VINNIE MOORE Brazilian Tour - MAY 2013

18th May - Brazil -
Niteroi / RJ - Auditorio da Musica Moderna

20th May - Brazil -
Florianopolis / SC - GTR Floripa - Instituto de Música
21st May - Brazil - Teatro Municipal - Santos / SP
22nd May - Brazil - Bebedouro / SP - KAZA
23rd May - Brazil - Sao Paulo / SP - Manifesto

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25th April 2013

As reported yesterday, Vinnie performs with his own band on a Solo Tour of Brazil.
The last time Vinnie performed there was on a series of clinics in May 2010:

2010 Brazillian Clinic Tour

This year however, Vinnie will tour a series of Solo Concerts with the following band members:
Aquiles Priester (drums) and Fábio Laguna (keys), both from the band Hangar,
Bruno Ladislau (bass) from the band Andre Matos, and Gustavo Carmo (guitar) from the band House Of Bones.


Aquiles Priester last performed with Vinnie on the Vinnie Moore Solo European 2010 tour


Official Press Release:


For the first time in his career, the American guitar player Vinnie Moore will perform solo concerts in Brazil, on a mini-tour of four dates only. Vinnie has already been a member of Alice Cooper’s band, and now he plays with UFO, which will be also touring Brazil in May.

He became widely known during the mid-80s, after recording an advertisement solo for Pepsi. Right after that he released his first solo album, "Mind's Eye" (1986), which sold more than 100,000 copies around the world.

During the concerts in Brazil, Vinnie will count on a very high-profiled band, which consists of
Aquiles Priester (drums) and Fábio Laguna (keys), both from the band Hangar, Bruno Ladislau (bass) from the band Andre Matos, and Gustavo Carmo (guitar) from the band House Of Bones.

The set list will include tunes from all phases of his career, including great successes such as "The Maze", "Rain", "Daydream" and "Saved By A Miracle".

Check the tour dates out:

Vinnie Moore – Brazilian Tour 2013

20/05 – Florianópolis/SC

More information: (48) 3024-0800

21/05 – Santos/SP

More information: (13) 8128.6420

22/05 – Bebedouro/SP

More information: (17) 3343-9843

23/05 – São Paulo/SP

More information: (11) 3168-9595




24th April 2013

Vinnie Moore - Brazil tour announced for upcoming May









18th May 2013 - Auditorio da Musica Moderna - Niteroi / RJ - Brazil


Resumo: Workshop com Vinnie Moore

Dia: 18/05/2013

Hora: 17:00hs

Local: Auditório da Música Moderna (Centro - Niterói - RJ)





Vinnie at the workshop on 18th May - Auditorio da Musica Moderna - Niteroi / RJ - Brazil




Workshop VIP com Vinnie Moore (Fotos do evento) - Escola Música Moderna (Niterói-RJ/Brasil)








Rehearsals - Sunday 19th May 2013

Gustavo Carmo (guitar) - Aquiles Priester (drums) - VINNIE MOORE - Bruno Ladislau (bass) - Fábio Laguna (keys)



20th May 2013 - GTR Floripa - Instituto de Música

Florianopolis / SC - Brazil






Vinnie posts on his facebook page...

..."Florianopolis ROCKS!"

Bruno Ladislau - Aquiles Priester - Vinnie Moore - Gustavo Carmo - Fábio Laguna





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21st May 2013 - TBA

Santos / SP - Brazil





From the same night, the following photo was posted on the
Official Vinnie Moore facebook
along with some other cool photo's

"Santos rocked on Tuesday night at the Teatro Municipal" - VM

Bruno Ladislau - - Gustavo Carmo - Vinnie Moore - Aquiles Priester - Fábio Laguna


Vinnie Moore in Santos - Live REVIEW, May 21, 2013

May 27, 2013

With the coming of the band UFO in Brazil and after four spectacular shows in the last week, the great and famous American guitarist Vinnie Moore decided to stay for our country to start his solo tour exclusively for the first time on national lands.

By: Cyntia Marangon / Photos: Pri Secco

Obviously accompanied by a team of weight Achilles Priestes counting on drums, Fabio Laguna on keyboards, Ladislaus Bruno on bass and Gustavo Carmo on guitar, we could expect the best of the best shows of this genre.

No delays, the Teatro Municipal was already almost full when Daniel Pique started his presentation around 20:00 with a repertoire of own authorship and fully instrumental, played songs like "1960" among others, after all with a short presentation, which lasted some 25 minutes already started to heat up and prepare fans for what was to come.

After an interval of 40 minutes and with a slight delay, Vinnie Moore and his team entered the stage. The musician who has also been part of the band Alice Cooper and now part of the leading bands in the rock scene worldwide, UFO, had its recognition in the 80s after shooting a commercial for Pepsi soda.

