Phil Mogg - Vinnie Moore - Paul Raymond - Andy Parker - Rob De Luca


6th March - France - Caen - Le Cargo
8th March - Spain  - Madrid - Sala Arena
not the 'Caracol'
9th March - Spain - Bilbao - Rock Star Live
10th March - Spain - Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
12th March - France - Bordeaux - Theatre Barbey
14th March - Germany - Nürnberg - Rockfabrik
15th March - Germany - Mannheim - Alte Seilerei
16th March  - Germany - Wilhelmshaven - Pumpwerk
17th March - Germany - Wuppertal - Börse
20th March - Germany - Hannover - Capitol
21st March - Germany - Berlin - K17
22nd March - Germany - Affalter - Zur Linde


The opening band on this European leg of the tour will be






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6th March - France - Caen - Le Cargo

Komedia Bath 22-23 Westgate Street Bath BA1 1EP

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca





6th March: - Le Cargo
in France



Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca - Paul Raymond


Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca


Vinnie Moore - Andy Parker - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca


Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Andy parker - Rob De Luca - Paul Raymond











8th March - Spain  - Madrid - Sala Arena

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca




Translated to English:

It was 21:00 pm and the people on the front lines approached the pipes to find the set list that would set people on stage even from the back rows, rubbing a little, taking positions to know what subject would begin the British. And I could not be other than "Lights Out", the 1977 classic that exalted the band, with the arrival of Paul Raymond on keyboards and rhythm guitars that summer of '76, and that he saw them again after several twists and turns the heart of the band, the first stage between 1976 and 1980 to call at MSG, and after a brief return in 1993 coinciding with the first return of Schenker, not very long until his last return in 2003 when they signed precisely Vinnie Moore. Line up the fact that we find is Phil Mogg on vocals and band leader with Andy Parker on drums, both original members, although the latter left the band in April 1983 and also returns to the classical training 1993 with Raymond and Schenker, and after another step away from the band, just back in Spain for Piorno Rock Festival in Granada in November 2005 so far. Finally, the low, the most unknown of all Rob De Luca who does not even appear as a full member in the band, do not know if the problems of suffering liver Pete Way, renowned bassist of the band since 2009 that prevented him from participating how all we want in the recording of "The Visitor" and it is presumed that if recovered, re-joining the band. In any case, Rob De Luca (Spread Eagle, Sebastian Bach Band) deployed many gallons on stage, the nostalgic always going to see the classic with more packaging, and not nostalgic, they will criticize complacently.

Topics Schenker stage have a point and counterpoint, point is that the guitar is a blast and a guitar hero precisely so they are up to par, Vinnie Moore has that level. In any case, the strength of "Lights out" even without that cabalgueo as representative of Pete Way, another notable absentee on stage, remains one of those subjects that have inspired all the defenses of NWOBHM. All cameras Vinnie pointed to all the guitar solos that are marked, aware that it is the jewel in the crown now on the alien ship, one of the issues that brought the head to replace Michael Mogg was, After several failed attempts to modernize even in the 80s with the line up of the then Jagged Edge (Mike Gray, Fabio del Rio, etc) in the wake of Paul Chapman unsung never escaped the shadow of the successes wrought in 70s by classically trained. And finally Mogg has found his light on the strings of the guitar virtuoso that hyper curly hair that fascinated first Speed​Metal fans and then the instrumental foodies, as is Vinnie Moore. We could even enjoy several funny moments, one of Vinnie's hand when he pulled out his smartphone to place next to the mic and it sounded a fandango de Huelva, another near the end when Mogg put his glasses to see and minutes before flirted with the camera a girl hitting a sticker. Go back two years in a time machine, mid-70s to play "Mother Mary", with these movements so characteristic of Mogg and seventies that despite his 65 years in beer spared no forces to retake those gestures narcissistic and conceited that characterize him and always being friendly with people cheering.

Comes time to present one of the songs from the new release "Seven Deadly", which alternated beats Andy Parker on keyboards and others as second guitarist showing his versatility and experience. Pure rock and roll house brand, and a chorus in which Raymond and Rob shared the vocals, all clapping and Rob battery with Andy bringing his bass with his clothing Glammera denoting what were your beginnings in the 80s. We squeezing another theme of the new album, "Wonderland" with a greater presence of keyboards to the sound of the guitar, the voice imperial Mogg who dared to raise the mic stand forcing even knowing chorus reached record owner and sir. Moreover, there is no denying that Vinnie after ten years in the band this happy with them, and he seemed to enjoy displaying their different guitars, with this technique so refined that many guitarists have studied and earned a Pepsi ad . Were several tens of fists, nothing happens by chance.

We return to the stage classic "Cherry", one of the two great songs from the last album with Schenker seventies of that golden era. We find ourselves in 1978, giving those acoustic intro with a low masterful, a force charged halftime they revive for all, pure magic, is when the heart beats to the sound they make: "Come on Cherry, let 's make it together .... out of the neon and into my life ...... We can not play this game forever, now ..... "if we looked to the left, were several girls who sang this letter do good always , UFO!

And we continue with more classic, one of the most anticipated and applauded, "Let it Roll", the whole room singing the main chorus, with solos by Vinnie those emulating the Master, even people humming the notes of the guitar (very typical effect between those who go to concerts MSG, what a coincidence) Vinnie inviting posture changed front and side to the music. In the atmospheric part of the subject, while Vinnie accompanies Rob carries the weight of the top notes, with Mogg back next to the battery taking a break, and while all crazy with the new raid supported by Phil Raymond on keyboards so far, very demure.

"Mojo Town" is the third track performed the new work, made ​​by Vinnie Moore and Phil Mogg, shown as the wake of the current UFO. The band is comfortable with the new status achieved, the successful blend of classic ingredients and Vinnie brings youth, about his old pals. A serene piece, "Burn the House", another that have been presented in this tour that has begun in the wake of the new release in late February of last year by the label SPV Steamhammer. It's funny because this topic if more reminiscent of the classics.

People was waiting impatiently, "Only You Can Rock Me" would make one of the largest cheers from those who were there before Mogg and company, doing all the palms that we asked Phil even got to the chorus, we indicated when we could do it, hands up and open arms to welcome us. Similarly, "Love to Love" was the delight of all those time fans were there, among them was palpable, that nostalgia to enjoy this theme parties alternated always more leisurely and plethoric.

It is time to remember the good pitch, 2009, "The Visitor" to "Hell Driver", which as we noted earlier, we could not enjoy Pete Way on bass. And before finishing with a handful of classics, bring us a live version of "Venus", one of those great songs that were removed from the sleeve after the return of UFO Schenker, experienced after that tour the acoustic Unplugged 1993 with Robin McAuley and his first "Thank You", one of the few in which Vinnie does not know or does not understand the measure resolves the issue but with his usual virtuosity.

"Too hot too handle" and "Rock Bottom" to reach the delirium that we all know that this band "Rock Bottom" is made by and for Schenker, always used to shine so that Vinnie would not be less leaves us an interpretation layer and allows Mogg go backstage to return a minute later, and interpret the theme par excellence, "Doctor, Doctor" making every one of those present the chant, making Raymond change its face of shyness, and the rhythmic encourage to leave their keyboards to share the limelight with their peers.

Our friends leave idolized but saved one last bullet to do the same, "Shoot, shoot", we shot in the soul for many years how many were there. They could not have chosen better, this super classic "Force It", where Pete Way's bass and the rhythm section of Parker was an ode to the hard rock of the first level, a night in which we find among his followers several people generations enjoy the legacy that they decided to share, just as they, on the tables, they also represent several generations, three classic and two members having the right to be because you have earned it, and we have won, is the award for playing on unidentified flying object more rock on this planet.

