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12th November 2005

Andy Parker returns to UFO at the PIORNO ROCK FESTIVAL in Spain.

UFO - 35th Anniversary CD and Paper Jacket Remaster CDs:

On November 23, UFO's 35th anniversary album which includes their representatieve hits and valuable tracks, will be released in Japan via Toshiba EMI. On the same day, the following Schenker era UFO CDs with paper jacket (remastered) will be released also through Toshiba EMI. Please check out HMV Japan website.

Best: 35th Anniversary (TOCP67823)
Phenomenon (TOCP67825)
Force It (TOCP67826)
No Heavy Petting (TOCP67827)
Lights Out (TOCP67828)
Obsessions (TOCP67829)
Strangers In The Night (TOCP67830)

Go look at the WEBSITE for more information

16th October 2005

A SPV, German release earlier in the year has been added to the Band Compilation Page.

The first 'You Are Here' track inclusion on any Various Artist/compilation release that I know of - Unless you guys know otherwise, then let us all know.

An interview from Andy Parker can be found here: 'SITN interviews'

15th October 2005

Lots of additions this week, starting with photos from

the Swedish Rock Festival from last year which can be found on the '' website


More archive material added to the Misty Green and Blue website:

Japanese LIVE Promo CD from the Misdemeanor tour of 1985


Another poster item from the Misdemeanor Tour of 1985 - Berlin GIg Poster


Another couple of band compilation albums

More to follow...


13th October 2005

After some digging around, I have found yet another band compilation album where

UFO feature - Masters of Metal

Details/band/track listings can be found on the Band Compilation page.

I know that there must be loads more somewhere out there - send me the photos/web links.


Most of you know of the Tribute release back in 2001 - Although

not up-to-date NEWS, I discovered a re-packaged version, released in Germany



10th October 2005

November 12th - PIORNO ROCK FESTIVAL - Sala Polyvalente - Granada - Spain - More details


29th September 2005

UFO - Drummer Andy Parker Back On The Stool For Piorno Rock Appearance

The following brief message has been posted at the UFO website (
"We are delighted to welcome Andy Parker back into the UFO family!
Andy will be occupying the drum stool in Granada, Spain at the Piorno Rock Festival.

INTERVIEW from the 'SITN interviews'

27th September 2005

TOSHIBA/EMI re-issues announced
UFO Catalog Titles To Be Reissued In Japan Only

Paper Sleeves
A selection of titles from UFO's catalog will be reissued in Japan in exclusive paper sleeve editions on November 23rd through Toshiba/EMI.
Titles to be digitally remastered and reissued include:
Phenomenon, Force It, No Heavy Petting, Lights Out, Obsessions and Strangers In The Night


Toshiba EMI in Japan are also celebrating UFO's 35th Anniversary with the release of

UFO - Best 35th Anniversary - 2CD package, due for release on the 23rd November 2005

No plans as yet for a USA or European release

  • Catalog No.: TOCP-67823

12th September 2005

UFO - Showtime DVD/CD details revealed

Steamhammer/SPV will issue UFO's live album, 'Showtime', on 2 DVD and 2 CD sets on

November 8th in the U.S., November 11th in Germany and November 14th in Europe.

DVD 1: (Live Concert from Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven, Germany on May 13th, 2005)


Mother Mary

When Daylight Goes To Town

Let It Roll

I'm a Loser

This Kids

The Wild One

Fighting Man

Only You Can Rock Me

Baby Blue

Mr. Freeze

Love To Love

Too Hot Too Handle

Lights Outí

Rock Bottom

Doctor Doctor

Shoot Shoot

Bonus features - Making Of DVD, Slideshow, Discography.

DVD 2: Peppermint Park Studio Session, May 26th, 2005

Pack It Up And Go

Try Me

Love To Love

Slipping Away


Profession Of Violence

Making Of Studio Songs, Rockboat (Doku), USA 2004 (Doku), History (Interviews), Bonus Statements (Interviews),


CD 1

'Intro', 'Mother Mary', 'When Daylight Goes To Town', 'Let It Roll', 'I'm a Loser', 'This Kids', 'The Wild One', 'Fighting Man', 'Only You Can Rock Me'.
CD 2

'Baby Blue', 'Mr. Freeze', 'Love To Love', 'Too Hot Too Handle', 'Lights Out', 'Rock Bottom',
'Doctor Doctor', 'Shoot Shoot'.


