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November 2006

Viva Carlos

Vinnie Moore is featured on "Viva Carlos!"
A celebration that brings together incredible and influential guitarists
Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Eric Gales, Frank Gambale, Albert Lee, Pat Martino Mike Stern and Jeff Richman,
each paying tribute to rock guitar icon Carlos Santana.
Vinnie plays, in my opinion, out of his skin, with a sensitive interpretation of this great track, 'SE A CABO'

Go out and buy this album just for this track alone - FANTASTIC
For more details and a sound samples
| Great Review here


20th October 2006

VINNIE MOORE To Take Part In Ernie Ball Music Man Clinic In Milan
Guitarist VINNIE MOORE (UFO) will be taking part in an Ernie Ball Music Man clinic/workshop in Milan, Italy on November 7th.



18th October 2006

VINNIE MOORE To Take Part In Engl Amplification Workshop In Germany

VINNIEwill be taking part in a workshop for Engl Amplification during the afternoon of October 31st,

prior to the band's first European UFO gig in Bochum, Germany at Beyers-Music.

UFO's upcoming European tour dates in support of their latest album, The Monkey Puzzle



3rd October 2006

VINNIE MOORE follows up his September posting regarding the new solo album:

"The drum tracks for the new solo CD are now complete after last week's session at Spin Studios in Queens, NY

with Van Romaine on drums and Tim Conklin engineering.

We recorded 11 songs and it all went really well! Van did an amazing job, and Tim got some really great drum sounds.

I'll be finishing up the guitars next, at my home studio. More updates soon!"



26th September 2006

VINNIE MOORE posted the following brief message at his website:

"I will be starting drum tracks for my solo CD tomorrow in NYC. Van Romaine (STEVE MORSE, KANSAS) will be playing drums.

Tim Conklin will be engineering.

More news soon!"



June 2006

Vinnie Moore

Vinnie becomes an endorser for ENGL tube amps

April 26th 2006

VINNIE has issued the following update:

"Hello everyone. It has been quite a while since I have given an update, thought it was finally time to let ya know what I have been up to. Long overdue actually... sorry, I have never been a good multi-tasker!

Or maybe I have... I have 2 new recordings in the works. For the last month or so I have been deep into the new UFO record which is due to come out in September on SPV Records. Phil Mogg and I got together for ten days here at my studio in February to start to put some ideas together and the band started rehearsals in Germany in March. Things went really well and we are all excited about the new material. This record is gonna rock! I truly believe that we have some real good songs. We have all written some tunes for this one. I have just finished recording all of my rhythm guitars here at my studio and will be starting on the solo guitars tomorrow. Andy, Paul, and Pete have all finished their parts at Area 51 Studios in Germany with Tommy Newton behind the mixing board. Tommy also produced You Are Here. Phil is about half way through the vocal recording.

Many people have asked why I always choose to record at home. The answer is that I feel much more in tune with things when I am in my own workspace. I do my best work when I am alone in my own little space in the universe. (Well, not totally on my own... I don't mind sharing with an occasional spider as long as he keeps his distance). I find that I get way more into a creative headspace when I am in isolation. Maybe I am a bit of a recluse anyway. It is an amazing world we live in now technologically and I am so happy to be able to utilize this digital revolution. (In fact, me and Al Gore took the time to create the internet... hahahaha... perhaps a joke only understood by Americans... sorry to the rest of you) There are also less distractions at home. And who could possibly get any work done when Pete Way's around? Hahaha. So, all is splendid in the UFO universe and we are right on our timeline with this CD. We have some festival shows coming up in the summer and the official tour will start soon after the record is released. I will be finishing the guitar within the next few weeks and will then utilize the down time and shift gears to my solo record.

The solo record... Actually, the guitars for this are about 90 percent finished at the moment. I am really elaborate with the recording process as I am writing new songs. It would be pointless for me to try to re-record things that I have created spontaneously. It never comes out as good when you try to recapture a moment. When I recorded my earlier records I always dreamed of a day when I would be able to record at home while I am actually creating the music. Going back and re-recording everything for the second time was always a bummer or me. So much more inspiring and creative to capture the moment when it is happening. Just me and the spiders. I have been doing so since The Maze in 1999. I have about 12 songs written and am in the middle of writing 2 others. I will be finishing up the writing and then will choose the best 10 songs. Will be thinking about and planning the recording sessions in the near future. I don't know yet where I will be recording and who will be playing on it. I have some ideas but haven't decided or talked with anyone at this point. If everything goes as planned, I will be recording the other instruments over the summer. At the moment, I have decided to record and then look at record label options after it is finished. I feel that doing it this way will give me more freedom to do whatever I wanna do. So... to all you dwellers at the VM forum, feel free to post some of your thoughts on players. Ya never know, I may get some good ideas from you.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I have just become an endorser for ENGL tube amps which are made in Germany. I first heard one in September when I jammed with Steve Morse.