©2013 MS



Vinnie Moore Interview

Interview by Juliana Rosano - ENGLISH Translation

Vinnie Moore belongs to the same school of the great guitarists of the 80's and was one of the pioneers of the style shredding. He became known to the general public due to a Pepsi commercial, which led him to release his first album, Mind's Eye in 1986 and work with Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid disk. Vinnie was also one of the first guitarists to devote himself to teaching this instrument, with its video-classes of 1987 and 1989, classics of the genre. Currently, Vinnie is divided between his solo career and his work with the English band UFO. After the UFO show in Madrid last March 8th, we had the opportunity to chat briefly, but humorous, in exclusive for Hard and Heavy.

HARD AND HEAVY: Thank you, Vinnie, a pleasure talking to you and to the readers of Hard and Heavy Brazil.

VINNIE MOORE: Brazil? São Paulo?


HH: Yes! São Paulo, extamente!

VINNIE MOORE: Oh, thank you, I know more things in Portuguese, but I will not say here. (Risas)


HH: The tour started a little while ago, Feb. 21, what has been the reception from the public?

VINNIE MOORE: So far, all the shows have been in England, except for tonight here in Madrid and in France yesterday. And it has been very good, we always do very well in England, and these shows were awesome for us in Europe and so far has also been good.


HH: What are your expectations for the rest of the tour?

VINNIE MOORE: Which is better and that we continue to have fun and see lots of fans, all fans possible.


HH: You came to Brazil for the first time only five years ago to give some clinics. What memories do you have from a trip to Brazil?

VINNIE MOORE: I remember the "steakhouse", is that what they say? The Brazilian barbecue, beautiful girls and the fans, of course, very enthusiastic fans.


HH: Is there a Brazilian musician you like, guitarist or not?

VINNIE MOORE: You know, when I was there, I had been giving clinics and other guitarists opening for me and there are so many great guitarists in Brazil, unbelievable. There was this guy who opened one of my clinics, I am sorry, but I do not remember his name, but it was impressive. But overall there are excellent guitarists in Brazil.


HH: Are you in the UFO 10 years ago. Have you ever thought you'd stay so long in the group?

VINNIE MOORE: You know, I never thought about it when I joined the group. I think if you had asked me this before, maybe I would last 10 years, I probably would have said that you might not. But, we are continuously making new albums and touring and more touring and other records and more and it's been great. I really like all the guys in the band and the music we're doing and of course, play live.


HH: How do you balance your work with your UFO and solo career?

VINNIE MOORE: Uhh, no time for both. I just choose the right moment. When I'm making a break with UFO, I work on my own music. I have some new songs I'm recording, all batteries are already finished, I'm just working on guitars and hope to launch it in a few months.


HH: That was exactly what I was going to ask you now. It is 4 years since his last solo album, To the core.

VINNIE MOORE: It will come soon!


HH: Let's talk a little about your progression as a musician. You started doing the shredding and evolved to another level, more sophisticated, say. It was a natural progression or you just get tired of the same thing?

VINNIE MOORE: Oh, it was a natural progression, because I really do not think a lot of things, I just kind of follow the flow of things happen and what happens, happens. And that's supposed to be, to be inspired by things that come to you, but at the same time, probably after two years doing that classical music on the guitar, I kind of got tired and estressei me, because suddenly everyone was doing that and I thought, "Ugh, I'm sick of it." But at the same time, I kept playing and made my way natural. There was never a real plan: "I will follow this direction, do this or that .." I can not think in advance, just follow my path.


HH: You come from a very small state, Delware ...

VINNIE MOORE: The second smallest state in the country!


HH: That somehow influenced your music?

VINNIE MOORE: I do not know ... I think everything influences you. The largest city closer to where I creci Philadelphia is just 40 miles from where I creci. So I do not really know. I lived in a small town, but there was Philadelphia, but it was another state ...


HH: I know you have probably asked many times about this, but I have a curiosity:

VINNIE MOORE: Yes, tell.


HH: Were not you disappointed with the Pepsi commercial, where they only show their hands?

VINNIE MOORE: Yeah, it was a great thing for me to have my music on commercial and anecdotally I can say, "my fingers are too!" But, yes, it would have been nice to have my body too. Well, I almost was. I think basically I was very young, I was 20, and I think it was a little too shy. Here I was from a small town, I traveled to Los Angeles, Hollywood, movie studios, and they were filming me. I guess I was not prepared for the age that was then.


HH: You touched on the first disc Vicious Rumours, yet it is not something that is mentioned a lot. There was a good experience?

VINNIE MOORE: Oh, yes, it was. I remember being out, I think I was 19 and I flew all the way to California, in the San Francisco to be with the group and I felt homesick (homesick), I was very young. We should have done everything in three weeks and I come home and if there were any tour, I would go with them, but I ended up going to California and everything becoming more and lasted longer, I finished getting there 4 months! To be honest, I was too young and wanted to go home, was very homesick. Once the album was finished, I went running home!


HH: Many years ago I bought magazines and imported via ads of their video lessons. Recently I was reviewing the part where you explain the Greek modes, you do, say, a funny approach to the subject, saying, "1500 years ago someone invented these names just to confuse us in the twentieth century." What is teaching guitar for you?

VINNIE MOORE: I tried to make it simple, in a way that everyone could understand, because the way they were taught the ways was really too complex and people do not understand very well and I thought: "Wait a minute! Let's make it as simple as possible "and I taught the method I used to learn the ways. Even today, people tell me, "I know the ways because of his video", such as Gus G, who played with Ozzy Osbourne, he said: "I learned ways because I saw the your videos, I really do not understand them and you made them simple and so I did. " This is me, this is my approach to make it easier.


HH: Of all his solo albums, is there a particular favorite? I ask this because I read an interview with you and you said that while Mind's Eye was the first, it was not his favorite.

VINNIE MOORE: I do not know, it's hard to say. It's like having eight children and choose which I like best, depends on the climate you are. What I did not like the first album, is that I always thought that we were better than the disc itself, because I had more time to do and when we recorded the album only had 11 days to all, including the mix and not was enough time and always thought it could have been better. But many people love this record, then, you know, it is what it is.


HH: We're running out of time, Vinnie, now the last question.

VINNIE MOORE: Wow, it was like, you know that cartoon character, the mouse with a huge Mexican hat, which makes everything fast, as is his name?


HH: Oh, yes, Speedy Gonzalez!

VINNIE MOORE: Yes, an interview of Speedy Gonzalez! (Risas)


HH: Would you say something to your fans in Brazil.

VINNIE MOORE: I think I'll be with UFO in Brazil in May and can not wait to go back, it's great to be there and the fans are the best!


HH: Thank you, Vinnie, un happy.

VINNIE MOORE: Oh, wait, and the girls are awesome ... I can say "ass"? (General laughter)


Vinnie Moore and Juliana Rosano:





Review - Madrid, Spain (8th March)

Trnslation from Spanish to English:

Sure that you all have had a friend (or a friend) when in this metal empezabais few years older than you who had their wisdom and advising you to get started on this journey. In my case there were two, and Luis Eduardo whom everyone called the Luigi. The Luigi had what we call "the theory of the four pillars" I think I have ever told. He argues that the NWOBHM stands on four pillars, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep. I remembered my colleague Luigi on Friday seeing UFO because after the great show you dialed think it's time to claim them as the 5th pillar, I will comment to Luigi to see what you think and I commented. They were born the same year as Uriah Heep, in 69 and just a year later than the other three pillars and yet I think it's a band that is not remembered and mentioned as a pioneer with the frequency of the other 4. I guess the departure of Michael Schenker few years fell into the darker than the others but after seen this past week in Madrid I think it's time to rethink the story.