28th August 2005

UFO Keyboardist Paul Raymond Provides Post-Tour Update

Paul has posted the following update at his official website:
"Well, Iím just back from the US tour, still a bit jet-lagged but very happy about the great reception we got Stateside. Things started out on the east coast, with sound ticket sales and enthusiastic audiences. Jeff Kollman (COSMOSQUAD, JKB, GLENN HUGHES) stepped in for Pete (Way - bass) this time, as Barry Sparks had commitments with Ted Nugent ñ Pete as you all know by now has been refused a work visa in the U.S. despite spending substantial amounts of money on lawyers trying to overturn the decision. Jeff is a great guy, easy to get along with and very professional; he was an asset to the band and injected energy and dynamism to the show which the audiences seemed to pick up on and appreciate, also the fact that heís young and good looking didnít harm us either ñ we nicknamed him Jeff Beckham!!!
New York - sadly we only did one show on this occasion ñ so no time for my romantic buggy ride through Central Park but the audience was possibly even more enthusiastic than last time ñ why was that I wonder? New cologne, new shirt?!! Who knows, thanks anyway!
Hampton Beach was a great gig again. Mountainís Leslie West was still in fine form, vocally and musically. So many great fans out there that night but only ëcos Batttttty had made them come (allegedly).
Pittsburgh ñ what an amazing city! The Rex Theatre was full of so many devoted fans. I recognised the same faces that come back year on year ñ your loyalty is really appreciated.
Iíd just like to allay any concerns from those who were there for the first night in Chicago ñ I still have the use of both eyes, despite Jeff ës broken bass string coming perilously close to taking one out! A miss is as good as a mile. For the first time ever on tour I managed to get out and about in some of your fine cities. I discovered there was a beach in Chicago! Amazing what you can achieve when you stop doing drugs! Tanning is our new drug! Jason is way in front as he lives in Florida and is not averse to using sunbeds in inclement weather, Phil lives in a beach resort on the south coast of England ñ so also has an advantage, so any time I have the chance to soak up some rays, Iím out there!
Then it was on to Vegas. Phil elected to spend the 36-hour journey on the tourbus rather than flying there (no tanning opportunity ñ I saw my chance to draw level!) However ... Vegas was WAY too hot for sunbathing ñ (115 F) so I had to turn my attention to the tables instead. Aided and abetted by Jeff and my girlfriend (who just happens to be a London casino dealer) we played blackjack ëtil the early hours. I won the princely sum of $25 for my labour but at least the drinks were free! To my amazement I kept bumping into people who recognised me, they had travelled from Phoenix and as far as Seattle to see the show ñ however no-one can top our bus driver Armand from Europe, who had flown (not driven!) from Hanover, Germany to surprise us backstage.
And so to LA. It was a shorter stay than last year but no less memorable. The atmosphere at the show was absolutely electric - perhaps down to an influx of real fans from outlying areas of the city rather than the audience being full of blasÈ LA musicians? Whatever the reason, it was a completely different vibe from last year ñ thank you all, you were amazing.
The Catalyst in Santa Cruz was packed to the rafters again! What an animated bunch you are! Thanks to the lady on the balcony who put on a great show for us - if you were there you know what Iím talking about!
Back to LA for a weekís break before the final show in Costa Mesa with the Scorpions. Managed to hook up with my old mate Simon Wright for an evening ñ he listened to my latest solo CD (at gunpoint!) and even conceded it wasnít a bad offering for an old rocker! The rest of the week was spent (yes, you guessed it) SOAKING UP THE RAYS!
Talking of Costa Mesa ñ I must ìthankî the over-zealous security staff at the Pacific Amphitheatre for refusing my daughter, her husband and friends entry backstage and accusing them of stealing their passes. I realise theyíve got a job to do, but hey.
On a lighter note, what a great audience, I got the feeling that a lot of people came not only to see the Scorpions, but to see us too ñ what a reception, and what a great feeling playing in a big arena again ñ it rocked!
Sorry I havenít mentioned every city we played ñ but it goes without saying I appreciate the loyalty of all the fans who came to each of our shows, hope to see you all again soon."
Once again, thanks to all our fans. You rock!î


