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30th December 2004

Here we again - I have been busy renovating a Victorian terraced home here in the UK next to the racecourse here in Ascot, Berkshire as well as juggling work and family. The Misty Green and Blue website has suffered during this time, so my News Years Resolution is to make this website much more of a priority.

What a year UFO have had and a very successful year it has been. Phil Mogg, Jason Bonham, Vinnie Moore, Paul Raymond, Pete Way and Barry Sparks have shown that UFO is as much at home in 2004 as they were in the 70's and 80's - For me 'YOU ARE HERE' is the best UFO album ever and to place it above Force It, Lights Out, Obsession and Walk On Water then this is high praise indeed.

Please note that my e-mail address: is now in place to receive all photos and scans - my previous e-mail is no longer accessable, so apologies if I havn't responded or received mail. Many thanks to all who have sent in pictures, gig photos and reviews - they all have been fantastic and without these, this website would be dull

Pages which have been updated in the past few days are MEMORABILIA:




with a permanant link at the top of this web page for quick and easy access.

Ok, Starting where I left off, here are the PICTURES that Steven Myers sent me back in October of this year.

Happy New Year



October 2004

11th October 2004

We have a fantastic REVIEW from Steven Myers, well written and very entertaining.


Some great photos at Cleveland from Tom Sullivan

6th October 2004

This is great, Photos and reviews are now flooding in...

...bring it on.

CHANCE Review from Scott

BB KINGS photos - October 1st 2004 from Steven

5th October 2004

photo©2004 Jennifer Schmitt

Some fantastic photos from Jennifer Schmitt at Saturdays gig.

Beautifully shot and makes us feel as if we were there...

...Thank You Jennifer

1st October 2004

Frank Maynard has sent in his gig review - Thanks Frank

Eddie Trunk
UFO live in the studio with Eddie this Friday
Hosted UFO & BOC at Starland Ballroom this past Sunday. UFO actually ended up opening the show, which upset many people since it was billed as a UFO headline. If you missed the show because of this, BB Kings in NYC is tonight and Friday and those are UFO headline dates! As for the show itself, well what can I say? You all know how much I love this band, and although I am as sad as anybody that Pete Way was not on board, the band was great. These are simply amazing songs, and Phil Mogg looked and sounded great. For somebody doing this as long as he has, he is still in top form. Vinnie Moore is a great player and plays the Schenker stuff pretty faithfully, only at times doing his own thing. This is important since the original solos are so vital to the song. Great to have Paul Raymond back and Jason Bonham is a perfect fit on drums. The set consisted of two songs from the new CD and the rest pretty much the 70's classics you would expect. Phil told me they are changing the set every night. I also asked about Chapman era stuff. He said they have been talking about it, but he didn't have the CDs to teach the band! Well I'm proud to say that I corrected that by giving him copies of the great No Place To Run, Wild Willing & Innocent and Mechanix. Fingers crossed we will hear some of these great tunes as well! For the hour and fifteen minutes they were on stage I was a kid again. I'm actually getting a buzz just writing this!
Another great UFO show at BB Kings Wed night. Longer set then in NJ. Friday show should also be great, see you there!
9:15 showtime for UFO!


29th September 2004

Seventh night into the USA tour and appearing at B.B.Kings in New York

The feedback over the seven nights have been fantastic.


Thanks to Jay. M. Lloyd and Frank Maynard for the following reviews

Thunderdome review

Keswick Review

Hampton Beach Casino photos


Come on guys, send in your reviews and photos for us to enjoy.

Send to : Tristan at this e-mail address:

14th September 2004

Leading up to the 2004 USA tour,

We have some more amazing finds - A 1980's Poster, 1978 Japanese Obsession Advert and

photos from the 1977 USA tour at the Superbowl, Chicago when Paul Chapman

filled in for Michael Schenker after his infamous dissapearing act...

... and Paul Raymond playing a white Gibson Flying V guitar.


+ More STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT tour photos

from August 17th 1978

Thanks Jim for all photos


and Finally, An 80's poster added

+ Obsession Japanese advert


10th September 2004

Is this the earliest UFO poster??

1971 - Unknown Japanese Music Magazine

l-r. Andy Parker, Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Mick Bolton

3rd September 2004

New Date added to the USA tour

New York - Monday September 27th 2004


In the ever ongoing saga of VISAS, NEWS from the Official UFO website is that

Pete Way has not been granted a VISA. The tour will however, go ahead with

BARRY SPARKS on Bass. Barry has previously played with UFO at

Castle Donnington in 2001 and has also worked with Vinnie.

Barry is familiar with the UFO songs as he was part of MSG for numerous albums

and tours as well as appearing on two MSG live albums, the 'MSG Story Live' and

'Unforgiven World Tour' where nine and seven UFO songs were performed.

Barry has just appeared on the new Scorpions album 'Unbreakable',

is very much part of Dokken and is just stepping in to help UFO for this USA tour.

For me, Barry is a great choice, a lovely person and I would like to take this

opportunity to welcome him into the band.

For more info on BARRY SPARKS


2nd September 2004

UK's CLASSIC ROCK magazine

Issue 71 - October 2004

Playback - GIGS

Report on the Fairfield Halls, Croydon UK gig

"UFO are positively on fire again..."

Also a album reviews for Pete Way's 'Acoustic Animal' and

the Jordan Rudess 'Rhythm Of Time' featuring Vinnie Moore..

I see that Dio's new album, 'Planet Sweet' gets a good review with ex-UFO member

Simon Wright as permanent member on drums.

Another great issue of a great Rock magazine that comes with a free 14 track CD.

Subscription Enquiries - e-mail



1st September 2004

© Jim Barnes


International Amphitheatre, Chicago on October 14, 1978

Great photos taken on the legendary tour - thanks Jim


29th August 2004

Phil Mogg Interview



Interview with Phil back in 1978

UFO is an English group formed in 1970 by Phil Mogg:, Peter Way, Andy Parker and the guitarist Mick Bolton. The first album, recorded in 1971, was completely ignored in England, but with a strange chance was well accommodated in Germany, in Japan, and in France. In Japan, the resumption of the title of Eddie Cochran "It my Everybody" by the group, was a success striking down in the local charts. UFO thus embarked immediately for a triumphal "Japanese Tour" from which an album live "UFO lands in Tokyo" was released for the use of the Nipponese market. Mick Bolton left the group in 1973. II was necessary to wait 18 months to find a final substitute to him. The rare bird was met in Germany at the time of a round. He was German; guitarist and his name is Michael Schenker. Schenker will become the myth of the group; that whose one speaks but who never gives interview.

Meanwhile, in 1974, the group signs at Chrysalis and releases a new album "Phenomenon", produced by the bass player of Ten Years After, Leo Lyons; 1975 will see the release of "Force it", in 1976 : "No heavy petting" and "Light out" in 77.
In 1 975, the ex Heavy Metal Kid, Danny Peyronel, joined the band, but he is replaced in 1977 by Paul Raymond.
The England continues to be sulky the group, on the other hand, Germany and Japan allways request . Moreover, the albums, published at Chrysalis, contributed to open US market.

When "Obsession is released", the new album, the composition of the group is thus established as follows:
Phil Mogg (vocals), Michael Schenker (guitar), Peter Way (bass), Paul Raymond (keyboards and guitars), Andy Parker (drums).
It is not a small matter to describe a concert of UFO. What can be the emotion felt by the musicians (of rock'n'roll or not) when the audience (5 to 6 000 people) rises before even the 2nd note of the first piece? This foolish honor would multiply by ten the power of any musician accustomed to the 25 people (by counting the barman and the cash clerk) traditional concerts of Saturday evening in a pub. How not to smash himself, like Phil Mogg, when during 2 hours, he channels the reactions of the crowd by a simple word, a sound of guitar, a blow on the drums?

A UFO gig is a great event. For any amateur of good performances of rock'n'roll, it is impossible to be bored one minute (if however the tympanums can follow - "We play loud " says Phil. The minimum we can say, it is that he (sees) hears just!).
Five musicians on scene, in skinny clothing, shirt black for the singer, spangled bass player, a striped guitarist, and the other in hotel suit, black. Invisible drummer, although dominating the stage, perched over its podium. A wall of Marshall amplifiers, the link between UFO and the audience, hides the bottom of the room.
Beginning whirring and smoke-producing, varied playing stage, movements of microphone foot, the musicians hold well the scene, move, occupy space completely. A rock show that does not have anything to envy the great groups, but which does not bring anything really new. Each piece, on scene, is a marathon generally finished as a fish tail on a struck agreement. Some passages softer, swingings of guitar, and song very swing, some light flights of mellotron (or similar) quickly absorbed by the bass sounds and the fast rhythms, will allow to the electrified crowd to moderate her jumps, in cadence. Rock bottom in lasted long version, played at 140 decibels, closes the representation, followed by 2 recalls, more and more extremely. The concert is completed after 2 hours of snarling play , violent, without fault… nor silence.

UFO « Lands in Tokyo »
Phénoménon (Chrysalis 74) Force It (Chrysalis 75) No heavy petting (Chrysalis 76 Light out (Chrysalis 77) Obsession (Chrysalis 7)

H otel M ontca l m, London
R. in S. : The French public does not know UFO very much …
Phil Mogg: It is a little true, but it will change; a European tours including France is scheduled for December. I think that the fact that we did not make tours in France explains partly why we are not very known there. But it is also because in my opinion the French and the majority of the European countries have a musical orientation which tends towards what we call "Middle of the Road" (I think that the French musicians will agree with me! )

R. in S.: Can you tell us your history?
P.M: We did not make special musical studies (we don’t know how to play, but we we have good time ll!… laughs) We always played nearly the same kind of music; we began in not professional bands, occasional. UFO is really our first great professional band (I am a musician for a long time, since approximately 71)

R. in S.: What do you mean with professional?
P.M: Professional means that your wages, your life are governed by the fact of playing.