UFO is the band that Michael Schenker reveals that only 19 years old he joined the band in 1973. UFO is also the band where one of us, a Latino (you know who I am adamant that we have called from Mariskalrock Metal New Wave of Latin) sat their keyboards, Danny Peyronel talk of Argentine that joins them in the 75 (after landfall, as you all know, in Spain to enter Banzai years later) Subsequent meetings left us new joys as the meeting of the original band (Mogg, Schenker, Way, Raymond and Parker) who turned 95 in that year Simon Wright (AC / DC) on drums.

Since 2003 we have in the flying saucer on guitar nothing more and nothing less than the great Vinnie Moore, now in tessitura least in its early neoclassical solo albums, more hard blues and putting the guise of Michael Schenker with spectacular results, if had to make a list of the top ten all time axes believe me, Vinnie would be in it own right. A guitarist stylish, technical and good looks, all this and much more is American.

The band keeps returning occasionally as 2004 with Jason Bonham (son of Led Zeppelin drummer) on drums. Serve these little notes for us to see that what we were seeing was pure history of Heavy Your latest album is Seven Deadly (2012) recorded the room with Vinnie Moore.

Let us focus on the concert. Announced in Caracol the sudden closing of this (hopefully reopen soon and, of course, in addition to our support our revulsion to Madrid following a town hall restricting musical culture, hopefully see the light and finally understand that a concert is a cultural event and the live music is the cornerstone that makes you love her and should be enhanced to maximum) all we have and all that we longed to see the hosts of Phil Moog pending Internet to see which saturate the bolus. In the end as you are counting on the group invited Arena 4Bitten. As you know on Friday I do the radio show on this website Rockcinante and between that and the evening was wet and that always stuck Madrid makes my arrival in the room is just to see UFO can not see or even a theme 4BITTEN The Greek band opened the concert. I apologize for it and the band and the promoters (Ana Laballo is inflexible with this, and he's right, if you must be accredited to report on time, I do not understand it otherwise but she knows I have and sometimes I program impossible, thanks for understanding)

When sound marked the first chords of "Lights Out" and the Arena breaks into a cry of welcome, the atmosphere is great, great night, better atmosphere than in 2009 which is the last time I saw them in the capital kingdom. The training we all already know who will know except for since bassist Pete Way distanced himself several bassists have fluctuated. In Madrid bequeaths a spectacular Rob de Luca who was the founder of one of my favorite bands of the 90 U.S. SPREAD EAGLE those who always say they deserved much more recognition.

For the second item, the room was already screaming UFO delivered in perfect English (which imply owed to Phil we knew good English and was very talkative and joking with the audience. Their favorite pastime was watching the public and seek similar with famous musicians to put on his glasses once to look better.

Continued to fall the great songs of the band getting better feeling between band and audience, they looked comfortable and that made we were leaving a concert master. Vinnie and Phil brings us that the engraving mobile, I think, my English is going to Gibraltar and little else (and this because the English there if you do not speak Spanish serves) to a taxi driver Andalusian flamenco singing without cutting us put in the micro.

Phil talks or mobile now down no strength at all what we are seeing, on the contrary, make public communion is narrower band to which must be added the good vibes of Vinnie, as always, exhausted Barbed its provision giving to the rock.

As if this were not enough face a momentazo chaining her performance in "Let it roll", "Only You Can Rock Me" and "Love to Love". Imagine delirium. It is in this area, "Love to love" when we notice the important work of lefty Paul Raymon quiet that handles the keyboards and rhythm and shines in this topic but since then I can not help admire the work you are doing for ringing that sounded like, holy glory.

We need to have the recognition it deserves the lord of the sticks, the other member Andy Parker founder with Phil, who embroidered the night.

When finished with "Rock Bottom" does not move anyone, we all know that we have "the doctor and shoot shoot" but requests one wanting, people have enjoyed it and that is a full-blown concert. Vinnie appears with a bowl full of ... tine? At least I think that we pounce on it to catch and see a handful of Smarties, Vinnie shared it all, does not fit a single spike (must ask for the public to touch) and catering to their treats us gives, that big!

Doctor Doctor rings and "Shoot Shoot" to put finishing touches on a magical night where UFO, for this writer, leave your request signed to be the fifth pillar of the NWOBHM and I bought it.















...Rock Star Live in Bilbao, Spain



4Bitten - UFO -
The rock on a pedestal


Half an hour later, at a quarter past nine in the evening, stepped on the stage of the legendary UFO Caracol room, led by its fireproof vocalist Phil Mogg, worried all evening to please the hundreds of fans that come with the band where they touch.

"Lights out" was the theme manager to open the case of the musical essences, followed "Mother Mary", "Fight Night" and "Wonderland", the latter two rescued from his latest album to date, entitled " Seven Deadly ".

The guitarist Vinnie Moore, which changed several times as an instrument, would make us share his particular taste for Spanish music and sounded a theme in your mobile Flemish recorded by Mogg microphone.

Trivia aside, did not miss his appointment required topics "Let it roll" song that Steve Harris himself reiterated his particular liking for their fellow concert in Madrid, "Only You Can Rock Me", the mellow and loaded sentiment "Love to Love", "Too Hot to Handel" or "Rock Bottom", with which put an end to an immaculate performance in which no lack of instrumental delights

Guitarist Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond, the guitars and keyboard, Andy Parker on drums, and Rob De Luca, on bass, that did not stop delight with their poses and good work on stage that parting thereby achieving its predecessor and founder, Pete Way.

A minute later the five musicians returned to the stage to delight us with an exquisite interpretation of their biggest hit "Doctor Doctor", a song that the audience sang deliriously finally, ten minutes later, with the brilliance of "Shoot Shoot".

A performance that not only did fans of UFO but rock music.




Paul Raymond

Rob De Luca




Phil Mogg at Sala Arena, Madrid

Vinnie Moore at Sala Arena, Madrid

Rob De Luca at Sala Arena, Madrid
Phil Mogg at Sala Arena, Madrid

Vinnie Moore at Sala Arena, Madrid

All five photos above, © 2013 África Paredes Martínez del Peral | flickr | Website

Concert Review from Madrid


4BITTEN + UFO (Sala Arena, Madrid, 03/08/2013)
In 2004, in one of the parts of the text of my article about the concert that had just given UFO then living in Madrid Aqualung, stated: "As for Vinnie Moore, what to say, one of a kind that has yet that aposentarse correctly in the pool. By that I clarify that must look for the group and not by reputation, something like JJ masts Marsch themselves have understood. And why is it okay to put a touch of color personal, but I can not do is add things in places they had never possessed. " I am referring to the March 5, 2004, I say, at a time when the British formation Moore premiered ropes in one of their studio albums, the only acceptable You Are Here. Now the tables have turned, and he looked more like a guitarist guitar hero a legendary member of a set of five, in 2013 is one of the fundamental pillars to keep it in good condition and UFO reviving his classics with the same fidelity with which he played in his day-Schenker Michael Schenker quote only, not Paul Chapman or Tommy McClendon, as Phil Mogg seems to have forgotten the stage from 1979 to 1988 of No Place To Run Is not Misbehaving to six LPs nothing less.