26th August 2005

UFO have issued the following update:

Hello out there!
We're all back home now after the Summer 2005 tour, and just wanted to put a big THANK YOU on our website to all of you who showed up at our concerts between May and July.

We are now putting the finishing touches to the DVD which was filmed and recorded on May 13th in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. By the way, it's not pronounced "Wilhem Shaven". It's "Wilhelms Haven". Haven is an old German spelling for Hafen (harbor) and it was named after the German Kaiser Wilhelm back in 1900. (See, you get more than just music from UFO - we give history lessons too!)
We even had some fans from Australia who showed up at our little happening in Wilhelmshaven. Guys: you truly deserve a big HELLO and THANK YOU!!!!!

Currently we are looking for some old (very old) photos, articles and posters about UFO. We would like to throw those images in between the interviews on the upcoming DVD. So if anyone out there has some of this stuff still flying around, PLEASE scan it and email it to us (if possible it needs to be in high resolution / 300 dpi). We need that stuff fast!


phil mogg

Friday July 15th 2005

SET LIST: Mother Mary, Let It Roll, When Daylight Comes to Town, I’m a Loser, This Kids, Wild One, Only You Can Rock Me, Fighting Man, Baby Blue, Cherry, Love to Love, Too Hot to Handle, Lights Out, Rock Bottom. Encore: Doctor, Doctor. 90 minutes.

The good: virtually every member of Firehouse, Ratt and Cinderella was in the wings as UFO showed Cadott why it is so highly regarded amongst the hard rock crowd. One of the most underrated bands in rock history, Phil Mogg and his band of able bodies played all the hits and more, with Mogg’s voice continually impressing and reputation as a party hound. Vinnie Moore, while not that other guy (more on him later) shredded everything in sight, while drummer Jason Bonham had little trouble living up to the reputation of his late father (John Bonham of Led Zeppelin for those of you not following along). The bands meat-and-potatoes power rock went down very well here, showing once again that big guitars and big choruses are the right formula here, not jamming or overblown arrangements.

The bad: well, guitarist Michael Schenker’s not here anymore, is he? Time to get over it, and get over the fact that bassist Pete Way has visa troubles, and drummer Andy Parker has retired from the road. This is a very good version of UFO, and I was impressed with what the band did during its 90 minutes onstage.

Best songs: “Too Hot to Handle,” “Lights Out.”
I would have liked to have heard: “On With The Action.”
Heard during the set: “how old is that guy?” Directed towards late 50-ish singer Mogg, who showed off his rippling biceps and well-formed chest once his shirt came off in the 100-degree heat.

Additional notes: I also saw the band on July 24 in San Francisco. Virtually the same set, save for “Mr. Freeze” replacing “Fighting Man” in the set, and the addition of “Pack It Up (and Go)” and “Shoot Shoot,” which were sandwiched around “Doctor Doctor” during the encore. Good crowd, and the band, to my ears anyway, sounded great once again.

vinnie moore

Vinnie Moore and Jeff Kollman


USA Tour dates

Tues July 5th - Farmingdale - NY

* Wed July 6th - NY -
BB Kings

Thurs July 7th - Hampton Beach - NH -

* Fri July 8th - Baltimore - MD -
House Of Rock

* Sat July 9th - Philadelphia - PA -
The Trocadero

* Tues July 12th - Cleveland - OH -
House Of Blues

* Weds July 13th - Pittsburgh - PA -
Rex Theater

* Thurs July 14th - Milwaukee - WI -
Shank Hall

Fri July 15th - Cadott - WI -
Rock Fest

Sat July 16th - Comstock - NE -
Comstock Rock Festival

* Mon July 18th- Chicago - IL -
House Of Blues

* Tues July 19th - Chicago - IL -
House Of Blues

Thurs July 21st - Las Vegas - NV -
House Of Blues

Fri July 22nd - Los Angeles - CA -
House Of Blues

Sat July 23rd - Santa Cruz - CA -
The Catalyst

Sun July 24th - San Francisco - CA -
The Independent

Sun July 31st - Costa Mesa - CA - Orange County Fair -
Pacific Amphitheatre
(with The Scorpions)