The start was had with "Check It Out", one of the classics of the legendary guitarist now showing all their resourcefulness. Among the first songs played, we also had a great accent for "The Maze" which noted the excitement of many fans, because this song has been covered by Achilles in 2008. Herein was clear the vibration coming from the stage to all points of the site, after a show like this requires a lot of interaction between everyone and it had left.

Another time admirers of virtuosity had been in "Midgnight Rain", where cries and balance become single heads. The mood of Vinnie Moore and his charisma were truly remarkable especially when he addressed Achilles, who is already known him a long time.

But one of the climaxes of the show was " While My Guitar Gently Weeps ", a classic Beatles band that was run as nobody and fans and connoisseurs of this feat does not let this moment pass unnoticed.

After "Time Traveller", Aquiles Priester held a long solo showing all his technical and resourcefulness. Thus, continued with "Thunderball" that Vinnie Moore has done some interviews about what you think about this composition and said that this song was inspired by none other than Jimi Hendrix.

At the end of "Daydream" another classic song and the first album of solo this guitar titled "Mind's Eye" 1987, all members withdrew from the stage to give that time the famous and known bis; clear that the public did not leave by less and asked for the return of all.

At this time, walking to the end of this beautiful presentation, the fans clapped and cheered Vinnie Moore and band, there Vinnie approached the audience and began distributing their picks for everyone.

In bis had to run 'Meltdown' which was perfect, and then a cover of " Maybe I'm a Leo "the classic Deep Purple Cover Band in the voice of Fabio Laguna that really left everyone dumbfounded. Finally, we had a presentation, or better, a gift for lovers of guitar and a show of skill and competence of these excellent musicians.

With the end of the presentation, the producer took the stage and told the audience that Vinnie Moore and band were performing a single session and exclusive photos and autographs. With a lot of organization fans headed to the funds of the Municipal Theatre and waited anxious for virtuoso guitarist Vinnie Moore appeared so cheers and applause were distributed as thanks. Vinnie Moore and the musicians of the band met all with great sympathy not leaving anyone behind, actually this was a unique demonstration of humility and a unique essence. However, a great time that is already stored in the memory of all.

1. Check It Out
2. Riding High
3. The Maze
4. Rain
5. Midnight Rain
6. With the flow
7. While my guitar gently weeps (Beatles Cover)
8. Saved by a Miracle
9. Time Traveller
Battery Solo
10. Thunderball
11. Daydream
12. Meltdown
13. Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple Cover)

Photo Gallery

Thanks to Pepinho Soft and The Ultimate Press for acquiring, holding the spectacle and professionalism demonstrated by the staff Rock Express.


VINNIE MOORE – Teatro Municipal – Santos/SP – 21/05/13

Text and photos by Gil Oliveira

The Hard and Heavy descended the mountain and went to check in Santos city, São Paulo coast, presenting the American guitar hero Vinnie Moore, enjoying the passage of his current band UFO lands tupiniquins, to our luck, took the week off and " filled "your free time with a small and busy schedule, which went through some cities having as final destination the city of São Paulo.

Accompanied by a Brazilian team and first-class too much weight, presented songs covering his entire solo career, plus some subjects with a drapery at least interesting. The most notable musician who accompanies this musical journey, is the world-renowned drummer living in Brazil, Aquiles Priester, plus keyboardist and fellow at Hangar Freakeys, Fabio Laguna, and still the guitarist Gustavo Carmo (House of Bones) and bassist Bruno Landislau (André Matos).

The guitarist and producer Daniel Pique audio visual, was in charge of opening the shows on this tour. In about half an hour showed copyrighted music just voice and guitar.
The traffic in the mountains, beyond the fog that engulfed the landscape has meant that we took a train and just managed to arrive in time for the big presentation night.

Vinnie began his presentation with the song "Check It Out", then "Ridin 'High", both of Disco Meltdown 1991. A brief pause, and there was the introduction of guitars recorded the beautiful and virtuous "The Maze", the track that gives name to the disc 1999, it was the music that increased intereção of gifts with the band, because until then, everyone watched carefully the precise notes, this song is more familiar to have been rewritten by Achilles in 2008 in tribute to that great guitarist. With excellent arrangements rhythmic Latin, "a certain weight," a catchy melody, beautiful bass solos, keyboard and guitar, is certainly one of the highlights of the show.

Then came "Rain", "Midnight Rain", "With theflow" and a cover of The Beatles written by Moore in 1988 on the album "The Odyssey," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with very interesting arrangements that give the feeling of the guitar "talk" anytime.