R. in S.: Why UFO?
P.M. : One needed a name short, easy to memorize, a "trademark". And "UFO" was connected to that we seek and sticks perfectly (which is not always the case for the names of groups which often age badly.)

R. in S. : Can you try "to define» the music of UFO?
P.M. : It is in my opinion what we always called of the "Rock' roll", rather near to Heavy rock (with however a certain grace !) (laughts).
R. en S. :

R. in S.: In what your music is it different from that of the other groups (of rock)?
P.M. : Euh? different… I always found that it was different. But it is hard to define in what; it is one of the most difficult questions. I do not know. I think that we belong to the groups that one can qualify "the best", which do the rock'n'roll better than the others. The public feels us original, different, if not, it would not come.

R. in S.: Your last album "Obsession", which soon will be released is a little different from your other productions. From what is this due?
P.M. : It is true; we are in great period of evolution. The presence of Paul Raymond is of importance. The fact that he plays of the keyboards and guitars is there for much. In all way, we try to advance with great steps…

R. in S.: Therefore, it was the general wish of the band to operate musical changes?
P.M. : Yes, we have developed pieces that we would not have interpreted in the preceding disc.

R. in S.: Can you specify your evolution in this album "Obsession"?
P.M. : on my opinion, this album approaches what is called an album live. The sound, the words, the voice are more "present".

R. in S. : Can you explain that there are so many variations in the album (part very violent, very soft passage)?
P.M. : It is exactly similar which if you compare with an individual. There is inside of anybody violence and softness. We have our "heavy" parts and our passages "mélo".

R. in S. : It is an element which we find in all the rock albums; what does the UFO experiment brings ?
P.M.: trap question! The only way of defining in what the group is different and better than another can be the criterion of popularity. We are not yet as famous as certain groups that I will not name, but our last but one album had much success; and the last will still have some more (I hope). I think that we do our work better than others, because we have more success.

R. in S.: Are you in other words , better because you sell very much?
P.M. : I think.

R. in S. : Your point of view is interesting in so far as it represents exactly the opposite of that of some bands which have different musical optics such Henry Cow, who we recently had the occasion to interview.
P.M. : They say that because they do not sell; and they try to be convinced that they are right to be able to continue in their style (which for me is rather "razor"). But their point of view shows narrow-mindedness. There are groups such Aerosmith, which are very good and which sell well.

R. in S. : Are you more or less directing you towards the symphonic rock like Styx, Kansas, Boston…?
P.M: Rather pompous like definition! no, we continue to make rock, even if certain passages of the last disc are enough orchestrated.

R. in S.: Which are, wholesale, the various influences of the band?
P.M..: Especially band s of blues, band s of rock between 1960 and 70. But not any band in particular.

R. in S.: Which are your relations with the production?
P.M.:: We do what we want, record under the terms of the pact which makes that the production produces the discs and sells them, and that the musicians bring the raw material.

R. in S. : Do you have an idea of the cost price of the last disc of UFO "Obsession"?
P.M. : I do not have any idea of it. But it has cost more than the others, owing to the fact that we remained longer in studio. We spent 8 weeks there.

R. in S.: What makes UFO throughout the year? trainings?
P.M. : Not, we repeat the least possible; it is razor! we meet occasionally to play, but they are not really repetitions and we do not pretend that we do an absolutely irreproachable work.

R. in S.: It doesn't prevent you from having more raised technical capabilities ?
P.M. : We do not need really much time to obtain what is necessary for us.

R. in S. : Does UFO play often as a public?
P.M. : We make 9 months of tours per year

R. in S. : Does the concert represent «the real aspect of the music of UFO"?
P.M. : Yes, because it has a more relaxed side, more amusing, that brings much.

R. in S.: Are all the representations of UFO recorded?
P.M. : No, in any case, we never make error! (laughs).

R. in S.: Which are for UFO, the principal differences between a recording live and a studio one?
P.M. : The studio, it is more controlled, confined. On scene the physical side is much important, we get high; we would do it well in studio, but it is not compatible with the "more perfect" side necessary to records.

R. in S.: Are the costumes, the visual side, a significant element for UFO?
P.M. : Yes, that made a whole with the music.

R. in S.: On stage, do you play always about the same thing or do you improvise?
P.M. : As now, we play our new repertory, we play each time about similarly; in any event, the share of improvisation in our music is not very big.

R. in S.: UFO often plays in front of a numerous audience; does it have an outline of the impressions of this audience?
Mr.: Not really, since we do not form a part of it (laughs) of it. But I believe that it works well between us; we release really much power, us and the audience in the same place.

R. in S.: Which are the next steps of UFO?
P.M. : A tour in the USA.

R. in S.: If you had to describe UFO, to somebody who you do not know…
P.M. : Pure excitation ((a)) surely what’s the best in the style!

Interview et traduction Françoise CROUZIER Luc MARIANNI





23rd August 2004

Phil Mogg Interview

Photo ©2004 Jesus Ruiperez at

A really interesting Phil Mogg interview - link can be fount at the SITN site

Phil talks about his VISA problems on the eve of the USA tour earlier this year,

his reaction to the European/UK dates, Vinnie and Jason as part of UFO.

the recording of 'You Are Here', 'Classic Rock Magazine', the theory of why

Strangers In The Night was and still is one of the greatest LIVE albums and

the past guitarists of the band.

The exciting part for me is the metion of a planned inclusion of Mr. Freeze and Baby Blue in

the set-list. The feedback from this interview from fans, clearly show that

songs from 'No Place To Run', 'The Wild, Willing and The Innocent' and other songs

that do not appear on Strangers would make a great 'Strangers In The Night part 2'.

Thanks to Classic Rock


The Official UFO website has been updated with photos from Bang Your Head Festival and

prompted me to update the Misty Green and Blue Festival Tour page.

Festival Tour Page update

More Photos can be found on the THE OFFICIAL UFO website

21st August 2004

Some more rare seven inch 45 singles

added to the DISCOGRAPHY sections.

1978 single 45 release - Only You Can Rock Me / Rock Bottom


1981 single 45 release - Lonely Heart / Long Gone - Canadian


and finally, the strangest release that I have ever seen.

A rare UFO picture sleeve with Paul Chapman and Michael Schenker - No that's not it

A single seven inch Taiwan release with 4 tracks, none of which contain a UFO song!! How weird is that??

19th August 2004

Santuary Records are to release
UFO "Flying" - the early years 1970-1973

on the Castle Music label on August 30th 2004.

Beautifully packaged as a double CD with 22 tracks and a 12 page booklet with sleeve notes from Dave Ling, making this a fine tribute to the band and an essential purchase.

For those who think UFO's Phenomenon was the first album release, and anything pre-74 is irrelevant then think again. Five years prior to this the story of UFO begins and for many, who do not know the history of the band, this release is a must have. With quotes from band members and music papers such as Melody Maker, we are presented with a fascinating insight to the early part of the bands career. Who knew that Phil Mogg was once a drummer or one of the band names that was considered before settling on the name UFO was 'Acid'? Go buy and find out more...

Disc one contains UFO 1 (originally released in 1970 on BEACON BEAS 12) and FLYING (originally released in 1971 on Beacon BEAS 19)

Disc two continues with the last two track from FLYING before LIVE (released in 1972 on GEMA Nova 6.21454). Finally the CD ends with the 7" single Galactic Love (a side) and Lovin' Cup (b side).


MORE DETAILon the Compilation page



16th August 2004

Vinnie Moore guests on the new Jordan Rudess (Dream Theatre keyboardist) album,

Rhythm of Time

Vinnie appears on tracks 'Time Crunch' and 'Ra' and they both sound as if they are going to be awesome

Other Muscians to guest: Joe Satriani, Greg Howe and the great Steve Morse

Due for release on August 31st 2004 on Magna Carta



Going back in time to 2001, I came across this box set of 6 CD's titled


with two UFO tracksappearing on disc 4

13th August 2004


September 2004 issue of UK's Classic Rock Magazine

The Reader's Top 50

UFO Strangers In The Night has been voted as the 2nd all-time favourite LIVE album
by the readers of Classic Rock Magazine

The following quote from the magazine:

"Perhap's UFO's current blinder of a record served to remind you how good they
used to be and made you dig it out again

1. Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous

2. UFO - Strangers in the Night

3. Deep Purple - Made In Japan

4. AC/DC - If You Want Blood...You've Got It

5. Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won

6. The Who - Live at Leeds

7. Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East

8. Hawkwind - Space Ritual

9. Rush - Exit Stage Left

10. Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour

For the other 40 listed albums, You gotta go out and buy this issue.

It also contains the Classic Rock Critics' Top 50 with UFO in at number 6,

a Geoff Barton review of WAYSTED - Save Your Prayers CD

released on Majestic Rock and awarded 4/5 stars.

10th August 2004

Concert Reviews and pictures

Firstly a review from Sue Hall at the Astoria in London - Thanks Sue

Did anyone manage to get a camera into the venue? If so please

MAIL ME the photos.

... onto Europe and more photos/reviews from the Bang Your Head Festival.

© pic by Eddy

Bang Your Head Photos from Lords Of Metal

© 2004

Other Bang Your Head Photos from Metal

All Photos © 2004


July 2004

28th July 2004

Last Months Bang Your Head Festival Pass

© Bernd Joachim

Some great BANG YOUR HEAD Festival photos



27th July 2004

2 compilation 3CD box-sets added

Another band compilation Box-set - It's number 31 in the 'Compilation charts' here in the UK.

3CD Set - Track 2 of CD2 - UFO, Only You Can Rock Me



3CD band compilation release

25th July 2004


I can't cannot believe how much UFO band information and archive material there is out there.

Lets start with the current NEWS...

It's a sign that a band is starting to make waves by the amount of re-ssues and compilation inclusions:

Music Masters Worldwide have just re-released the Uli Roth/Legends Of Rock Live At Castle Donington on PAL DVD containing the four track's that UFO performed in 2001 (see discography section).