*Special Guests - The LIZARDS


1st June 2005

THE LIZARDS Confirm U.S. Dates With UFO

THE LIZARDS, hot off the heels of a recent European tour with IAN HUNTER and UFO, will now be performing a series of gigs in the U.S. with UFO.
The dates and venues are as follows:

5th July - Farmingdale, NY at The Downtown
6th July - New York, NY at BB Kings
7th July - Hampton Beach, NH at Casino
8th July - Baltimore, MD at House Of Rock
9th July - Philadelphia, PA at The Trocadero
12th July - Cleveland, OH at House Of Blues
13th July - Pittsburgh, PA at Rex Theater
14th July - Milwaukee, WI at Shank Hall
18th July - Chicago, IL at House Of Blues
19th July - Chicago, IL at House Of Blues

The Lizards, featuring Bobby Rondinelli (BOC/RAINBOW/BLACK SABBATH) and Mike DiMeo (RIOT), will also be performing at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 10th, and will be playing selections from their latest release Cold Blooded Kings.
The band will also be appearing with hard rock legends MOUNTAIN at BB Kings on June 29th.

Back Stage Pass - Live & Rockin' - Volume 1

All tracks featured on this compilation are recorded live!

1. Rock and Roll All Nite - Kiss 2. I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick 3. Spirit of Radio - Rush 4. All Day and All of the Night - The Kinks 5. Call Me the Breeze - Lynyrd Skynyrd 6. Burnin' for You - Blue ÷yster Cult 7. Fool for the City - Foghat 8. Superstition - Stevie Ray Vaughan 9. Only You Can Rock Me - UFO

Label: Priority Records
Catalog: #P253748
ASIN: B000B741RA


19th May 2005

UFO's history is a long, involved and very interesting one with many musicians passing through either from somewhere or on their way somewhere else. 'Alien Relations' attempts to make sense of the phenomenon that is UFO.
Featuring tracks from most of the major protagonists in the UFO saga - this album is a compendium release to the existing UFO catalogue tying loose ends up and pointing the casual listener in directions they may otherwise not have considered. For true UFO fans this just serves to illustrate that UFO are back for record companies to feel that they can make more money out their success!!!

Pete Way - 'Too Hot To Handle (Live)'

Waysted - 'The Wild, The Willing & The Innocent'

Paul Raymond - Project 'Lights Out'

The Plot - 'Need Her Bad'

John Sloman - 'Joe Public'

Pete Way 'Paradise'

Snowblind - 'Hold On'

Pete Way - 'Crazy'

Paul Raymond Project - 'She's On A Roll'

Waysted - 'Heaven Tonight'

Alaska - 'SOS'

Waysted - 'Dreams'

ASIN: B0009FVB86
Released date: 09-05-2005
Barcode: 842051006224


14th May 2005



VENUE: Northern Germany - Friday, May 13, 2005.

UFO recorded a live DVD at their show at the Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven.

Benji of RockHard magazine in France was one of the 700 happy few to attend the UFO DVD live recording in Wilhemshaven, a town chosen for a lot of good reasons (mainly because of all facilities with the organisation : the management and the record label based in Germany, it was obviously easier to organise everything), and of course, because the venue was really cool.
The setlist was simply the same as on the last european tour in March last year, but it was the goal in fact, to keep a trace of this great tour... with Pete on bass, of course ! The lights were superb, the sound crystal clear, the audience very good, and all this has been captured by 8 TVcameras.
If the UFO supporters love to know more about this special gig, + a few exclusive pics + a very, very interesting and friendly -45 mns- interview with Pete, they can buy the next RockHard French issue (in... french) for 7 euros (in Europe, p&p included) at this address :
75015 PARIS
The plan is to make, at least, a 3 pages article about the event.