Moore, as the presentation of the UFO proved very comfortable, talked and interacted with the public at various times and with bandmates mostly. Joked a lot with Achilles and after "Saved By A Miracle" and "Time Traveller", presented the great drummer emphasizing the qualities that made him world famous, such as precision and the bass drums "paradidles" distributed to the dishes, which yielded the endearment octopus, and of course followed another moment eagerly awaited by fans, soil Achilles.

Soon after the drum solo was performed "Thunderball", in the words of Moore, was inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, and closing this part of the presentation, the song "Daydream," from his first album "Mind's Eye" 1987 was performed raising hands and literally the audience, that cheered delighted by what just hear, see and feel. The band leaves the stage and in the sequence as usual, the public cried for doubles and was promptly answered.

On the way back to the stage, Vinnie nodded and began distributing vanes, which made the fans stand up and take the front stage, leaving the environment as a real rock show, and also a little more intimate.
Closing the night exciting Meltdown 1991, and the cover of Deep Purple, "I'm A Leo", voiced by Fabio Laguna, who sang very well and in improvised keyboard solo, leaving the crowd ecstatic and singing along with keyboardist .

Very satisfied, almost all were present after the show to chat, take photos with the band, and of course, get an autograph this guitar legend, who very friendly, met great line with great patience and generosity, as some fans led shirts from old to concert tickets, CDs and rare to autograph.
To whom is the Manifesto in São Paulo, will see a literal show of instrumental music, but with a lot of grip and precision, as well as playing every note with precision, this band has the ability to make us feel what we witness through music, unmissable .

Check out the photo gallery:



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22nd May 2013 - KAZA - Bebedouro / SP - Brazil

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23rd May 2013 - Manifesto - Sao Paulo / SP - Brazil





Manifesto Bar - São Paulo / SP
May 23, 2013
Text and Photos: Thiago Rahal Mauro

After performing with the English band UFO at Carioca Club in São Paulo, the U.S. guitarist Vinnie Moore performed a solo tour in the country beyond the capital city included the cities of Florianópolis (SC), and Trough Santos (SP). The musician was joined by a team of weight formed by Brazilians as Aquiles Priester (drums, Hangar, Freakeys, ex-Angra), Bruno Ladislaus (bass, Andre Matos), Gustavo Carmo (guitars, Vers'Over and House of Bones) and Fabio Laguna (keyboards, Hangar and Freakeys).

The presentation was the opening of the Brazilian guitarist Daniel Pique, which launched in recent years the excellent hard Boo!. The musician played some tracks of this work and talked to the audience about his compositions. Daniel noted that the album had the participation of Mike Mangini (drums, Dream Theater), Billy Sheehan (bass, Mr. Big and The Winery Dogs) and keyboardist Brazilian Fabio Laguna. Respected the Brazilian fans and applauded throughout the show.

Just over twenty minutes after the show Daniel, Vinnie Moore and band came on stage so contained, perhaps because of the genre attract an audience that watches over the musicians and their instruments that are shaking while performing the songs and the show . Right away, the guitarist showed the excellent compositions "Check It Out!" and "Ridin 'High," both of "Meltdown", 1991, but the training that touched these bands managed to excel and versions were very nice. Detail the sound of the house was clean and you could hear every note of the instruments.

"The Maze" was one of the most animated the audience, mainly because of the drummer Aquiles Priester, who played perfectly all the music, just as it did in a tribute to Vinnie Moore on Youtube. One interesting thing is that despite the short time playing together, the band and guitarist were mingled and it was very clear in "With the Flow" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (The Beatles).

Another highlight was the "Saved by a Miracle" which, besides being very technical and heavy, brought an excellent drum solo Aquiles Priester in the middle of the song - the album "Mind's Eye" who did this solo was Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake , Ozzy Osbourne, Black Oak Arkansas). Achilles not only touched the subject properly incorporated as its own soil in the show that made everyone was flabbergasted.

Vinnie Moore closed the first part of the set with Time Traveler, Thunderball and Daydream tracks which again showed his quality as a musician. After a brief interval, the guitarist returned to the stage supplies humorous and joked with Aquiles Priester not returned to the dressing room during the encore. The band then played the classic Meltdown and an excellent version of Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple), which according to Vinnie Moore is your favorite guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore. The keyboardist Fabio Laguna sang the track and showed resourcefulness in position, and play with the U.S. during solos and intricate passages.

The only weak point was the little audience, something unusual in international shows in Manifesto Bar but, perhaps because of the number of events on the same day, Morbid Angel and Yes, apart from the competition with major events in the coming months, fans have preferred to stay at home. But who was he saw the talent of Brazilian musicians, and, of course, Vinnie Moore, who needs no introduction.