At that concert a former Scorpions, exceptional guitar virtuoso Uli Jon Roth, opened the evening for this reputable group. Last Friday was the Greeks 4Bitten, a quartet of hard metal trashy. They say on their official Web be influenced by Led Zeppelin, Metallica or Janis Joplin, but at the time to decide what is a hard rock sign manual, without departing from the three or four basic rules, with no charisma, no the push to earn a place in the ears of the public, without being remembered. At times, even became really tiring, quite the contrary to what they got themselves opening for Dirty Names Eldorado: all attendees who saw his performance, leave the room Caracol talking about them with genuine warmth and admiration in their voices.
UFO became almost entirely its direct historical Strangers In The Night, an album that, after all, is like a compilation, as all his subjects, whether in studio or taken the same job on the boards captured, have ended in dozens of official compilations and pirates are on the group: "Mother Mary", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Let It Roll", "Too Hot To Handle", "Doctor Doctor", "Shoot Shoot", etc.; hey, less "Natural Thing", "Out In The Streets", "This Kids" and "I'm A Loser", the LP went over it without hesitation. His North American tour of 1978 brought the new century-and what those songs still sound good. Yes, maybe "Lights Out" should not be the song initiatory as Mogg not catch cold trotona dynamics of tune easily, in fact, it felt slow in developing and Phil still somewhat thick-and I said something similar in 2004 on his show: "From the beginning to get out to the public in the pocket, although some feared for the quality of the concert to see that Phil had trouble developing their stanzas in the first issue" -.

Strangely enough disk recalled forgotten your CD Walk On Water-tour that I attended in the former Chancellor, with a whimsical Schenker that made his guitar afinasen each clinched composition-through "Venus". And the rest were moved from The Visitor and, of course, his new Seven Deadly, which proves to be a very respectable launch, but, yes, lacking hymns. Wonder why while reneging on the days that made wonders like "Let It Rain", "We Belong To The Night", "Long Gone" or the dramatic and memorable ballad "Profession Of Violence", with Paul Chapman case as equals from the seventies guitar legend that Schenker had forged years earlier.
Underline the work of Rob De Luca on bass, the fifth component accompanying Moore, Mogg, Paul Raymond and Andy Parker. No hitting racing Pete Way, but it is at their level, giving both show like in what has instrumental technique is concerned. Fifteen songs that did not disappoint, Choice list and a road-his career-which, it seems, will never end. Continue running through it with them and enjoying their commendable classic rock.




Vinnie Moore in Madrid

©2013 Susana MH | flickr website



Concert Review from Madrid

4BITTEN + UFO (Sala Arena, Madrid, 03/08/2013) | ENGLISH TRANSLATION



Funny moment - posted on Vinnies Facebook fanpage

"Vinnie with his mobile phone, playing the music of an spanish taxi, recorded that day... funny moment" Francisco


Han colocado mi crónica del concierto de UFO en la sala Arena en la web oficial del grupo

The rock on a pedestal 
Half an hour later, at a quarter past nine in the evening, stepped on the stage of the legendary UFO Caracol room, led by its fireproof vocalist Phil Mogg, worried all evening to please the hundreds of fans that come with the band where they touch. "Lights out" was the theme manager to open the case of the musical essences, followed "Mother Mary", "Fight Night" and "Wonderland", the latter two rescued from his latest album to date, entitled " Seven Deadly ". The guitarist Vinnie Moore, which changed several times as an instrument, would make us share his particular taste for Spanish music and sounded a theme in your mobile Flemish recorded by Mogg microphone.

Trivia aside, did not miss his appointment required topics "Let it roll" song that Steve Harris himself reiterated his particular liking for their fellow concert in Madrid, "Only You Can Rock Me", the mellow and loaded sentiment "Love to Love", "Too Hot to Handel" or "Rock Bottom", with which put an end to an immaculate performance in which no lack of instrumental delights
Guitarist Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond, the guitars and keyboard, Andy Parker on drums, and Rob De Luca, on bass, that did not stop delight with their poses and good work on stage that parting thereby achieving its predecessor and founder, Pete Way. A minute later the five musicians returned to the stage to delight us with an exquisite interpretation of their biggest hit "Doctor Doctor", a song that the audience sang deliriously finally, ten minutes later, with the brilliance of "Shoot Shoot".

A performance that not only did fans of UFO but rock music.

Pinchando aquí la podéis leer en la página original.



Friday March 8, 2013, living Arena (Madrid)

For some time we have had announced the arrival of UFO Spain once again. Several times I've had a chance to see the British band on our stage, and they all have fanstastic, so I would not miss this opportunity to hear again the extensive collection of classic Rock have in his credit, as well as some songs from the new album, "Seven deadly", which have been presented in this tour.

After a short wait in which he took the stage the 4Bitten backline, UFO members left the stage quietly. We knew from the absence of Pete Way, who also recorded the band's latest work, "Seven deadly". The record low is the responsibility of Lars Lehmann, but the tour is Rob de Luca (Spread Eagle) who is responsible for the four strings.

The rest, old acquaintances. The historic Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond and Andy Parker plus key guitar work to Vinny Moore, who has a decade with the band, becoming one of the most solid pillars of the group.

The scene was somewhat lacking for the staging of UFO, with Andy Parker set quite sandwiched between the amps, but was not a serious drawback. The sound was not bad, but as always in this room, dependent on the area in which You will be placed.

After a few greetings, the band started and with dynamite, making it clear that they would base their set on the classics: "Lights Out" and "Mother Mary" earned from the beginning even public that almost filled the room.

All sensations were good. Good sound, the band fit, Phil Mogg good voice, and a good feeling between them that was contagious. And they were in high spirits, joking constantly, taking the long stoppages from song to song. In the first one, Phil Mogg and Vinny Moore were making fun of taxi driver who had brought them. Moore had recorded with mobile music that the driver was wearing them, some flamenco, and we got a little on the mobile phone, bringing it closer to Phil Moog Micro.

This tour presenting his latest album, "Seven Deadly", but not many chose the topics of this work for the concert. "Fright Night" and "Wonderland" were two of them, very vessels and blunt. Phil Mogg was very good voice and humor, helped also by the great minis beer that was gobbling during the concert.

Andy Parker was also in top form and Paul Raymond was as austere as efficient, combining rhythm guitar keyboards, participate less in the show that Rob de Luca, hired bassist for the tour and it was very good ways, both technically as their movements on stage. But the star is also Phil Mogg, Vinny Moore's guitar. One of the greatest guitarists that we can find and that is in his element with UFO issues, which amply elaborates.

I was surprised in a positive way including "Cherry" on set a track of "Obsession" (1978) is not among the best known of the band, a breath of fresh air among the oldest themes rescued for Direct.

As I say, the band kept joking with the audience, looking like any of the physical audience with famous musicians, or commenting on one of the shirts that were among his followers. By finding one of Black Sabbath, Vinnie Moore started the first chords of "Paranoid", which Andy Parker made ​​a feint to follow. Everyone stared as saying ... "do we?" But he stayed in the attempt and what they did was stick with "Let It Roll", one of the most popular songs of his career.

Other issues that arose from his latest album were "Mojo Town" with a Vinnie Moore forceful and he looked in his element, and the beautiful "Burn Your House Down" with Phil Mogg demonstrating his voice and charisma, without losing any performance despite beer minis that were going through his throat.

At this point, UFO threw all their eggs in one basket: "Only You Can Rock Me" made ​​the room almost fell down. One of the most anticipated and best received by the public. Building on the flip, another major: "Love To Love", with very elongated one Vinny Moore. One of those moments that you justify the price of admission.

Halfway between their last album and the classics, there was also representation from previous albums UFO as "Hell Driver" (from "The Visitor") or "Venus" (from "The Covenant").

The rest of those classics that abound in the discography of a group as historic as UFO, and that made ​​his concert party at the Hard Rock: "Too Hot To Handle", widely sung by the entire audience gave way to one of moments of the night, a brutal "Rock Bottom" which was one of the highlights of the night, with Vinny Moore's guitar solo extending more than 10 minutes to ecstasy of virtuous we like this instrument.

