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United States of America Tour 2004


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Wednesday September 22nd 2004

Baltimore MD, Thunderdome


1. Midnight Train
2. Mother Mary
3. When Daylight Goes To Town
4. Let It Roll
5. I'm A Loser
6. This Kids
7. Wild One
8. Fighting Man
9. Only You Can Rock Me
10. Baby Blue
11. Mr. Freeze
12. Love To Love
13. Too Hot To Handle
14. Lights Out
15. Rock Bottom
16. Doctor Doctor
17. Shoot Shoot


Thursday September 23rd 2004

Glenside PA, Keswick Theatre

with Blue Oyster Cult rescheduled from April 29th


Saturday September 25th 2004


Hampton Beach Casino

Hampden Beach NH, Casino | INFO

with Blue Oyster Cult rescheduled from May 1st


Sunday September 26th 2004

The Starland Ballroom

Sayerville NJ, Starland Ballroom

UFO • Blue Oyster Cult rescheduled from May 2nd

SET LIST | web site

Monday September 27th 2004

Buffalo NY, Club Infinity


Tuesday September 28th 2004

Pittsburgh PA, The Rex Theatre


REVIEW at the web site

Wednesday September 29th 2004

New York NY, B B King's


Friday October 1st 2004

New York NY, B B King's


Saturday October 2nd 2004

Poughkeepsie NY, The Chance




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Wednesday October 6th 2004

Sauget IL, Pops




Friday October 8th 2004

Ferndale MI, Magic Bag Theatre

Saturday October 9th

Cleveland OH, The Odeon


Sunday October 10th 2004

New Orleans, House Of Blues

Monday October 11th 2004

Chicago IL, House Of Blues

Tuesday October 12th 2004

Milwaukee WI , Potawatami Casino



Wed 10th Nov - New Orleans - House of Blues
Fri 12th Nov - Austin TX - Frank Erwin Ctr (w/ The Scorpions)
Sat 13th Nov - San Antonio TX - SBC Ctr (w/The Scorpions)
Mon 15th Nov - Los Angeles CA - House Of Blues
Wed 17th Nov - Anaheim CA - House Of Blues
Thurs 18th Nov - Sacramento CA - The Roadhouse
Fri - 19th Nov - San Francisco CA - The Pound
Sat - 20th Nov - Santa Cruz CA - The Catalyst


PLEASE CHECK THE OFFICIAL UFO website for confirmation of dates

Wednesday September 22nd 2004

1st concert at the Thunderdome in Baltimore (Hole in the wall club, but probably a big warm up). Good seats in front of the stage and overhead...maybe 300 or so in attendance when UFO finally came on around 11:30. (had to wait through 2 other bands). The band was tight and awesome...majority of the European Dates set list was played: fighting man, watching daylight go to town, baby blue, mr. freeze, and all the usual hits including I'm a loser.

Encore was Doctor, Doctor

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Thursday September 22nd 2004

Next night I was off to Philadephia. The restored Chadwick Theatre..assigned seating. I knew this would be a better venue for the band. Met 4 sound guys next to me. Somehow word about their sound warehouse in Delaware got to UFO. The band spent 4 days prior to Baltimore in Delaware rehearsing. Next to these guys was Vinnie's wife, 2 kids and Mother. Blue Oyster Cult was on last...most I talked to had the same opinion...only here for UFO.

UFO hit the stage..venue was great...sound was had plenty of room and it was incredible. No Mr. Freeze and (can't remember for sure) I don't think they did Fighting Man. Everything else the same. Halfway through the old hits with Baby Blue had about 100 or more people out of the seats and crowding the stage. OK, I thought ...time to stand and go down front!

Only you can rock me, Lights out, love to love...were all excellent. Fist pumping and rockin! Encore was Doctor, Doctor ...I was about 3 feet from the stage. Band left, crowd rocking and good majority of people left before BOCult!! Venue looks like it sat about 2500, almost full from what i could tell. I spoke to Vinnie's wife and Mother. Thank God he's in the band and we can have some consistency now...tour, cd etc. She said "it's a great fit for all" Jason was outstanding....think that is a big upgrade for the band!!