Benji has sent us these pictures and as always its very much appreciated





24th February 2005

Exciting News - UFO have announced a SCANDINAVIA AND EUROPEAN tour - 2005 as follows:

Thu May 05th - Sweden - Silja Rock Cruise
Fri May 06th - Germany - Aschaffenburg - Colos Saal

Sun May 08th - Germany - Bochum - Matrix
Tue May 10th - Germany - Mechernich - Burg Satzvey
Fri May 13th - Germany - Wilhemshaven - Pumpwerk - DVD RECORDING
Sat May 14th - Netherlands - Zoetermeer - Boerderij
Sun May 15th - Netherlands - Weert - Bosuil
Tue May 17th - Switzerland - Pratteln - Z7
Wed May 18th - Germany - Augsburg - Spectrum

Please check the OFFICIAL UFO website for updated and additions


21st February 2005


A very special mega event is awaiting rock music fans in Northern Germany on Friday, May 13, 2005: British rock legends UFO are due to record a live DVD at their show at the Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven . This will be the first DVD in over thirty years of UFO's history, to be kept in the tradition of their legendary live album Strangers In The Night...

...UPDATED DVD News from the official UFO website


20th February 2005

Being digging around in the Misty Green and Blue Vaults and have uncovered

some more amazing MEMORABILIA. Enjoy

Starting with a 1982 North American tour Mecanix t-shirt added


.. .. .. ..

A brace of PIN BADGES


. .

Three more excellent finds - Swedish Posters - One from 1977 and two from 1978


4th April 1973 - Is this the earliest gig poster around?

to one of the latest...

Gods Of Metal 2004


January 2000 publicity photo


1977 - Article based on the Vanishing of Michael Schenker


An Obsession PROMO Jigsaw puzzle


Finally YOU ARE HERE Neon Signs from Hong Kong (advertised on e-bay)

Put that in your front room, open the window, put on the CD and blast out 'The Wild One'


15th February 2005

DVD News from the official UFO website:

There will be a long awaited UFO 2005 DVD release later in the year.
Filming will take place in May in Germany - full details to be announced soon
along with the next round of tourdates!
The really interesting part is that UFO want YOUR feedback to know which songs you would like them to perform on the DVD, with the emphasis on songs which have never been played/recorded live before.
They plan to record YOUR top choices in the studio and have the session filmed.
So.... please email your choices to with 'UFO DVD' in the subject line.
All very exciting.

Here is my vote, difficult but I have taken one track from each album and
added a few from 'You Are Here'. I also added 'Rock Bottom' and 'Love To Love' as it would be so great to watch the new line-up perform these two UFO anthems in the studio.

All sorted in Chronological order… Let me know your thoughts.

Phenomenon - Space Child (Schenker/Mogg)
Force It - High Flyer (Schenker/Mogg)
No Heavy Petting - Reasons Love (Schenker/Mogg)
Lights Out - Just Another Suicide (Mogg)
Obsession - Pack It Up and Go (Way/Schenker/Mogg)
No Place to Run - Lettin' Go (Way/Mogg)
The Wild The Willing and The Innocent - Profession of Violence (Chapman/Mogg)
Mechanix - The Writer (Chapman/Mogg/Carter)
Making Contact - When Its Time To Rock (Chapman/Mogg)
Misdeameanor - Mean Streets (McClendon/Mogg)
High Stakes - Back Door Man (Archer/Mogg)
Walk On Water - Dreaming Of Summer (Schenker/Mogg)
Covenant - Miss The Lights (Schenker/Mogg)
Sharks - Crossing Over (Schenker/Mogg)
You Are Here - The Wild One (UFO)

With 4 Bonus tracks to showcase Vinnie and Jasons contribution to UFO
You Are Here - Mr. Freeze
You Are Here - Messing Up The Bed
Phenomenon - Rock Bottom
Lights Out - Love to Love

A very difficult choice for the band to make but an interesting one.