The band was dismissed at the time, but we all know there will be more. After a few minutes of claim in which the musicians took to catch his breath, makes a comeback. The unmistakable keyboard intro by Paul Raymond is received with joy: "Doctor, Doctor" is one of the anthems of rock history, and this is received, with the whole audience singing and hopping. And finally, as always ... "Shoot, Shoot", in that this time say goodbye to all of us.

A huge concert. Possibly while I liked most of all that I have seen. And we are at a legendary band, with historical musicians and themes that are part of our life.

VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE - Text and photos ©2013








9th March - Spain - Bilbao - Rock Star Live

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca




Here are some amazing / Stunning photos from Fran Cea:

UFO - Paul Raymond - photo ©2013, All rights reserved


UFO - photo ©2013, All rights reserved


UFO - Phil Mogg - photo ©2013, All rights reserved


UFO - Vinnie Moore - photo ©2013, All rights reserved


Many thanks to Fran Cea for allowing the above four shots to be posted




Phil Mogg - Rock Star Live, Bilbao

©2013 MUSIFOTA - Todos los derechos reservados por © MUSIFOTA. All rights reserved by © MUSIFOTA


Rob De Luca - Rock Star Live, Bilbao

©2013 MUSIFOTA - Todos los derechos reservados por © MUSIFOTA. All rights reserved by © MUSIFOTA

Concert Reviews - Salsa Rockstar Live

Translation from Spanish

UFO: Sala Rockstar, Barakaldo March 9, 2013

The third time was the charm.

Finally, and I do mean finally, I have seen a UFO above a table. About time because they are many and countless visits gave us this legendary British training over his long career in this country. There have been two occasions where I almost see them but for personal reasons that are beside the comment in this space, I had to stay with the win. This new opportunity presented to me a few months ago was irresistible. As I learned the new dates of this tour I did not think for a single second and Agencie me a couple of tickets. Moreover, the idea of ​​presenting them that fantastic "Seven Deadly" which pulled out of the hat last year, was another plus to add to move your ass and presented on Saturday at the Rockstar Barakaldo.

Well, after a couple of days and I can breathe easy. I settled an outstanding bill that went too over time, with a band that simply consider one of the best of his generation and are still in a state of enviable shape in studio and live. So we traveled to Bilbao on a beautiful sunny morning and then to Barakaldo to meet Phil Mogg and his.

The desire and the nerves were evident in the hours before the gig. As usual, sucking tail to be in the best place that is none other than the first row and enjoy the best possible download coming to us in a few hours. During that time we agreed with American mega fan especially coming from LA to see a UFO. In his curriculum were already 86! Sometimes I saw the band Phil Mogg. Yes, yes, 86! bowling under his belt. Now that's devotion to a group and other nonsense. How great is the rock when you find examples like this woman! Do not you think?

After putting up with the openers 4bitten, that the truth did not give me much more, UFO showed up to eleven o'clock at night. The long wait to see them come true and now with the band on the stage of the Rockstar could not look away Phil Mogg for much of the concert. Perhaps surprisingly to many people, or maybe not, if I say that this man was always one of my favorite singers ever. Your voice will always be one of my weaknesses and have it a couple of days to just a couple of meters distncia was indescribable. A memory that will stay forever in my retina.

Focusing on the bolus, needless to say that Phil Mogg takes all your attention and is the perfect master of ceremonies. How to steal the limelight from this item! His voice does not sound as powerful as before. Age and unforgiving excesses but which had retained and charisma can not be bought, it is, period. In addition, he was very communicative, and joker vacilón overnight, something that shocked me a bit because it always had a reputation for being very distant. Its main squire, in the person of Vinnie Moore, has been a success. The guy is perfectly adapted to the demands of his boss and the proof is the magnificent work they have signed in recent years with UFO. The rest of the band is firm and in the background, which include members and enshrined as Andy Parkey and Paul Raymond.

During the show, he could not miss a good portion of classics that are part of your life for a lot of years as "Lights Out", "Mother Mary", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Too hot to handle" "Let it roll", "Cherry" or total climax lived in "Love to Love". Of course, the final stretch of authentic infarction starring "Rock Bottom", "Doctor Doctor" and "Shoot Shoot", are you like a rug enjoy singing those choruses such legendary fists. A note that the new songs fit perfectly in the set-lists with no let up in no time. The proof of which is that tremendous "Wonderland," which sounds like a cannon and it shows that you can still write great songs in the XXI century.

First concert of the year and great satisfaction. A shame that this band is not more valued and pavilions fill it deserves. I always thought that those who love rock and have a UFO on a pedestal should remove the card "rockerillo" lifetime.

UFO Eternals.


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca - Andy Parker - Paul Raymond

Translation from Spanish

Concert Recap: UFO + 4Bitten. 09/03/2013. Rockstar Live Room Barakaldo

As they met at the legendary UFO would not doubt Mr Brugat home and throw myself in eager to buy a pair of tickets. Not every day you have the opportunity to see a band that is living legend of rock and a price (20 € early entry) significantly lower than the last time we saw them in 2009. But the best came two days before the concert. A friend got us a couple of invitations for a drawing for BBK, so the day of the concert sold two tickets in the queue at the box office for its 20 € original and so happy to enter into. Comment that there was much tail box office all the time, which I suspect was due to the above drawing and discounts online through which you could get tickets for 14 €. All this made the room present a look of almost full.

After the openers played great right out UFO that made clear with "Lights Out" and "Mother Mary" that was going to be great songs. The band rose from his usual lineup of Pete Way down: the great Phil Mogg spectacular voices in his 64 years, Vinnie Moore on lead guitar, Andy Parker on drums, Paul Raymond on keyboards and rhythm guitar and Rob De Luca on bass.

The band came to present his twentieth album (reportedly soon!) Entitled "Seven Deadly" which we heard "Fight Night" and "Wonderland."

To this point we see that if Phil Mogg vocal level was in great shape, he was not in his role as frontman. Jokes not amused and they blamed Mogg not understood because he spoke English! Even at a time when we put a mobile recording of a cabbie singing flamenco??! The veredad is that we saw quite spread between songs, I suppose it's the age or the beers I drank before and during the concert ...

As mentioned before by going to be great songs and the band continued with the more relaxed "Cherry" and "Let It Roll". A plethora saw Vinnie Moore on guitar, quite faithful to classical compositions and enjoying themselves. The guy is a crack and will overrun you put the issue before you throw, even the great Michael Schenker.

The concert continued with another theme of the last album, "Burn Your House Down":

In fact Andy Parker saw a guy on drums despite his usual facial expression of pain. A Paul Raymond in the first part of the concert we saw a bit away but eventually came up and ended up taking a more active, also spotless. Moreover bassist Rob De Luca also well musically and putting some more hot girls in the front row. The concert continued with my favorite subject, the classic "Only You Can Rock Me", "Love to Love", "Hell Driver" and the less usual classics by "Venus":

From here there were only mythic themes as "Too Hot To Handle" and the very great "Rock Bottom" with great solo Vinnie Moore, something that took Mr. Phil Mogg to rest behind the scenes.

Delirium came with the first item on the BIS: "Doctor Doctor" and the concert was topped with "Shoot Shoot".

15 great songs without any waste of a band that is legend and unfortunately no public recognition should, probably due to not engage young audiences lately. We leave you with the pros and cons!


- Very Great voice of Phil Mogg

- Cheap tickets

- A free concert always knows best


- Not played "Mojo Town" from their latest album.

- People who are dedicated to speaking at a concert

- The mob that does not respect the ban on smoking in enclosed

- Phil Mogg begins to wander ...