Jay M. Lloyd

both reviews Keswick and Thunder Dome ©2004 Jay. Lloyd

Paul Raymond
Jason Bonham
Barry Sparks

Photos © Ted Donatelli 2004

Larger and many more photos


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Hampton Beach, USA - Saturday September 25th 2004




Photos ©2004 Frank Maynard


Can you believe it, it's took me 30 years to see my all time favorite band ever UFO. Yes it is. I'm a fan of UFO since i was 11 years old, today I am 41.

I drove from Canada to USA specialy for the Hampton Beach gig.

First I met Peter Knorn, UFO's manager and asked him if he can do something for me. He said sure
i said than i have a letter beside a picture of me and aske him to give to PHIL. and he did. I was standing outside, and one guy of the UFO staff said to me "C'mon go inside with me".

The first person I met was JASON who was sitting on a table with BOBBY RONDINELLI. Thoses guys shake my hand and
we take somes photos with JASON and we talks before he made his soundcheck, He signed a pair of drum sticks.and we do somes jokes. Ir was a huge surprise to find out that Jason is also part of the Opening act!!!! And JASON said alright tonight guys he has 2 first part before BOC

30 minutes later i saw PAUL RAYMOND

come in and do his soundcheck, keys, guitar, vocal. He made for PHIL voice.

After I met PAUL is a pretty nice person, he signed my stuff taked photos with me and talk about the tonights gig.

HO is't 9 o'clock go for the party (2 hours after the Quierboys) LOL. I was stand up in the first row and the crowd scream UFO UFO UFO!!!!

Well the light go down, i was so exited and very nervous and the band came up on stage. PHIL was just in front of me (life is good) and they start with Mother Mary,The sound was simply perfect and PHIL MOGG sing like a god, his voice is so perfect i can't believe it. Daylight goes to town start and BARRY do the back vocals, this guy is happy, funny with the crowd and we speak to each others between somes songs, cause we knows each other. He asked me if i
like the sound of he new bass, a thunderbird like pete, cause he want to respect the sound of pete and pete himself. Theres was 1800 or more peoples.

But what can i say all peoples around me have hats,t-shirt of UFO. Sustain of guitar and we go with LET IT ROLL .After the song the crownd start to scream PHIL MOGG
PHIL MOGG this place begins to go crazy.

Next I AM A LOSER, THIS KIDDS with the VINNIE MAN on board he's playing was incredible, he smile, interactive with
the fans. For me he fit perfectly with the band. JASON is a killer on drums and very active with the crowd, he's stand up behind of his drums tell to poeples to clap her hands. And after I AM A LOSER and BABY BLUE he said PHIL MOGG and JASON applause PHIL. JASON was so intense he stand up again before LOVE TO LOVE
and he show us his tattoo of ZEP BONZO and he point the sky and tell us this one is for you dad. It was very emotional moment. Again after this song he point PHIL and applause him. In the case of PAUL RAYMOND i think this guy is one of the most underrated talent, he plays keyboards, guitars, back vocals is a general behind the band, he make's winkles, smile to poeples but what a job he make for the band
. Now place to LIGHT OUT, TOO HOT TO HANDLE AND ROCK BOTTOM make this place completly crazy,poeples screams,sings with the band.The band left the stage and comeback to do the encore DOCTOR DOCTOR,when i saw PHIL and PAUL singning together with the same microphone i was so touched to see them together,it's not my fault but somes tears fall down to my face.Cause i knew there was
the last songs of the show and after 30 years of hope,this kind of thing can happen. THIS SHOW WAS MORE THAN AWESOME. when light go up it's time for me to leave, I was there for UFO only and believe me i'm not "THE ONLY ONES" who did that. UFO fans goes outside to meet the band, i'm sorry for BOC but poeples was
theres for UFO, hundreds of thems were near from the bus and the party continue.