Steve sounded great and it just so happened that one of the guys from ENGL was at this particular show. We rapped a little and came up with the idea for me to try out a head in my studio. After checking it out, I liked the head and wanted to explore things further and try the amps out while playing with a band. The perfect opportunity presented itself when we rehearsed in Germany just a couple of hours from where the amps are made. I used a CLASSIC head and a special edition during these rehearsals and was really impressed. Thick tones and the versatility of just the SPECIAL EDITION alone is awesome. I have been playing the POWERBALL also on the new UFO record. I have been using a few different amps over the years but never really wanted to do an official endorsement thing because for whatever reason, it just never really felt "right". I was initially hesitant with ENGL but after hearing them and then talking to the guys there, it just felt good to me, so I jumped onboard. I am excited to have these new sonic tools in my studio and can't wait to crank 'em up on the tour.

That's it for now. Sorry to be long winded but then again... I have always been full of a lot of hot air. I will keep you updated on the progress of the UFO and solo CD's as things progress.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and patience."



2005 - With UFO at Rockfest, Cadott, WI

Photo © RussMiescke

GUITARIST VINNIE MOORE conducted a seminar on July 21st 2005 at Pat's Desert Music in Las Vegas.Moore has presented over 150 clinics worldwide.

At Desert Music he demonstrated various playing techniques, and his thorough explanations andnatural flair for

humor made the question-and-answer session a memorable highlight.Moore is a member of Ernie Ball Music Man's team of endorsing artists.

The company produces the Silhouette Special and Axis model guitars played

Pat's Desert Music
2250 N Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108
George Khan
6:30 PM




18th July 2005
Make'n Music
1455 W. Hubbard St.
Chicago, IL 60622
6:30 PM


Bang Your Head Festival - 2004 - photo copyright


Sweden Rock Festival - 2004 - photo copyright


Vinnie Moore



Vinnie at Area 51 Recording Studios


Vinnie Moore

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA (June 3, 2004) - Vinnie Moore treated fans to an in-depth guitar clinic at Guitars Plus in Wexford, PA on April 27. "His innovative techniques really excited those in attendance," said Mark Hoover, owner of Guitars Plus and a big fan of Moore's. "Vinnie's exceptional talent was quite evident." Approximately 80 fans packed into the store to take part in the clinic. According to Hoover, the store's atmosphere, with original artwork decorating the walls, added to the overall ambience of the clinic, providing a nice backdrop, and an intimate, relaxed feel.

Moore, playing his Music Man Silhouette special, gave unique guitar insights to help the aspiring musicians, answered questions and talked about his career. "It was a great Q&A session and he is very accessible to his fans," remarked Hoover.

Vinnie Moore---



22nd April 2004

Vinnie Moore Captivates Fans At Ernie Ball Music Man Clinics In Germany

Legendary guitarist Vinnie Moore enthused fans at several Ernie Ball Music Man guitar clinics held in Germany at the end of March. Clinics were held March 16, 21 and 24 in Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Berlin at select Ernie Ball Music Man dealers.

Those attending were thrilled to meet Moore, who was in Germany during a recent UFO tour. The crowds of approximately 100 per clinic got an up-close opportunity to see Moore demonstrate his instrumental compositions. Guitar players attending the clinics went home inspired by Moore's advice on everything from warm up exercises, right hand picking techniques and tips on getting the right tone. Moore played to backings tracks on CD, which included material from his solo albums Mind's Eye, Meltdown and The Maze.

The clinic equipment list included a Music Man Silhouette Special Guitar, Marshall JCM 2000 and a Boss Digital Delay.

Music Man is recognized as the benchmark of modern bass guitar design and manufacturing since introducing the StingRay bass in 1976. Music Man was founded by Leo Fender, Forrest White and Tom Walker in 1972, and acquired in 1984 by Ernie Ball Inc. The company has since developed many groundbreaking guitars and basses.