WALK ON WATER has been re-issued by Music Club.


2 band compilation album releases in 2004

NEW poster update from POPS

United States of America Tour

Wed 6th October - Sauget IL - Pops

Now some Discography additions starting with a rare find...

The Beginning is a very rare German LP.

Unique sleeve showing a black and white picture of the original UFO line-up.


Next comes two rare single releases from the 70's

PREPARANDOME ( GETTIN' READY ) / Too Hot To Handle - Peru 1979 - coloured sleeve

Highway Lady (Chrysalis CM-34W PS) Picture sleeve - JAPAN 1976 White Label Promo

This is the original cassette version of "Misdemeanor" released in 1986 on the Chrysalis label.

High Level Cut in Green and Black Vinyl


3 Japanese Vinyl releases added to the Album Section


Another pin badge from the 70's added to the BADGES section


2002 Japanese 14-track promo sample CD,

includes 3 bonus tracks for Japan

- live versions of Only You Can Rock Me, Too Hot To Handle and Rock Bottom

It seems that the Japanese bonus tracks on the final release were different to this promo sample!!!


and finally... I have moved all of JUNE 2004 LATEST NEWS items to NOT SO LATEST

YOU GUYS NEED BROADBAND or ISDN connections to view this site in comfort,

especially the DISCOGRAPHY SECTIONS and LIVE band shots.

Your enjoyment will be well worth the upgrade.

24th July 2004

Our dear friend Benji has some photos from the

Schwung 2004 Classic Rock Festival


23rd July 2004

Old News unless this is the first you have read of it...

...Pearl Jam singer performs the following UFO songs at the

CCFA Benefit; The Showbox, Seattle, WA, USA back in May:

Doctor Doctor, Lights Out, Too Hot To Handle, Shoot Shoot, I'm a Loser & Rock Bottom.

You can hear them by visiting the website or read a FANS report


1992 Archive page added

Volume 1, Number 2 - 'Only You Can Rock Me', Metal CD Music Magazine cover CD

22nd July 2004


...the YEAR - 1983 and a

Trip down memory lane, into the archives.

This 1983 Free pull-out poster as included in the

'Making Contact World Tour programme'

ADVERT page updates

Staying in the same year, I have uncovered these Press Ads

1983 Sponsorship Advert with VOX for Paul Chapman and UFO.
1983 Press Advert for the HEADSTONE release.

1983 Article Section Added

Finally for today and nothing to do with 1983 but this time 1976,

another No Heavy Pettin' photo session pic. added

to the Family Tree Page.

20th July 2004

Photo ©2004 Jeff Wode

Wolverhampton PHOTOS - More UK tour photos 1 month ago to the day.


19th July 2004

UK Tour flyer

Glasgow Academy - Gig review from a month back - Glasgow, Carling Academy


17th July 2004

The UFO Official Website has been update - Go take a LOOK


©2004 Picture by Karen Ter Balkt (gast)

ARROW Rock Festival Report


16th July 2004


MORE PHOTOS from BELGIUM - Schwung 2004 Classic Rock Festival


Coming in thick and fast, thanks for all your e-mails and I know that I'm a day ahead, for once!!!

I just can't wait for you to see these images - Tristan

I have also moved APRIL 2004 and MAY 2004 LATEST NEWS items to NOT SO LATEST

to help this page load faster - for those without Broadband.

MORE Festival Photos will be added SOON - Enjoy!!!

15th July 2004

Gilles - A FANS review of the Schwung 2004 Classic Rock Festival

Pete Way

PHOTO ©2004 Jan De Duytsche

MORE PHOTOS - Schwung 2004 Classic Rock Festival


14th July 2004

LATEST pictures from BELGIUM - Schwung 2004 Classic Rock Festival

13th July 2004

Jamie has also sent me some amazing RARE singles for the discography section

Firstly a Japanese UFO acetate release

C'mon Everybody

Followed by a Brazil 7" Radio Station Promo

'Young Blood' with 'ANYDAY' on side 2

ALSO UPDATED the Alphabetical Song Listing SINGLES

12th July 2004

Visits to the ARCHIVES - OBSSESSION Press Pack



Thanks to Jamie Coles for supplying us with the images/info.


7th July 2004


July 2004 : 7pm to 9pm GMT ( 2- 4pm EST )

Nigel's show this week includes a not to be missed interview by Paul Roberts with Pete Way, Paul Raymond & Vinnie Moore of the one and only UFO.

Friday's regular line up all starts at 5pm GMT ( 12pm Eastern US ) with Munsey Ricci's TOXIC WALTZ followed by Jon Clayton at 6pm GMT ( 1pm EST ), Nigel Roberts at
7pm GMT ( 2pm EST )
Pete Botterill 9pm GMT ( 4pm EST ) and The SI Stud @ 10pm GMT ( 5pm EST )
All shows repeated Sunday 1 hour earlier than advertised on Friday.



3rd July 2004

Benji has sent us photos from the

in Holland


1st July 2004

©Photos by Mark L. Potts and Photo-retouching by Tristan Greatrex

Wolverhampton, Civic Hall GIG PHOTOS


June 2004

30th June 2004

YOU ARE HERE - Reviews still keep on coming, 4 months after release - 9/10 FANTASTIC


29th June 2004

Sweden Rock Festival 2004 report

June 10 - 12 / Solvesborg, Sweden

UFO Thanks to “Mad Mike” Schenker, a lot of real life Spinal Tap-stories follow the UFO name. But currently, the Michael Schenker saga of UFO is definitely over.

Vinnie Moore is the new choice on guitar, and he has brought to UFO many of the things Steve Morse brought to Deep Purple ten years ago, with energetic and fast playing, yet demonstrating plenty of heart and soul.

Also new is John Bonham’s excellent drummer son Jason Bonham, and along with the return of Paul Raymond on guitars and keyboards, UFO has offered the most interesting line up in years. In addition, You Are Here is also a great album, maybe their best in the last 20 years.

But it was truly a retrospective UFO the crowd witnessed as they headlined the Rock Stage on Friday night. “Mother Mary” and “Let It Roll” started it off, and the hits just kept on coming.
Many UFO fans have “Strangers In The Night” in their record collection, and this night saw the return of many of that album’s classics. “Only You Can Rock Me,” “This Kids,” “Love To Love,” “Lights Out,” “Too Hot To Handle,” “I’m A Loser,” and a tremendous version of “Rock Bottom” were all highlights. They struggled a bit with the Sharks number “Fighting Man,” but the new ones were truly great as well, with the You Are Here ballad “Baby Blue” as another definite highlight.

In my opinion, “Rock Bottom” might have been the best song performed during the whole festival, at least for the two days I witnessed the event. After a blistering performance, Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Paul Raymond, Vinnie Moore, and Jason Bonham rounded it up with great versions of “Doctor Doctor” and “Shoot Shoot,” and one of 2004’s best performances at the SRF was history. (Photo Inge Rand)




28th June 2004

Due to many more e-mails raving about the UK tour, I have created a seperate UK TOUR PAGE.

To this I have added some photos from Batttttty with a link to view the

Wolverhampton, Civic Hall GIG


27th June 2004

What a great reception the band received during their UK tour,

especialy in Manchester where the ghosts have now been laid to rest.

Now that the UK tour has finished - I am receiving gig reviews and wonderful e-mail's praising this

wondeful UFO line-up. Vinnie and Jason have really made the difference with the home nation.

I will be adding items over the next week so watch THIS SPACE...


...FIRST OFF TODAY a review of the MANCHESTER and GLASGOW gigs from Mark Birdsall,

some great PHOTOS (©2004 as above) from Batttttty at Manchester

and finally a

REVIEW from our dear friend Benji prior to the UK tour

16th June 2004


Plenty for you UFO fans out there in the July issue of UK's Classic Rock Magazine

A really interesting section listing the Top 100 Greatest Frontmen as polled by the

Classick Rock writer's.

Our main man Phil Mogg came in at number 22,

beating the likes of:

Klaus Meine (87), Robert Palmer (85), Ian Hunter (79), Steve Marriot (77), Ian Astbury (69),

Ian Andersoin (54), Geddy Lee (53), Kurt Cobain (41), Francis Rossi (37), Joe Elloit (35),

Roger Waters (34), Brian Johnson (32), James Hetfield (31), Ian Gillan (30), Sammy Hager (28),

Ted Nugent (27), David Coverdale (26), Janis Joplin (25), Steve Perry (24),

Paul Stanley (23), PHIL MOGG (22), Rob Halford (21), Ronnie James Dio (20).

Finally Phil is getting his rightful place in the History or Rock and, although polls

are subjective (we would place Phil at Number 1) it is great to see that this

was a poll from professional Rock Journalists.


Also in the July Issue is something named:


After all the hard and dedticated work, our dear friend BATTTTTTY has

had the wonderful Strangers In The Night website recognition:



8th June 2004


Well my friends, it seems an age. I am still waiting for our new home here in the UK. We have found

a house in Ascot, Berkshire but have to wait for our sellers to exchange contracts on their home.

Untill then, I am without a base and worse still without Broadband and its so so difficult to keep contact

within UFO land at the moment. Untill then, Please mail me information on the current tour,

visit the various UFO websites and support the band. If you have photos or large images to send then

mail these to this location

Some NEWS:

I have heard that the Italian Gods Of Metal gig was sabotaged due to the stormy weather,

I heard this from Alessandro in Italy...