Finally my dreams come true i met PHIL for the first time in my old life and he was very funny with me, he began to tell my name he said your Maynard ,i read your letter and thank's i apreciate what you write to me. that was he said. He take time to sign my beautiful leather jacket with his own face paint in the back, he said i was so surprise when you show me this jacket when we play ONLY YOU CAN ROCK ME.

I said i try a lots of time to show you when you were on stage. After we talks PHIL goes near the bus to sign a lots autographs, he recieve somes hugs. HE was what i immagine of him all my life. thank's my wife STEPHANIE, my dude ANDRÉ and GILLES And ZEF to kick my ass to go there. I'll never foret that. Thank's Mrs.MOGG to
all the time you take for me. For finnish the UFO fans are very CLASSY and the coolest peoples than met.

TRISTAN, BATTTTTY, GILLES and ZEF thank's for keeping the light on for the greatest band in the world call UFO.LIKE BATTTTTY said HE DESERVE IT.

see ya


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Phil Mogg
Vinnie Moore
Jason Bonham
Vinnie & Phil
Barry Sparks

photos ©2004 Glam

Jason Bonham Interview at Glam


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Monday 27th SEPTEMBER 2004

Phil Mogg
Vinnie Moore
Jason Bonham
Barry Sparks
Paul Raymond

Photos © Patrick Smith 2004

Larger and many more photos

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Tuesday September 28th 2004

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Photos © Steven Meyers - 2004

UFO @ BB King in NYC - October 1, 2004
Hello again, Tristan.
I promised you a review a few days ago and perhaps a few more photographs. Here goes nothing . . .

My name is Steven Meyers and I am a resident of Hoboken, New Jersey in the good ole United States. I was at the UFO performance at BB King's in New York City on Friday, October 1st. My good friend Bill Mooney, a longtime UFO fan, made a two hour trip into the city to join me for this show. This was a concert we had been anticipating ever since the first announcements of the American leg of You Are Here tour last spring. I had gotten tickets for one of the original April shows and we were greatly disappointed that the tour would have to be postponed for six months due to Phil and Pete’s Visa problems.

After a wait of nearly six months I was finally able to take my tickets off the shelf, dust them off and meet my friend in Grand Central Station to make our way to BB Kings. We got to the club very early as I had been to a show there several months before and got a very poor seat despite showing up well before showtime. I was determined that would not happen for this show. I had previously seen UFO play so I had some experiences to compare tonights show with. My friend, despite being a huge fan since the early eighties had never seen them perform live.

We had a long wait until the opening band and plenty of time to talk beforehand. We discussed that the lengthy delay and unexpected problems just might make the band even more anxious to get out on stage and prove themselves worth the wait.

The opening band were the Healing Sixes and they proved to be quite interesting. Apparently Jason Bonham is their occasional drummer but tonight they had someone else filling that role. They sounded a bit like Bad Company with a strong Zeppelin influence and a large dose of a band like Pearl Jam. We both agreed that they were quite good.

After a short break Muddy Waters classic Mannish Boy began blasting out of the PA and the lights dimmed. Showtime had finally arrived.

When UFO hit the stage that night I think my comments about the band being out to prove themselves were proven correct. I had seen UFO twice before on the Walk On Water and Misdemeanor tours and both shows were excellent but at BB Kings the band seemed more aggressive than I have ever seen them.

The band took the stage and blasted out an excellent Midnight Train that rolled right into an amazing performance of Mother Mary. Phil gave a short greeting to the crowd and introduced the first song from the new album, When Daylight Goes To Town which was even more powerful live than I could have imagined.

Let It Roll was up next and Phil commented that this song was from an album called Force It which UFO had recorded about five years ago. Hmm, only five years? I would have thought longer than that.

