UFO Brazilian Dates 2010

26th May - Brazil - São Paulo - Carioca Club
27th May - Brazil - Goiania - The Bolshoi
28th May - Belo Horizonte/MG - Lapa Multishow
29th May - Recife - Sport Club do Recife


VM Clinic Brazilian Dates 2010

29th May - Bomber Rock Bar - Brazil
30th May - São Paulo/SP - Brazil
1st June - Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil
2nd June - Criciúma/SC - Brazil
3rd June - Brusqe/SC - Brazil
4th June - Florianópolis/SC - Brazil
5th June - Brasilia/DF - Brazil


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25th and 26th September 2010

Expomusic 2010 – 27th edition of this International Music fair for musical instruments, sound, lighting and accessories is one of the most highlighted events in the business calendar in São Paulo.

This edition will have about 200 exhibitors bringing high level brands from the country and abroad, in an exhibiting area of 15,000 sqm.

Ssponsored by the Brazilian Music Association (ABEMÚSICA) and promoted by Francal Feiras.

Expomusic 2010 – 27th International Tradeshow for Music, Musical Instruments, Sound, Lighting and Accessories.
From September 22nd to 26th, 2010
Days 22nd and 23rd – from 10 to 19 hs
Days 24th and 25th – from 10 to 21 hs
Day 26th - from 10 to 19 hs
Place: Expo Center Norte
Address: Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333, Vila Guilherme, São Paulo, SP.

Days September 22nd to 24th: exclusively for professionals in the sector. Access only with invitation or ID card.
Days September 25th and 26th: open to general audience.

Promoted by: Francal Feiras
Sponsored by: Abemúsica – Brazilian Music Association


22nd September 2010


According to the Vinnie Moore Official website,

Vinnie will be playing live at the DEAN GUITARS booth -

EXPOMUSIC [São Paulo, Brazil] on September 25th and 26th 2010






20th September 2010


Vinnie will be playing at expomusic 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil this upcoming weekend for Dean Guitars







29th May 2010 - Bomber Rock Bar

Rua Alvarez Cabral, 142. Recife Antigo (por trás do Citibank)



Vinnie Moore

Brazilian Blog report with photos



30th May 2010 - São Paulo/SP





Vinnie Moore fez workshop em sua passagem por São Paulo
Blackmore Rock Bar – SP/SP (30/05/2010)








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MORE Pics and Report from Balckmore's Rock Bar


ALSO UFO report from May 26th





1st June 2010 - No Teatro Renascença - Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil


The Maze




The Maze





The Maze Video



Meltdown Video


Sponsored by Maverick amplifiers and IG&T (Instituto de Guitarra e Tecnologia)

1st June 2010



Iinterviewed conducted by Rodrigo Duarte - pro Territory of Music
The interview took place in the auditorium of AT & T

YouTube and Interview posting (2nd July 2010) from early last month in Brazil

The interview took place in the auditorium of AT & T


ARTICLE translated from Portuguese to English

Vinnie Moore: A musician who follows his inspiration
Rodrigo Duarte
Writing TDM
Letter A- A +
Cesar Dechen / TDM

Guitarist Vinnie Moore was in Brazil recently, when presented with the UFO in four capitals - was the first time the band toured here. It was also the first time that Vinnie Moore visited our country.

In the passage by St. Paul, talked to the musician who spoke about the differences between having a solo project and be in a band on its way to compose and even on video games. At the end of the interview, there is a video with some excerpts of that conversation and workshops.

* Questions Guimaraes and Rodrigo Duarte. Interview conducted by Rodrigo Duarte. Translated by Rafael Sartori.

You are known worldwide for being a solo artist, even having already played with artists like Alice Cooper, for example. What are the main differences between this and playing with the UFO? Is there any preference?

Vinnie Moore: Well, I'll answer that question it ... You're talking about playing alone versus playing in a band?


VM: I think the solo I obviously can explore different musical territories, have a wider range of styles. Already when playing in a band like UFO, Rock is more flexible and less musically.

More limited?

VM: I would not say limited. But allow me to play instrumental music to explore and go wherever I want, no rules. UFO fans expect a certain kind of thing and the band members, too, because they already have a style. So when I play with them, I use more my influences coming from the Rock. I can not make things Fusion, which I like because it does not fit together. We never try to use things that do not fit with the style of the band. We always try to use what is right for the songs and the style of the band.

