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December 2006

New Reviews and Photos from Spain (Spanish) added to the Euro Tour 2006 page

November 10 - Spain – Bergara - Sala Jam REVIEW
November 11 - Spain – Madrid - Heineken REVIEW and PHOTOS

Home I have also updated the Home Page


Andy Parker

Andy Parker has left a special message to the UFO fans on the Official UFO website

All very exciting with News of touring Russia, Scandinavia, North Germany and hopefully Scotland in March 2007". UFO will also be looking into other songs from the Paul Chapman era to add to the setlist, which will please a lot of you fans out there as judging by my mailbox - Its gotta be the most requested and most commented wish from you guys out there to try and get away from the Strangers in the night set list. The band recognised the importance of those songs by re-recording other great tracks in the studio and released it as part of the 'Showtime' DVD, so transferring new material to the live set is great news for us all.

Tourdates for March 2007

1st March 2007 - Germany - Hamburg - Fabrik
3rd March 2007 - Germany - Worpswede - Musichall
4th March 2007 - Germany - Berlin - Columbia Club
5th March 2007 - Germany - Hannover - Musikzentrum
13th March 2007 - Denmark - Copenhagen - Pumpehuset
14th March 2007 - Sweden - Malmö - KB
16th March 2007 - Sweden - Gothenburg - Tradgar'n
17th March 2007 - Sweden - Stockholm - The Arena

CHECK Official UFO website for UPDATES

ALSO taking you back to the Summer Festivals added the following Photos/Reviews to the tour page:

UFO Live

July 29th 2006 - Germany - Rock Of Ages Festival - Seebronn


July 30th 2006 - Belgium - Roots Rock Festival - Nidrum

seoul - UFO

August 6th 2006 - South Korea - Club Catch-Light - Seoul


November 2006



I was lucky enough to see UFO at Bristol and London's Astoria and for me, the photo above sums up both this tour and album release. UFO ARE BACK and back as a band. FANTASTIC.

Since Vinnie Moore joined UFO back in 2003, the atmosphere and creativity has been amazing. No longer does UFO consist of five muscians going through the motions of playing and performing, something rather refreshing. This is a team, a band who enjoy what they are doing through their performance. Excitement was fuelled after the recording of the 'You Are Here' album, subsequent tours in 2004/2005 to promote and then captured on last Novembers 'Showtime' DVD release (go and check out 'YouTube' guys in case you havn't seen it already - although chances are if you visit this site you own a copy). Filled with magic moments both in the studio and live, this DVD gave us all a glimps of what UFO have always been about - Songwriters who perform and exceed all expectations when live on stage .

We all, as UFO fans, knew this was going to be a special tour after Andy Parker returned to the drum stool and recorded 'The Monkey Puzzle'. A fantastic album with Phil announcing on the first track 'The band are back in Town', and back they are. Receiving great reviews, not only here in the UK, but worldwide, this album is a grower. The more you listen, the better it gets. You will not tire of the tracks and without doubt this will become a classic. I read a review from a fan who said he tried to like this album but there were too many ballads and soft numbers and no 'Self Made Man' tracks to be found. Those who have grown up with the band expect a balance, beautiful songs such as 'Baby Blue', 'Love to Love', 'Who's Fooling Who' and 'Good Bye You' are just as much part of the band as 'Lights Out, 'Too Hot to Handle' and Rock Bottom'. There is a 'Self Made Man' track on the monkey Puzzle, the wonderful ' Heavenly Body'. A track that has an amzing heavy intro, with fantastic vocals and songwritting from Phil Mogg. Real atmosphere that is hallmarkerd 'UFO'. Its easy to spot the true fans, and I guess we hope that new fans will listen and explore. A great live track that was played on the European circuit. The Monkey Puzzle is a great follow up to the 'You Are Here' album. UFO should be proud, the fans are more than proud.

You all know my opinion on Vinnie Moore - Let me take you back to November 2003 and I am pleased that my vision and judgement of this guitarist has not only proved to be correct but has exceeded my expectations. There are still die-hard Schenker fans out there. I for one love Michael and appreciate all his has done, but do not let this cloud our judgement on whats best for UFO. Its no use living in the past, we live for the present. Vinnie has done a great job in his interpretations of the early UFO recordings. He keeps the melody and areas that are important to the songs but adds his own personal identity. That's someone who cares about the band, cares about the previous songwriters and cares about the fans. I watched the band perform at the Astoria and fans were shouting to the stage after the encore, 'Stay together'. Theres a ground swell occurring, feedback to this website suggests that this line-up is better than anything goneon before. The last two studio albums come into the top five best UFO recordings, so lets look forward with excitement and anticipation.I have created 'The Monkey Puzzle Tour' webpage for you all. Keep visiting as I will be adding more links and reports over the next couple of months. How exciting is this...


October 2006

November 2006 CLASSIC ROCK magazine
Page 80 - The Monkey Puzzle Review

UK's Classic Rock Magazine (Issue99 - Nov. 2006) has a Fantastic Album Review by Neil Jefferies

Have Phil Mogg and Friends finally succeeded in shrugging off the baggage of their '74-82' heyday? You bet they have...

... Go out and buy this excellent rock magazine to read the rest of this album review. It comes with a free cover DVD* too!! *UFO do not feature but you can see them playing live here.