I’m A Loser was the next song and I was thrilled to see them play it as it had never made the set lists on any night I had seen them. They followed with This Kids, The Wild One and Fighting Man. I was impressed that the new songs blended seamlessly with the old and were just as powerful.

Next up, Only You Can Rock Me which had the whole audience joining the chorus. Phil asked for our patience as the band got ready for what he called its Crosby, Stills & Nash performance, which turned out to be my favorite song from the new album, Baby Blue.

I have to say that the whole band was playing superbly. Vinnie and Jason were excellent. Vinnie played all of Michael Schenker’s solos flawlessly and with amazing skill. Jason was rock solid throughout and although I have never been a fan of lengthy drum solos I would not have minded to see Mr. Bonham indulge us with one. Certainly he carries on his fathers legacy admirably.

I am delighted that Paul Raymond has rejoined the band. His playing was perfect and he balances Phil’s presence wonderfully. While Pete Way was certainly missed, Barry Sparks proved to be much more than just a hired hand. His playing was incredibly powerful and he lent an energetic, theatrical presence to the show. As I had seen Barry play with both Vinnie Moore and Michael Schenker in the past I thought he
was the perfect substitute for Pete Way. Should Pete ever decide to step down on a permanent basis (No! Don't do that, Pete!) Mr. Sparks could easily step in without the band losing a step.

Some might argue that the band isn’t the same without Michael but I would argue that they are now at a performing peak that hasn’t been achieved since the days of the classic albums with Michael. Having read many interviews with various members of the band it seemed that for many years there was an enormous amount of internal friction. There was none of that to my eyes during their show at BB Kings. The band seemed incredibly comfortable with one another and I could not detect any tension at all coming from the stage.

A strong Mr. Freeze was up next followed by the always amazing Love To Love. Vinnie’s soloing was incredible during the instrumental break. After Love To Love finished Phil teased a girl in the front row afterwards for being the only person he had ever seen applying lipgloss
during the middle of a song. He dedicated the next song to her and from my vantage point the lady in question did, indeed, appear Too Hot To Handle.

Lights Out was followed by a phenomenal Rock Bottom. Phil left the stage during Vinnie's lengthy guitar solo returning to the stage to finish the song wearing a lovely kilt which was how he performed for the rest of the evening! Didn't see that one coming at all. Thought it worked very well with his work boots.

There were two encores taken: Doctor Doctor for the first and Shoot Shoot for the second. After a nearly two hour performance I think everyone had been more than given their money’s worth. Easily one of the most powerful shows I had ever seen and I really hope that the band returns to the States once Pete’s Visa problems are behind him.

I emailed my friend for his input on the show as I intended to send you a few words about this performance and thought that I should also get his reaction. So, the following paragraph was sent to me by Mr. Bill Mooney of Montgomery, NY, my partner in crime for this odyssey, a few days after the show. I am including it with his permission. Bill alludes to the fact that he was going to attempt to make it to the following nights show at the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY but personal commitments wouldn’t allow it. Anyway, here’s what he had to say about the show at BB Kings:

“Never made it to the Chance on Saturday. I can say that I can die happy, having finally seen one of the greatest bands in history and my personal favorite for the last quarter century. Now I can't wait to see them again. I get the impression that there will be a next time, and we won't have to wait terribly long for it. Don't know if I caught any anecdotes that you missed, but I do have some interesting observations. We
witnessed a great show, and the band members obviously get along great and interact well. Barry Sparks fits right in. As you said, there wasn't anything to be disappointed about, but it will be nice to see Pete back in the fold. Phil was interesting. His interaction with the crowd was almost conversational. On the live recordings, he was a man of few words ("thank you" and mentioning song titles at best). At this show,
he came off as the regular guy he seems to be. Perhaps the small club setting and sparse crowd allowed him to be less formal. Or maybe he's just happier these days. Either way, good for him (and us). He was also very gracious to the nervy couple down in front who insisted upon interacting with him between songs and offering him beers (don't know that he's all that much of a drinker anymore). But it gave Phil the opportunity to show us how human he is. I was also impressed with Paul, who comes off as a reliable journeyman musician who has
good-naturedly put up with all the madness for so many years (it's a miracle that he appears sane after so many repeated stints in UFO, MSG and Waysted). Vinnie plays Schenker's riffs as well as Schenker. I also hope they keep Bonzo's kid, who besides being great, really seems to enjoy being in the band. All in all, a great show. Glad you have some good photos. Can't wait to see them. I'm also interested in the website you're contributing to. Last but not least, e-mail me that set list please. I'd like to put together a tape of those songs so that I can "sort-of"
relive the show.”