16th January 2005

I have moved the details of SPUN to HERE


14th January 2005

UFO fans will be pleased to hear that Paul Raymond has had his 'Man On A Mission' album digitally remastered on Zoom Club Records which was released eight weeks ago. Details below - note Phil appears on two tracks.


Man On a Mission - P.R.P
Paul Raymond Project

Track list: Deep Space / Scream Blue Murder / My Radio / Man On A Mission / Face Of An Alien / Sacred Ground / Lights Out (for the millennium) / Can't Let Go / Living On The Outside / She's On A Roll / Shining Star / Flights Of Fancy
Featuring singer Phil Mogg on two tracks - one of which is a millennial update of the UFO classic 'Lights Out' - and the guitar find of the year in the decidedly Schenker-esque Andy Simmons.

Melodic and surprisingly varied, 'Man On A Mission' is the sound of an accomplished musician kicking back and letting loose on an album that's very much a labour of love. Digitally Mastered.
Catalogue number:
Release date:


Larry Wallis (UFO'S guitarist of1972) speaks about 'how he joined the band' in a 2002 interview


Making Contact badge added


No Heavy Petting, Lights Out, Obsession and Misdeameanor posters added to the posters page


11th January 2005

I have spent the last 3 days adding to the Various Artist COMPILATION

Albums/CDs/Videos section that have the appearance of UFO tracks,

starting from the Greatest Hits Rock released three months ago

right back to the Axe Attack series in 1980.

.. .. ..

.. .. ..

.. ....


8th January 2005

.. ..

Three special tour programmes have come to light - first two with UFO and Cheap Trick

Firstly the Rutgers Athletic Center - March 5, 1981


Capitol Theatre 7th Anniversary Celebration Weekend - December 8, 1978

plus the Backstage Pass


Capitol Thatre, Passaic NJ - February 29, 1980



Madison Square Garden - April 5 1982

Can any of you send in scans of the recent
UFO european/festival or USA tour tickets of 2004 to add to the page?


More information on the earliest UFO poster I have on record


and back to last year

2004 Bang-Your-Head poster added



5th January 2005


Moved June to Octobers News to NOT SO LATEST NEWS


Taking you back to the Summer
some great live shots from the Bang Your Head Festival - photos ©Andreas Thul


Making Contact and Let It Rain t-shirts added

speaking of t-shirts, Vinnie Moore has a great selection of his own:



4th January 2005

MORE Memorabelia addition updates - posters:


1982 poster / 1983 poster



1979 tour advert / Washburn Guitar advert


Reading Rock Festival Programme


3rd January 2005

Memorabelia addition updates:







. . .



2nd January 2005

Lets start the year with recent web discoveries and some unearthed web pages that I missed earlier this year...

Barry Sparks and 20 Questions


... from the The Nuge Board, Rock & Roll Forum
Barry Rocking UFO!

with some excellent UFO photos from the eightees...

Paul Chapman - image copyright ProTech

A December album review from Maximum Metal's Ken Pierce on 13th Dec 2004
following from Vinaya Saksena's last Summer

This Classic Rock Interview with Phil is worth REVISTING


Lets end up with a short fan review I came across earlier today.

You may have already read this but John sums up the feel of a brilliant album.

UFO 'You Are Here'
This could be the rock album of the year.

It seriously rocks like the UFO of old or early Van Halen. It's what rock music is supposed to be.

The new lineup is phenominal minus Michael Schenker, thankfully.
Phil Mogg, Pete Way and Paul Raymond are back from the original lineup and they've added Jason Bonham and Vinnie Moore.

I saw Vinnie open up for MSG and he blazed then but was very progressive in the way he played. Now he's straight up rock and is very impressive. He's one of the best right now if not The best.
Jason Bonham's drums are awesome with every instrument getting it's share of the limelight which is good when Bonham is kicking ass.
I am loving this album and recommend it to any fan of what rock used to sound like.
©2004 John Carpenter






Tristan Greatrex

Illustration and Graphic Design © Tristan Greatrex


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