...Hi tristan, great site!
finally a good one on the UFO!
well UFO were cancelled at GOds of Metal last saturday,
it happened 20 minutes before joining the stage
suddenly a hell of storm stroke all the area
the roof of the stage were totally ripped!!
we've been joking about the whole thing with Phil Mogg backstage
he told us "Gods doesn't like metal!"
...he also told me he brought a tan sun cream
considering the sun there was out the morning....
we had this conversation with our feet deep in the mud
and he had open summer shoes.....
anyway add this ticket to the memorabilia section
it was the making contact tour, billy sheehan was on the bass!
cheers Alessandro Italy

Thanks Alessandro, its great to hear what actually did happen, the weather came down and not an aborted sighting as some rumour merchants would like us to think. Against all odds UFO forge ahead. So some great NEWS. I am sure that you have already seen on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE that the United States of America Tour is re-scheduled due to Phil having his VISA sorted:

United States of America Tour
wed 22 Sept 04 Baltimore MD - Thunderdome
thu 23 Sept 04 Glenside PA - Keswick
sat 25 Sept 04 Hampton Beach NH - Hampton Beach Casino
sun 26 Sept 04 Sayerville NJ - Starland Ballroom
tue 28 Sept 04 Pittsburgh PA - The Rex Theater
wed 29 Sept 04 New York NY - B. B. Kings
fri 1 Oct 04 New York NY - B. B. Kings
sat 2 Oct 04 Poughkeepsie NY - The Chance
wed 6 Oct 04 Sauget IL - Pops
fri 8 Oct 04 Detroit MI - Magic Bag
sat 9 Oct 04 Cleveland OH - Odeon
sun 10 Oct 04 Chicago IL - House Of Blues
mon 11 Oct 04 Chicago IL - House Of Blues


Send me any photos or gig reports please and I will try and get to a computer to report more.

For now, you all take good care.


May 2004

19th May 2004

Poster added from the 1981 UK Tour

18th May 2004


This month contains a detailed News Item of the US postponed dates:

as well as a great gig review from Dave Ling at
Elysee Monmartre, Paris.

Again go out and buy this great Rock Magazine.


MOVING HOME - After 90 straight days of updating this website, its time to un-plug the computer

and move home. I will not have access to Broadband BUT will still be updating as best I can.

Keep on sending me information and updates. Any scans or pictures are always appreciated.

Thanks. Tristan

17th May 2004

You Are Here UK Tour - Rock City ADVERT

You Are Here UK Tour - Mean Fiddler (Londons Astoria) ADVERT

16th May 2004

More MEMORABILIA items added/updated

15th May 2004

MEMORABILIA section added

14th May 2004

Some 7" Single additions as well as a couple of updates


1978 - CHS2263 Only You Can Rock Me (mono) / Only You Can Rock Me (stereo) - (DJ Promo, company sleeve)

1979 - CHS2287 Doctor Doctor (UK, company sleeve)


HIGH FLYER - 7" - 4 track EP single

Starting with the 4 track various band Thailand EP, (Aerosmith cover) by ROYALSOUND - TKR 353. We now have the full 4 track band listing along with track title. An interesting combination of Aerosmith, The BEE-GEES, Gary Wright and our own UFO.


1979 - CHS2287 Doctor Doctor (A-label Promo, UK, company sleeve) - (Addition Side B track listing)

Thanks Harry for the information.


Updated web pages: Discography: SINGLES | Alphabetic Song Listings: SINGLES

13th May 2004

Who remembers this? - 1978 UK Press tour/album Advert

12th May 2004


PHENOMENON album review, SOUNDS Music Paper

News item, Danny Peyronel joins UFO, MELODY MAKER Music Paper

FORCE IT album review, MELODY MAKER Music Paper

FORCE IT album review, SOUNDS Music Paper

LONDON ROUNDHOUSE gig review, SOUNDS Music Paper

'UFO's: Amazing evidence' article, SOUNDS Music Paper

11th May 2004

Following on from yesterday, I have added a 'Articles/Reviews/Press' page.

A real blast from the past and a great memory jogger for those of us who were there.


10th May 2004

As well as ensuring that this UFO website is not only informative and enjoyable to visit with current NEWS of this great rock band, I am also trying to create the ultimate UFO band reference site. The DISCOGRAPHY section is now growing with rare albums and singles with all song listings cross-referencing. I have had immense help from you fans out there and its now time to expand. As part of the UFO memorabilia, I intend over time to add album reviews through the seventees and up to the current date from such great magazines/papers in the past as SOUNDS, KERRANG and NME as well as international articles, interviews and photos etc. etc. So to start the ball rolling, I have created the UFO t-shirt page which in my mind is a huge part of the UFO Memorabilia. Enjoy...


9th May 2004

UFO PAGE from Arrow Rock Festival

Dutch Version (More Information)

8th May 2004

A very good YOU ARE HERE Review, Thanks Simon for the translation once again

7th May 2004

UFO, Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg - TRANSLATED LIVE REVIEW

6th May 2004

You Are Here Reviews added

5th May 2004


WALK ON WATER - Japanese 1st Edition release comes with Guitar Pick, Logo Sticker and lyric booklet.

ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS - additional details and pictures

4th May 2004

CMP Entertainment have set up a UFO page

3rd May 2004

UFO - A very interesting compilation vinyl album originally issued by Della Records in 1978.

This album comes with an insert and a wonderful choice of 10 tracks

re-issued by Han So Ri Records Co., Ltd in 1991 on vinyl



Updated pages: Discography: COMPILATION ALBUMS| Alphabetic Song Listings: ALBUMS

2nd May 2004

European Part 2 - Tour Dates pages updated beginning in just over a months time:

Friday June 04 - Austria Graz, Orpheum

Link to Orpheum and support band for the venue: Blind Petition

1st May 2004

Soundclips from You Are Here

April 2004

30th April 2004

You Are Here REVIEW

ENGLISH translation

29th April 2004

UFO landing in the UK - web page with UK dates

28th April 2004

Phil Mogg Interview

Although not a recent interview - 16th February 2004, its just come to my notice.
An interesting read as ever from Phil.

As a reminder

UK's Rock Ahead YOU ARE HERE Album Review

27th April 2004

UK's GUITARIST Magazine - You Are Here Album review added to the REVIEWS page

26th April 2004

You Are Here Album review added to the REVIEWS page

25th April 2004


Phil Mogg
Pete Way
Vinnie Moore

Photos: ©2004 Nemeljavi

24th April 2004

Brazilian Rock Magazine, ROADIE CREW, Issue #63

2 page spread

23rd April 2004

Gig Review and Photos

UFO - Italian report: Alcatraz- Milano
REPORT ©2004 - Pierre Hound, Benve

PHOTO ©2004 Medea Madeleine La Cl

 Milan Photos

22nd April 2004

Fans from France to the USA YOU ARE HERE REVIEWS

21st April 2004

Some MORE amazing rare UFO singles added to the SINGLES discography.

HIGH FLYER - 7" - 4 track EP single

Lets start with the above 4 track various band Thailand EP, (Aerosmith cover) by ROYALSOUND - TKR 353

High Flyer by UFO is on side 1, track 2

1977 - K6853 Alone Again Or / Electric Phase - Australian 'A'-label promo with company sleeve

1978 - CHS2263 Only You Can Rock Me / Ain't No Baby (Canadian, company sleeve)

1979 - CHS2287 Doctor Doctor (A-label Promo, UK, company sleeve)

1981 - Lonely heart / Long Gone (Australian A-label promo, company sleeve, distributed by Festival records) K-8215

1982 - Back into my life / The Writer (Australian 'A' - label promo, company sleeve) K-8723

Thanks once again to our dear friend Harry in Athens for sending these in


Updated pages: Discography: SINGLES | Alphabetic Song Listings: SINGLES

I hope you are all on BROADBAND!!

20th April 2004

Photo ©2004 Franky Bruyneel

PHOTOS and GIG REVIEW at Plato, Holland on the website

19th April 2004

Vinnie Moore has posted his response to the NEWS that UFO have had no choice but to postpone
their tour of the U.S.

"UFO banned from landing in the US.

Hello everyone, Vinnie here. I am extremely sorry to have to report that the UFO U.S. tour has been postponed. I was just informed that we have run into an immigrations problem that no one in their wildest dreams could have ever anticipated.
Before going any further though, let me first assure everyone that the European dates are definitely still happening and that we WILL tour America later in the year

Here is the official press release and my reaction:

"WOW..........this totally sucks man. HELLO.......2 to 12 weeks?? We have a tour people....come on?? Is this another FBI UFO cover-up? We are not little green men. We only want to ROCK.
All joking aside, we here in the UFO camp are all seriously stunned. Management, band members, booking agent, and tour manager have all been communicating by telephone and there have been many conversations with very little words spoken and haunting silence. We just don't know what to say. We were all geared up to leave for the tour this coming Monday. We are SPEECHLESS! What makes it really bad for us is that we don't want to disappoint the fans. These shows were selling really well and everything looked great! The fans have been so supportive of this band and we just don't want to let anyone down.
Fuck!!!! This is not what this band needed to happen to us right now. We have a lot of momentum and had planned on keeping things rolling full speed ahead. Unfortunately, as we all know, UFO has a history of cancelling tours. It doesn't matter who has been responsible or why, this negative stigma is unfortunately attached to the band. We all have been really aware of this and the new line-up has been really focused on giving our best effort to change this perception. We knew that if we went out there and toured like crazy we could create a positive feeling and gain confidence from the booking agents, club owners, and most importantly - the fans. Now this???? I am trying to look at the bright side which is that this is only temporary. Unfortunately though, many people are going to be adversely affected and I hope that everyone is somewhat understanding and doesn't hold the band responsible. The last thing we wanted to do was to leave a bad taste in the mouths of the club owners, promoters, booking agents....etc.
Also, we have hired a crew who put this time aside to be working with us and now don't have a job. A bus was reserved; a travel agency was hired to make travel arrangements; both international and domestic flights were booked; new gear was purchased....on and on and on. The band and management has lost thousands of dollars but so what. The most important thing to us is the fans. We don't want anyone to lose faith in us.
I don't really know what else to say other than 9-1-1 has really changed things. It is a different world we live in right now. It kinda sucks that a singer in a rock band has to be looked at as a potential terrorist, but if this is the way it has to be, then so be it!
I hope that we will see you all later in the year when we eventually do tour in the US. I am so sorry to all of you who have bought tickets that this has happened. Please believe in us and know that WE WILL BE BACK.
shaken but not stirred,

For me, this is a positive response by Vinnie, taking the positives out of a difficult situation. It is clear to me that UFO have tried above all else not to let the fans down by wishing to change their past history of cancelled tours. This was illustrated by getting Richie Scarlet in as standby bass player when Pete was having clearance problems. This tour has not been CANCELLED but POSTPONED and Vinnie has asked us fans not to lose faith in the band.
My faith in UFO is to ensure that this website continues to grow by posting LATEST information on a regular basis, both in the form of historical items and present updates which support not only the best band over the past 30 years in musical terms but on a personal level - Phil, Pete, Jason, Paul, Vinnie and Peter Knorn, who are caring and genuine human beings towards us UFO fans. Hand on heart, I wouldn't be putting this effort into this website if I though any different. We support you, look forward to the rest of the European tour and the re-scheduled U.S. tour.