01 Lights Out
02 Mother Mary
03 Fight Night
04 Wonderland
05 Cherry
06 Let It Roll
07 Burn Your House Down
08 Only You Can Rock Me
09 Love to Love
10 Hell Driver
Venus 11
12 Too Hot to Handle
13 Rock Bottom

14 Doctor Doctor
Shoot 15 Shoot



Andy Parker @ Rock Star Live
UFO @ Rock Star Live


Concert Review - Salsa Rockstar Live

UFO: Sala Rockstar, Barakaldo March 9, 2013

Translation from Spanish

Hour and three-quarters of total enjoyment to a crowded room from which I came back convinced categorically stop wasting my precious time in bowling without substance and concentrate all my strength and dedication to the great bands that I can still take that long awaited ecstasy , musically speaking, of course. Not that I did not have like going to a concert, what I really wanted was to see a band of the caliber of UFO, besides being my first time and with the element of surprise intact, as I am not of those that spend their days watching videos of this or that group.

And boy surprised me. It was on the side of the classics they performed, because it was clear they should play or yes, but by the intensity of the show, the compactness of the band and the good form of the absolute master of the night, Mr . Phil Mogg. This lord to his nearly 65 years, is a living example of how to lead a rock'n'roll band. Would dawn, never better, without the groups today would notice guys like him. It's all charisma, attitude, power, security (on stage) ... Contrary to what happens with most currently vocalists. That micro management, as only he and a few others know and that distinctive voice, though somewhat diminished after years of excess, giving samples to whom we are. But I will not dwell on comparisons more absurd, something I can not avoid doing regularly.

I do not know where to address the set list. As I said, the amount of classics that paraded during the show was tremendous. If you've been bowling a lot of the band behind your back, as was the case of a woman who came from Los Angeles! just to see these three dates in Spain and it was his 86 time, it is logical that changes thank issues regarding the interpretation, but if you're brand new at the time, there are issues that are sacred and you would not stop hearing as "Lights Out", with which the concert began, "Mother Mary", "Cherry", "Let It Roll", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Too Hot Too Handle", some sing like possessed when Mogg gave us the mic, an elongated "Rock Bottom" totally committed people, "Doctor Doctor", chanted the most of the night, the final farewell to "Shoot Shoot", or the highlight of the night, the enigmatic and definitely masterful "Love To Love". The new, of that fantastic latest album "Seven Deadly" also sounded like a cannon, especially the frenetic "Wonderland", and the remaining subjects were also elected a success. Sure they missed many more we all apetecería listen, but this is the list of topics that interpret and I look great.

Also noteworthy, of course, Vinnie Moore's guitar, which almost does not need because it is taken for granted, but nobody is going to stop to think how it should be holy and consecrated this band with the feeling of Schenker and brash Pete Way. You know, I'm a romantic and as such will always miss its original members and wish them to be born in a different time and different place to have lived similar experiences. By dreaming, that it is not.

I do not know if I will have the opportunity to see a UFO, but I would recommend to anyone who has not yet experienced live, I would not think. All these legends will not be here forever and the day that we miss them. I'm sure. Thank UFO.



Concert Review and Photos from at Rockstar Live, Bilbao


PHOTOS ©Fran Cea 2013 (as showcased below the Rockstar live banner above)









10th March - Spain - Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca






Merch Desk



Razzmatazz 2 (Barcelona)

Andy Parker

Viewing live UFO is almost a privilege today. Given the age of Phil Mogg, his voice remains intact after more than 40-year career. No doubt that the 1978 Phil is far from now, but remains well worth vocally and discs of UFO, especially since entering training Vinnie Moore, are to rise to the occasion.

With all this in mind, were attending on Sunday at the Razzmatazz 2 in Barcelona. Except some inroads into Apollo in recent years (his visits in 2006 and 2009 were in the mythical Parallel room), the band sounded much better this time. And it's weird because Razzmatazz 2 is probably one of the rooms with the worst sound in the history of live music. That the enclosure had a respectable entry (about 450 people) really helped the sound issue with certain body and definition, that's for sure.

Vinnie Moore

While "Seven Deadly" is a record that compares to "The Visitor", for example, it is true that keeps intact the essence of the band. Vinnie Moore is surprising is that so fluidly coupled to the sound of UFO in the last ten years, taking into account the school guitarrera coming as a solo artist.

Today, one no longer misses Michael Schenker at all. Moreover, UFO hardly attract people because Schenker least not in the band, and also, I fear that it would be unrealistic to think of UFO in 2013 if the chaotic Schenker remain part of the band. All are pros and, as a result, the UFO today are a very well-oiled band, live sound and a good hard machine classic riffs.

Rob De Luca

His latest "problem" alcoholism and Pete Way was eradicated about five years ago and since then the band has revived a little more. We all remember in 2006 when they played in Barcelona UFO Pete Way and spent a good part of the show on the floor, slumped as if from the drunkenness of her life. Today we have a more professional band on stage and overall, better blended.

Paul Raymond

Barcelona's show began with "Lights Out", a song mode makes sure that everyone in boot situation around procedures. The public reacted accordingly, bursting into applause and jumping. Nothing like a good classic hard rock concert on a Sunday wake of drowsiness and leverage. In that sense, the UFO show was a lesson in how to please your most loyal fan base. But four things from recent years, the band turned to the classics that we all know. From the awesome "Love to Love" to the thug "Rock Bottom", to swing "Too Hot To Handle" or "Let It Roll", the set was plagued with issues UFO well recognized by all.

We can say that Phil Mogg is one of the great mysteries of speech. No one was able to guess anything he said during the concert when the songs presented. Well, lie. At one point warned the audience: "I think my career in flamenco is definitely finished." Razzmatazz Outside, workers unloading a big question mark neon fluorescent install someone had asked about the area oF public ...

The concert ended with, as was obvious, "Rock Bottom" and "Shoot Shoot", the show ended. No margin of error in a show of UFO and perhaps that is why we love them. They are safe value, as SAXON or DORO. Never have a bad show and never have a bad night. 9/10



VIEW ALL 20 PHOTOS from 10th March Razzmatazz 2 - Barcelona



UFO. Sala Razzmatazz 2, 10/03/13

Translated from Spanish to English:

UFO are one of the best kept secrets of British Rock. This is a band whose recognition is inversely proportional to a recording career (especially in 70) brilliant. Surely this has contributed to the fact that the revival of the sounds "hard" that brought the NWOBHM to early 80s (which helped aconocer / relaunch the careers of some his contemporaries), coincided with a particularly turbulent period for the group : internal problems, various addictions, comings and goings of band members ...

Although I do not have the pull of old, when they were able to fill stadiums, are still active. True to his custom, in recent years has undergone several member changes, but since the publication of "The Monkey Puzzle" (2006) formation has remained more or less stable.

In his mini Spanish tour came to present his latest work "Seven Deadly" (2012), an album that, without reaching the level of his previous works, it is quite interesting. As long as a veteran group visits us, doubts arise about what will be able to offer. In this case there were several unknowns: the state vowel (and soul) of Mogg, the absence of bassist Pete Way (one of the icons of rock and charisma in its purest form) for health reasons or performance of Vinnie Moore, good guitarist but with a complicated ballot: deal with the long shadow of Michael Schenker and Paul Chapman.

The truth is that tonight was a very good concert: a thrilling start with two classics of the band "Lights Out" and "Mother Mary". Tight sound, band greased and relaxed, with a particularly chatty Phil Mogg. Mogg is one of those classic school frontman who seem to have made ​​a pact with the devil. It seems incredible that a man of 58, with his career of millions of miles away, thousands of concerts and excesses to give and take is in such good shape. In your case not at all rule out any agreement with the manager of the underworld dons a look (thin, angular face, piercing eyes) really Mephistopheles.