As you have been invited to join the UFO?

VM: We have a mutual friend. I knew they were looking for a guitarist and he suggested, recommended me to them. And I ended up sending a CD with 11 songs for my Phil Mogg. He listened, liked it and got a call 10 days later saying "Phil would like to have you in the band, he really liked his stuff"

You had told me that they'll also invited composer at his side ..

VM: Right. They were not just looking for someone who was a good guitarist. They needed someone who created and contributed to the band.

In the process of composition?

VM: Yes, and they knew I did my own records and then they thought "this guy knows how to compose and he can play and that was what they needed.

As you face the fact of filling a vacancy that has been Michael Schenker and also with the expectation from the fans.

VM: I just play and not pay much attention to this sort of thing. I do my work, write and play for the band and not think much about these things. In relation to older songs, when I play live, I was very influenced by many, I had the disks as a child. Some of these songs have parts that you need to play as they were recorded, they need to be there. Other times, you simply pick up the vibration and that's enough. And there are times when you can do whatever you want and improvise. What I do is always try to be faithful to the mood of the songs.

And finding space to play their own style ...

VM: Yes, my style just naturally appear.

Many people do not touch are less familiar with instrumental music. You think when you compose them?

VM: Actually I do not think of anyone when I'm writing a disc. Just follow my inspiration. I know this may sound cliché, but no matter. I like to feel the music when I write and not think. This may have been a big mistake in my career, I have never thought that people would like or not. Gotta do it now! [Jokingly] No, you can not write to please someone else. You need to follow your own path and write what makes you feel good. That's what I do.

I'm asking this also because I have a band and sometimes you write a song and likes it, but you have to give up some things that would be dropped if it touches on the radio.

VM: Right.

And you have to compromise. You never did that? Never felt the need, for example, "must reach more people, then cut off some land and make more pop," you never did?

VM: Definitely not in my solo instrumental. And when you work in a band, you write things together. I contribute to my parts and then the lead singer puts the letter and change some things to fit his voice and things will take shape jointly. It is a different process.

I read somewhere that you never write anything, but who always carries a tape recorder

VM: Yes, exactly.

Things come into your head, you play, record and then record again, never write?

VM: No, never write anything. Actually, I'm terrible with scores, then walk around with a tape recorder. When I play and have some idea, I write not to forget it. Also use my iPhone.

As a writer?

VM: Yes. Last month was in Europe with the band and had some ideas. As with my recorder was not around, I recorded the iPhone.

You toured Europe and Aquiles Priester was playing with you. How did you meet? As called him to play with you?

VM: We have a mutual friend. I was wanting to do a tour since last year but could not for lack of time. Achilles had in memory, because the entrepreneur's UFO had spoken of it to me. The Achilles recorded one of my songs, "The Maze" in a video and this was one of the first times I saw him play and was quite impressed. So I kept it in memory. When I actually do a tour, for some reason I thought he was living in Germany and I was putting together a band in Europe ...

You thought he was there?

VM: Yes, and when he learned that he had returned to Brazil I thought "Wow, is somewhat far away." But in the end managed to unite all staff.

So he went there just to play with you?

VM: Yes, he flew there and stayed for four weeks. But I originally heard about it through Peter, owner of UFO as well as Lars, the bassist. I had already done a tour with the guy who sings and plays keyboards.

You played with Dave LaRue, right?

VM: Yes, Dave LaRue played in my two disks.

And how was it?

VM: It is incredible. He took my demos and wrote every note and read everything he could while playing.

He is a musician "oldschool"?

VM: I do not know if he does it every time, but when he played in "The Maze" he needed to do because we did not have much time. So write down everything before was a very useful tool. He is an exceptional musician.

This is your first time in Brazil, right?

VM: Yes, first time here

And as you have been treated so far?

VM: I'm here a week ago and has been incredible. Definitely will return for a solo tour and other things

You intend to show his solo work and do workshops?

VM: I'm already doing some clinics during that week. I came to do four shows with UFO and thought, since I'm here, why not stay a little longer and do some clinics and see how things were here. Until now, the reception has been great. There is interest in returning to the band to play my solo stuff and I love to do it.