Set list:
Check It Out!
Ridin 'High
The Maze
Midnight Rain
With the Flow
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)
Saved by a Miracle (with drum solo Aquiles Priester)
Time Traveler
Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple)




Vinnie Moore in Sao Paulo - Live, May 23, 2013

Continuing with the marathon of shows for the month of May, last Thursday, April 23, it was the turn of the talented American guitarist Vinnie Moore showing up in the city of São Paulo and reward us with a beautiful show with much virtuosity.

By: Lucas Amorin

Taking the cue from his band UFO, Vinnie has scheduled some dates here in Brazil, running his first solo tour in our country, the location of the presentation was the Manifesto Bar, that around 20:30, the doors opened to the public entrance .

Inside the Manifesto weather was quiet, the house was average stocking and around 22 hours with a little delay, starts the first presentation of the evening with guitarist Daniel Pique mining.

With a short set, showed all his talent, and with a virtual band put on a computer, the only musician accompanied solos very well made, all paid close attention to the short but friendly presentation of Daniel.

At last he spoke a few words to the audience and said goodbye to the sound of thunderous applause, leaving the stage for the main presentation of the evening, which joined on stage at around 22:30 hours.

Very smiling, thanks to gifts and Vinnie says he would play some songs, starting the night with "Check em out", as we all probably know, Vinnie is a monster on guitar, their paletadas are cold and calculated, without despair fitting each note in the right place.

The band that accompanied it also did not ugly, with names like Aquiles Priester on drums, who made ??a beautiful solo on keyboards and Fabio Laguna, who even sang a song, these and the other members, and helped to improve shared further Vinnie performance.

In the set-list were not lacking classics such as the splendid "Midnight Rain", which raised all present, and "Rain" which made ??everyone touch "air guitar" while performing the song, and of course one of the most anticipated by the audience "The Maze".

Vinnie led a presentation majestic, proving it is one of the most respected guitar today, and the public came out pleased to have the privilege of watching a master and influence of many guitarists who play today or still ring.

After the presentation, Vinnie still came down and gave some autographs in addition to a few hugs his fans, proving that besides great musician is a great person, note 10.

1. Check It Out
2. Riding High
3. The Maze
4. Rain
5. Midnight Rain
6. With the flow
7. While my guitar gently weeps (Beatles Cover)
8. Saved by a Miracle
9. Time Traveller
Battery Solo
10. Thunderball
11. Maybe I'm a Leo
12. Daydream

Thanks to Hoffman & O'Brian and Manifesto Bar for accreditation, the event and professionalism demonstrated by the staff Rock Express.




Review 23rd May 2013 - Manifesto - Sao Paulo / SP - Brazil

Before filing for Vinnie Moore, the public can watch a short presentation of guitarist Daniel Pique, who with great technique and drew applause from the audience occupied the space until the beginning of the show Vinnie Moore.

The show started very late, but what took the joy of the audience. Very excited fans enjoyed the show from the beginning of an extremely Vinnie Moore applied. Who saw the show UFO undoubtedly did not wonder and delight of fans is mirrored by the attention they gave each song the band performed extremely well.

Was difficult to quote highlights a presentation that was pretty flawless at all times. Great songs like the cover of the BEATLES of "While my Guitar Gently Weeps," "Midnight Rain", "Thunderball" and "Meltdown" have left at any time to exalt virtuoso Moore and also the high quality of their stage colleagues. With great emphasis, guitarist Gustavo Carmo, House of Bones, accompanied Vinnie and did not disappoint at any time.

The public can still give a perfect ground battery Aquiles Priester who also stars in the night, it was quite cheered by fans who do not desgrudaram at any time of his drumsticks.

The show ended with a cover of Deep Purple , which drew applause from the audience and showed Vinnie Moore quite happy. In the end, the idol was applauded in unison by all present and invoked the great hopes for a spectacle worthy of the genius of the greatest guitarists in rock today.

Vinnie Moore is:
Vinnie Moore - Guitar
Gustavo Carmo (House of Bones) - Guitar
Bruno Ladislaus (Andre Matos) - Low
Fabio Laguna (Hangar) - Keyboards and Vocals
Aquiles Priester (Hangar) - Drums

1. Check It Out!
2. Ridin 'High
3. The Maze
4. Rain
5. Midnight Rain
6. With the Flow
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles cover)
8. Saved by a Miracle
9. Time Traveler
10. Thunderball
11. Meltdown
12. Daydream
13. Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple cover)





ON THE ROAD - Issue No. 16 of the Brazilian Rock Video Magazine


Feature was recorded on 23rd May - Manifesto - Sao Paulo / SP - Brazil







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UFO in Brazil

11th May 2013 - Brazil - Sao Paulo - Carioca Club
12th May 2013 - Brazil - Porto Alegre  - Teatro CIEE

14th May 2013 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro - Teatro Odisseia
16th May 2013 - Brazil - Goiania - Bolshoi






Vinnie Moore