With the following topics "Fight Night", "Wonderland" (from "Seven Deadly") and "Cherry" (from "Obsession", not very common in their repertoire) Vinnie Moore has shown its good performance. Despite his reputation as a guitarist "come-scales", has adapted his playing to the sound of the group and the fact is that it does nothing wrong. Then two balls as "Let it Roll" and "Only You Can Rock Me", with the whole room (about 400 people) singing loudly.

"Love to Love" and "Burn Your House Down", two slow songs, revolutions are down momentarily. Mogg longer has the power of old (which is seen in those songs more demanding) but these ballads overboard with the blues that has let her warm voice and the way to "say" so characteristic.

Another unusual subject, "Venus", has once again raised the speed curve, which has peaked with "Too Hot to Handle" (another of his timeless classics) and an incendiary "Rock Bottom" that, for a moment, made us yearn to Michael Schenker guitar playing by the uncontrolled stridently Moore, which has been up the mountain goat pulling.

Then the encores: the ineffable "Doctor, Doctor", with Moore sometime tempted to climb back to the heights cheerfully, and "Shoot Shoot" (one of my favorite subjects) as final party after an hour and forty- five of action.

I said: very good concert, with Mogg and Moore at a good level. Special mention for Andy Parker, of those batteries unspectacular but working for the community: serious and sober, a fucking metronome. Bassist Rob de Luca has also been very reliable: good lines, some style poses Pete Way and the same model under (a Gibson Thunderbird). And what about the great Paul Raymond, the typical musician sacrificed but indispensable: keyboard arrangements and intros, supporting the rhythm, making choirs ...

Hopefully UFO continue giving concerts like last night and releasing albums as "Seven Deadly". Whether you no longer fill stadiums, or lack that makes them, to which we like the classic rock we better with that. And the devil surely, hopefully that covenant to continue for many years.



The Signs Of The Time: UFO - Sala Razzmatazz 2 de Barcelona

Probably last night witnessed one of the concerts that I will remember forever. One of the bands of my childhood Ufo step by Barcelona last night and offered a unique concert at Razzmatazz 2.

It all started about 20:15 when the opening act of the British band appeared on stage, I must admit they had no record of what the support band, was to enter the room when I saw the next merchandising material Ufo the name of the band in question 4Bitten.

During the performance of just 30 minutes of the band were correct, but the audience was a bit cold, as the band itself somewhat out of tune with what the night promised. Not that the band were not decent, were right on stage, giving it up but I just do not understand the system of choice for big bands accompanying Ufo bastions as in this case.
While the impact of these will not be very high because of the giants who have behind them, I would like the style of the opening acts in general for many of these concerts were more in line with the headliners. 4Bitten had a pretty style Metal despite occasional part-time issue, but ultimately did not fit with the sound too much later the British offer.

With British punctuality and almost ahead of the scheduled time of 21:30, Ufo made an appearance on stage, smiling and very motivated. The hall was almost full, despite being cut in half so that the capacity was clearly reduced, and that is with things like this with which I feel sorry to see a band that has more than 40 years and has been a mainstay of the Rock have to play to an audience of no more than 400 or 500 people, but this is Spain and things here work differently. The theme selected to open the concert was one of his classics Lights Out, the public and not flushed with the band and gave it all to not slow down the next topic chosen Mother Mary took me years to its strength and rage, sounding even more sugarcane than in disks remembered as the wonderful "Strangers In The Night".

I was surprised at the great Phil Mogg vocal that despite being on the verge of turning 65! retains that magic in his voice that made it special in the '70s and continues to do so. We also wanted to be able to see the guitarist Vinnie Moore, a guitar virtuoso who became known in the mid 80s along the famous Vai, Satriani ... Although at first glance it seems out of place in Ufo Vinnie, is the opposite, with the passage of time and discs has carved a niche in the band and is as if he had any life in it. Although I want to make one thing clear, despite its incredible recital, your feelin 'undeniable technical and can not be compared with Michael Schenker, debtor of most, if not all the issues for which they are famous now this band, Michael to Ufo.

The rest of the band also caused me a great feeling, Paul Raymond at 67 is still a great rhythm guitarist, and played keyboards on the issues is needed and the choirs perform exceptionally, is the guy for all that we would all like to get our bands. Andy Parker on drums also surprised by his relentless pace and constant dedication despite having 61. Finally note accompanying bassist the band after the departure of Pete Way last year, I mean Rob De Luca who understood perfectly the role that should bring in the band.

The subjects were happening, Phil Mogg introduced us to make some cuts in new album Night Flight, Wonderland or Burn Your House Down, but neither could they miss other classics of the band as Cherry, with its immense vibrant keyboard or Let It Roll possibly one of the best songs the band has written. They also had time to play a song from his previous studio album Hell Driver, a great song live and sounded even more overwhelming if possible.

I was surprised they did mention Schenker second time in the band, playing his album Venus 1995 "Walk On Water" your hard drive more direct and never edited. There were times during the performance in which Phil Mogg began to interact too, articulating disjointed sentences, dropping a wink to some girl or other, just funny stories of the night.

Like any band worth its salt, Ufo have their issues to chant, to which the public is left throat, scream and run out of voice desgañite up, but still keep trying, jump nonstop and excited. That moment came with Rock Bottom, had rarely seen an audience so devoted and expectant about what was happening. During this time the theme was classic Jam, which especially Vinnie Moore made ​​it clear his time of Guitar Hero, are impossible riffs, dizzying riffs and exquisite technique. Maybe for a server was a little too long, but after all is one of the few times when the guitarist can give all of them, and deserves it.

We were nearing the end of the night and we expect even more excitement and nostalgia to the eye. With the first chords of Doctor Doctor, people literally went crazy, the whole audience jumping in unison and deploying their voices and is hardly listened to Phil because the voices of the attendees Tapaban. It was a very special moment that I will remember the rest of my days, it was the first time I went to a concert by one of the bands of my life and could not do other things to feel excited. To end the show the band played another issue that could not miss, Shoot Shoot was the farewell, bitter at the end of the day, because that night was coming to an end and I would love to see the band. The total duration of the concert was about 1h 45 min and most sincerely do not ask the British, were perfect, delivered 100% and that is if the band plays classics all need more than 4 hours of show. But I leave with a great memory, one of the concerts of my life, one of the bands of my life.

UFO Thanks for letting me be happy!

Then I leave the setlist that the band played.

1. Lights Out
2. Mother Mary
3. Fight Night
4. Wonderland
5. Cherry
6. Let It Roll
7. Mojo town
8. Burn Your House Down
9. Only You Can Rock Me
10. Love to Love
11. Hell Driver
12. Venus
13. Too Hot to Handle
14. Rock Bottom
15. Doctor Doctor
16. Shoot Shoot







12th March - France - Bordeaux - Theatre Barbey

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca






Backstage Catering - An Old London Route Master Double-decker Bus


They are now legends are entering the scene in thunderous applause of the public and other rails. The group arrives on the scene as you, taking place on stage while the lights dim roar to let "Lights Out" which is immediately repeated in chorus by the public. Vinnie Moore already running sparks with his guitar, a true prodigy always going closer to the public to perform its talent guitar hero, it makes you forget the legendary Michael Schenker.

Between songs and a few sips of hops, Phil Mogg will interact much with the public key with the famous British humor that will fly each, it takes under his wing a young woman in the public that translates sentences. The British phlegm is fly again Mogg is a great form tonight, what delights the audience even more.