More audio cassettes added to the DISCOGRAPHY section:

Force It
Lights Out
Lights Out In Tokyo
Walk On Water



This Misdemeanor audio cassette is interesting as side 1 contains only seven tracks from the album and side 2 contains seven tracks from the Making Contact album. Its a Golden Lion Record under an Indonesian Licence.

Side 1: This Time, Meanstreets, The Only Ones, Dream The Dream, Night Run, One Heart, Wreckless

Side 2: Blinded By A Lie, When It's Time To Rock, A Fool For Love, You and Me, Name Of Love, Heavens Gate, Blue

Many Thanks go to Patrick Smith for the above information on the six audio cassettes

18th April 2004

UFO page with MP3 audio samples

17th April 2004


16th April 2004


In a bizarre turn of events and on the 11th hour, UFO's U.S. tour has been thrown into disarray. Hard on the heels of the hugely disappointing News of Pete Ways Visa problems and announcement of his ommission from the tour, another huge blow has hit the band and all centred once more on VISA issues.

Here is a statement posted under the NEWS section on the


Dear fans and friends in the United States of America: Warning! The following message only contains bad news…:

Today, the U.S. Embassy in London refused Phil Mogg, UFO's lead singer, a Work Permit Visa. As you may know, without a Work Permit Visa, no non-American is able to work (i.e. performing a commercial concert) in the United States. This seriously impacts our upcoming U. S. tour (April 22 through May 16, 2004)
The band members all applied for their Work Permits (as usual) several weeks before the U. S. tour was to begin. Their Work Permits were approved and ISSUED on March 9, 2004 by the Bureau Of Citizenship and Immigration Services, located in the United States. Due to the new immigration and Work Permit laws, it is now also necessary for the applicant to attend a personal interview, in his home country, at the U.S. Embassy. During Phil's interview, today, in London, England, his name turned up in the government computer. The comment was that 'at some time in the past' his finger prints were taken while in the USA. When, where and why was not disclosed.
It is true, Phil's finger prints were taken in the USA 24 years ago (!!) in Buffalo, New York. The Immigration Authority did not think, at that time, his Visa was adequate so this fingerprinting occurred. His Visa was then reissued, straight away, and everything was in order.
During the intervening 24 years, Phil has returned to the USA 12 times on Work and Visitors Visas. Unfortunately, the only thing that matters now is that finger prints were taken. Under current immigration law, whether impacted by the war or not, a person having been finger printed promptly ceases the Visa clearance process.
Finger prints now have to be retaken from Phil. They are sent to the FBI and, according to the information we have been given, only when the FBI gives their approval, will it be possible for Phil to acquire a Work Permit Visa. This procedure, the Embassy advises, can take from 2 to 12 weeks.
The band is, therefore, forced to postpone its tour until this matter is resolved.
The new dates are currently being scheduled and announced shortly. Stay tuned.
We all respect that the United States must protect itself. We will, of course, cooperate. We are, however, puzzled and very perplexed at this unhappy last minute surprise.
We hope, with all our hearts, that you will understand and join with us in the rescheduling process.
Peter Knorn (UFO management)


15th April 2004

UFO, Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg - LIVE REVIEW

Can anyone send in a translation to us English speaking fans?

7th May - Thanks to Simon Meacher, TRANSLATED LIVE REVIEW

Also a review for YOU ARE HERE from the same website

14th April 2004

Another great YOU ARE HERE review

UPDATE - 13th April 2004 - UPDATE

Richie Scarlet (MOUNTAIN, ACE FREHLEY BAND, FREHLEY'S COMET, SEBASTIAN BACH & FRIENDS) will be playing bass for UFO on their U.S. tour starting on April 22 at Jaxx in Springfield, West Virginia.

I know that UFO management have been working 24/7 on trying to sort out Pete Ways Visa problems but due to the time having run out with less than 9 days till the first gig have asked Richie Scarlet to step in to fulfill their U.S. commitments. Richie is a good friend of Joe Bouchard ("Blue Oyster Cult") and as we know UFO and BOC are sharing certain dates on the U.S. tour.

UFO have not taken this decision lightly but feel strongly that their past history of announced and then cancelled tours are well and truly behind them. The band have not gone through another line-up change, Pete is very much part of UFO and will step back into his rightful place for the UK and 2nd leg of the European tours. Richie has stepped in to help the band, so please welcome him into the fold and make him feel part of the UFO family as I know you all will.

13th April 2004

Wolverhampton, Civic Hall have a website advertising tickets for the UK gig on June 20th

12th April 2004

Having received many e-mails from fans in America about additional tour dates posted on
the VH-1 website for July and August 2004, rather than e-mail you all,
it is easier to let you all know that these are not UFO dates.
The July/August itinerary posted is for a band called UPO.

Just to remind everyone that any tour dates should be checked against the
If they do not appear on the official site then a mistake has been made.

Live photo of Michael and Phil at the STARWOOD IN 1975

Jon Levicke has the Original 11" x 4" Black and White photo for sale on e-bay

Also on e-bay is a 1980 PROMO ad for No Place To Run

11"x14", laminated BILLBOARD magazine record industry promotional trade advertisement

11th April 2004

Another great UFO, YOU ARE HERE REVIEW from Greg Baxevanidis at the


10th April 2004

The Official UFO website has been updated with a message from the band.

9th April 2004

Photo ©2004 Frederic Surelle

Vinnie Moore
Phil Mogg
Pete Way
Paul Raymond

4 Photos ©2004 Benji for RockHard magazine / France

We now have the final first leg of the European Tour gig photos from Benji - Paris - Elysee Montmartre

and from Frederic - Paris - Elysee Montmartre

8th April 2004

Photo ©2004 Frederic Surelle

A really informative, warm and much anticipated Vinnie Moore interview from Batttttty.

7th April 2004

Pete Way Interview in Hannover - Both in German and English translation

6th April 2004

photo ©Percy Höft

Vinnie Moore has updated his website with some European tour photos

Also visit Vinnie's LATEST NEWS page

5th April 2004

This LATEST page is fast expanding with the YOU ARE HERE reviews, so I have created a
dedicated page for the Misty Green & Blue ' You Are Here' REVIEWS.

This REVIEWS page contain all the reviews and band member interviews that have
appeared on the MG&B website over the past months as well as any future ones.

No better review to launch our new page is the CHAOS REALM 'You Are Here' review
written by Ray on his fantastic website.
You will this to be a very entertaining and well written piece - enjoy!!!.

4th April 2004

YOU ARE HERE REVIEW and a series of web pages dedicated to UFO

3rd April 2004

Tom's You Are Here CD review - Great website.

The singles discography has been updated with a scan of the free promo-patch given
with the 7" single "When It's Time To Rock" from 1983

2nd April 2004

No PLace To Run

3 audio cassettes added to the DISCOGRAPHY section. Do you have any others?

1st April 2004

Some amazing rare UFO singles added to the SINGLES discography.

Lets start with 3 very rare flexi-discs from Russia:
1972 picture sleeve of Loving Cup
1980 picture sleeve - No Place To Run
1980 picture sleeve - Money Money

2 rare Doctor Doctor singles from 1974:
1974 First UK release single - Doctor Doctor / Lipstick Traces
1974 First French release single - Doctor Doctor / Lipstick Traces
High Flyer - 1975 - Another 4 artist e.p. from Thialand with UFO as track 1 on side 2
Alone Again Or / Electric Phase - 'A'- label demo from 1977
Back Into My Life / You'll Get Love - Canadian 1982

Thanks once more to Harry in Athens


March 2004


31st March

Another 'Alcatraz, MILAN' Concert REVIEW - thanks Andrea

and 3 FAN CD reviews

can be found on THIS PAGE

30th March

Catching up over the past weeks brings us two gig review links from Germany with

fantastic photos from Hannover.

These have been added to the tour page via the following links:

Hannover and Berlin

FINALLY three varied gig reviews

Plato Helmond, Netherlands

29th March

SINGLES Alphabetical Song Listing...

... due to the positive feedback I have received from everyone regarding the aphabetical ALBUM song listings,
I have compiled the alphabetical SINGLE song listing and added this to the DISCOGRAPHY section.

Both the SINGLES and ALBUM song titles cross-reference to each other.

28th March


27th March

More MILAN photos from

26th March

Tour page updates as follows:

Sunday April 25 Louisville KY, Expo 5 TICKET details have been

added to the US Tour page - thanks Joe for getting the details

Two gig reviews and concert photos added to the tour page:

Firstly a REVIEW from Heiko at

the 'HIRSCH', Nürnberg in Germany

Rockhouse, Salzburg, Austria - PHOTOS

Another Spanish tour review from MADRID with photos.

25th March


24th March

ALPHABETICAL Song Listing...

...has been added to the DISCOGRAPHY section with every UFO song recording listed.

Enjoy - Tristan

23rd March

PHOTO ©Daniele Purrone

The TOUR page is updated... MADRID photos added.

