamina not only to show off, but to create.


UFO in Goiania

For Alanzeira to

On yesterday's show partners were Fabii (Lara and Finotti). The clock struck about 23:30 when the vocalist Phil Mogg legs began to appear under the curtains of the Bolshoi

Fábio Lara and Alan
And even if Phil had not unleashed that joke, I doubt that the 400 present (my optimistic calculation) would not be achieved after the first chords of Lights Out, music that opened the show. Pity that Goiania is not a name easy to pronounce, but I believe we would hear the famous refrain "Lights out, lights out in London" to be adapted to "Lights out, lights out in Goiânia," as it was immortalized in a Chicago show , posteriomente released on disc.

Details aside, while the guitar hero Vinnie Moore did their stunts on guitar, Paul Raymond discreet and competent with your hairstyle à la Xororó, torn between keyboards and rhythm guitar. The drummer Andy Parker, playing sooo heavy for a man of 61 years, and the androgynous bassist Rob de Luca completed the kitchen.

The show ran without major unforeseen, except by a light from the top and the audience was bothering Phil, which was immediately resolved by a member of the production, and the Marshall amp guitar Vinnie Moore, who mysteriously crashed in middle of the show. would blame the network confiabilíssima CELG? I do not believe. In any case, they had an amp reservation!!!

I have many memories of the 2010 show, but I'm sure the classics of the band were present both at the show as this 2013. Besides the aforementioned Lights Out, the regular repertoire of stones was composed of Mother Mary, Cherry, Let It Roll , Only You Can Rock Me, Too Hot to Handle and Rock Bottom (with its endless guitar solo). Bati head at all!

Alan and Fabio Finotti

Speaking of headbanging, the other day Paul said good rock ballad has to be heavy. Remembered that at the time they played Love to Love. Impossible not headbangear this song. While the couples hugged and kissed, I went into a trance. Go figure ...

If anyone missed Doctor in 7list above, explain: it was played in the encore, along with Shoot Shoot. And so, with this double successes, the UFO closed the show in Goiânia.

The Fabii and Jimi Hendrix

  By audience reaction, believe the lucky ones who witnessed the show left more than satisfied. I've confirmed it in practice one of the many beneficial effects that rock provides, that is to forget our problems. If only for one night. Even for two hour








Vinnie stays in Brazil for a series of Solo appearances

18th May - Brazil -
Niteroi / RJ - Auditorio da Musica Moderna

20th May - Brazil -
Florianopolis / SC - GTR Floripa - Instituto de Música
21st May - Brazil - Teatro Municipal - Santos / SP
22nd May - Brazil - Bebedouro / SP - KAZA
23rd May - Brazil - Sao Paulo / SP - Manifesto



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