August 7th 2003

VINNIE MOORE Talks About Joining UFO!

Guitarist VINNIE MOORE’s official website, has posted a NEWS item regarding his joining UFO.

Says Moore: “Hello all! It's absolutely true. I WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS. I was driving in my truck a few weeks ago and saw some strange lights in the sky. I looked closer and noticed a disc shaped object hovering above me. It then began moving across the sky at speeds that were far beyond what could be reached by any aircraft created by human beings. It eventually descended and hovered about 15 feet over top of my truck. A beam of light pointed at me, and I was sucked right into the object. I remember a bunch of little space guys with slicked back hair and these weird silver balls in their eyes. The next think I know, I am in my truck driving down the highway. I looked at my clock and 4 hours that I couldn't account for had passed. I have no idea what happened to me in those 4 hours. Oddly enough, I have a strange bruise on my forehead that says "Spike did it!". Does anyone know what the heck this all means?

All right.......enough nonsense. Sorry. I almost really started believing that story myself there for a minute.

Thanks so much for all of the positive comments that have been left on my site regarding me joining UFO. I am real excited about it and feel like it will be loads of fun. I was a huge fan of UFO and Michael Schenker when I was learning to play guitar. Many of you have probably noticed that "Lights Out", "Obcession", and "Force It" have been listed on my bio page as being three of my all time favorite records. It is a thrill to be joining a band that has been so influential to me.

At the moment, there is not really a whole lot more to report than what has already been announced online. The story goes something like this: About 5 or 6 weeks ago I heard that UFO was looking for a guitarist and was asked to send a bunch of my tunes to Phil Mogg. I put together a little compilation CD of 11 tunes from my various records and sent it on over the big pond. About a week later, I was told that Phil heard the first three tunes and said, "this guy totally sucks!", "there has got to be someone better than this!". It must have been that fourth tune that really got him. (That was the one with the subliminal messages saying - "This is the guy....this is the guy"). Nah....just joking. Apparently, he heard the first three tunes and felt like I was the guy.

We began communicating by phone and hit it off really well. Incredibly nice guy! I have been sending him lots of ideas and he is currently working on lyrics/vocals for them. Other members of the band are working on new ideas also. The plan at the moment is to began recording a new CD in Germany sometime around October or November. Phil and I may get together soon to do some writing also. There is also talk of touring in 2004 but there is nothing concrete to report yet about this. The new record is top priority right now and this is what everyone is focused on. I'll keep updating my site as things unfold.

Regarding MS, what can I say?? He was one of my big guitar influences when learning to play. I spent hours learning his solos and played many of them note for note. His sense on melody and his emotion were a big influence on me. He was also one of the first guys (as well as Ritchie Blackmore), who exposed me to classical music. In 1999, I opened for Michael on a 32 show tour of the U.S. It was great hearing one of my heroes night after night from side stage. He was really really great on that tour too. I guess what I am pretty much trying to say here, is that I feel like I will stylistically fit in pretty naturally with the band as I have been influenced by them so much. It's a Natural Thing. I am excited about hangin' out with the guys and getting started on the new CD.

That's it for now. Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao! Vinnie.”




July 15th 2003 - NEW UFO line-up - Vinnie Moore joins UFO on guitars

with Jason Bonham on Drums/Percussion and Paul Raymond, who returns on Keys & Guitars.

Joining original memebers Phil Mogg and Pete Way



Vinnie Moore

2003 Summer Guitar Workshop with Vinnie Moore - July 23-26, 2003

Our first ever Summer Guitar Workshop was a great beginning of things to come. Chris Ptacek from Chicago, IL came to instruct alongside the RMA staff.

The Master Class with Vinnie Moore included lots of blues jamming with VM himself. Vinnie also discussed writing songs in different modes to change things up.

The entire workshop was capped off by an evening clinic with Vinnie performing over backing tracks of many of his most notable songs.

Vinnie was extraordinarily friendly and outgoing and made our first workshop a success

.More photos at raleigh


Vinnie Moore and Paul Warren THANKS to Paul WARREN FOR THE PHOTOS

Jeff, Vinnie and Paul

Jeff, Vinnie and Paul




2003 - Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Stu Hamm, Billy Sheehan



Sept 16th - 17th

Vinnie Moore..all..vinnie


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