We need some feedback from Switzerland, Austria and more from Germany - mail me

22nd March

MORE UFO singles added to the SINGLES discography.

Very rare 1970 picture sleeve of Timothy/Boogie from Holland
1977 USA - Try Me/Gettin' Ready
1978 South African single of Only You Can Rock Me/Cherry
1978 Australian single released on Festival Records - Cherry/Doctor Doctor
1979 USA single - Doctor Doctor/Lights Out

Thanks To Harry in Athens

2 Australian 'Festival Records' releases from 1979

Back Into My Life/The Writer & Shoot Shoot/Only You Can Rock Me

Thanks To Harry Becker for these

20th March

PHOTO ©Daniele Purrone

MILAN photos added to the Tour page

19th March

UK's April Issue of CLASSIC ROCK - Issue 65

Phenomenal! indeed - UFO fans are in for a real treat in this months Classic Rock magazine. Already on the shelves in UK stores, a two page album review from Geoff Barton and five pages put aside by Dave Ling for a Phil Mogg interview - FANTASTIC

Lets start with the interview...

Starting with Pages 39 and 40
page 41
page 42
page 43
©Classic Rock Magazine. Images © Ross Halfin/Idols, Jorgen Angel, Glen A. Baker/Redfurns

...Dave Ling pulls no punches and quizzes Phil over the 'Manchester debacle', talks about events leading up to the show, reaction and effect it had on the band and fans. The control of the band name 'UFO', re-grouping with a new line-up and past UFO members up for consideration. The final choosing of the replacements for Drums and Guitars, the relationship between the new members and feel of the band. Touch on the two previous albums, 'Covenant' and 'Sharks'. The current European tour and the overall feeling regarding Michael Schenker.

In all this is a frank and highly entertaining interview from Dave Ling - Phil is open with his thoughts, plans for the band are positive and warm. In fact Phil Mogg seems very very comfortable with UFO both personally and professionally. I am not going to report on the detail as to encourage you fans to go out and BUY this issue of Classic Rock. You will not be disappointed.

Order a copy of Classic Rock

Now onto the review

I have been reading this magazine since the first issue and I must say it isn't often that a band is awarded five stars!!!

I will just quote a few comments from Geoff as I really want you go out and buy a copy of the magazine. If you have trouble getting hold of a copy, e-mail me and I'll put you in the right direction.

"This is a very 21st-century UFO. Although the essence of the band's sound remains - imperious anthems driven by Mogg's stentorian voice, but also tempered by liberal doses of melody..."

"...Moore is a revelation on 'You Are Here', cranking out an array of raw, beefy, quintessentially British rock riffs that belie his fretwiddling upbringing..."

"Jason provides a backdrop of rumbling menace..."

"Mogg is in top lyrical form throughout..."


It really is a fantastic review from the best Rock Magazine in the world - Oh what joy.

18th March

9 UK dates Announced

Special guests

The Quireboys

June 14th - UK Croydon, Fairfield
June 15th - UK Bristol, Colston Hall
June 16th - UK Manchester, Apollo
June 18th - UK Newcastle, City Hall
June 19th - Glasgow, Carling Academy
June 20th - Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
June 22th - Cambridge, Corn Exchange
June 23th - Nottingham, Rock City
June 24th - UK London, Astoria

Check the OFFICIAL UFO website for changes or updates

Two concert reviews today...

...Harry Becker's REVIEW - Stuttgart, LKA in Germany

and a highly rated 4.5/5 French REVIEW - Lyon, Transbordeur

and PHOTOS from Bergara, Sala Jam in Spain at Batttttty's site


17th March

Some EXCITING rare UFO singles added to the SINGLES discography.

A very rare flexi-disc (Galactic Love) from Russia, an Italian picture sleeve single (Doctor Doctor), a Japanese picture sleeve that I have been looking for for years now from 1976 (Highway Lady), an early 1974 Australian demo release of 'Doctor Doctor/Too Young to Know' and a 1975 EP from Thaiwan (Doctor Doctor) - all 5 as shown above.

In addition we have:
a Canadian 'Cherry/You Don't Fool Me' single, Canadian 'Young Blood' single, USA 'Doctor Doctor' promo single, Australian 'Young Blood - edited version' single and USA 'Doctor Doctor/Lipstick Traces' promos.

Very many thanks again to go to my friend HARRY from Athens for sharing all these with us except the 1975 'Doctor Doctor' EP from Thaiwan (5th and last single shown above in brown) which was sent to me by my other good friend Harry Becker from Germany. We are combing the globe for these rare releases and doing a great job at that. Thanks.

16th March

YOU ARE HERE is released today

in the USA

15th March

USA concerts linked to VENUES.

14th March

Another great UFO, YOU ARE HERE REVIEW from Greg Baxevanidis at the


13th March

Gilles has sent in a Concert Review from LYON in France - Thanks Gilles

In time for the U.S.A. release of YOU ARE HERE,

U.S.A. tour dates have now been CONFIRMED.

Photo ©2004 Jesus Ruiperez

MORE Jesus Ruiperez PHOTOS at his website

12th March


Two more sought after UFO singles added to the SINGLES discography.

Thanks to HARRY from Athens for the following scans:


11th March

Barcelona, Spain concert review and pictures added from

Although reviewed in Spanish, UFO fan Francisco from Gran Canaria island summarised:

The journalist says: "My evaluation: 10/10. An extraordinary night of
rock. Good sound, great band. I augur good years to them and new successes".

Fans comment in forum: "impressive!", "superb!", "Vinnie Moore´s touch solos sounds like Vicious Rumours"
Francisco J.

10th March


Two more sought after UFO singles added to the SINGLES discography.

Thanks to HARRY from Athens for the TOO HOT TO HANDLE scans.

Thanks to Ralf Detlefsen for the NIGHT RUN scans.

We are getting there, so thanks.

9th March

SCHWUNG Classic Rock Festival 2004 date added in BELGIUM

July 8th 2004 - Roeselare, Schwung, Belgium

Deep Purple, Status Quo, UFO, Cheap Trick, Rose Tattoo & Thunder

8th March

The pictorial FAMILY TREE has now added UFO #29, UFO #30 & UFO #31 line-ups with photos

7th March

The pictorial FAMILY TREE (1980 - 1989) has now been updated. I need your help with band photos that are missing. If you have taken photos at gigs or have a old magazine with a photo, please contact me.

I have also created the pictorial FAMILY TREE (1990 - 1999) and

the pictorial FAMILY TREE (2000 - NOW). Again send me details of missing dates/photos etc etc

I hope that this brings back memories.

6th March

Photo ©2004 Batttttty - March 2004

The French gigs - LYON and STRASBOURG REVIEWS and Great PHOTOS by

our dear friend BATTTTTTY - Thank You.

We want more NEWS and REVIEWS from the tour - please get reporting and share it with us UFO fans, THANKS

I have also added the link from the TOUR page.

5th March

Athens, Greece - Rodon Club REVIEW

Thanks Harry

4th March

UK's Rock Ahead Album Review

3rd March

Blue Oyster Cult have announced some US tour dates with UFO

It seems that this may be one off shows as other BOC dates make no metion of UFO.

Remember to check the OFFICIAL UFO website for confirmation of any dates that may appear on this website

29th April 2004 - Glenside, PA - Keswick Theatre
1st May 2004 - Hampton Beach, NH - Hampton Beach Casino
2nd May 2004 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom

2nd March

The pictorial FAMILY TREE (1980 - 1989) has now been completed and updated

ADDED Greek Tour Poster

1st March

Spanish interview with Phil Mogg

29th February

Another very good German album review


28th February

Thanks to Jamie Coles who has found the Italian Picture sleeve and details of the 1971 Prince Kajuku single

27th February

On the EVE of the YOU ARE HERE tour, great reviews keep appearing.

If anyone goes to any of the gigs, please send me a review and/or pictures and I will place them on this web site.

Good Luck to the band - do what you do best, play great music and have a great time doing so.

Another 8/10 review for 'YOU ARE HERE'

and JASONS interview

26th February

The SINGLES discography has been updated - 92 singles so far!!!!

Jason Bonham Interview on Live 4 Metal

25th February

Phil Mogg - Interview

Click on the 'UFO - Phil Mogg' link listed under 'Issue 60'

Thanks to our friend Todd Smith, Editor

5 Star Amazon Review - This album has the feel of 'Walk on Water'(a true UFO 'classic') - with strong tunes, an excellent sound, and Phil Mogg in prime form(almost Springsteen-esque lyrics at times).
Stand out cuts? - Mr Freeze, When Daylight Comes to Town and Sympathy.
To sum up, better than the recent Sharks and Covenant albums, and close to the underated, undiscovered masterpiece that was the Sign of 4 album.

Reviewer: Rob H from Harrogate, North Yorks England

24th February

5 out of 5 REVIEW from Melodic Rock Heaven

Issue 20 - Rock It magazine - UFO


Report prepared by Benji 23 and 24 February 2004 in Birmingham UK

Hard Rock #32 - April 2004



- Phil Mogg (vocals)

- Pete Way (bass)

- Paul Raymond (keyboards)

- Vinnie Moore (guitar)

- Jason Bonham (drums)


Attracted by the excellence of You Are Here, his new album, and to celebrate the return of UFO on European stages (and the arrival in its midst, guitarist Vinnie Moore, drummer Jason Bonham and return Paul Raymond on keyboards), we went exclusively to Birmingham to attend rehearsals of the group before the launch of its long world tour, which should last until the end of the year. Meeting in the privacy of one of the last great English melodic hard rock, which comes through the front door.