Another great review can be found at AUROCK


The Monkey Puzzle


Rock and Blues photos from the BBC


Back to What 'Misty Green and Blue' do best - The History of UFO



The Marquee club have a great website. Visit their website, Go to SEARCH and type in UFO. Finds such as:

31st May 1972 - UFO play the 1st of 43 gigs at the Marquee. They are supported by Roxy Music who play their only gig at the club. HOWEVER, after a little research and confirmation on The Marquees website, UFO played earlier dates than the May 1972 gig:

Monday 22nd February 1971 (Distant Jim supporting)

Sunday 7th March 1971

Sunday 14th March 1971

Sunday 21st March 1971

Sunday 28th March 1971

Sunday 4th April 1971

Wednesday 14th April 1971

Sunday 18th April 1971

Sunday 15th August 1971

Sunday 21st November 1971

Monday 29th December 1971

Monday 17th Jan 1972


Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias, Joan Armatrading, Babe Ruth, Caravan, Climax Blues Band, Dr Feelgood, Hawkwind, Heavy Metal Kids, Judas Proest, Kokomo, Kursaal Flyers, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Alan Stivell, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Lou Reed, Snafu, Soft Machine, Stella, String Driven Thing, Supertramp, Thin Lizzy, Robin Trower, UFO, Wally, Wisghone Ash, Yes, Zzebra


Updated 3 sections: Photos Section, Discography, Songlistings (Albums).

Classic UFO Sound

The Monkey Puzzle is UFO's best studio album since 1995's Walk On Water. It is also the first release since Walk On Water with original drummer Andy Parker. If you're a UFO die hard like me or if you're new to UFO this CD is for you.
Submitted by Tony in Wilkes - Barre, PA on the CD UNIVERSE website.

Plus this review:

September 2006

The Monkey Puzzle

NEW UFO RELEASE - The Monkey Puzzle

RELEASE DATES: September 26th 2006 - U.S.A • September 26th 2006 - Europe.

SPV website - Official UFO Band Pages


Distributors RYKO have set up a UFO artists product page


The Monkey

The Monkey Puzzle Reviews, so far:


Guitar 9

The Monkey Puzzle Rear


Pete Way
Vinnie Moore
Paul Raymond
Phil Mogg
Andy Parker


View some fantastic pictures here


You can view the Showtime DVD on-line at

Vinnie Moore Guitar Pick

Steve - Thanks for the Vinnie Moore guitar pick pic :-)

August 2006

Going back some 30 years - These photo's has been sent over to me:


pete1977 ..paul77

UFO at Flint's Capitol Theater - November 19th, 1977

This Misty Green and Blue website is constantly being updated in the Memoribilia,

Photos, Posters, Tours and Discography sections.

July 2006


More Showtime Reviews:



Rough Edge


Rock Report

Progressive World






June 2006


Showtime review

May 2006


Phil Mogg Interview

April 24th 2006

UFO1 - 1971
Red label

An unusual find, this re-release of the original 1970, UFO1.

Great picture sleeve - Red album label

April 9th 2006


A couple of band compilation releases, More Essential Rock Anthems and Essential Metal Anthems have come to my attention with sleeve notes by Mark Crampton.

Here are a couple more ...

metal killers
History of Roack


April 1st 2006


I keep on reminding everyone out there that the Misty Green and Blue website is here to record the life and times of UFO. To inform everyone of the bands history, full of archive material, memorabilia galore and a site full of reference material for us all to enjoy and celebrate.

I also plan to upload various 'Band Video Clips' over time, reminding everyone why they should go and see this amazing band LIVE in 2006 as well as listen to their superb music. Firstly we have one such clip, 'Love to Love'. E-mail me your comments and let me know if you wish to see more on this website.

Of course all this also relies on you guys out there who send in your press clippings, photos, hats, t-shirts and any related UFO material. There will be current information also but please keep on checking out the OFFICIAL UFO website for the exciting news. So here we go...


...An early 1974 photo that I personally had never seen with both UFO guitarists, Michael Schenker and Paul Chapman

Other line-up photos can be found here

March 2006

UFO are back in the studio, recording a new album in Celle, near Hannover, Germany - Vinnie and Andy


Vinnie, Phil and Andre


Phil, Andre, Vinnie and Pete


Pete Way


Vinnie Moore


Paul Raymond and Tommy Newton


Phil and Pete signing out

photos - thanks

Confirmed Summer dates - OFFICIAL UFO WEBSITE
July 22nd 2006 - Germany - Burg Herzberg Festival - near Fulda
July 26th 2006 - England - Princess Pavilions - Falmouth
July 28th 2006 - England - Rock and Blues Custom Show - Derbyshire
July 29th 2006 - Germany - Rock Of Ages Festival - Seebronn


February 2006

UFO to play at the UK's Rock n' Blues festival on July 28th 2006

January 2006


andy Parker

We are delighted to welcome Andy Parker back into the UFO family and as you know,
Andy already played his 'first' gig as part of UFO's headlining festival show last November
in Granada, Spain. Jason Bonham is now playing with Foreigner and
UFO wishes him and his band all the very best for the future.

13th JANUARY - UFO announce that they will play at the summer Burg Herzberg Festival in Germany






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