So those are our impressions of a wonderful night with one of our favorite bands. Needless to say the band more than made up for the long wait and I left BB Kings that night practically walking on air having seen such a powerful performance.

I am attaching a few more photos for the enjoyment of anyone who might want to experience a bit of the show. In some of them you might be able to notice Phil in his kilt. BB Kings is a nice size venue where they don't seem to mind flash photography. Wish there were a few more places around that were that relaxed about fans taking pictures.
Hope you enjoyed our little tale and the accompanying photographs. To shamelessly plug myself, sometime in the next few weeks I will be putting up my own website where there will be some of the UFO photos that I took that night as well as photos taken recently of other bands and a few other strange things. My URL will be and anyone is welcome to visit and contact me with either praise or abuse as they see fit.

Oh, and before I forget, thanks for a great website and keep up the good work.
Best wishes to you and yours,
Steven Meyers
Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Here's those pictures. Hope you like 'em!



All photos © Steven Meyers

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Saturday October 2nd 2004

Phil Mogg
Barry Sparks
Barry Sparks and Paul Raymond
Phil Mogg and Jason Bonham
Phil Mogg and Barry Sparks
Paul Raymond and Barry Sparks
Vinnie Morre
Phil Mogg
Barry Sparks
Phil Mogg

©2004 Photos Jennifer Schmitt

Chance Review

UFO landed on stage at The Chance (Poughkeepsie NY) on Saturday October 2nd
at about 11:45 pm. They wouldn't be taking off again till it was Sunday
morning (1:20am). This show was one of the best UFO shows I have ever
attended. The band was tight the sound just right. The set list is as follows:

Midnight Train
Mother Mary
Daylight Comes to Town
Let It Roll
Im A Loser
This Kids
The Wild One
Fightin' Man
Only You Can Rock Me
Baby Blue
Mr Freeze (awesome)
Love To Love
Too Hot To Handle
Lights Out
Rock Bottom

(encore #1)
Doctor, Doctor
Shoot Shoot

Phil sounded excellent, Vinnie took it over the top, Jason was great on the
skins. Not much more to say , too bad if you missed it. For the hundred or
so of us that were there what a treat!

Scott Ziegler


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Cleveland, OH - October 9th 2004


I'm sending along some pics from the Cleveland Show. They were great!!!!


Tom Sullivan








©2004 Photos Tom Sullivan


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Wed 17th Nov - Anaheim CA - House Of Blues