When we left for Birmingham, the instructions of management are clear:

The journalist was invited to attend rehearsal and 20 minutes to string together the interview in the wake. " Program as a bit light but, after all, it's not so bad ... So here I am to 17:00 exactely at the gates of Rich Bitch Studio (it starts well!), A broad set of rehearsal studios located in the southern suburbs of the second largest city in England. An employee places makes me wait a few seconds before you invite me in the room is the setting for UFO for five days already. I go into the studio nice and very well arranged for the group is in the middle of "Love To Love". The scene seems a bit surreal: I am alone (or more precisely with the girlfriends of Phil Mogg and Pete Way - by the way lovely and much younger than their companions!), Sitting in a sofa in front of one of my favorite bands of all time, who plays for me, almost! In situations like this, all the little problems that can sometimes meet a journalist are soon forgotten ... To begin, it is clear that Phil Mogg saves his voice, gently accompanying a group, he gives everything. Vinnie Moore allows some variation on the solo (it will be the same on most pieces of the era Schenker) while remaining respectful of certain melodic lines untouchable. Pete Way, even in a simple studio, struggling not to mention, Paul Raymond ensures brilliantly parts of keyboards and rhythm guitars. As for Jason Bonham, he explodes all over the end of this anthology piece. Phil just then come in and introduce myself to other group members: "You must know Pete Way." "Yes, yes," certainly ... In this context relaxed, all the musicians show of great kindness and complete availability, which changes a little promotional marathons which we are accustomed and which sometimes see a dozen journalists in rank onion shake pogne musicians and conduct interviews with the chain. A pleasure. Phil confirms to me that he almost lost his voice and he does not push, but wanted to stay in the game so others can lock onto his vocal parts. The rehearsal continues with "Rock Bottom", another big standard to the end of which Phil tells me "Hey, did you see, now you take pictures, they begin to give! "With that little grin corner you will see little Phil Mogg laugh out loud, even if distills very regular development of small valves in the humor and held very cynical, very British in fact.

"Doctor, Doctor," the biggest hit of the gang, this ends the first part of rehearsal where, at the request of Jason, the UFO repeatedly perform the final to reach perfection. During the short break of fifteen minutes, Phil tells me that rehearsals start getting chiantes because We start to make mistakes that we do not make it three days ago. 11 is already time that we went on tour! ". Pete Way is leading: of course, after a few little words to use, we begin to engage in conversation about football, the passion of the second great bassist, an inveterate supporter of Aston Villa (whose flag adorns his bass!), Which the day before, Drawn with ... Birmingham City (the now former club Christophe Dugarry), 2 everywhere. Jason eats Rock Hard numbers with interviews and "Birth of a Legend" devoted to his new band, and welcomes the successful classification of You Are Here in our soundcheck, two months ago!

- "But what are the hard rock bands of the most massive in France? "-" Hmm, just as elsewhere, Iron Maiden, Metallica and, of course, AC / DC. " And here he begins telling stories moult touring with AC / DC and Metallica, with shouting and sweeping gestures! Jason is definitely the more outgoing of all, talkative, enthusiastic and never short on jokes more or less fine! Paul Raymond is just the opposite, studious and reserved, but extremely polite and courteous, what class. As for Vinnie Moore, he also seems to have found his feet with his new partners, and associates itself with the evil conversations of each other.


The quintet back on the small stage to resume its repetition, with a range of new titles, as well as the latest pieces of the Schenker era. Thus, "Midnight Train," from Covenant, and not played live (yet would it take to finish the tour that Michael!), Is full of energy, like "When Da ylight Goes To Town", the first title You Are Here, which Jason, helmet screwed on his bald head, provides the chorus ["I did it in the studio because nobody was there to sing, but now they ask me to do on stage, and I have no choice! "). "The Wild One," more subtle, gives vent to the dexterity of Vinnie Moore, while "Fighting Man" taken from the stillborn Sharks, is to consider more fit inside. "Call Me" (good mid-tempo), "Jello Man" (bass rhythm of Pete and Jason on the chorus) and the sublime "Baby Blue" finish this session, which only confirms what we already thought: Vinnie Moore is really the case and can shamelessly take over a Michael Schenker capable, as we all know, the better, the same genius, and the worst. With Vinnie, at least, no worries on that side: the American, looking quite healthy and sober, do not risk falling into the schizophrenic's "Mad Axeman". And casually, it's already 7:00 p.m. ... It's amazing how quickly the past twenty minutes! Especially since we still did not do the interview ... "You leave again when? Tomorrow in the middle of the afternoon at 13:00 Come, we will be there, being discussed and you stay with us until you leave! "Put like that ... Jason proposes to drop me off at my hotel across the street: I sit in his red Jaguar sports coupe roaring! Discreet. In the few minutes away, I ex applies that it was he who had the idea to come here ter repeated, "because I live 20 minutes from the studio, and since I stopped drinking, two years ago, I try not to get away too long time my wife and my two children, I have not seen grow to resist temptation. "Fingers crossed that the son does not end up like the father ... Vinnie Moore is normally sleep in a room in the house of Jason, Phil and Paul took to a hotel near the studio, for Pete, he rented a small house nearby. Curtain up tomorrow morning.





February 24: Short Walk in the south of downtown off the industrial city. You extol the virtues of tourism in Birmingham would be difficult: the little that yours truly was able to see this city does not really want to spend a month's vacation. Especially in a typically British rain ... The pride of Birmingham's Bullring is a huge tangle of streets lined with dozens of shops of all kinds, which is attached a market of food and trinkets. Funny, but not frank ment exciting. Chance of the trip, I come across a vinyl record store properly amazing: tons of skeuds piled for years by an owner who greets you as you proposed sant immediately (that is to say, even before you do it have purchased anything!) "coffee or tea? ". 1:00 p.m. back in the studio where I get together with Phil Mogg and his mini-car, which clashes with the car of Jason



Before attending a quarter of an hour of rehearsal before I left (where "Mother Mary" makes me feel great), we attablons a long time with Phil and Vinnie at the bar of Rich Bitch (ha, ha!) and the conversation begins on the frustration of not being toured in the wake of Sharks: "From the moment you leave a record, the evidence is going on tour to promote its products, it's just the usual course of a real band, go on the road after a new album vel. But hey, you know that the last four rounds n have never been completed! Since Walk On Water, it was the rule. This week from blait dangerous on the road again with Michael, because we did not know where we put feet to that level, and perhaps was it finally wiser not to engage in a tour. .. "Phil admits. The name UFO has since been some legal changes: "When we recorded Walk On Water, Michael said:" ok, we'll put on paper that we (note: a priori, Phil, Michael and Pete Way) are not able to play as the UFO without one of us is part of it. "It seemed rather fair, with a view where we were supposed to do something and not sit idly by until one of us decides to move after it became clear that these tours have never been brought to an end, to varying degrees, we could not see this agreement as valid in the sense that we could not move forward because of what he had done. It seemed logical that it does not make a problem that continue without him. "This aspect of" technical "set, had to find the ideal replacement, and the first name mentioned was that highly of John Norum ... "I actually talked to John on the phone after Michael left the band, a little bit to see what he was doing ... But we never passed the second stage, which is to write songs together to see if it would stick us. As it turned out fairly quickly that he would reshape Europe. He also said the offer made to them by Sony seemed "fantastic." We therefore did not respond. "Viciously, I asked Phil if he knew the work of Vinnie before considering that he joined the band. "Hmm, he whispered, embarrassed, that's why I thought we should have done the interview separately! In all honesty, I knew the name of Vinnie, including Mike Varney had told me several times, but I had never listened to what he had done solo. In fact, initially, we selected a dozen CDs of different guitarists, but the level was quite low. We started by looking in England, I would have liked to find an Englishman who suits us. But after weeks of research, no one stood out. At that time, Peter Knorn, our manager, who knows that Vinnie told us: "Hey, guys, listen to this! ". "Actually, I was not aware of anything at the start" ensures Vinnie. "Jerry Carillo, my guitar tech nician and my tour manager on the last tour, had already worked with UFO. He had heard they were looking for a guitarist, and he contacted Peter, UFO's manager, telling him that I could do the trick. Jerry Frank called my manager, who sent my CDs to Peter, and that's how these recordings have landed in the hands of UFO. I also knew Peter, because I had opened for Michael Schenker on my last solo tour. " As luck would have it sometimes. "So I listened ca" is often just Phil, "and immediately, I liked his sound. In fact, what I listened first when I was looking for a guitarist for UFO was the sound of the guitar, and his was hell. There was melody, a side that was flashy fly, a priori ingredients perfect for us. After a few minutes of listening, I instantly thought it would do the trick. I then had hands all hard solos from Vinnie, and I looked to see if there was an opportunity to sing on the instrumental tracks. This was the case. "Baby Blue", on the last album, is also a title taken from an album of Vinnie, who has reworked the lyrics by adding to it. The case was also reproduced for another song (Editor's note: this is "Slipping Away", whose guitar parts "flamenco" is taken from the title "Never Been To Barcelona," the album The Maze) . So, I immediately realized that it could work We made contact and he promptly sent me some new ideas. "A UFO came within almost natural for a musician who cites Obsession and Lights Out from his two favorite records. However, joining a group after so many years solo ... "I've always been connected by the idea of joining a real band, but the circumstances have never facilitated or allowed this state of affairs. There was always something wrong. It's something that I have al ways wanted to do. And as Phil stated, many of my instrumental pieces could have been saved with parts of songs. I never took art compound in a jam that goes in all directions like an excuse to send a few solos, my titles were very structured. When I sent my CD to Phil, I thought, "Hm, I'm sure he will not like." I was very cynical about it, I always said "they will not cling to this stuff. "Then I got a call where they told me they thought it was great! "Really?! I can not believe it! ". In fact, I love both sides equally, and to be a solo artist of the instrumental can experiment with many things, but being part of a real team is a great adventure. Different, always different but equally exciting. The other aspect I really enjoyed joining UFO is that they immediately asked me to join the group at 100% and contribute to the writing of the album as much as he could. It would have been a contract like "ok, you just record our songs and to tour with us playing it right titles Schenker," it would not have interested at this stage of my career. Maybe I would have accepted as a youngster, but not today. "The integration of the return of Jason and Paul have spent so much simpler, as well as Phil explained to me:" Jason was playing with Spike, the Quireboys singer who was touring solo, including Dave Collwell Bad Company on guitar, makes an excellent group. I went to see them one night, and I suggested to Jason joined us shortly after this tour. The first thing he asked was: "Does Pete Way is still in the band?! "(Laughs) After two days of reflection, he was there. As for Paul, I told him about the arrival of Vinnie, then that of Jason, and he very quickly ment said, "yeah, ok, I am." I think this has much to do with the fact that Michael is no longer part of the group. What he had done during the Japanese tour Walk On Water in Japan was quite upset Paul (Editor's note: one of countless pétages of lead guitarist who had seen him leave the band in the middle of the Japanese tour, the April 24, 1998). It's great to have this visa ge familiar with us. "


