YOU ARE HERE European Tour 2004
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YOU ARE HERE concert REVIEW: 6th March 2004: Barcelona, Spain. Razzmatazz 2


This is translation of a review from the RAFABASA in SPANISH to English, although gramatically incorrect, it will give all the English speaking fans a flavour of the Barcelona gig. I know that Phil will enjoy reading this... its a great review. Tristan

6th March 2004: Barcelona, Spain. Razzmatazz 2

Vinnie Moore
Pete Way
Phil Mogg
Paul Raymond
Jason Bonham

Impatience was growing from the audience to see their hero, Phil Mogg and UFO.

They started with Midnight Train and people became crazy. The present formation of UFO is of total luxury. Usual the Phil Mogg to the voice, Pete Way to low and Paul Raymond to the guitar and keyboards. It is necessary to add to the son of the legendary battery of LED Zeppelín, Jason Bonham and to grandísimo American guitarist called Vinnie Moore, known very well by the lovers guitar-heroes. Vinnie had the difficult mission to make forget (impossible thing, I create) Michael Schenker. They followed with the fireproof Mother Mary. The band seemed very compact in scene. Phil Mogg controlled without problems tempo of the concert.

When Daylight Goes To Town was the first subject that sounded of the new disc, You Are Here. He is the one that the album opens and one of my favorites. I cannot more than to say than the atmosphere and the heat was very high at that time. Fans young and less young could be seen all over the room. A great combination for a perfect night of hard-rock. Let It Roll, Is a.m. To Loser, This Kids... the subjects continued falling like a machine gun. Jason Bonham struck with hardness its battery, I believe that he was fantastic. I think that it did not disappoint to anybody.
It was possible to be verified what great vocalista continues being Phil Mogg. For this man they do not spend the years. Streamlined figure and a voice that for himself many singers of nowadays wanted to it. Everything an example of professionalism and quality. They presented/displayed more subjects of the new disc, The Wild One and Call Me, in the middle of who they put in a huge Fighting Man. Memory to have leido that Phil Mogg had declared that as much Vinnie Moore as Jason Bonham had given a new touch him, of freshness and youth to UFO .

And it is certain. You Are Here is a work it jeopardize, of doubtless benefits and seems the beginning of a new and fruitful time for this band. I have already said before Vinnie Moore had it complicated to please fans staunch of Schenker. I cannot think by the others but to me it convinced to me. Of course which we cannot compare it with Schenker, neither we must, I create, at least I... because Schenker is he and or is. I put the same example that with Deep Purple and the case Blackmore-Morse. Clear that the band I liked more with Blackmore... were the Purple... but Steve Morse has given back to the illusion and good music to Gillan and company to him (another style, yes but filled with good subjects). I do not compare to Moore and Schenker. I only value the work unfolded by first and I catalogue it of excellent. He is a great musician. It went of less to and it ended up more enjoying equal or more than the own public. A very good single one was marked and fulfilled its assignment without no but.
Only You Can Rock is another one of the unforgettable subjects of UFO that become in indispensable... a jewel of hard. It followed a subject to him that was hoping with desire. Extraido de You Are Here and with a great mixture of acoustics and melodía, Baby Blue affected and demonstrated the great song to me that is. Phil Mogg sang like never before. Pete Way throughout moved like a possessed person the concert. Slight attitude hers! An authentic provoker. Much more discreet it was the performance and attitude of Paul Raymond, in the right corner of the scene. They also presented/displayed another new subject, Jello Man. and for the end of celebrations, Love To Love, Too Hot To Handle (sounded treeeeeemendo) and the unmistakable Lights Out.
This they ended but of course, they returned. And how... they attacked with 3 great ones you encore: the powerful Bottom Rock (of the best thing at night), Doctor Doctor and Shoot Shoot.

My evaluation of this concert is of ten. An extraordinary night of rock. Good sound, a great band with great songs and fans. I augur good years to him of new successes to UFO ... and sure that they return nothing else presenting/displaying a new disc can.


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