On-line magazine - October 2010


Grand band UFO invades Athens... We are standing in line to be the next one to ask questions. So they lead us to the dressing rooms, informing us we are going to interview... Vinnie Moore! It's such wonderful to be able to interview the guitar magician twice in less than two months, yet I would love to do it combined with one of the old guards of the citadel... We shake hands with Vinnie; he remembers, he smiles, he is totally relaxed, ready to fight some sixstrings later on. We ask about UFO as well as his own stuff... as well as a certain candy bar... As well as one of The Sopranos leading actors, who seems to haunt Rockpages...

Interview by Costas Koulis and Dimitris Kazantzis. : About "The visitor" album... Would you like to tell us a few things about the feedback and how satisfied you are listening to it now?

VM : Right... First thing I have to say I never listen to stuff I played in; I think it's a weird thing. I haven't listened to that record for quite a while! (laughs) So I can't say what I think of it right now but going from what I remember about it, I think it's a strong record, with Earthy type of songs and, yeah, I really like the bluesy Rock and Roll vibe, too. : Is it too early to talk about the new album?

VM : UFO record? : Yes.

VM : Well, yeah, we don't have any material, we haven't really talked about it yet. I don't know what's gonna happen with that. : How much does Pete Way mean to the band?

VM : He's a nice guy, he's a big part of the band of course, he's been with the band since the beginning and it's really a shame that he can't be here with us. We wish him the best, we miss him but it just wouldn't work... (e.n. Pete is facing a health problem) : What would you consider your best song outside UFO?

VM : I'd go to my new album, "To the core", because it's different than anything that I've done before and I really like the songs "Off the hook", "Soul caravan" and "Jigsaw", these are my favorites. : Was gonna save this question for last but with you now I can't resist. You are going to play in Prestatyn, Wales (e.n. Hard Rock Hell festival) in December...

VM : Yes! : So, are you ready to taste the "Rock"?

VM : What's that? : It's kinda like a lollypop, it's sweet and it's called The Rock...

VM : Oh, these guys probably know about this! (laughs) I've been there but nobody told me about that. : I'd like to ask you about... How can a musician live off the albums he/she sells?

VM : Yeah, it's hard now... Things are really changed technologically. I think, in a lot of ways, it has made it harder for the artists because everyone who's making music has to make a living also. And if people are taking it for free then it's obviously harder for us. : Do you have to face a situation with labels, where they tell you "You are great, the album is great, but we are not going to finance you"?

VM : The way I did my latest record, cuz I didn't have a label, I did do it on my own and I prefer to do it that way cuz I don't want anybody telling me what I should be doing. I want total freedom to do whatever I feel like doing and that's what I did. I totally recorded the album, totally finished it and I considered putting it out myself but in the end I found a label which was interested and then they bought the record from me, cuz it was a finished product. : Let's go to the other side of the river right now. How is it to be with UFO, as they are huge, with all these albums and record deals and labels? What's it like?

VM : Oh, it's awesome! It's been a great experience! I was a fan of the band when I was growing up and when I was a kid, sitting in my bedroom, playing with UFO records and Rainbow records and stuff like that, I never would imagine that one day I would be in UFO, one of these bands I was listening to. It's kinda surreal in a lot of ways... and a lot of fun! : When the time comes for a musician to stop roaming the world's stages... How do you think the last show would be like?

VM : To me... This thought occurred to me yesterday... that I should probably be at home. Two days ago it was my birthday and I was in a hotel room, in the middle of nowhere... And I was thinking "I should be at home"! : UFO has been around for about forty years. Have you ever thought about the "Okay, you guys, tonite it's our last show"?

VM : No! Never thought about that! : Do they think about this? The other members?

VM : I don't know... Can't do it for ever, nobody can. Whether you decide to bale out or retire... It is what it is! Things aren't free determined and I'm just a "go with the flow" guy. : Is there any period in your career you would like to change?

vm : Probably the big hair, the image in the 80's. When I got into the business. It was all about the big hair and the tight pants and now looking back it's kinda embarrassing. I'm sure Eric Clapton looks back at the late 60's and he feels kinda embarrassed by that. That's the way it worked!