Starwood and UFO Rock The City Of Angels

as witnessed by The Atomic Chaser and The Rocker
There were only two reasons why The Rocker and I hit the Sunset strip on a Monday night. One reason, Metal Blade recording artist, STARWOOD and the other reason, the legendary rock band, UFO. The House Of Blues would play host to two great performances and The Rocker and I were not about to miss out!
First up STARWOOD. It was only a few months back that we caught Starwood opening for King's X. They blew us away then and tonight's performance wouldn't be any different (despite the band having to use the house gear) these boys ROCKED! A little past 8:30, Starwood hit the stage full throttle, unleashing a serious dose of "Sub Culture" rock and roll that sent a shot of adrenaline throughout the venue. Fronted by Lizzy on vocals and guitars anchored by Joe Steals on guitar, Marten Andersson on bass and handling the skins, Joey Scott on drums. The band featured songs from their debut release, 'If It Ain't Broke Break It', in the form of, "Do You Feel", Bad Medicine", and the fuel injected, "You're So Real". Just what is "Sub Culture Rock N Roll", you ask? It's a lethal mix of punk driven angst with one hellacious rock and roll attitude! Making for one hell of a rock and roll Molotov cocktail. Leaning heavily on the decadence and brilliance of 70's rock icons like Cheap Trick, The New York Dolls, and KISS, and in the same vein as the new school era of rock like Brides of Destruction, The Darkness, Velvet Revolver, and The Vines.
On record, Starwood sound great! But to experience their true unbridled fury and explosiveness, see Starwood live, they will knock your assess off! All in all, Starwood's set clocked in a little over an hour. A great set by band that has become a major force to be reckoned with.
After getting thoroughly ROCKED by Starwood. The Rocker and I prepared ourselves for one of our favorite rock bands of all time, UFO! The band's current line-up is, Phil Mogg on vocals, Paul Raymond on guitars/backing vocals and keyboards, Barry Sparks on bass (who filled in for Pete Way) and Jason Bonham on drums.
At 9:30 the house lights went dim and Muddy Water's "Mannish Boy", blared out over the house P.A. As the chant of , UFO! UFO! UFO! UFO! rang out throughout the venue. As soon as the last note was hit, the curtains spread open and Phil and the boys hit the stage kicking off their set with, "Medicine Man". What amazed us was how fit Phil Mogg looked and how great his voice sounded. Before the show, The Rocker and I had questions about how Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonaham would fit in with UFO. We already knew about Paul Raymond, which was really cool seeing him performing again, as for as Barry Sparks, definitely the right choice to fill in for Pete Way.
That question was answered immediately when the band ripped into the next two songs, "Mother Mary" and "When Daylight Goes to Town". The Rocker and I were very impressed. Vinnie and Jason fit perfectly. Watching UFO's performance tonight was watching a real rock and roll band doing what they do best, ROCK! One of UFO's strengths is their live shows and the energy they bring. Tonight's performance proved that. No tape machines or special effects, just their hearts and sweat on their sleeves, belting out one great song after another. "Let It Roll", "Hard times", "Fighting Man", "Baby Blue", "Mr. Freeze", "Wild One" and "These Kids". For those wanting to hear classic UFO, the band served up, "Only You Can Rock Me" and the epic, "Love To Love", with Vinnie Moore's powerful guitar solo taking center stage. Phil dedicated, "Too Hot To Handle" as a birthday dedication to Paul Raymond. Then there were the crowd and fan favorites, "Lights Out" and "Rock Bottom". Where, in the middle of the song, Phil exited the stage and the boys in the band ripped it up. Vinnie Moore dazzled the crowd with his electrifying guitar solo that featured an impromptu version of Santana's "Black Magic Woman". Then Paul, Barry and Jason joined in for one hell of a jam fest that was simply mind-blowing! When Phil returned to the stage he was dressed up a Scottish kilt that drew a huge roar from the crowd, as they finished off "Rock Bottom" and their two and half hour set in a blaze of glory! But that's not all folks....
The chant of UFO! UFO! UFO! reverberated throughout the venue once again calling the band back for an encore. The band not only came back for an encore, they did two of them! The first encore was, "Doctor, Doctor" and their second encore was, "Shoot, Shoot". If you missed out on this show, you missed out big time! Two outstanding performances. Starwood unleashing their hard edge brand of "Sub-Culture Rock N Roll". Then you had the legendary UFO firing it up loud, hard and heavy like they always have. Yes in deed, The Rocker and I got our rocks off big time!
- A.C. & The Rocker