This is a part of you that I find admirable, as many guitarists see the clinics as something they need to do, but do not like. People here in Brazil actually like even more when a person comes here and tells them what they know ...

VM: As a child I had my favorite guitarists, but it was impossible to be in the same room, ask questions and talk to them. I think it would be folly to do so with Richie Blackmore.

Do you think it would make you a better guitarist?

VM: I do not know, maybe. You can not answer that for sure.

Despite the commitments, you have time to hear new bands and stuff recently?

VM: I try to let my ear tuned into new and different things, for sure.

But you seek something new or hear what people recommend?

VM: Sometimes you know things by word of mouth, others on the radio ... There are many ways to get inside it.

I know you played for a Pepsi commercial and it was something huge. It was not you who appeared in the video, but his hands were in guitar. It was your choice to do such work?

VM: No, it just happened. The production went to Los Angeles and was looking for people to cast. They wanted someone who could play guitar and work in the commercial, but did not find anyone. They tried, Eddie Van Halen, but he was not interested. I think I also talked with Steve Lukather, but did not work. Then they looked for guitarists in magazines and I saw in Guitar Player. It was my first column for the magazine and they read about me and thought I had the profile needed. Then, contact me in the evening and next morning I was flying to Los Angeles for an audition. It was all very fast.

And you also recorded the soundtrack for a video game from Sega ...

VM: Yes, I recorded in New York for that company. It was for a game called Burning Rangers, if I remember correctly. I did some solos for them.

Are you interested in this kind of thing, now that games like Guitar Hero is so popular? Many guitarists are participating in these games. Think would be interesting for you?

VM: Yes, it can be.

Do not you agree with me, but these games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are helping to bring back and shredding solos. Some children who play, for example, did not know Van Halen and now know who he is because of the videogame.

VM: About two years ago a child of my family began to sing something from Black Sabbath, I think it was Black Sabbath, and I asked "how do you know that?" "Guitar Hero", then that's good.

So you want to be in a game?

VM: Of course, the whole music industry is a game, right? Brincandeira ...


Watch excerpts from that interview and scenes of two workshops in Brazil:


Interviewed by Rodrigo Duarte - pro Territory of Music





2nd June 2010 - Auditório do Colégio Energia Criciúma - Criciúma/SC - Brazil


We also confirm the presence of Aquiles Priester that recently was on the European tour with Vinnie Moore



Sponsored by Maverick amplifiers and IG&T (Instituto de Guitarra e Tecnologia)





3rd June 2010 - V. Kings - Brusque/SC - Brazil


V. KINGS Billboard with VM, illustrating just how huge a Billboard it is


V. KINGS Billboard


Aquiles Priester sporting a Vinnie Moore, 'To The Core' t-shirt


Photos copyright 2010


Workshop Vinnie Moore Brusque 03/06/2010


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4th June 2010 - Auditório do Opus Espaço Cultural - Florianópolis/SC - Brazil




Photos and report from 4th June - Florianópolis/SC - Brazil





4th June - Florianópolis/SC - Brazil - View all the photos


Sponsored by Maverick amplifiers and IG&T (Instituto de Guitarra e Tecnologia)



Sponsored by Maverick amplifiers and IG&T (Instituto de Guitarra e Tecnologia)


5th June 2010 - Brasilia/DF - Brazil






11th May 2010


Vinnie Moore has announced his Brazilian Clinic Tour 2010 for aspiring guitarists looking to sharpen their skills.

Vinnie Moore will perform an exclusive Brazilian Clinic Tour in 2010

The routing is as follows, venues and additional details will be announced soon:

May 31st - Sao Paulo

June 1st - Porto Alegre
June 2nd - Criciuma
June 3rd - Brusque
June 4th - Florianopolis
June 5th - Brasilia


NOTE - This has regretable been CANCELLED - New venue and date - 30th May - See above



Promotional Tour Posters


Bomber Rock Bar - 29th May




Blackmore Rock Bar - 30th May


2nd June Promotional Poster


2nd June Promotional Poster


Poster for 3rd June 2010


Alternative Poster for 3rd June 2010



4th May Poster


5th June Poster



Original poster - Note 31/05 date has subsequently moved






Vinnie Moore