A dream line-up, it is fine. It is also necessary that it works ... Germany, October 2003: "My feeling was probably different from those of others. "Phil admits. "I was a little apprehensive because you never know com ment that will happen humanely, even though musically it sticks. But after a few days, I quickly realized that it would be no prob lem, it was sensitive tis very quickly at home. "You Are Here pe development environments varied, but who nevertheless ins crivent quite in the style of UFO. And despite the fact that Michael, an essential com ponent of the group in its heyday, was German, UFO has al ways had this very English musical style, very classy. A point which would have embarrassed Vinnie, American cain, we remind you ... "I thought about all that Schenker was very European, very melodic, inspired by classical music. What I am too. I also think that's why it stuck with the rest of the group. I was a fan of UFO, I knew what it was, and I think Michael and I have common influences very similar Laires. So I feel that my integration was the totally natural way. As a solo musician, I'm pretty versatile, but I knew that by joining UFO, I should highlight my side mistletoe tariste rock. Fortunately for me, I think the main point about UFO Phil's voice, making the total group clearly identifiable on the first listen. Like Michael's guitar at the time, avoid ously. I never imagined not adapt myself to the group. I brought my ideas, going well above texts, some ideas were not working, so we left them behind. We collions stuff on the wall and we see what remained stuck and what fell! "The only slight disappointment was listening to this has lbum upscale, discreet keyboards well ... It was not intentional on our part, c onfie Vinnie, and I too would preferred more keyboards, I think this is the result of the commission work by Tommy Newton (Editor's note: allem and producer group, which it seems that Jason and Paul have only partially appreciated the work). in fact, I feel that they just disappeared in the mix, I do not really understand. "



The tour, finally! I wonder about the final setlist ... Were we, in addition to new titles and classics unavoidable, be entitled to some surprises, including one or two songs of the period Paul Chapman, as many of us would enjoy? Phil admits that "we discussed yesterday with Pete about the possibility to" Long Gone "... You're not the first person to make the point. I think we've always done this because Strangers In The Night is still our biggest seller, and we can not decently to overlook many of the pieces of this live. But I heard this same comment from other people in recent months and we talked yesterday about the albums you mentioned (No Place To Run and The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent) ... It is in our heads. "First dates in Greece, Winnie, for your baptism by fire before an audience boiling?! "I've never gone," he said, surprised ... "Ah, ah, your baptism of fire! "Laughs Phil. "You'll end up in flames, he's right! This will not really be a walk in the park ... "Vinnie is limping along, but gets over it, saying proudly:" I'm ready! "The guy does not lie, as we would see a few days later in Spain

copyright Benji and the excellent French UFO website


23rd February

8/10 Review from Metal Eagle


"With the addition of Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham ´You Are Here´ turns out as the strongest UFO release since ´Walk On Water´"

21st February

At least every 10th song on the ME radio is from one of this week’s power played albums.
These albums that are currently on power play:
Vintersorg – The Focusing Blur
UFO – You Are Here
TNT – My Religion
Anthenora – The Last Command
Exodus – Tempo of the Damned
Metalium – As One
Easy Rider - ...

Phil Mogg Interview with Brave Words

Lots of updates to the album Discography section with rare vinyl picture discs and sleeves

20th February

I see that The Cutting Edge have given 'You Are Here' the RECORD OF THE MONTH

Here is a GERMAN review

19th February


Saturday, February 21st - New Music Listening Party For UFO - YOU ARE HERE

"This week, we'll be holding a new music listening party with one of the biggest classic metal bands of all time - U.F.O. Their new album is called YOU ARE HERE, and we think you'll like it. Right now we're working out the details, but don't be surprised if someone from UFO checks in during the show as well!"

Another album review from The Cutting Edge

18th February

Another fantastic album review from RevelationZ

16th February Update

Many new NEWS items today, FANTASTIC

Firstly the OFFICIAL UFO website has now been updated with a 'Cool Control Panel' for those of you with Hi-Bandwith (DSL - ADSL - CABLE - Broadband) to co-incide with the European release of 'You Are Here'. For those with the standard 28k/56k Modem, the original site remains unchanged. Select the show and sit back...

UNCONFIRMED U.S. dates and UK tour

Please visit the Official website (Tour Section) nearer the time for Confirmation

The U.S. tour dates are currently being booked. So far, the word is that leg 1 of the US tour will begin on April 23rd in Baltimore. New York will follow with plans to end in Cleveland on May 15th. UFO will then move onto the Festivals in Europe and the UK tour starts around June 14th. It is unclear as to when the second U.S. leg starts. The dates are only a guide at this time, so expect some changes.

UK's RECORD COLLECTOR Magazine will have a feature on shred guitarists.
UFO guitarist, Vinnie Moore will be one of many featured.

Interviews with Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci and a major discography on Yngwie Malmsteen.
In addition there will be smaller discographies on nine other artists
featured (Satch, Vai, Chris Impelliteri, David Chastain, Steve Morse, Eric
Johnson, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine and Paul Gilbert).

Copies can be ordered via janice.mayne or janice on 00 44 0870 732 8080.

Thanks Tim for the info.

Danish album REVIEW

Thanks once again to Ralf Detlefsen from Copenhagen, Denmark

It looks promising for UFO in Denmark.
The largest Newspaper (B.T.) in Denmark give the new album almost
a Top Rating - 5 out of 6.

To Summarise for all the English speaking fans:
> A hardrock masterpiece. It looks like a new great period for UFO.
> The best album since "The Wild, Willing and Innocent".
> At same level with "Lights Out" and "Obsession".
> Great guitarplaying from Vinnie Moore.
> I can't remember when Phil Mogg has been singing so great.
> There are a lot of outstandings tracks on the album.

for the Danish fans, click here

16th February

Today is the day for us in Europe...


Interview with Jason Bonham and track selection - Excellent - Go and listen.

Jasons favourite tracks - 'Baby Blue' & 'The Spark that is Us'

11th February - REVIEW - see 4th Feb entry below

Thanks to Ralf Detlefsen from Copenhagen, Denmark

It seems that it wasn't a German Review but a NORWEGIAN REVIEW. Sorry about that.


What a great return of good old UFO in a modified line-up, consisting of
Vinnie Moore (guitar) and Jason Bonham (drums).
That means that Michael Schenker finally has got marching orders.
Schenker has created a lot of trouble for the band on the recent tours and
he also needed to take time out for rehabilitation. So now
they start afresh and have made a great album. Their latest albums
haven´t been bad, but they have been lacking some
enthusiasm and sparkle which is clearly present on the new album.
There are many good tracks to emphasize such as "Daylights Goes To Town",
"Black Cold Coffe", "The Spark That Is Us" and "Sympathy".

I really think that all tracks are of a very high standard. I
highly recommend this album to
both new and old fans. Hopefully UFO will get a renaissance with this new album.
If so, it is now they have the chance to show their rights for a further
career. The music on the album has qualities that only comes
with several years of experience. Especially I like the way Jason Bonham´s
plays the drums. And also Vinnie Moore, who is known
as a influential instrumentalist, contributes with a great guitar sound on the
album. The bottom line is that it has surprised me how
fine this album really is.

Thanks again Ralf for taking the time to translate

5th February

You keep asking, so here are the YOU ARE HERE album release dates:

Europe - 16th February 2004

Japan - 25th February 2004

USA - 16th March 2004

To keep up-to-date, VISIT THE OFFICIAL UFO website


4th February

German REVIEW of 'You are here' - anyone translate? I know it scored 5/6


3rd February

Hopefully now, REVIEWS of 'You are here' will be coming in and as positive as this one - TOP RATING - A


1st February

Mr. Freeze
Daylight Goes To Town

It seems that EVERYONE really can't wait for the official YOU ARE HERE release date of February 16th 2004* (European release date), judging by the numerous e-mails that I am receiving. The main question still is 'How does Vinnie fit in with UFO on the new album?" Well here are two excellent examples of just how above all else, Vinnie has kept the highest standards of melodic guitar playing set by Michael. Both these Outo Clips of 'Mr. Freeze' and 'Daylight Goes To Town' will make all you UFO fans hairs stand on end and go out to pre-order from your local music stores - click on the CD's above to hear for yourselves. In my review below, I can't really say enough, of just how great I feel this album is. Looking back to my comments regarding Vinnie last November, I am proud to have judged it all just as I had thought. The good feeling just got better.

So its 15 days to go... Enjoy

*21st February 2004 - Japanese Release Date

* March 2004 - USA Release Date

21st January

Now this how a review should be written...

... BATTTTTTY's review

20th January

Tristan's Promo REVIEW

19th January

Thirty years ago... 1974, The Marquee - LONDON

17th January

The SINGLES discography section has been updated after much research

Again if you have any releases that you know of then drop me an e-mail

15th January

I am currently compiling a UFO pictorial family tree

The first page can be found HERE.

If anyone has any rare photos, please e-mail me them

1st January 2004

Great way to start 2004 - Check out VH1 on Thursday 1st January 2004

Show: 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock
Episode: (#001) 100-81
Network: (VH1) Video Hits One
Date: Thursday - January 01, 2004
Time: 01:00 am - 02:00 am ET





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