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BB Kings, New York

Tues July 5th - Farmingdale - NY - The Downtown
Wed July 6th - NY - BB Kings
Thurs July 7th - Hampton Beach - NH - Casino
Fri July 8th - Baltimore - MD - House Of Rock
Sat July 9th - Philadelphia - PA - The Trocadero
Tues July 12th - Cleveland - OH - House Of Blues
Weds July 13th - Pittsburgh - PA - Rex Theater
Thurs July 14th - Milwaukee - WI - Shank Hall
Fri July 15th - Cadott - WI - Rock Fest
Sat July 16th - Comstock - NE - Comstock Rock Festival
Mon July 18th- Chicago - IL - House Of Blues
Tues July 19th - Chicago - IL - House Of Blues
Thurs July 21st - Las Vegas - NV - House Of Blues
Fri July 22nd - Los Angeles - CA - House Of Blues | Interview
Sat July 23rd - Santa Cruz - CA - The Catalyst
Sun July 24th - San Francisco - CA - The Independent
Sun July 31st - Costa Mesa - CA - Orange County Fair - Pacific Amphitheatre (with The Scorpions)


The Lizards





UFO - Vinnie Moore and Jeff Kollman on Bass at BB Kings



UFO - Phil Mogg and Jason Bonham at BB Kings


House of Rock Logo

Molly Hatchett / UFO
8th July 2005


UFO - House of Rock


Vinnie Moore

UFO - Vinnie Moore



UFO - Vinnie Moore | Jeff Kollman | Phil Mogg | Paul Raymond

3 Photos above by Kosta Tzamalis



UFO - Vinnie Moore | Phil Mogg | Jeff Kollman





UFO - Phil Mogg | Jeff Kollman | Paul Raymond



UFO - Vinnie Moore



UFO - Phil Mogg | Jason Bonham | Jeff Kollman



UFO - Jeff Kollman



UFO - Paul Raymond


SET LIST: Mother Mary, Let It Roll, When Daylight Comes to Town, I’m a Loser, This Kids, Wild One, Only You Can Rock Me, Fighting Man, Baby Blue, Cherry, Love to Love, Too Hot to Handle, Lights Out, Rock Bottom. Encore: Doctor, Doctor. 90 minutes.

The good: virtually every member of Firehouse, Ratt and Cinderella was in the wings as UFO showed Cadott why it is so highly regarded amongst the hard rock crowd. One of the most underrated bands in rock history, Phil Mogg and his band of able bodies played all the hits and more, with Mogg’s voice continually impressing and reputation as a party hound. Vinnie Moore, while not that other guy (more on him later) shredded everything in sight, while drummer Jason Bonham had little trouble living up to the reputation of his late father (John Bonham of Led Zeppelin for those of you not following along). The bands meat-and-potatoes power rock went down very well here, showing once again that big guitars and big choruses are the right formula here, not jamming or overblown arrangements.

The bad: well, guitarist Michael Schenker’s not here anymore, is he? Time to get over it, and get over the fact that bassist Pete Way has visa troubles, and drummer Andy Parker has retired from the road. This is a very good version of UFO, and I was impressed with what the band did during its 90 minutes onstage.

Best songs: “Too Hot to Handle,” “Lights Out.”
I would have liked to have heard: “On With The Action.”
Heard during the set: “how old is that guy?” Directed towards late 50-ish singer Mogg, who showed off his rippling biceps and well-formed chest once his shirt came off in the 100-degree heat.

Additional notes: I also saw the band on July 24 in San Francisco. Virtually the same set, save for “Mr. Freeze” replacing “Fighting Man” in the set, and the addition of “Pack It Up (and Go)” and “Shoot Shoot,” which were sandwiched around “Doctor Doctor” during the encore. Good crowd, and the band, to my ears anyway, sounded great once again.

Friday July 15th 2005


copyright review



Fri July 22nd - Los Angeles - CA - House Of Blues




8th May 1979, AC/DC spent most of 1979 in the States, where "Highway To Hell" finally broke the band in America.
Supporting UFO on 25 dates, AC/DC became by the end of the tour - platinum act in the US

18/10/75 - UFO supported Jethro Tull at Kansas State University Manhattan, Ks. USA

Will be adding more and more dates over time...


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