The show is at the rendezvous, the bass is Rob de Luca fly, it does its job, with or without deselecting pick the strings of his Gibson sharing space left the scene with Paul Raymond alternate keyboard / rhythm guitar with always equal effectiveness. behind his drums Andy Parker doing his job, a small problem at the beginning of his set with battery go almost unnoticed, Parker performs its task with great simplicity which is very disconcerting.

The songs are linked to the delight of the spectators, UFO performs countless pieces such as "Burn Your House Down," "Love to Love", "Hell Driver" and the excellent "Rock Bottom" which hits unchecking a piece of a good 10 minutes or you can admire the excellent guitar playing Vinnie Moore with a style very fine hairline sticking perfectly to the spirit of UFO.

The group will return to the stage to perform "Doctor, Doctor" and "Shoot Shoot" history close this wonderful evening and fill a few more fans.

44 years of existence of UFO and tonight they proved they still have underfoot, an excellent live from beginning to end, lots of humor and interaction with the public, UFO gave a lesson tonight to the delight of the audience.

The Rock School Barbey has yet to score a bar tonight with a hot iron for this new wonderful evening, a big congratulations to Base Productions (Emilie Julien, Roger and Pascal) have obtained this date in Bordeaux. Wait for the next concert now.

Setlist UFO:
1. Lights Out
2. Mother Mary
3. Fight Night
4. Wonderland
5. Cherry
6. Let It Roll
7. Burn Your House Down
8. Only You Can Rock Me
9. Love to Love
10. Hell Driver
11. Venus
12. Too Hot to Handle
13. Rock Bottom
14. Doctor Doctor
15. Shoot Shoot



Vinnie Moore - Paul Raymond - Rob De Luca


Phil Mogg


Phil Mogg


Vinnie Moore


Paul Raymond


Vinnie Moore

"For the record, it was the second UFO gig in Bordeaux in their entire career, the first one being on the 8th of February 1983,
quite exactly 30 years ago ! That was one of the infamous concert of the Making Contact tour with Billy Sheehan on bass" - Benji

Above SixPhotos ©2013 - Benji – Rock Hard France


High Resolution Concert Photo's submitted by Nikolas ERNULT, Photographe Freelance in Bordeaux, France | VIEW SET

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A couple of Concert Reviews, both translated from French to English:

First Review

Let's go towards the bar before the UFO did onstage ... We go back in the room (and yes there are stairs to go) and the show can begin. And then I say shame input ... to those who have not made the effort to travel to this magnificent concert. 1:45 of pure magic. Vinnie Moore a sparkling ... This looks so easy when he plays.

Apprentices guitarists in the audience, dissect, analyze his game and watch for a possible master bread ... but it will not happen, Vinnie Moore can not make bread . In short, the man displayed a smile and a joy that is a pleasure to see. And then you ask me:

Phil Mogg and it was how Phil?? I answer that he was not drunk or when so little . Apart from the first verse of "Lights Out" where he forgets a little sing into the microphone, the rest of the concert, the song was nickel, nothing to say, the class. Between each of us as Phil blagounettes very british. The public understands and appreciates humor. Phil was brief form and in a good mood.

Andy Parker was once again fantatic, nothing to say. You could enjoy his game even more that evening the sound is excellent, all the instruments are distinct ...

The "new" bassist, Paul Raymond it does not move much in his corner, he is behind his keyboard and rhythm guitar attack when it passes .

In short, the concert was great. After that we go down and talk a little but not too much because my colleagues are eager to return, Fab ... We also let Jean Louis, and Clint Fool on the spot ... It was short ... and hope to see you at greater length in a forthcoming concert: drinks: ...
We take the highway is still under construction but the icing on the cake: the snow falls . Not enough to stick on the bitumen but still. That's it, we got to Briscous, we split and I take the road towards my home ... it snows more and there on small county, there is no traffic ... so everything is white. After 35 terminals driving on snow, I get home oufff, it is more than 3:00 ... Dodo ...


A priori, the setlist is identical to that of previous concerts ...

Lights Out
Mother Mary
Fight Night
Let It Roll
Mojo Town
Burn Your House Down
Only You Can Rock Me
Love to Love
Hell Driver
Too Hot to Handle
Rock Bottom
Doctor Doctor
Shoot Shoot


Second Review

A good concert last night with Vinnie Moore equal to itself so perfect in his role. I really apreciated delivery Mogg me seemed perfectly clear. This guy broke me. It is a kind of one-man show between songs. Fun, the religious silence of the public who tries at first to understand his speechs before trying to grasp the true meaning in a second time.
Beyond all the classics that are still fly, new titles have gone very well as Hell Driver from The Visitor from Venus and Walk on Water. Moreover, they played this song at last Hellfest 2011 and I wondered where he went. Now I know. In short, it was square and relatively cheerful. I just noticed as Serge, Lights Out intro a little messed up by Mogg (not yet warm with this cold weather) and a slight mess on the breaks of Love to Love. The climax of the concert for me is the version of Rock Bottom (not like Doctor Doctor believe the Pumpkins!!) Which seemed to be stretched even more than usual by Vinnie Moore. The new bassist did not strain away with the rest of the band, even if we can still regret the absence of the great Pete. Raymond is precious and discreet. The class of British rocker this one! Parker, without being super technical for me is the archetype of the Hard Rock drummer. He just plays and unadorned but without being simplistic.
Once again, it is surprising that such a group does not play to more people in France, but those who made the trip (damn blizzard for my return to Toulouse ) Know why it was just inevitable.



Vinnie Moore Video Interview in Bordeaux, France + Live performace of Wonderland & Shoot Shoot



55 PHOTOS from Rock School Barbey, Bordeaux, France









14th March - Germany - Nürnberg - Rockfabrik

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca










Rcn presents: UFO, DO14.03.2013 ROFA NBA

We are giving away 3x2 tickets. Deadline Tuesday, 12.03.2013





UFO Seven Deadly Worldtour 2013
14.03.2013 Rockfabrik Underground

UFO at Rockfabrik






VIEW all 16 stunning PHOTOS



Venue Posters














15th March - Germany - Mannheim - Alte Seilerei

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca






Thanks to Thomas Maier - VIEW ALL PHOTOS


PHOTOS from Alte Seilerei - Mannheim - Thanks to Thomas Maier


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca - Andy Parker - Paul Raymond


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca - Andy Parker - Paul Raymond


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca - Andy Parker - Paul Raymond


UFO - Vinnie Moore - Phil Mogg - Rob De Luca - Andy Parker - Paul Raymond








16th March  - Germany - Wilhelmshaven - Pumpwerk

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca










UFO at Pumpwerk, Wilhelmshaven - 16th March


REVIEW: UFO / 4Bitten @ Pumpwerk – Wilhelmshaven – 16.03.2013

Andy Parker Paul Raymond
Vinnie Moore Phil Mogg
Rob De Luca UFO

READ REVIEW from Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven and SHOW PHOTOS









17th March - Germany - Wuppertal - die Börse

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca






Venue Poster



17th March 2013 - die Börse - Wuppertal - Germany


die Börse - PHOTOS










20th March - Germany - Hannover - Capitol

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca









Andy Parker


Paul Raymond


Rob De Luca


Vinnie Moore and Phil Mogg







PHOTOS from CAPITOL, Hannover



33 PHOTOS from CAPITOL, Hannover, Germany









21st March - Germany - Berlin - K17

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca













22nd March - Germany - Affalter - Zur Linde

Line-up: Phil Mogg / Vinnie Moore / Paul Raymond / Andy Parker / Rob De Luca




Venue Poster



Two dedicated UFO fans - on the left of the pic is Ralf who'd travelled 400km from Hannover, and
on the right is Roland whose journey was almost 700km, from Maastricht in Holland.









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